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An adventure of a life time

By shishiwastaken

Humor / Adventure

Chapter 1

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters or happenings of middle earth. They belong to J. R. R. Tolkien and sometimes Peter Jackson's stuff might fall in too. I only own my OC. Please, feel free to leave any comments and questions. Follow the story in which ever way you would like, but make your thoughts known. Thank you!


It all started in a hole in the ground. Yes, a dirty, smelly, wet hole. It had sleeted earlier that day and the streets were a mixture of caked on dirt from tires and muddied, clumpy, half-frozen water. You see, this hole in the ground was a New York City pot hole and that meant discomfort. My name is Thia and this is my story about how I had the adventure of a life time.

I am sitting on my bed hugging my body pillow and practicing japanese on my 3DS, when my brother noisily yanks open my door and walks in to the room. I look over to his place and sneer before ignoring his presence. Leaning his thin frame against the door he haughtily informs me that our family is going to IHOP and that I need to get a move on. He stands waiting for me to acknowledge his statement but I fiercely keep my head turned from him. I take my time responding, but not because I dislike the destination of the outing. No, it is simply because I hate being told what to do by people I feel have no authority over me. People without authority can only ask me politely to do things and hope I listen. And because I'm too stubborn for my own good. WAY too stubborn. One would think he would know this by now.

"Get dressed, we're leaving."


"Did you hear me? I said get up." he said, sounding a little more annoyed.


"Stop making that noise."

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" I break for a breath before continuing "mmmmmmmmmmmm"

"I'm serious, stop."

"Pfffft. No ones afraid of you."

"Don't make me come over there little girl."

If it wasn't for his audible grin, he would have almost sounded like he meant to intimidate me. Cute. Now let me just be clear, I am the second oldest child of eight children. This has given me a 'I tell you, you don't tell me' mentality. Not to say I don't have respect. On the contrary, I am very respectful and honor titles and placements. However I require that respect in return. As such, none of my siblings tell me what to do, except my only older sister and she wasn't here at the moment. However my brother, who is only a year younger than I, was trying to get me to roll over. And he wouldn't be the first. Standing at only 5'2 with a petite build and a baby face, often gave people the impression that I am 14 instead of my full 22 years. Being quiet and avoiding eye contact doesn't help my case. It annoys me greatly, and my brother knows this. Well then, two can play at that game.

"Don't get smart with me, shorty."

His smirking face quickly tuned into a deep frown at my retort. At 5'8 he wasn't really considered short, but the men in my family were all at least 6'0; making him the shortest by a land slide. Waving my hand dismissively at him I rose from my bed. With a huff, he turned from the door way and disappeared. I saved the progress of my game and hooked it up to the charger before searching for an outfit to wear. I had to hurry; pancakes were waiting. I love pancakes. I recite a silly little rhyme as I dress.

"Pancakes are brown, ham is green. My clothes are hidden, and remain unseen."

After selecting my favorite pink hoodie and placing it on over a plain white camisole, I began to hunt for me jeans in my floor turned dresser. I rarely put my pants away, thus the floor became their permanent place. Locating the elusive garments, I dressed and packed my bag. I always carry way too much stuff, to point where I look like I could spend the night out when I only intended to go… well… eat for example. I was a girl scout for about 5 years and I took the motto "be prepared" very seriously. Picking up my green, fuzzy frog bag I shoved my stuff into it while murmuring a list as I went along.

"Pens… scrunchy… keys… wallet. What else do I need? Phone… iPod… kindle… money."

Glancing in the bag I noticed that it already held lotion, hand sanitizer, a comb, and pads. Remembering that I had used the bag for my visit with my grandparents the week before clued me in since I usually don't carry lotion. Too lazy to take them out, I closed the bag and set about dealing with IT. Cautiously I grabbed a brush and ran it through my hair. At least, I would have if it hadn't gotten stuck. The mass of dark cottony curls gathered atop my head like headphones in a pocket. The joys of having kinky hair. With more than a few meaningful tugs and a heavy duty head band, I considered myself ready. Snatching up my coat, bag, and glasses I headed for the door only to nearly run smack into my brother. He was once again smirking as a result of my near collision. Due to my social anxiety I have a …. slight aversion… to social situations, including but limited to a distaste for physical contact. Another thing my brother likes to exploit with his creepy attempts of hugs in the false pretense of "sibling bonding." Shudder.

"What do you want now?" I asked, annoyed.

"Nothing. Just checking on you. You're taking forever."

"Oh am I?" I ask mockingly "I didn't know you were clocking me. Where is you speedometer, Mr. Traffic cop?"

"I don't need one to tell that your going was under the speed limit." He comes over and flicks my ponytail "All the time in the world won't fix your face."

"Oh know right? Too beautiful for words." I lean away from his hand "Too bad about your face though. Helpless."

We would have stayed there and argued but my mothered called for us to help her with our two youngest siblings. At just seven and four they can a hand full at times. Eventually, everyone was ready and the five of us set out. It wasn't the whole family but that was rare since there were so many of us. With the children's schooling, us older kids in college, and my parents long time divorce it was unlikely for the whole family to gather. We were all spread nicely along the East coast.

"Come her, Symphony." I wave over the four year old "Lets put on your coat. Micah, go to Leo."

"Oh yea, send me the boy." Leo murmurs before assisting our youngest brother.

We filed out of the house and began our trek to the wonderful International house of pancakes. There wasn't much to see, living in a city can be rather repetitive. Car. Car. Light post. Homeless man. Car. Then again, I'm sure a country girl would say the same thing about grass and… cows I guess. Speaking of the county, not looking where I was going I walked into one of the few trees on our block. Bouncing back, I rubbed my nose and checked for blood even though I knew there would be none. Thankfully, my family wasn't paying attention and the only punishment I suffered was a bruised ego and a sprint to catch up to them.

Looking back, I honestly don't know how they got far enough for me to have to run to catch up to them. Nor do I know how I missed a TREE. Or how a giant hole in the ground didn't alert me to, oh I don't know, go around? Still, it happened and in my mad dash across the street I fell into a deep dark hole that wasn't called depression. No, it was called middle earth.

They better have pancakes here.

Chap done!!

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