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Love me, Draco


Harry and Draco have finally confessed but both being such hormonal teenage boys they're in for a rocky ride

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Oi, Potter!” Draco yelled from across the classroom. Harry slowly turned to face the boy the boy who called for him.

“What?” He spat, he was clearly displeased with the interruption of his thoughts. But the interruption was Draco.

“Meet me in the great hall in five minutes.” Draco tries to sneer and yet it comes out rushed and all in one breath. His once pale face flushes a bright red, before he spins and walks back to his common room. Harry Potter’s heart started to feel like it was going to burst out of his chest. He quickly gathered all his potion things and ran to make it in time.

“Malfoy. What do you want?” He tried to sound annoyed but really he was excited, intrigued, interested. Before Draco entered, Harry tried to flatten his hair, as usual, it didn’t work. It acted as wild as per usual.

“I just can’t hide it anymore. I love you Potter, I have since that meeting at Madam Malkin’s. Harry Potter, the boy with the lighting bolt shaped scar and wild hair.” Harry then looked at the tall, slender boy with a pale, pointed face, sleek blond hair, and ice grey eyes. He traced his fingers along Draco’s cheek and a bright crimson bloomed where the touch was. “Oi Potter.” He says it as if he wants to yell it, except it comes out in a raspy whisper. Harry’s heart starts racing. He can hear the drumming in his ears and all he could manage to say was “Malfoy.”

The day started like any other for Potter. He wakes up and shakes Ron awake and they set off for the dining hall. He sneaks a glance at the fair-haired boy and receives a wink. Every morning his heart flutters like crazy, in anticipation of that small sign from Malfoy. No one knows about these two star crossed lovers. They were madly in love but were always careful to not let their guards slip. Except during after hours. While Harry thought about their ren dev vous last night, Draco came to taunt him. “Potter thinking? Now isn’t that one of the great miracles of the world.” He sniggered except you could tell he was distracted by Harry. His smack game has been going down since they confessed their love for each other a few weeks ago.

“Well Malfoy, at least I don’t look like a snowman with a blonde mop on his head.” Harry’s smack game has also gone way down.

“Malfoy just sniggered and stalked off while Ron talked Harry’s ear off. Telling him better comebacks and how Draco was a real something that caused Hermione to smack him over the head with a book. Harry wasn’t in it today though. The day passed in a blur and all he could think about was Draco and how he, Harry Potter, was ready to make them public. And he hoped Draco is as well. This was their final year at Hogwarts and he wanted to graduate with the man he loves by his side.

It was eleven at night when Harry snuck out of the Gryffindor common room hiding under his invisibility cloak. The fat lady in the portrait has gotten used to these random openings, Harry wondered if she started to suspect him as he silently but quickly ran to the room of requirement. And when he arrived there was someone else there as well. “Hey Malfoy” Harry whispered. Draco smiled and just this simple act sent off Harry’s heart. His pale grey eyes boring into Harry’s green made both their hearts sound as if they were running marathons.

“Ready?” said the fair-haired boy.

“Ready.” said the green-eyed one.

Together they opened the door into a dimly lit room with beautifully scented candles and a king-sized bed with red bedding that called for them both.

“Potter. If I said it once I’ve said it a million times. DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR AFTER I’VE STYLED IT!” Draco Malfoy yelled at his “enemy”, Harry Potter. Harry chuckled and stood on his tiptoes to muss up Draco’s pale, nearly white-blonde hair and to plant a kiss.

“You look hideous no matter what you do,” Harry whispered and then laughed. Draco, on the other hand, wasn’t laughing, he was a bright red color, and was frantically trying to restyle it so every hair was perfectly in place again. They just had another one of their secret times in the room of requirement and were frantically getting ready to head back to the common room. Harry was pulling on his pajama bottoms and buttoning up his shirt and was all set. His hair was always a mess and nothing he did ever made it lay flat. It was dark and stuck out all over the place and Harry never paid much attention to it. However, he did pay a lot of attention to Draco’s hair. The way the light made it look even whiter and soft. He always yearned to run his hands through it. Draco started washing out all the products before these night-time meetings.

“C’mon you’re supposed to be just waking up, why does it have to look perfect?”

“Because, Potter. I am a Malfoy and we take a great deal of care of our hair.” Harry burst out laughing and keeps on laughing so hard tears come to his eyes.

“Is that your family motto?” Harry asks still barely able to contain himself and clutching his stomach.

“Well, actually yes.” Draco sputtered flustered and looks in the mirror one last time and then turns to Harry. His eyes trace every inch of him as if this is a final goodbye. Harry noticed this and silently freaks out inside. Meekly he asks

“Is everything alright?” With pained eyes and a frown that seems like its graved in his face. He opens his mouth as if he’s about to say something and then sighs and just shakes his head. Draco smiles but it doesn’t quite reach his cool grey eyes. The pain’s still there but Harry’s too scared to push him.

“Ya, everything’s all right Potter. Just stop being an annoying git alright.” He laughs, a fake hollow laugh. Draco takes a step to close the distance between them and engulfs Harry in a hug.

“Harry, why are you so distracted today?” Hermione Granger asked one of her best friends. Ron Weasley is their other best friend except for Hermione and Ron are dating. Leaving Harry to feel as if he is third-wheeling every once in a while.

Harry snaps out of his daze and takes a second to collect his thoughts. “Draco and I are dating.” there is an awkward silence and Hermione and Ron share a look. This does not go unnoticed by Harry. He wonders why everyone keeps hiding things from him today. He knows the year is ending soon and everyone except him has started planning and sorting out life after Hogwarts. But it doesn’t mean they have to slowly pull away from him. Rip the bandaid off quickly if they have to but not this, never this barrier with everyone on one side and him on the other.

“What? What are you two hiding?”

“See, the thing is..” Hermione’s voice goes quiet and fades off towards the end. She doesn’t seem to know what to say and this is first time this has ever happened and this scares Harry even more.

“C’mon spit it out” Harry urges, pushes, hoping that whatever is said is okay and alright and not something like Hermione pregnant.

“We know. Draco told us this morning. But Harry, we don’t think you two are ...” Ron starts off the sentence confident and sure but the look on Harry’s face makes him end his sentence like Hermione.

“And what? What’s the problem? Is it because we’re gay? What? Spit it out c’mon” Harry spits his words and he could feel the anger unfurling in his stomach. Draco didn’t tell him about this or gave him any warning. Is this what that look was about? No, there must be something more, It can’t just be he was coming out to his friends.

“You two were at each other’s throat since we were eleven, Harry. How can it just magically change?” Hermione asked. Harry’s words angering her. Then his expression goes soft. If he was a bar of chocolate he just melted in front of them. The love was undeniable in his eyes. And at that moment Hermione’s heart broke for him. Tears sprung to her eyes and she could feel Ron go rigid next to her. His breathing becoming quicker, his tell-tale that he was trying to hold back tears as well.

“I know it seems impossible but when I see, no just even think about him, my heart starts to beat like an angry hippogriff on a rampage. His hair so pale and beautiful, something special I will always treasure. He may hide with horrible comments but deep down he is wonderful and he makes me wonderful.” Harry says and with every word his eyes go softer and he looks more in love.

“Harry, I’m so sorry!” Hermione shrieks and collapses in Ron’s arms.

Harry dashed forward but Ron put up a hand to stop him. They’re on the floor with Hermione in his lap. “Bloody hell,” Ron muttered. Harry has never known Hermione to be the type to faint. He knew something was wrong and he had a hunch it had something to do with Draco.

“H-h-harry, I’m so sorry. But we need to talk.” Hermione sobbed. She stood up shakily and ran to hug Harry. She sobbed into Harry’s robes leaving his shoulder soaking with her tears. Ron was standing awkwardly behind them and was just staring at his shoes. He opened and closed his mouth a few times, gaping like a goldfish.

“Uh... So ya I’ll just be going.” and. he walked away. He looked sad and the red-headed Weasley finally knew what it felt to be the third wheel in this trio.

Later in the Gryffindor common room sitting in their favorite chairs next to the fireplace. Hermione has finally calmed down and has returned to her normal self. “Harry, I’m very happy for you and Draco,”

“Thank you, I’m happy for us too.”

“But, as happy as we are you have to understand, you and Draco have been at each other’s throat for years.” She stared into his green eyes, hers as cold as stone. She tried to hide all emotion but Harry could see the pain there. He wondered what was everyone hiding.

“Hate is a strong emotion. We never hated each other, we were too in love to sort through these feelings.”

“Harry I-” Hermione tried to start but Harry cut her off. Something he rarely dared to do.

“What are you hiding, Hermione?” He stood up and went to stand right in front of her. He asked the question again and she stuttered stumbling over her words. Finally, she yelled what needed to be said.

Both seventh-year Gryffindor’s ended up sobbing, hugging each other.

“Hey Malfoy, why are you so down?” Crabbe asked Draco. They were on their way to the great hall. Draco wasn’t always the happiest person but recently he has been all smiles and laughs and this was just a sudden shift, a revert back to old ways. It was hard for Crabbe and Goyle to not notice.

Malfoy just nodded and they went for dinner. The sad, pale, grey-eyed boy barely touched his food but instead just pushed some of it around the plate to make it seem like he has. When he made eye contact with the boy in love with him, he didn’t wink or nod or anything. This greatly troubled and hurt Harry. But why should he care? Draco broke up with Harry through his friends just earlier that day.

Harry knew he shouldn’t care but it still hurt him deeply because he hoped that he’d be able to give the signal that made sure they both knew to be at the room of requirement just past eleven. His heart broke when the boy, no the man, he loved and still loves paid him no recognition. He fought hard to hold back tears.

At the end of dinner, Harry ran past the Slytherin table and bumped into Draco. “Meet me, same place, same time, we need to talk.” He whispered then yelled, “Bloody hell, Malfoy, look where you’re walking.” Harry’s voice cracked on his name but pretended like he didn’t notice. He was Harry Potter, after all, no one except the Weasley’s would make fun of it to his face. As Draco watched him run back to Ron and Hermione he yearned to go after him and rope him into a hug. And so he did.

“Oi, Potter!” Draco yelled across the great hall as he raced towards Harry and his friends. They stopped and turned around confusion and shock in their faces, copied by everyone else as Draco didn’t sound mad. No, he sounded desperately in love. As he finally caught up to them, he pulled Harry into him and said, “I love you, Harry Potter, the boy with the lightning scar.” and bent his head to meet the lips of the boy who was standing on his tiptoes to reach his.

“Seriously Harry, don’t you think a white suit is a bit much. I know you came out to the whole school and all but you don’t have to take it so far.” Hermione said. Hints of jealousy were in her tone but the excitement could also be heard. She was jealous of Draco and it wasn’t hard to tell, no matter how hard she tried to hide it. Harry knew this was a cue for him to talk to Ron about a big gesture or at least a small very romantic one.

“Hermione, you have to understand, this is Draco Malfoy and I want him to feel like he is truly a Malfoy,” Harry said. That melted chocolate look on his face again. Hermione felt truly guilty for breaking them up, she knows she was asked but Draco hurt Harry. She didn’t see how he could forgive him so easily. But she knew as his friend, she’d just have to be there to protect him and not voice all her concerns just yet.

“So, Harry, what are you planning on doing exactly?” Hermione asked, loudly enough in hopes that Ron will hear. She isn’t the type who usually asks for big gestures, just a hug, and a kiss but seeing Harry try so hard for Draco made her jealous and wish Ron was such a romantic.

“Okay so, I’ll be waiting by the lake with a dozen white roses. Of course, I’ll be in my white suit and I’ll try that hair seeking potion you used for the yule ball.” Hermione sniffed at this but Harry pretended he didn’t hear and continued on “Then we’ll go to Shrieking Shack, where I lobbed that snowball at him. And then I’ll kiss him and tell him I love him, for the first time.”

“Aww Harry, I didn’t know you were so thoughtful.” and with that Harry embraced her in a hug and whispered, “I’ll make sure Ron isn’t so thick”

The halls were decked with hearts and roses. Couples showed extravagant displays of affection except for Hermione and Draco. Harry and Ron quickly said Happy Valentine’s day to both of them quickly and called everyone from the quidditch team for an emergency quidditch meeting as their next game against Slytherin’s fastly approaches. This greatly disappointed the two and they were headed into Hogsmeade to buy the two gifts. Hermione knew Harry had something planned for Draco and he promised her that he’d make Ron remembered today. Hermione was disappointed but started about thinking about the different things she could get him at Hogsmeade.

Hermione and Draco then left the school and as they walked down towards the gates there was the whole Gryffindor and Slytherin quidditch team forming a heart around Ron and Harry. Both in white suits, both looking very dashing and Ron was standing next to a stack of books on Valentine’s day. Harry, on the other hand, was holding a bouquet of a dozen white roses and a white ferret. At the sight of them, Hermione and Draco squealed and ran forward. Hermine hugged Ron and then started looking through the books with him muttering, and Draco kissed Harry and whispered “You make me feel like a better man than I am” And they embraced until Ron finally pulled them apart and the four students went to Hogsmeade.

While in the small town Hermione and Draco gushed endlessly about the surprise. Ron basked in the attention and talked as if he planned the whole thing while Harry did all the planning for weeks on end. The two couples split up after a while as Hermione wanted to go show Ron something she planned on getting him. Harry and Draco walked hand in hand but the dark-haired boy was silent. Something was going on but Draco has never been good at comforting him. “What’s wrong, Potter?” Harry looked at him somberly and said, “my surprise was ruined.” and with that Draco laughed. Here he was thinking something was very wrong and it turns out it was just a small misstep on an already amazing day.

“It’s alright, I already have everything I want.” The fair-haired boy said with the largest grin on his face, that has ever been seen by the public.

“You’re missing the point! I even talked to Surius about this!” Harry yelled. He looked to be on the brink of tears and Draco’s smile slipped. He went out to brush his hand against Harry’s cheek. The green-eyed child looked into the grey eyes he loves. The affection reflected in each of their own. A tear rolled down Harry Potter’s cheek and he broke the silence with “I’m sorry, I have to tell you something.”

Draco and Hermione walked through the decked halls solemnly. His face was tear-stained and his eyes were still red-rimmed. Hermione kept a hand on his shoulder and she was looking at him with sad eyes. Draco knows he should be with Harry right now but he just needed some time to process everything and Hermione was comforting him. Ron was with Harry and they were on the quidditch pitch practicing shooting goals. Harry’s aim was a little off as his eyes were welled up with tears. But he was still a natural-born talent and these years of training have made him even better. So they played for a while longer and Hermione and Draco were just lying on desks in an empty classroom. Everyone with frowns on their faces.

“I’m sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have told you,” Harry mumbled. He regretted ever mentioning anything but he thought, this is a relationship after all and he thought honesty was the right thing to do.

“No, no, you should have. I’m glad you did.” Draco said. He said it so confidently and sure of himself that Harry couldn’t help but believe him. He was glad that Draco appreciated the honesty and he hoped this would bring them closer together. Harry looked into his eyes and said,

“Thank you. I love you” Draco paused. That pause scared Harry. He didn’t say I love you back but Harry pushed his fears out of his mind. This is a delicate time and he knew it must be tough on him. But this scared him deeply. And so Harry reached up and grabbed Draco’s face angling it towards him, looking into his light, grey eyes.

“I love you. I might not be here that much longer to do so but I will love you as long as I’m here.” Draco opened his mouth and pulled Harry’s hands-off. He shook his head and whispered something unintelligible and turned his back to walk away.

Harry lay in the nurse’s off. Madam Pomfrey was frantically trying to figure out spells that will help Harry breathe. Draco paced nervously outside the door. This scare made the very nervous and terrified, pale-haired boy pace even more frantically. He hoped the dying boy on the other side of the door would take him back. He was scared and he thought cutting it off now would be easier. But now he regrets it, Harry Potter might be dying but that doesn’t mean they can’t be together till then. Until curfew, he paced nervously outside and the next morning he woke up as early it was allowed and sat in front of the office. Dumbledore passed by once and gave him a knowing smile with a twinkle in his eyes. McGonagall half-heartedly told him not to be late to class but then Professor Snape let him have this day off. After hours of sitting Madam Pomfrey finally let him in to see Harry.

“Hey Potter, aren’t you a weak child.” Draco joked and smiled weakly. The corners of Harry’s mouth didn’t even twitch the slightest. Draco knew he messed up and this wasn’t going to be fixed with a kiss. “Look, Potter, I’m sorry, I got scared but I never stopped loving you. I’m so so sorry, I love you.” Tears pooled in Draco’s eyes and trickled down his cheeks. His face flushed red and Harry couldn’t handle the pain in his eyes.

“You turned your back on me, you run away every time you get scared. My arms are always open to welcome you back but this time I needed you. Now I do not. ” Harry said matter of father. He could feel how he was on the verge of tears but he wouldn’t break. Madam Pomfrey said he could leave tomorrow morning and he’ll just have to come back to make sure he’s alright the day after tomorrow. He’ll be fine for now, only for now. He knows Draco must be hurting but he just couldn’t handle him always walking out on him.

“Potter I’m so sorry and I love you so.” Draco cried. His voice cracked on the word love and that felt like a stab in Harry’s heart. He knew he needed time. They both did. Draco caused this schism and he’s not willing to let him back in just yet.

“I love you but you don’t feel the same level of commitment as I do. There’s only so much I can handle.”

And with that, he turned his head away from the red-faced, crying boy.

Draco Malfoy, the only child to Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. He was the face of steady. Frowns and smirks, no smiles. Unhappy, emo, misunderstood. Before he met Harry Potter. Now he was all smiles and his bright smiles competed with his bright blonde hair. Or better yet, that morning he was the face of happiness but having the love of his life turns his face away from him hurt like nothing else ever had before. He broke down on the ground sobbing when Cedric and Cho passed by. They stopped to check on him but he pushed them away. Cedric and Cho left slowly and split up to look around for any Gryffindors to get Harry or the very least Ron and Hermione because they would know where he is. Cho found Fred and George who claimed that no one sees Harry for while but his friends were at Hagrid’s hut. Cho quickly went down and broke the news to him and so Ron went to the nurses’ wing and Hermione quickly went to check on Draco.

“Hey blondie, what happened?” Hermione asked cautiously. She knew Draco was at an extremely sensitive place right now and she has to be careful about every step she took.

“Harry and I broke up.” Draco suddenly stopped crying and said it matter of factly. Hermione on the other hand quickly went to sit in front of him and held his hands.

“What happened?” And this single phrase made Draco realize she doesn’t know. No one knows except him. He hasn’t even told his best friends and that made Draco hurt even more. Harry Potter, his love, trusted him and him only. And he turned his back on him.

“Hermione, I need you to help me...” Draco started and Hermione nodded vigorously. They quickly started planning and got everything ready. Hermine started testing new spells while Draco went to go in search of Dobby. He was going to win over Harry Potter like they were back to confessing in the great hall all over again.

Harry was walking out of the nurses’ wing when he heard a loud crack. He knew that meant there was a house-elf apparating. He could only think of two house-elves who would come visit and he could guess. “Hello Dobby, how are you?”

“Harry Potter asked how I am! Harry Potter knew it was me!” Dobby squeaked. He was obviously very excited and it flattered Harry, even after all this time, one person’s emotions about him remained constant.

“So free-elf, what can I do for you on this fine morning?”

“You must go to the magic room,” and by magic room, Harry knew he meant the Room of Requirement. Knowing Dobby asking for what for, Dobby will start punishing himself if he comes close to revealing the surprise. So Harry just nodded and went on his way.

“Harry, you feeling better?” Ron asked. Harry’s story is he accidentally removed his bones again and Madam Pomfrey thought he needed privacy and rest. No visitors. That wasn’t true but Harry only let Draco in.

Harry just nodded and they walked around three times. They thought of Dumbledore’s Army and walked into the training room. And in that room was a whole party but there was an opening and a circle around Draco. He was wearing a white suit with a white bow tie looking very dashing. Ron quickly ran forward and got into place. Hermione was wearing a knee-length white lacy dress and on the other side, Ron was wearing what he wore to the Yule ball but enchanted white. They both looked dashing but Draco was the real heart-stopper. He carried a bouquet of white roses with one red one in the middle. When Harry made his way towards him, he pulled out the red rose and proceeded to hand it to Harry.

“I’m sorry, I love you, I was just scared but now I’m not, I promise I’m not.” Draco looked at Harry, grey eyes shining, full of hope. He hoped for his forgiveness, he hoped to have Harry say he loves him back. He hoped everything would go back to the way it was a few days ago.

Harry took hold of the rose and threw it in Draco’s face. Tears streaked Harry’s cheeks and more and more came. Harry started to tremble and he turned red. “I TRUSTED YOU! I TRUSTED YOU AND I DO LOE YOU! BUT YOU DIDN’T LOVE ME ENOUGH AND IT’S TOO LATE!”

Everyone around them went silent and with that Harry ran out with Hermione and Ron chasing him


“Bloody hell mate, you and Malfoy sure know how to create a spectacle. Ron said shaking his head. Ginger hair everywhere.

“Do you think I knew he’d do that?” Harry asked suddenly mad at Ron as well. Tears flowing down his cheeks, his head pounding, he felt intoxicated and dehydrated. Ron looked at his friend, his best friend, crying and scrunched up on the ground. All the years he’s known Harry, he’s barely cried like this. He’s always been a more steady, or more angry guy. Never this sad, heartbroken guy.

“Harry... I understand things are tough but he was scared. You can’t fault him for that. He didn’t know what...” The looked on Harry’s face shut Ron up. His green eyes piercing Ron’s.

“I’m the one dying. I’m the one who’s the most scared. And he got to run away, I don’t” Harry said matter of factly. He didn’t say it as if he was mad or emotional but a matter of factly. He then went to stand up and sit next to the fire. The light from the flames casting an orange glow on Harry’s face. He stared into the fire as if hoping for answers and then Ron came up with an amazing idea.

“Let’s go see Dumbledore,” Ron said eagerly. He knew they had to talk to one specific person and the only way to get to him was through the headmaster of course.


“Because you need to talk to Sirius and Dumbledore might be able to give you ‘When you fall in love with your frenemy’ advice,” Ron said this as if this was the most obvious thing in the world. Harry, on the other hand, didn’t get it but he did always appreciate a good talk with his godfather and so they stood. They shared a nod and went climbing out from behind the painting of the pink lady.

“Well, well, well, to what do I owe to this surprise,” Dumbledore said with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes. He peered down at the two boys over his half-moon shaped glasses. His piercing blue eyes looked into each of the boys.

“Professor Dumbledore, can you open the floo network for Harry to talk to Sirius.” Ron pleaded. He mouthed “Draco and Harry” then motioned at his neck with a frown on his face. Dumbledore then nodded solemnly and walked over to the fireplace. From the mantelpiece, he opened a very intricate shining silver vase and through in the powder. The orange flames liked with red suddenly became enormous emerald flames that toward over Harry.

“Harry you may go see him. Just be back before midnight.” Dumbledore said. He remembers what it was like and to be in love with someone with a strong personality. A taste for the wrong but deep down a good soul. he lost Grindelwald and always wondered what might have been. He wasn’t going to let Harry make the same mistake he did.

“Really Professor? Are you sure?” Harry asked disbelief strong in his tone and he was hoping Ron could too but didn’t think it was right to ask. He also didn’t want Ron to come as he wanted to talk privately to Sirius. Ron wouldn’t get it and without Hermione, it might be hard to remind him about people’s emotional ranges.

At that moment, Hermione burst in yelling “WHERE HAVE BOTH OF YOU BEEN?” and then she then started rambling and Harry yelled

“Number twelve, Grimwald place.” and he grabbed Ron while he grabbed Hermione. The three of them then took a step out and were staring at a tall, lean man with a clean-shaven face and chin-length black hair. A large smile was on his pale face and quickly swept them all into a hug. As if quoting Dumbledore,

“To what do I owe this surprise,” and the boy burst out laughing and Harry started his complicated tale with occasional interruptions from Hermione and Ron.

When they finished Sirius gave the three the wisest words of wisdom they have ever heard.

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