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I Will Never Forget You

By Emilia Vanessa

Romance / Humor

Chapter 1

"Sooo... are you going to tell me how is to be finally dating, Karma?"

The brunette girl was tired to explain that Liam wasn't her boyfriend, but everyone keeps asking like maniacs. Well then, they kissed one time in a party, and went on a reeeally awkward date two days later, but really that was all about it. She didn't even like him. He was sweet and very handsome but there was just something that didn't work between them.

"How many times I'm going to say that Liam and I are not dating?"

Reagan, her best friend, just watched her with a big smile on her face.

"Whatever you say, Karms..."

"Look, can we just talk about other things... like our band?" Karma said trying to change the subject. "You know everyone would know who we are in no time!"

That wasn't one hundred percent true, but Reagan's eyes were full with joy as she started to speak nonstop about their last gig.

Since two years now, Karma and her friends have been written songs and playing in some gigs here and there. Their band was called "We're all the same", they weren't bad, but for some reason they always had bad luck. Like one time when they were ready to play practically everyone just left and they ended up playing for rats (yeah, there were rats in that place. It was so not cool); in another occasion the mic didn't work when Karma was singing and no one put much attention to them.

Like I said bad luck.

But more important than Liam and the band, Karma cared just about one thing, or better be said about a girl.

The Beautiful girl of her dreams... Amy Raudenfeld.

Amy was the lead singer in a rival band called "Donut time" and she was... a dream in karma's words. Karma wasn't really a Lesbian (or that's what she keeps telling herself) but Amy was just special in every possible way. She couldn't help to stare at her cute face.

And in that moment, Amy appeared from nowhere, and Karma just watched her like if she was the sun.

"Who are you looking at?" Reagan asked with curiosity. "Oh my god! I knew it!"

Liam was walking in their direction. He had one eyebrow up and his lips were trying to do something like a smile.

"Oh no! Kama thought. "He's trying to be sexy!"

"Hello ladies." he said with a manly tone.

"Hi, Liam." Karma said doing her best to hide her smile. Liam was cute but not in a sexy way, more like in a dorky cute way.

Reagan had also her lips curled like she was trying not to laugh. "So, Liam" she said with an evil smile, "Karma was just telling me the great time she had with you the other day and how she can't wait to hang out again."

Karma could've killed her, but there were too many witnesses.

"Actually, Liam, I was…"

"I'd love to go on a second date, Karma!" Liam interrupted her happily. "I spent all night thinking about you. Our date was truly nice."

"Really?" The girl asked a little confused. As far as she knew they barely talked or even looked at each other (they were still a little drunk), and that was all. Which date was Liam talking about?

"Hell yeah! You're cool, Karms."

"Well, I…"

"She will go out with you tonight at nine". Reagan responded for her. "We have a gig so you can take us there."

"Awesome!" Liam almost yelled. Then he kissed both of the girls on the cheek and walk away with her eyebrow taller than before.

Karma was speechless.

"How could you…" Karma whispered dramatically.

"C'mon, Karms!" Reagan was frustrated. "It'll be fun, and if I don't see you with someone I'm going to die.”

"Don't be a kid, Rae."

"You don't be a kid! I've been your best friend since we were five and you've never been with anyone." Reagan said. "I just want to see you happy, that's all…"

"Aww, you love me."

"You know I do, dummy."

Both girls were smiling now and Karma feels happy. Reagan always takes care of her. She was like that big sister who is by your side every time even when you don't want her. Their friendship was no doubt one of the most important things in Karma's life. And ok, Reagan is exhausting sometimes and grumpy and whatever you want, but she's also her soul mate.

"I know you want me to be happy." Karma started. "But I swear that I already am happy! How could I not be? I have the best friend in the whole world teasing me like always, and a super rock band with my friends. Don't think in other people to make me happy, Rae. You make me happy."

Reagan was kind of embarrassed then. She always teases Karma but when she said things like that she ended up more embarrassed than her.

"You're just trying to seduce me." Reagan said trying to be funny.

"You know me too well." Karma replied with a grin on her face. Then something hit her. "Wait! Did you say that we're gonna play in the same show that Amy Raudenfeld?

"Yes? ... I told you about a week ago."

"You did? I-I mean, yeah, you did." Karma responded quickly. "I kind of forgot it, I guess."

"Let me guess. You were thinking about Liam like crazy and so you…

"No! Stop you, Silly!"

Reagan hit her friend playfully and began to run to class with Karma following her giggling like a little girl.

Reagan was a little confused. Yeah, she wanted Karma to be with someone but she was really kidding about the whole "date Liam" thing. But Karma didn't seem upset for her new date. In fact she was like kind of happy. The weird thing was that Reagan knew that the smile on her best friend's face wasn't because of Liam. Maybe she was happy because of the gig, I mean, the same show as Amy Raudenfeld. That's kind of a big deal. But her guts tell Reagan that her friend was hiding something.

"So, you're really happy I see." Reagan started.

"I guess so." She said indifferent. Then like if she knew that Reagan was suspecting something wasn't ok, she gave her the best puppy dog eyes she could.

"I hate when you do that."


"Because I can't be mad with you when you're being so cute."

Then Karma put that dream face again, and Reagan knew that she was going to find out what the hell was going on.

"SHANE!" Karma yelled through the phone.

"What the hell, Karms!" her friend said a little annoyed. She almost broke his ear.

"Sorry! But I have a problem." she said with rush. "I think Rae is suspecting something about my crush on Amy."

Shane would've laughed at karma if he wasn't still a little angry.

"Karma." He began. "Little angel. Reagan's your best friend and she's a lesbian. You really think she's going to be mad or something at you because you have a crush on a girl? C'mon, silly. It's stupid that you don't wanna tell her."

“b-but, I don't know if I'm a lesbian, it's just…"

"Karma!" You don't have to put a name at what you're feeling. You have a crush on a beautiful girl. That's it. Doesn't mean you're a lesbian, and if you're that's not bad at all. I swear Karma, sometimes you really surprise me.

Karma stood there, in the bathroom feeling a little embarrassed.

"I guess you're right." She said shyly. "I don't even know why I'm not telling her. Maybe I'm just scared to admit it, I don't know…"

"My love, I know you're scared but trust me, it’s worst if you keep your feelings for yourself and don't trust in the person who's the most important for you.

Shane heard a little sob through the line and he began to worry.

"Listen, Karms. You're in the bathrooms, right? Wait for me I'm going for you.

Later Shane was hugging Karma and saying in her ear lots of nice things. He understands why she's like this. Sometimes is just scary what a feeling can mean. But he was there to hold her hand until she can be brave enough.

Amy Raudenfeld was living a dream.

She was the most beautiful and popular girl in the whole school, and her band was starting to get more and more fans. Everyone loves the blonde girl who can sing like a star. And besides of all that, Oliver and her were starting to going out like a real couple. Amy knew that maybe it was a little fast and she didn't know how it was to be in love. She thought that with Oliver she’ll find what love is. He was a sweet guy and very good friend, and he was cute so there were no really problems.


"Then, why do I feel so alone?" she whispered without noticing.

"Did you say something?" Lauren asked her. Her stepsister was always in her shows to give her support. She was kind of the manager of the band.

"No! I didn't" Amy responded a little too quickly.

Lauren gave her a look and then began to arrange some things for the show. Apparently there were some bands playing also tonight and she wasn't really fond of that idea.

"Who the hell are these "We're all the same" band?" Lauren asked.

"A school kids band, like yours." The man of sound said.

"Okay, first of all, Amy Raudenfeld is like the biggest star-to-be of the time, and I've never heard anything of this band. Call them and say they shouldn't care to come today."

"C'mon lauren." Amy said. "Give the guys an opportunity, maybe they will surprise you."

"This is a show; your fans expect quality, not charity." She said in her best bitchy voice.

"Oh my God! why do you have to be so impossible?!" Amy said, but she wasn't in the mood to fight. "Ok, do whatever you want, but I'm telling you, sometimes you help me so much that it's scary."

"That's my intention."

Amy spent the rest of the time rehearsing with her band. She didn't force so much her voice, though. She has to be good for later. Outside the restaurant some people have already doing the line for the show. She was a little scared of how much their fans love her. It was so much pressure and she was just fifteen years old. Don't get her wrong, it was like a dream coming true little by little but also means that she have to be the best every time.


The girl turned to see Oliver. He was so cute with her glasses and his shirt of the band. But when he gave her a quick peck on her lips she didn't feel anything. Why didn't she feel anything? He was a perfect boyfriend and a truly good guy.

"You nervous?"

"a little, but you know in the moment of the show I forgot all of that."

"Yeah, you're awesome, Amy."

He was really into her. Amy really hated herself when he was like that. Why couldn't she feel the same? It was starting to annoy her.

Don't be stupid, he is the guy.

She took Oliver's hand and then she gave him a longer kiss. But the truth was that Amy didn't feel it. Not even now that they were kissing. Not when they were hugging. She just didn't feel it.

"Amy!" Lauren yelled like crazy. "Be ready! Fan girls are going to come!

The blonde girl nodded, gave Oliver a quickly kiss on his cheek and began to prepared.

Karma was sad. But that was nothing comparing to how her friends felt right now.

When Reagan said that the manager of the show told her that they couldn't go today she kind of freaked out. She was preparing her drums routine like crazy for the show. Duke, the one who played bass was also very sad. Lucky for him Shane was there to hug him. They weren't boyfriends yet, but they were but they weren't… they were like that.

And Karma was sad, but more because she was expecting to see Amy today. And now she was going to go on a date with Liam and be awkward again. If Reagan wasn't so sad right now she would give her a punch in the head.

"You know what, we should just go today." Reagan said surprising everyone.

"Oh, look, she's alive." Shane smirked at her. "But would you want to go? You're just gonna be more sad don't you think?

"I guess… but I'm not gonna go to see the show, I'm going to go and say some things to that "manager." She responded with her most malicious grin.

"Reagan, you can't just…" But then she just walked away like nothing.

"This has to be a joke" Duke and Shane laughed as crazy as I ran to get her.

"Reagan! Wait! "I yelled but I was too late, she was already on her car driving to the show.

I was there like paralyzed when someone talked to me.


I turned around and saw Liam next to me with a weird look on his face.

"What happened with Reagan? Weren't we supposed to go together or…

"Liam not now!" Karma said running to his car. "C'mon, drive to the show."

"What's happening?" he asked nervously.

"We have to stop a maniac, that's what's happening."

Amy was really nervous now. But she knew once she were in stage those nerves will go away. It always happened. What she wasn't expecting was a girl running in the backstage yelling at Lauren like crazy.

"What's going on?" she asked nervous.

Lauren and the other girl didn't answer. They were yelling at each other that loudly they sure couldn't hear anything else. Then another girl appeared and tried to stop the fight but in that exactly moment Lauren tried to punch the girl who was screaming at her but ended up punching the other girl.

"Oh my god, Karma!" the boy said.

"I'm so sorry." Lauren said. "If this stupid girl wasn't here yelling stupid things to me this could've been avoided.

"You're such a bitch you know!" the other girl said angry.

"You cannot punch girls like that you know." The boy said with an angry face.

The three of them were yelling again and no one noticed that the girl in the floor had started to cry.

Amy was there watching the girl and feeling something that she have never felt before. It was a warm feeling that was growing in her body. She didn't think twice and took the hand of the girl in hers. She seemed confused but didn't put her hand away. Amy then led the girl into another room leaving the others fighting. She touches the face of the girl carefully.

"It hurts?" Amy asked softly.

"Just a little." The girl answered shyly. Amy felt the nervous return to her but in a good way. This girl was so cute, and her voice was like an angel's.

"I'm so sorry for my sister." Amy apologized. "I swear she's not that way."

"It's ok, Amy." The girl responded looking at her hands.

"You know my name?"

"Yes… I mean, I'm not like a stalker or anything I just love you." The girl's face turned red like a tomato. "I mean I love your band! That's what I was going to say!

Amy just looked at her with a smile. This girl was such a cutie. The way she squeezed her hands nervously was just lovely.

"Well, you know my name so can you tell me yours?"


"That's a sweet name, just like you." Amy said without thinking.

If Karma's face was red before now was like an oven.

"I'm sorry, it's just you're very sweet." Amy didn't know the girl but for some reason she knew Karma was sweet. Maybe it was the way her red face made her even cuter or her angel's voice. She was just sweet.


Karma gave Amy a smile just when the blonde was thinking that Karma couldn't be more beautiful. She didn't even notice that she was still touching her face. Amy wiped a tear of Karma's cheek.

"Don't cry please."

"Sorry, I'm just not used to get punched in the face."

And more tears started to fall from Karma's eyes and without a thought, Amy just hugged her and for the first time in her life she started to feel something that she expected to feel with Oliver.

Amy didn't know back then but she will never forget the first time that Karma was in her arms.

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