I Will Never Forget You

chapter 10

"Short story: the mysterious old lady from the other day can see the future."

Karma seemed pretty sure about her words, and even if Amy believe that all the shit that people was talking about that "mysterious lady" was just shit, she wasn't going to say it.

A week since the earthquake, people were now returning to normality. In news you can see people who lost her homes in the incident so a bunch of people were moving in with friends or family. Mostly old people, and the neighbors of Karma received an old lady with an eye made of glass, a few pair of teeth and silver hair; she was like the witches in movies. And some kids were saying she can see the future or curse people.

Amy didn't believe a single word of that and she wasn't going to lie, but argue with Karma was out of the picture also. So she did the logical thing. She kissed her.

"mmm…" Karma moaned when her tongue meets Amy's.

"Hey, Amy!" Lauren enters to the room yelling until she saw the two girls kissing. "Oh my god! You were using tongue!"

Amy gave her sister a look. Karma only blushed in a cute way.

"So, there's a reason for you to ruin a perfect kiss?" Amy asked.

"Well…" Lauren hesitates. She seemed a bit embarrassed. "I wanted to talk about that bitch."

Amy stopped her sister putting her two hands on the mouth of the shorter girl. "No, Lauren! Not again!"

Lauren tried to bite her sister, but the taller girl was stronger. "Oh my god! You're so violent!"

"What's happening?" Karma asked curiously.

"Vanessa! That bitch is what's happening." Lauren said after she removes Amy's hand. "I have a plan to screw her."

"You understand how wrong that sounds?" Amy tried to be funny but Lauren's face didn't change. "C'mon, Lauren! I've already told you I don't want to screw Vanessa anymore!"

Karma looked at her suspiciously.

"You know I didn't mean it like that, little puppy." Amy said quickly.

"Stop the drama please." Lauren said. "The thing is I didn't find something to use against the bitch, so we have to make something."

"You mean like, spreads rumors of her?" Karma suggested.

"Wait! Are you fine with this?" Amy was surprise.

Suddenly, Farrah's voice calls the girls to have breakfast.

"We'll talk later." Lauren grumbled.

"No, we won't." Amy whispered.

Farrah was waiting for the girls. She put an annoy face when she saw he daughter holding hands with Karma.

"So, Karma." She said in it was supposed to be a sweet voice. "You've been taking care of my daughter?"

"Mom!" Amy yelled. "Please, don't embarrass me."

Farrah almost said something hurtful to Amy but she stopped the words. Amy wasn't stupid, though, she knew her mom hated her for Karma. Even when she explained to her that Vanessa had manipulate her words. It didn't matter. All Farrah could see was her daughter kissing another girl.

"So, in three days more we'll go back to school." Karma said trying to distract them. The tension in the air could be seen.

"Yeah, they're almost finalizing the repairs." Lauren added trying to help Karma.

Farrah sighed. She was very tired for her work and all the issues with her daughter. "I'm no hungry anymore, it'd be better if I go to work now."

And with that she leaves them alone.

"I guess she really hates me." Karma sighed.

"It isn't your fault." Lauren said seeing that Amy wasn't responding. "She needs time."

And Lauren went to her room to give them some time alone.

The silence grew between the girls. Both were a little hurt because of Farrah. No one knew what to say. This wasn't a problem with Karma's parent. They pretty much adopted Amy already.

And to make this worst, Amy felt her phone vibrating. And she saw a new text from her stalker.

"Can't wait to see you tomorrow."

The past week, Amy has received lots of text from this mysterious person. She was a little scared of it, and more since this stalker told her that he'd be on her benefit concert tomorrow. This was weird but the least Amy wanted to do was make another problem.

"Amy?" Karma tried to look what she was seeing but Amy put her hand on the phone's screen. "What's that?"

"It's nothing." The blonde's voice wasn't very convincing.

"Then tell me."


The little girl started to feel sad. Since a couple of days Amy spent lots of her time looking at her phone so much that Karma had started to think things. "Amy, are you-you cheating on me?"

"What?! Of course not, Karma." Amy replied feeling insulted. "How do you even think in that possibility? I lov-"

Amy closed her mouth in the right moment. She wasn't going to say that, even if her heart was sending signal that it was something real, at least for her.

For the love of God, Amy! It's too soon!

"What were you going to say Amy?" Karma asked feeling hopeful.

"I-I… I wasn't going to say anything."

Karma took a step closer to her girlfriend. "Are you sure?"

Amy nodded nervously with her eyes looking at the floor.

Karma kissed Amy's nose slowly. Her hands were rubbing Amy's waist suggestively. "I must have heard wrong then."

She kissed her lips tenderly tasting that beautiful mouth.

A few minutes later both girls were in their own place. Their own happy place.

Hugs, fights and witches

"…and I ran."

Karma waited a laugh from Reagan but the serious face of her friend was telling that she wasn't lying.

"Wait, Reagan!" Karma said her eyes wide open. "So, you're telling me that you broke up with Jessica and then you ran?!"

"I ran."

"You ran?!"

"I fucking ran!" Reagan yelled. "What part you don't get?"

Karma paced in circles. "Reagan." She began talking like her friend was a ten year old kid. "You can't break up with someone and then ran! That's cruel!"

Reagan put her hands up defensively. "It's not like we were dating! Besides, she was okay when I leave."

"How do you know if you leave?"

"Well, she seemed fine before I leave…"

Reagan knew that wasn't entirely true. When she told Jessica they weren't going to keep whatever they had, Jess began to be mad. Reagan was tired of all the drama of the past days, all she wants now is repair the relationship with Karma.

"Don't give me your sad eyes, Karms." Reagan tickled her friend.

"Nooo! Stop pleeeease!"

"Promise me you'll put a cute face and I stop!"

"I… I promise!" Karma said between laughs.

Reagan started to slow down her attack to leave a shaking Karma under her body. Before the situation could end bad Reagan move from Karma's bed.

"You're mean." Karma whispered with her eyes closed. She seemed so beautiful in that way that Reagan closed her eyes too.

Don't go there, Reagan, not today.

"I think maybe Amy is cheating on me."

Reagan felt he body tense at those words. The first thought was that Karma should be kidding, but her face and the tone of her voice was telling her otherwise.

"Are you sure, Karms?" Reagan knew her friend. She could be quite insecure for nothing.

"I'm not sure, but she's not telling me something." Karma said sadly. "What if she's with other girl?" a lonely tear escape as she was starting to sob.

Reagan held Karma's hand tight, with her other hand she wiped the tear from her friend's cheek. "That's impossible, Karms."

"You say that because you're my friend."

"No, I'm not. Karma you're special, everyone knows that."

Karma hugged her. It was her way to say thanks, but in that right moment, Amy appeared in the door. At first she was smiling but the sight of Reagan hugging her girl bothered her.

"Amy!" Karma and Reagan said at the same time.

"Girls." She grumbled. "Was I interrupting something? I can leave you two alone."

Reagan made a gesture with her head to Karma before leave the two girls alone.

"So?" Amy asked when Reagan closed the door behind her. Karma wanted to speak but she was feeling a bit too sensible and the words couldn't come out of her mouth.

"Cat got your tongue, honey?" Amy said feeling irritated. She loves Karma but her patience has limits, like when she sees her girlfriend hugging a girl who's obviously in love with her.

"Why are you being mean?" Karma said knowing her sadness was being replaced with anger. "You know there's nothing with Reagan. She's my best friend."

"Why?" Amy couldn't believe her. "Are you serious?"

"It's a hug, not a kiss!"

"It's the same! Don't make like this is nothing, you'd me like crazy in my position!" Karma didn't say anything and Amy's anger was growing more every second. "You know what, fine, then from now on I'll hug every fan I please. I have some of their phone numbers here maybe I should call them, don't you think?"

Karma's tears were threatening to fall again. "Don't say that. I don't know why you are so mad. You've seen me hugging her before."

"Yeah, but not like that! Like if you two were girlfriends!"

"I'm your girlfriend!" Karma yelled at Amy.

"You're difficult, that's what you are."

Karma was really mad now. Her tears were now falling but she didn't stop her yells. "If I'm that difficult then why are you with me? Go and find a girl who's easier to be with I don't care!"

Amy wanted to cry but she couldn't stop he yells either. "Fine I'll do that! I don't care!"

"What are you waiting then? A call from your secret admirer?"

Amy closed her eyes. "Oh my God! Not that again!" she left a basket that in the fight Karma didn't see. "Take that, I wanted to go out with you but seeing that you have other company then I'll leave. Bye, Karma."

Reagan saw Amy running through the door. She knew Karma was crying feeling awful in her room, but she didn't know if it was the best to see her. Maybe she'll be mad at her for the fight with Amy.

Slowly, she opened the door, spying with her left eye. Karma noticed her instantly.

"She's gone?"

"Yeah." Reagan hesitated a moment. "Umm, you want me to leave?"

Karma wasn't crying anymore. She was very tired because of the fight.

"Stay please."

Reagan rubs the cheeks of her friend tenderly as a little smile started to appear in her face.


Lauren was driving to Karma's house fast. She needed to speak with her about the way things were going to be tomorrow. Karma's band was going to play, and Lauren knew she had told everything to Karma, But this was important, so no time for mistakes.

The ride was calm except when she saw Karma and Reagan walking on the street.

"Hey, you two!" she yelled through the window of her car. "Where are you going?"

Reagan seems embarrassed. She wasn't expecting to see Lauren. "We are…"

"…going to see the witch." Karma finished for her.

Lauren should've the weirdest look ever because Reagan and Karma started to laugh even when they weren't feeling very good.

"Is this a joke?" Lauren asked.

Ten minutes later, Lauren knew about the fight between the girls, and the weird wish of Karma to go and talk with and old lady.

"And, you think this person is a witch?" Lauren asked feeling very stupid. Why couldn't normal people be closed to her?

"Witches do exist, Lauren." Karma said seriously. "Don't take that deal like a joke?"

Lauren really wanted to hit that girl with a rock. "Are you fine with this?" she asked to Reagan.

She pointed her finger to herself. "Best friend, that means I have to be with her in this weird situations."

Lauren closed her eyes feeling very stupid. "Fine, let's go then."

"You are coming with us?" Karma asked.

"We need to talk about tomorrow." Lauren responded quickly. "So let's go with this."

They were in front of the witch's house. Lauren knew this was Karma's idea yet she still hated that Reagan follow Karma in everything. Because it was obvious this was an idea of that girl.

"So you have a reason to talk with this… witch?" Lauren asked to karma.

"I want to know my future and she can see the future. Do the math."

"Oh, right, just another day in the office." Lauren said trying to control her sarcasm.

This can't be more stupid.

"Should I knock or…?"

Reagan couldn't finish her sentence. The door opened by itself leaving the entrance clear for them.

Kama look at the two girls like saying "I told you".

"Don't be stupid. Someone opened the door." Lauren said. She began to walk in the house calling for anybody. "Hello? It's fine if we…?"

Nobody was listening.

A scary feeling surrounded the girls quickly. Even Lauren was feeling it, but she'd never admit it.

Reagan was holding her hand to Karma's shoulder. The house was in complete dark contrasting with the light from outside. Reagan didn't believe in weird stuff but this was like if the light couldn't illuminate this place.

"There's no light here." Lauren told them.

"Well done, Sherlock." Reagan replied, little in a bitchy tone.

"I mean there's no electric light." She responded trying to turn on the light, but the switch wasn't working at all. "Maybe we should go. Obviously there's nobody here."

"Don't worry, you two." Karma's voice sounded very convincing. She put out a lantern from her purse. "I knew about the light. I came prepared."

"I'm with Lauren this time, Karms." Reagan told her friend calmly. "There's no one here."

"You can go then."

Karma began to walk without looking back. Reagan followed her friend, sighing at every step. Lauren just stood there a second just to tell herself that she was very stupid, after that she closed the door and reached the girls.

"And why you want to know your future anyway?" Lauren asked Karma. She was annoyed with this situation.

"Nobody's telling you to stay." Reagan told her. She didn't like when people talk to Karma like that.

"Don't fight please." Karma whispered. "I need to know something. That's all."

After a couple of minutes Lauren patience was touching its limits.

"Well, there's no one here. Let's go!"

"What about upstairs?!" Karma said like it was obvious what she was doing.

And that was it, Lauren couldn't resist it anymore. She turned over her heels and went right to the door.

But she couldn't open it.

Suddenly, Lauren began to feel ill, it was too cold and dark. But she was a big girl, she wasn't going to be scared of nothing, before she'll kiss Shane.

"Hey, girls, did you…?"

Someone was lurking.

In the dark Lauren could only see a weird kind of silhouette. But Karma and Reagan should be upstairs by now.

"Who are you?" Lauren asked to the darkness trying to believe she wasn't really scared.

A tenuous light from a candle illuminate enough to reveal the decrepit face of an old lady that should be the one Karma was looking for.

"I know why you are here."

He voice sounded awful. Like if she's never spoken before. It wasn't very nice for any ears.

"Yeah? Good because I'm not sure."

She didn't reply anymore and Lauren began to worry. A step closer to her reveals that this old woman has her eyes closed. Her mouth was slightly open as if she was about to say something, but the only thing that was moving were Lauren hands that couldn't stop rub against her hips.

Lauren was about to speak but suddenly the woman opened her eyes showing dark basins.

"See." She said touching Lauren's face.

And she saw.

"Why are you doing this Karma?" Reagan asked her friend. She knew the answer but she wanted to hear it from Karma's mouth.

Karma took a deep breath and pointed the light to Reagan. "Because I want to know."

"She loves you, Karms." It felt really like shit to say it, but now Reagan only wanted her friend to be happy. "I know she does. It's just the way she sees you."

That made Karma remember Shane telling her the same thing about Reagan. Instantly she felt guilty for telling her these things.

Karma's apologize was interrupted by Lauren. She was screaming.

Reagan and Karma looked at each other before to go for her.

"Lauren! Where are you?!"

They found the small girl on the floor of the kitchen. She was covering her eyes with her hands that fiercely that Reagan though she should be hurting herself.

"Are you ok, Lauren?" Karma kneeled to see her better.

"She… she's here…"

Reagan wasn't getting anything. "Lauren, what-"

"Reagan!" Karma yelled pointing behind her with the light. A small decrepit old woman was standing behind them.

"Who are you and what did you do to our friend?!" Reagan demanded.

"Don't look at her." Lauren whispered. Her voice was too weak.

Reagan took Lauren by her back to lift her up. "Karma, open the door!"

She saw her friend running just be hold by the woman.

"Let her go!"

Karma stood there seeing the face of the woman like hypnotized. Then, like nothing she ended in the floor.


Reagan reached her friend. Her eyes were closed. She wasn't waking up.

"I swear if something happened to her I'll kill you!"

But there was no one there.

Reagan didn't waste time looking for her. I took all her strengths but she could go out with Karma and Lauren. Luckily Lauren was a bit better.

"What happened to her?"

"Don't worry." Lauren sounded a lot better now. "She'll be okay."

In Reagan's mind the little Reagans that were controlling her were saying that it'll be the stupidest thing in the world to not be worried. But she knew little Reagans weren't always right.

"Whatever." She looked to the house to see the woman standing. "Lauren! Took Karma and go to the car!"

She let Karma in the hands of the smaller girl and went right to the person who had hurt her friend. She wanted to hit that woman in the face, but then she realized her eyes were open.

One look was enough. She hit the floor before she could do anything else.

A Weird phone call

Amy's anger hasn't vanished. Not even a little. But when she received a phone call from Lauren saying that something have had happened to Karma she run to her mom's car to go and find that cute little person who made her life sometimes a joy and sometimes a hell on earth.

The ride to Karma's house seemed too long. When she got out of the car Lauren went to meet her outside.

"Lauren!" Amy hugged her sister. "Are you ok? Is Karma ok? What happened?!"

"Amy calm down." Lauren said slowly to make her sister understand. "We're all ok."

Amy began to relax a little, but she still needed to see Karma to be fine.

"What happened, Lauren?"

Her sister gave her the weirdest look. "I don't have idea."

Karma's room was clean, full of dresses and pictures of her and Reagan. That always bothered Amy a little. She couldn't be there without be seeing the strong bond she and Reagan had.

Amy went straight to the bed to see her Karma. She was sleeping.

"You sure she's fine?" Amy asked again.

"I'm pretty sure." Lauren responded to calm her sister. "Luckily Reagan saved us from that weird thing."

"Are you gonna tell me what happened?"

"Yeah, but not here." She said. "We should be going in any moment."

"What are we waiting?"

Lauren looked at the floor before to answer. "Reagan's gonna stay here to watch her."

That felt much worse than it sounded. "Yeah? And where's Reagan?"

"Here I am."

Both sisters turned her heads to the direction from the voice to see Reagan.

"You came quickly." Lauren said. A notorious tension was between she and Amy so Lauren tried to get her sister out of there quickly. "Well, here's Karma. We should go."

Amy kneeled in front of Karma. "I love you, my puppy, even when you are impossible. See you soon." She whispered to her ear. Then she kissed her cheek quickly.

Amy gave Reagan a nod with the head before to follow Lauren.

"So now are you gonna tell me what happened?"

"Sit tight."

After a much longer ride to home with Lauren telling her something as crazy as a witch who had apparently beat three young girls without doing anything, Amy still didn't get what Karma tried to do.

"She wanted to see her future."

Amy heard Lauren's word trying to make sense of everything. "Are you sure you heard everything right? Maybe she said other thing."

"I'm not fucking lying, Amy!"

"I'm not saying you did!" Amy touched her head feeling frustrated. "It's just crazy! Who can believe in that?!"

"Your girlfriend does."

Amy's phone began to ring and Amy answers the call without seeing who was calling.

"How are you?"

It's the stalker!

"ummm…" she didn't want to say anything to make Lauren worried. "Wrong number, Man. Bye."

"Don't fucking leave me, Amy! You'll regret it!"

Amy felt her chest hurting. She was scared. This person never was like that.

"What's your problem?" Amy said her voice a little shaky.

"You ok, Amy? Who is it?" Lauren asked worried for her change of voice.

"No one." Amy said ending the call. "So you have something else to tell me?"

"What?" Lauren seemed a bit concerned. "Yeah, well, I know I'll sound like a stupid girl but when that bitch-"

"Witch." Amy corrected her with a smile.

"Whatever. That crazy woman made me see her eyes and I kind of had a dream then."

Amy expected her sister to laugh or to do something else, not to see her blushing for her confession. That wasn't a Lauren's thing.

"So you see your future?" Amy's smile grew a little but she could control it to prevent a Lauren's attack.

The phone in Amy's pocket vibrated telling her that she had a text. She ignored it, though. It must be from that crazy person.

Lauren's face was very red at this point; she looked through the window wishing to not exist. "I'm not saying I see my future. I had a dream. That's all."

Amy knew she couldn't laugh. Not if she wants to keep talking to good Lauren, but really, her sister wasn't helping either.

"And… your dream… was nice?"

"Fuck you, Amy!" Lauren yelled. "I don't know why I tell you my things!"

That husky tone of voice informed Amy that the conversation was over and at the time they reached home both girls were flying in their thoughts. Amy couldn't stop to think about her fight with Karma. It seemed stupid now. And other part of her was preoccupied for leaving her with Reagan. What if Karma one day changes her mind about her? Maybe she'll realize she's in love with Reagan and that will be bye bye for Amy.

Lauren instead was thinking in her dream. She had seen herself talking with a tall good looking boy. It felt weird, mostly because she knew she was happy. She had seen herself smiling, like really smiling and this boy was holding her hand like if they were, kind of a couple. This whole deal about the future was nonsense for Lauren, but the image in her mind was stuck. But it couldn't be true, she didn't know who the boy was.

Minutes later, when Amy was in her bed, she took her phone to see the text.

You'll see me soon, Amy. Wait for me.

"Fuck." Amy whispered.

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