I Will Never Forget You

chapter 11

Only when Amy was lying in bed her mind realized how fucked she was.

Today was a really fucking bad day; beginning with her mother who was acting now like if she doesn't exist; then a fight with Karma; and to end, going like crazy because Karma had the great idea of doing a visit to a witch. Supposedly. Oh, and don't forget a fucking psycho who threatened her. Really not a good day.

Amy still wasn't getting why she'll do that. She couldn't ask her either.

It's fucking annoying to be fighting with your girlfriend. With Oliver she hadn't those problems. Basically he always did what Amy told him. But Karma… Amy didn't know if it was a two girls in a relationship thing or maybe a Karma thing. Maybe both. She only knew that all of this had to end. Soon.

Inspiration took over Amy, and without thinking she began to text her little love. It was pretty late but maybe the little girl woke up after what happened.

Hey, Beautiful. Are you there?

After a damn long wait, Amy was about to surrender and tried to sleep, and then she heard the little music of her phone.

Here I am. Lauren told me you came to see me. I wish I was wake up… I want to see you…

Amy's finger were typing that fast and hard that she hurt her little finger in the process.

I can go now you know. Just say the words and I'll be in the car.

Amy wasn't aware of how happy that made Karma, although she knew it was a smooth move.

Has someone told you that you're the sweetest girlfriend in the whole world? Because you are (:

The blonde girl stand in front of mirror trying to fix the mess in her hair. She wanted to Karma think she's beautiful.

After two minutes she gave up. It was useless.

I'm on my way then, wait for me, cute girl.

An exciting feeling grew in Amy. She was in the middle of the night to see her girlfriend. They were angry with each other in the morning, so now the reconciliation time was on the table. If she was a boy everyone would say they were going to have sex tonight…

A little yelp escape from Amy's mouth. What the heck was she thinking? They weren't going to do… that.

What if Karma wants you to do it? You can't disappoint her.

"Amy?" Her mom voice called her from her bedroom. "Is that you?"

At the same time, the door in Lauren's room opened showing her with lots of weird thing in her head that Amy didn't know nothing about.

Amy knew this was a once chance situation so she almost pleaded with her eyes to Lauren to say it was her. Her sister understood the situation and she seemed a bit upset, but she still helped her.

"It's me." Lauren grumbled.

"Oh, fine Darling."

Amy thanked Lauren with her hand. She was turning around when a little pair of hand stopped her.

"Wait!" Lauren whispered angrily. "What the fuck are you doing? It's the middle of the night!"

Amy tried to escape but Lauren was surprisingly strong.

"I'm not gonna let you go until you tell me what are you doing!"

"Shhh! You'll wake up my mom!"

"Tell me!"

Amy took a deep breath and nodded to the little demon she had as sister.

"I'm going to see Karma."

Lauren's face changed like if she was possessed. "Are you nuts?! You can't go now! Tomorrow-Today! Today is the fucking show of your band!"

"I need to talk to her now, Lauren. You wouldn't understand."

"What'd you mean?"

The hands of Amy squeezed frustratingly. She was losing valuable time with the little red hair.

"It's a girl's thing." Amy responded evasively. "If you aren't in love with a girl you can't understand."

"So now you're in love?"

Fuck, Amy! Can't you control your fucking mouth!

"I-I am…"

A shade of goodness appeared in Lauren's eyes. Or maybe it was some pity. One thing or another, she let her sister go even if she didn't like the idea.

"Ok, go."

Amy was about to ask her if she was sure until she realized this could be her last chance. Maybe Karma was thinking now that she wouldn't come.

"Thanks, Lauren."

"You're welcome." She smiled playfully. "Oh, and use a condom please."

That last comment just made Amy's nerves grew more and more but she wasn't a coward. With a shade of red in her cheeks, Amy escape from Lauren, her mom, the house, and her nerves.

The night was still young.

Sexy Time

The time seems to go slower when your mind is thinking in naughty things. The most Amy tried to think in another thing, her mind ended up with the thought of Karma waiting for her. In bed. At the middle of the night.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a new text.

"Please, Karma, don't change your mind now."

A little afraid she read what she had received.

Waiting for you, Amy… I need your help with one specific thing. Don't make me wait too long or I'll start alone…

Is she doing this on purpose? Amy can't tell. The only thing she was sure about was that if her mind was like crazy before, now her thoughts were fucking nuts.

On my way, my beauty. Just wait for me.

Only that she could manage. Nerves were growing more. Heat in the car seemed now as an oven.

"Oh my god…" Amy sighed terrified. "…What am I doing?"

One little knock in Karma's door was enough for the little girl to appears. Her usual smile and charming eyes were right there and Amy began to calm a little.

Karma leaned in to kiss her girlfriend, but Amy just responded with a little peck on her lips before coming in the house.

"Hey! How's everything, my cute puppy?" Amy knew she was smiling and talking like an idiot but she couldn't feel more stressed.

"Are you ok, Amy?" Karma could tell by the face of her girlfriend that she wasn't fine. She seemed nervous.

"Yeah, yeah, how could I not be if I'm with you?"

Karma wasn't sure about Amy now. Maybe she was imagining things.

"Fine, my angel." Karma leaned in to give her girlfriend a good kiss. Amy wasn't acting strange now. "So, the specific thing I needed your help… I finish alone, I'm so sorry."

And then Amy's face was replaced for a thin shadow of red that spreads for her whole face very fast.

"Alone?" she asked in a whisper.

"Yes, alone." Karma said. She felt a bit embarrassed, she should've waited for Amy. "I know I should wait, but my hands couldn't stop and then-"

"Karma! Stop please!" Amy yelled, her voice sounded like a whistle. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you want to… do that."

"But if I always want to do that with you." Karma was talking like it was all normal. "Every time I see you I want to do it with you. It's so fun alone, with you should be the most fun time ever."

Amy jaw was on the floor now. "Are-are you sure? You know I-I'm a virgin…this is new to me."

Karma almost faint right there. "What! What are you talking about?"

"You just said you wanted to do it with me all the time, and-and it's not that I don't wanna do it, I'm just nervous…"

Now, fully understanding why Amy was so nervous, Karma couldn't speak. Amy believed she was…

"Amy no!" Karma said. "I meant the puzzle you wanted to do. The ones with yoyos."

Both girls just stood there without saying anything. They had never felt so embarrassed.

"Oh." Amy wanted to die right there.

"Yeah… oh."

Karma could see Amy wasn't going to speak any time soon so she helped her. "We don't have to talk about it. We-we can go to my room and… do the damn puzzle again."

Amy nodded as Karma walked her up to her room in complete silence. She was still trying to figure when she had become so horny that the only thing in her mind was sex.

The puzzle. They had done some puzzles the past days. She found it boring so she asked Karma to get one with yoyos so at least it'd be more fun.

Karma was mumbling some things about the day trying to change the subject but Amy couldn't stop her mind.

I'm the biggest idiot ever.

Amy was scared. The thought of her little Karma scared of her because of this was absorbing her mind.

Of course, the thing Amy didn't know was that Karma was flattered. She wasn't precisely expecting to do that now but it was good to know your girlfriends wants you in that way. The only thing she wanted now was to make Amy's embarrassment disappear.

"Amy." Karma tried but the blonde didn't look at her. "Amy, look at me." Still nothing. The shorter girl began to rub her cheeks with Amy's softly trying to make her feel better. "Pleeeeease. You always say I'm beautiful but now you don't wanna see me?"

That worked how Karma knew it would. Amy looked at her. She could see in the eyes of her lovely blonde the scared and the nerves growing.

"Don't be like this, Amy." Karma was now kissing her cheek. "I'm not angry or anything. I love you for want me like that."

"I…I didn't mean to…force you…"

Karma shut her with a long a sweet kiss on the lips.

Wonderful. For Karma, kissing Amy was wonderful, the best possible thing. At first Amy wasn't kissing her back but then the blonde's tongue began to fight with Karma's. The force left Karma in an instant and Amy won the battle. She had the mouth of Karma all to herself and she was going to enjoy it.

Slowly, Amy rested her hands on Karma cheeks, touching her sweetly. The heat began to be intolerable for both girls.

The little and soft hands of Karma were touching Amy's belly by now. That disoriented Amy long enough and Karma took control again. She pushed Amy's body slowly to be on bed, under her.

You heard about those little moment that are just perfect, but when you know you're living one of them everything is way better. Well, once in a while the girls should wait a little because in some way, Karma's hair ended in Amy's mouth. But those were details.

This was perfect.

And after what had happened to Amy, this seemed a good reward.

"I'm sorry for our fight." Karma moaned between kisses.

"Me too." Amy wanted to speak more but her tongue was very good tasting her girlfriend so stop for a long time wasn't an option.

"I love you." Karma's moans huskily.

"You love me." Amy repeated. Her mind was lost by then.

"You're so beautiful." Karma's eyes were full of lust.

"Beauti…. Oh, fuck just kiss me, little puppy."

Karma wanted to keep saying lovely things to her girlfriend but Amy took control again pushing her hard. Now Amy was on top, her hand inspecting Karma's body fast but tenderly at the same time. She knew this wasn't the moment to screw things. Not now.

"Amy…" Karma moaned weakly.



Instantly Amy stand up looking afraid. She went from feel too hot to cold in one second. "Did I do something bad?"

"No, no Amy." Karma reassured her. "It's just too much… it was too much I couldn't manage it."

Amy saw how Karma made signs with her little hands to her.

"Amyyy, come here with me."

One second later both girls were cuddling in bed. Amy had the essence of Karma impregnated on her lips. It felt divine. Nothing could be better than this.

"You're ok right?" Amy asked softly.

"I'm better than that." Karma smiled to the pillow. "This is like the best night ever."

That sounded such like a little school girl that Amy couldn't stop the laugh.

"Hey!" Karma said playfully. "Don't laugh if you wanna more kisses."

"You can't forbid me your kisses." Amy said kissing the neck of her little spoon. "That'll be unnatural."

"Kisses are not free, my angel."

Amy rubbed her body against Karma's slowly, provocatively. "Sure you don't wanna kiss me?"

The one thought that Karma was having now was that Amy's breasts were rubbing with her back. She didn't know if it was Amy's plan, but, that was working it was.

"I guess… a little kiss wouldn't hurt anyone." Karma whispered, almost a moan.

With that both girl's lips meet again in a more tenderly way this time.

They weren't thinking about the problems of today or about all the work for tomorrow. Not about fights, witches, jealous or anything. They were just having a wonderful time, and nothing was going to stop them.

The night was still young.

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