I Will Never Forget You

chapter 12

-I'm tired, Vanessa. Let's end for today.

The beautiful woman didn't respond to the fat little guy with the camera between his hands. She knew the stupid blonde was going to give her a new story.

They were in the van of the TV channel they work for, just a couple of blocks near of Amy Raudenfeld's house.

And Vanessa knew she just knew something will happen, something she could use to make some noise on the streets.

This girl, Amy, was too much naïve.

-Look! She's coming out of the house! –whispered, Ryan, her partner. –We can follow her now.

-I'm no stupid, dear. –said Vanessa with poison in her voice. –Why don't you worry about record everything instead of speaking? God knows your voice is not a gift for my ears.

Ryan's cheeks turned red. He didn't say anything else after that.

They started to follow Amy until she stopped in front a house.

-record everything you idiot! –Vanessa's yell surprise Ryan who almost throw his camera to the floor. –Oh my god, why can't I have someone competent by my side?

A red haired girl appeared in the door. She should be Karma, the girlfriend of Amy, thought Vanessa. After all her work she hasn't even seen her face.

Both girls went inside of the house as Vanessa laughed. –This is perfect!

-What's perfect? –asked Ryan intrigued.

-You know Amy hasn't had real problems because of her relationships? At least nothing we could use, but, I know there's lot of people who hate her now, and…

-and? –Ryan didn't like where this was going.

Vanessa smiled cruelly. -…and I think it's time for Amy to meet them.

I'll Not Leave Her

The sight of her girlfriend between her arms was best than Amy could've believed. She has red hair all over her face and body, and Karma was hugging her strongly so it was almost painful, although Amy felt nothing but happiness.

-I truly love you, little one. –she said patting her head softly.

-mmm…? –Karma moaned, slowly waking up. The first thing she saw was Amy's eyes staring right at hers. –Amy…

The blonde leaned in the kiss her girlfriend. –Good morning, beautiful. –Amy said between kisses.

Karma was silent though.

She remembered yesterday. She has told Amy that she loved her. It came from a moment of lust but still, that didn't make it any less true. And Amy didn't tell her the same.

-You okay, Karma? –she asked with a frown.

-Yeah, I'm ok…

Something was bothering her and Amy knew what it was. They didn't make a big deal of it yesterday but still she remembered what she said.

In some way, that makes her happy, but she knew that not telling her the same will cause more troubles.

Well, at least for today I could avoid the subject.

-Hey, little bird… oh my god! –Karma's mom appeared din the door smiling happily. –I'm so sorry girl, I should've knocked before.

-Mom… -Karma whispered. –I swear… I swear for my life this is not what you think it is…

-Oh, don't you worry, baby, I just hope you two used some protection.

-MOM! –Karma screamed while Amy hides her face in the sheets.

-What? –she says normally. –You have to be careful with the exchange of fluids even between girls.

Karma was speechless, and Amy just wanted to disappear. This was sooo embarrassing.

-Ok, I see you two need some time to recover. –she winked and eye. –Breakfast is waiting for you two downstairs, babies. Don't be too late, oh and I think people is starting to show up in the streets to make line for your concerts girls, there's lot of people outside so don't be late!

-Karma. –whispered Amy under the sheets. –I think your family is adorable, but, sometimes, just sometimes…

-I know. –she whispers back.

Amy's phone rings as Karma was trying some dresses. Amy took it yawning. She has two messages from Lauren.

From Lauren: Amy! DON'T go outside of Karma's house!

-What the fuck…

From Lauren: Did you read the message, moron?! DON'T go outside! I'll be there in any minute!

-Something wrong? –Karma asked, worried because of Amy's face.

-I don't know. –the messages were sent about five minutes. Lauren must still be on her way here. –I think something bad is happening.

Amy handed her phone to Karma so she could read the messages. Her face changed to panic in matter of seconds.

-Amy, don't come out! –she said scared.

-But, what's happening?! Lauren couldn't at least be a little more explicit?!

-I don't know, Amy, I just know it's best if you just do what Lauren tells you.

Amy put her clothes from yesterday. She was tired of everyone telling her to do this and that. She was a sane person; she could make her own decisions.

She looks through the window and there were people, like Karma's mom had said before. It seems that they were waiting for something…someone, and Amy couldn't get the feeling that it was her.

-I have to go out. –Amy said.

-What? Are you crazy? Lauren told you not to…

-I can think for myself, Karma, thank you. –she didn't mean to be an ass but she couldn't stop her tone of voice.

Karma seemed hurt, but Amy still walk downstairs. She pass the table were Karma's parents were waiting and opened the door quickly.

-Here she is! –yells someone at the moment Amy appeared outside.

-what the fuck is happening?! –Amy tried to yell but everyone was screaming at the same time.

Some guy with a camera was recording everything; he began to get close to Amy followed by a woman Amy knew too well.


-Amy, darling. –she had to talk very loud to make her heard. –So you accept the things people are accusing you?

-I don't know what you-

-And what about your sexual active life? –She couldn't stop the grin in her face. –You're even with the same clothes from yesterday…

-she's a bitch! –yelled a grown up man and everyone cheer him up.

-What did I do to you?! –Amy screams but no one hears her.

The camera guy runs to the man from before to record what he was saying. –I think I speak from everyone here when I say we don't want someone like her –he lifted one finger towards Amy-, to be a model for our children!

-You're going to burn in hell!

-Two women can't be together! That's unnatural!

-Why don't you just die already!

Then, time seemed to go slowly. Amy couldn't understand what more were they saying. Vanessa keeps asking question she couldn't hear.

They were too many. And they were everywhere.

They hate her.

It hit her, the fact that not because some people at school were going to be okay with her relationship everyone else would be the same.

And if this could be any worst, she felt something hitting her head, knocking her down to the floor. It was an egg, they were throwing things at her.

Why this has to be like this? Amy thought as tears began to fall down her cheeks. She couldn't stop them, and everything was so fucked up.


Karma's scream could be heard from everyone. She pushed everyone to get to her girlfriend. It was scary to be in the middle of this people who hated her but there was no way in hell she was going to leave Amy alone.

-Oh! I see the girlfriend is here. –yelled Vanessa to the camera and Karma knew she was being recorded. –Please! Tell me what you think about what this people-

Karma pushed her with all her strengths making her going to the ground. A vengeful smile formed in her mouth but was gone at the moment she saw her Amy.

Amy… my Amy…

She was in the ground, crying in fetal position meanwhile people throw eggs, flour and other things. Some man took a bottle from his backpack, full of what should be something stinky.

She saw how the man lifted the bottle up and that was enough. She jumps in front of the man making him lose control of his weight. His bottle run through his fingers and everything hit straight in his ugly face.

-Fuck-fucking bitch! –he yelled.

Kama felt the things they were throwing but it didn't matter. She was pulling Amy out of there. She used her own body to avoid her girlfriend to suffer more.

-Don't let her go away! –screamed the man from before and the people make a circle to stop them from running.

You're not going to hurt more my Amy!

-Baby darling!


Molly was with a hose in her hands hitting with water to everyone. The pressure of the water was enough to let the way free for her and Amy.

And just when the path was free, Karma couldn't move. Someone was holding her back. It was that fucking man.

-You're not going away like you did nothing, little monster!

For a moment, Karma feared that he could hit her. It was a big and strong man after all, but he didn't even have the chance. Like a soldier in battle, Reagan came in the middle of everything. She punches the man in the nose making him screams more and then took the other side of Amy.

-C'mon, Karms! We have to go!

With a strength she didn't know she had, she and Reagan could get out of those people with Amy sheltered in their arms.

They make it to the house but the bunch of people wasn't gone yet.

-What are we doing now? –Karma asked trying to clean Amy.

-Just wait… she should be here in any minute. –said Reagan.


Like if this was a damn movie, the police appeared to calm down the bunch of people, they took some prisoners; the man from before in between them.

Then what happened, Karma wasn't aware. She and her mom took Amy to the shower to clean her. The girl just let them take care of her.

She was still in some kind of shock.

She knew people could be difficult with her, but after almost everyone in school were ok with her, she naïve thought that the worst has passed.

She was so naïve.

Lucas and Reagan were passing in the house trying to understand how things get this bad.

They didn't find an answer.

Someone began to knock the door. Reagan was expecting someone to come back, but she was glad when Lucas let Lauren pass.

-Where is she?! –she screams holding her arms. –Where's my sister?!

-Upstairs. –Lucas said letting her go straight to Amy.

In the bathroom, Karma holds Amy as she cried softly. They had end with the bath and Molly had let them be alone.

Like a force, Lauren enters to the room. She seemed horrible.

-Amy… -she only hugs her. –I'm so sorry, dorky. I told you to not come out! –she was crying now. –Poor silly girl…


Karma and Lauren shut their mouths up. Amy was trying to speak.

-I… -she tried to speak. –Why… they had to be… so horrible…?

-I don't know, Amy. –Lauren speaks. –But I swear to you, this is not going to end like this. I'll punish Vanessa for what she did, I swear!

-Lauren, maybe is not the time. –Karma said in low voice.

Amy didn't say anything else, she just hugged Lauren and Karma, letting her tears fall down once again.

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