I Will Never Forget You

Final Chapter

Things were difficult after what happened. The image of Amy being attacked was in every TV; everyone was talking about her. Because of that, Vanessa had a great numbers of viewers every time she appeared in her show.

Lauren was mad as hell. The date of the benefit concert had to be changed for a couple of days even against every word Amy said. She wanted to play even after what happened, but Lauren didn't let her. She needed rest.

If one thing good came out of all of this was that Amy's mom was now fully on her side. She was starting to sue the people who attacked her daughter the other day so she was really busy.

And, of course, the fact that Karma was now practically living in Amy's house was also a plus. A big one. Farrah believed that every night Karma was to her house, but the reality was that she always appeared in Amy's window minutes after leave.

So that was something really good.

Everyone seemed to expect Amy to break down any minute. It'll be very normal, but the blonde didn't want to let her emotions to take control over her. Not again. She wasn't going to be scared.

If something scares her, was the way Lauren and Karma were talking in secret. She knew they were thinking how to take revenge against Vanessa, and now, Amy was on their side. She was going to take down the bitch.

But more important now, was the benefit concert. At least for Amy. Her fans died to see her. They were a really big support for her, sending her gifts, letters, drawings and every little piece of love they could.

One day before Amy's band was on stage, the blonde was really nervous. She wanted to shut the mouths of the people who were saying shits about her.

-I can't fail. –she says to herself.

-everything will be fine, Amy. –Karma says from the other side of the bed. She leaned in to give her a quick peck on the lips. –I'll be there with you.

-I know.

I'm really lucky to have this beauty as my girlfriend.

-Are you gonna tell me that plan you and my evil stepsister had been preparing?

The little girl smiled evilly. –well, let's just say that "reporter" is going to have a busy night tomorrow at the concert.

Amy wanted to help, but knew it was best if she didn't ask.

Later, Karma had to go back to her house to play with the guys. They were practicing their songs for tomorrow.

Amy instead was rehearsing her lyrics alone.

She heard a knock in the door. –are you there, Amy?


-Yeah, Oliver? –she said a bit confused.

She opens the door to receive the boy who once was her boyfriend (or something). They hadn't talked much after she met Karma.

-You've been, Ames? –Oliver smiles weekly.

-Fine. Fine… -she was a bit nervous.

Oliver sits down next to Amy. –For me it seems like we haven't see each other in years.

-But, we spoke remember? –it was a five minutes conversation when Amy told her that she was with Karma now. But Amy still wanted to make him know that she remembered him.

-Yeah, well…when the girl you like says she's dating other girl –he made a pause to breathe-, I guess you can imagine it's not something you want to remember.

He sounded angry.

-Are you mad with me, Oliver?

-That's a way to say it…

And I thought you came here because you were worried…

-I think you should go, Oliver. –Amy wasn't in the mood to fight.

He didn't walk away, he just stares at her. –I don't wanna go.

Amy sighted deeply. –And what do you want, Oliver?

As an answer he leaned in to kiss her. Amy tried to move him but he was stronger. Oliver moves her body to be over Amy's.

She couldn't escape.

-Why you have to be with that girl? –he moans. –We have something good I can't believe you throw it away.

-I…I wasn't happy, Oliver… I'm sorry…

Oliver leaned in again but a hand appeared from behind and pushed him away from Amy.

-Leave her alone, you freak!

Lauren was there looking at Oliver with hate in her eyes.

Oh my god! She's really mad!

-Leave my house now! –she yells to the boy who only laughs.

-You're going to regret this, Amy. –he says before leave the room. –People are going to hate you more and more, you'll see.

-FUCK OFF! –Lauren knocks the door of the room in the face of him.

-what the fuck? –Amy was speechless. Oliver had chosen the worst moment to come. –It's like the world is against me…

-Amy… -Lauren says patting her head softly. –Everything will be better. Trust me.

Broken Heart

-I look bad.

Reagan wanted to punch that girl in the head. How someone that beautiful like Karma could think that bad about herself. She knew her friend was insecure and that was kind of cute sometimes because she has the chance to say that she loves her.

-Reagan? Are you even hearing me?! –Karma put her hands on her hips, looking annoyed. –I need you to help to look nice!

-I'm helping you, Karma –Reagan snarls. –I really don't know another way to make you understand the beautiful that you are. –She sounded even mad now. –It doesn't matter what you wear, you are beautiful.

Karma gives this weird look. For a moment Reagan feared that she said something weird.

-Everything ok, Karms?

She just nodded and one moment after she was next to Reagan hugging her.

-I don't know what I did, but if this is your reaction I'm glad I did. –Reagan laughs trying to be cool.

-You know –Karma whispers-, sometimes only hearing you say those things is enough for me to believe it. Why are you so awesome, Rae?

-I was born awesome, girl. –Reagan jokes. –It's part of me.

Karma laughs tenderly punching the shoulder of the other girl playfully. Then, she rested her in the crock of Reagan's neck.

Oh my God…Keep it cool, Reagan. Think in clouds, the happy clouds of Mario Bross.

-Sooo maybe we should go to play a little. –Reagan says. –Duke's going to be crazy.

Downstairs the girls found out that duke was everything but crazy. Ok, maybe a bit crazy in Shane's arms.

Karma cupped her mouth with her hands. –oh my gosh! They're doing it!

-I think they just finish. –Reagan says seeing the floor. –Whoa, we were upstairs like fifteen minutes, that's kind of fast, don't you think?

-I…I guess so…

-Ooohh, right, you still have no experience. –Reagan formed a zero with her hand.

Karma felt her cheeks burning. –you're mean.

-I'm cute.

-No, I'm cute.

-No! I am!

-Oh, please shut up! –Shane yells. –and by the way, the next time you two decided to see other people in moments of privacy, don't speak too loud.

Both girls seemed ashamed.

-Well, can we just start playing now?

Karma's electric guitar began to destroy the ears of everyone, but when Duke and Reagan joined her the shit really started.

Reagan played the drums like if she was hitting all her frustration. It was really good as some therapy. The only problem with that was that she played with Karma, and sees her moving her curves as she sings and plays like a goddess wasn't helping too much.

Why couldn't you just love me back…

So she was pretty much overwhelmed with her feelings.

A new song ends and a weird noise can be heard.

-Isn't that a phone? –Duke pointed to the table where Reagan had left her phone.

-For the love of… -she sights when she reads the message. –It is Jessica. Again!

-The girl you ran away? –Karma looked a bit annoyed. –I thought you ended everything with her.

-I did, Karms, that's why this is fucking irritating. –Reagan puts two fingers in her forehead. –She's been sending me these texts...

-I don't like her. –Karma said putting her hands in her hips to be more dramatic. –She's not good for you.

-I smell some jealousy in the air? –Shane laughs winking an eye.

-I'm not jealous! –the little girl quickly adds. –It's just I felt since the beginning that girl was no good and now this is just proving what I said.

Reagan didn't like those comments but her friends were just playing so she shut her mouth.

-Besides I have a girlfriend. –Karma said ending the conversation.

After that, they play some more songs and with that, Shane and Duke went straight to, well, do their dirty usual things. Reagan wanted to leave, she was tired but Karma asked her to hang out a little so now the two of them were looking for something to watch on Netflix.

Reagan notices her friend breathing a bit fast. –Are you fine, Karms?

-Yeah… -she says shyly. –I'm a bit nervous for tomorrow I think… and, for other things…

-Karma, you're as good as Amy singing. –Reagan states. –maybe even better. You don't have to be worried for tomorrow. Everything will be fine.

-You really think so? –her voice showed now fear. –There's going to be a lot of people there. More now after what those assholes did to Amy… I don't know if I can handle that. Maybe I'm not good enough.

Some tears could be seen in the little girl's eyes; Reagan took a second before answer to just look at her friend. She was so damn beautiful; it doesn't matter if she's singing, dancing, crying or whatever. To Reagan's eyes, she was perfect in every possible way.

-Karms –Reagan sights-, you're the most lovely girl I've ever met. When you sing is like the whole world stops just to hear you, and tomorrow I truly hope you'll leave your insecurities behind to see that. You're good enough, you've always been.

And that was the look. That look of Karma which only could mean love. There was no doubt about it. Why things had to be like this? Why Karma had to put her eyes on other girl?

-You're the best, Rae. –Karma says giving her a hug. –I don't know what I'd do without you.

-Well, you have your girlfriend…

Karma's face fell at those words. –I-I'm sorry. I thought… maybe your feelings for me were gone now…

Reagan didn't answer and Karma started to sob softly.

-It isn't like that? –she asks in a whisper. –You-you still love me?

More than anything in my whole life, Karma.

Her friend was expecting an answer, and besides all what she felt the only thing stronger was how she wanted to make her feel good.

-Don't worry, Karma. –she hugged her friend again so she can't see a lonely tear falling for her cheek. –Even if you only see me as a friend I'll never leave you. You're the most important person in my life.

I'm Calm!

-You better sleep well, little Amy. Tomorrow's the big day. –Lauren says happily before going to bed.

-The big day… -Amy whispers to no one.

She took her phone and began to text Karma.

Hey, little puppy, are you there?

Her response came seconds later.

Yeah… I can't sleep. I kind of had a hard day.

That left Amy intrigued.

Tell me, cutie, what happened?

This time she took a little more of time writing.

We played some songs with the band… but mostly was Reagan. She pretty much left her told me that she's still in love with me and it makes me so sad that I'm the one that's hurting her.

Reagan? Again?

Amy didn't like that not even a bit, but she was the best friend of her girlfriend so she always kept those thought for herself.

It's not your fault, Karma. It isn't her fault either; it's just something that happened. You're still best friends.

Amy waited and waited for the answer of Karma and when it came she couldn't stop thinking that she was crying.

You're right. I guess I'm a little sensible now, I'll go to sleep now. Love you, my angel. See you tomorrow.

That wasn't what Amy was waiting.

Love you too, my puppy.

Amy couldn't sleep and the only thing flying in her thoughts was that even if everything seems to be bad now, tomorrow, things will change.

People were outside making line, people of the TV and the radio. It was a benefit concert of Amy's band so just for that lots of people were here, but after the "incident" of the past few days the tickets were sold in minutes. Everyone wanted to see the blonde. She was the teenage of the moment.

Inside of the theater, things were crazy. Instruments were moving from here to there. People of the lights, sound, image, close and well, everyone was stalking Lauren to get answers.

We could say she was a bit stressed.

Amy was here with the guys of her band since the morning. Karma and the rest couldn't be found.

Lauren took that with calm at first. It was impossible for them to not be here today, but now that the hours passed she was really worried.

-Amy! –Lauren yells to her sister who came running. –Did you have news from Karma?!

-Nothing. –she said. –But don't worry, she'll be here.

A small man appeared sweating. –Miss, Cooper, we can't wait anymore; we have to open the door. Everyone out there are starting to act like animals!

-I said no! –she was frustrated. –There's still lot of things to prepare!

-But how do I manage the people…?

-For the love of God, I have to do everything?! –she yells pushing the man and Amy, straight to the door were the guards were barely stopping the people.


No one tried to open the door after that.

Amy gets close to her sister. Just being close to her was enough to feel the stress in the air. –Try to calm down, Lauren, you're hysterical.

-Calm down? Calm down?! –she yells. –I'M CALM!

It was scary, Amy didn't try anything before that.

Why those idiots are not here yet?! I knew they were amateurs!

-Miss, Cooper?


She stops the yell when she saw the man who was talking to her. She was speechless. He was the same man of her dream, the one she had when she saw the eyes of that old lady.

-I can see you're a bossy. –the man said playfully.

-Bossy? –Lauren didn't like his tone of voice. Why did he sound so nice?

-Yeah, you should calm a little, everything here is fine, trust me. –he smiles. –In fact I just came to say that the security inside is ready, so when you say the word we can open the door.

-Yeah… umm, thanks. -she speaks slowly.

-If something's wrong you just call me. –he says.

-Right. –she tried to be cool. –umm, what's your name?

-Theo. –he smiles. –So, see you later, bossy girl.

Lauren saw the man leave as she felt a weird sensation through her body.


The girl noticed Amy's voice and when she turned around she saw Karma and her friend with her (thanks to god). They were finally here.

-Sorry for the delay. –Reagan smiled.

The little bit of patience were almost lost at that but with a strength she didn't know she had, she avoided a scene.

-Where were you? –she asks trying not to lose it.

-Something funny happened. –Duke said smiling. – a little girl –he pointed to Karma-, lost her good luck guitar pick. We had to look until we found it.

Lauren was speechless. –You… you took so long looking for a stupid guitar pick?! Here are a thousand of those things!

-Maybe –Karma pouted-, but this is for the good luck. I couldn't come without it. It'll be a disaster.

Lauren didn't say anything this time. She was surrounded by weird people. She leads the group to backstage.

-This place is bigger than I expect… -Karma pointed out shyly.

-You'll be fine –Amy and Reagan talk at the same time making everyone laugh.

-You were like sisters. –Karma smiled softly.

The girls didn't say anything about it.

Karma and Amy went to a place a bit more intimate to "talk" as they said. Lauren instead got close to Reagan. She needed to know.

-Reagan? –she begins. –Can I have a word with you?

-That's weird. –she said with a frown. –But go ahead, ask.

Lauren took a deep breath before. –Remember the little experience we had when we saw "the witch"?

Reagan seemed surprise. –Yeah, obviously, is not something you can forget. Why do you ask?

She felt so stupid saying but it was needed. –You told me had a dream right? But you never told me what you dreamed about.

-Why you want to know? –she asks.

-will you please tell me?

Reagan seemed a bit confused but she kept talking. – I saw myself in a class room. It seemed a college class room because it was really big and full of people.

-That's all?

-That's all. –Reagan repeats. –What's happening?

Lauren wasn't fond of the idea of telling the truth but seeing that she did it she force her mouth to speak.

-I had a dream too, about me and… a man. –she says a bit shy. –We were talking, and he was holding my hand. I don't know, it was like if we were a couple.

-And what's wrong with that? –Reagan was lost.

-The thing is that I just met the man of my dream. He's here!

-Wait… the man of your dream? –Reagan open her eyes. –So you think that old lady really showed you your future?

-I'm not saying that! –Lauren sighed. –I just say I met this man. That's all!

The surprise in Reagan's eyes change one second to sad, Lauren was about to ask but she smiled right away trying to hide it.

-That's awesome. –she forces and smile in her face. –Maybe Karma was right.

-You're saying stupid things now.

Suddenly, the girl looks her watch and the time was almost done. They had to begin now.

-Fuck! I'm sorry Reagan but I have to leave, tell Karma and the other to be prepared! It's show time.

Lauren gave the order and the guards opened the doors.

The people came running trying to get the best place for the show. In there she saw Theo making everyone go in the right direction. He had to stop some idiots who were running to the wrong direction.

He is kind of handsome.

Then, Theo saw her upstairs and winked and eye straight to Lauren who did the same to him.

What the fuck is happening to me?

-Hey, there is one of my favorite girls. –says a blank voice from behind.

No more secrets

Karma's lips were all over Amy's, and the only thing the blond was thinking was that this must be heaven because nothing could be better.

Even when her little Karma was shaking a little. –everything ok, little one?

-I'm fine. –she said firmly.

-It's fine if you're nervous, Karma.

The little girl let out a deep breath. –I'm dying now, Amy. Can you hear the people screaming?

Since a couple of minutes now the people were singing Amy's songs.

-Don't worry, everything is… -Amy saw her sister coming with a man and a tall woman behind. -… Fuck!

-What? –a shade of fear appeared in Karma's eyes.

-I'm sorry, Karma. –Amy said grumpily. She pointed with her head to the woman.

She saw Vanessa walking with a big smile on her face and suddenly she wanted to puke.

-What the fuck are you doing here?! –amy yelled angrily. –You're not allowed to be here!

-Whoa, Amy dear. –Vanessa said smiling. –With that mouth you sing? Maybe the eggs made you a bit bitter?

This is it! I'm going to kill the bitch!

-And for your information –she adds. –I'm allowed to be here. It's my job as a reporter, you know. To tell the truth of important events.

-that's not what you do. –Karma said putting her "mad face".

-I have to admitd that keep following a stupid lesbian singer is not what I thought when I started to work. –she frowns, and then she smiles. –but I'm making good money with you, so here I am.

Amy's body was shaking completely. If it wasn't because of Karma's hands on her shoulders maybe she had killed that woman by now.

-Oh please let me kill her! –Lauren said to Theo.

-I'm sorry, girl. –he said. –And important part of my job is to not allow murders in the inside of the theater.

-Well I can see when I'm not welcome. –Vanessa said turning around to an old man with a camera. –C'mon, Ryan. Today's gonna be a good night, I can feel it.

-Oh my god I hate her so much! –Amy felt so impotent. That bitch couldn't go like that without a punishment.

-Amy, you take this easy. –Lauren put her hands so she was cupping the face of her sister. –Now you have one thing to be worried about and that's the show. Don't think in that bitch, don't lose your time. I think your mom is gonna be here soon so wait for her in the other room.

Slowly Amy began to calm down. –whoa, I thought you were going to kill her before me.

-I'm not a violent person, Amy! –Lauren laughs. –Now go!

Amy was closing the door of the room where her mother was going to come. She left the door open the enough to hear Lauren said: Right, now that Amy's gone this is the plan to fuck up that Vanessa bitch!

A smile appeared in Amy's face. Besides all the bad things, she was surrounded by the most amazing people in the world.

She waited a long time. Or that's what she believed. The minutes seemed hours. There was too much expectation.


The girl turned around. That wasn't the voice of her mother.

Oliver was here.

-Oliver. –she was confused. –What are you doing here?

-your mom let me come with her. –he said sadly. –She's waiting outside. Don't worry I won't take much of your time. I have to ell you something.

-Look, oliver if you came here to fight again I tell you now that…

-I am the one who send you those texts.

Her stalker? Oliver?

It couldn't be true. But in the eyes of the boy Amy saw determination, and shame… she realized he was being honest.

-How could you? –she says fighting with the sobs. –I know things are not fine between us but I never thought you were capable of scared me like that.

-I know this is not good enough, but… -he sighed-, I really really sorry, Amy.

The blonde couldn't stop the tears now. –I thought you care about me.

-I do care! –he says frustrated. –I love you, Amy! I was so mad at you for left me for Karma that I couldn't take it. I… I wanted to make you feel bad…

It was something horrible to say. But he was being honest, Amy could see that.

-I realize that I was wrong. –his eyes always in the floor. –I just want to say that I'm sorry and that I'm not going to bother you anymore. –he began to walk away, he turned around one last time. –I love you, Amy, I'm really sorry.

She let the boy who was her friend once leave without saying anything more. She was so disappointed. Some part of her wanted to run for him but her legs didn't move.

The girl wiped the tears with her hand just when her mom appeared.

-Amy, dear..? –she saw her daughter sobbing and come to hug her. –What's wrong, my baby? Did Oliver do something bad to you?

You don't know how much bad he did, mom.

-No… -the girl whispers. –I'm just nervous, mom, that's all.

The look her mom gave her told Amy that she knew she was keeping something from her, although she didn't insist.

-You know I knew from the first moment I saw you that you were special. –she says looking at Amy with nothing more than love in her eyes. –But when I heard you band and your songs I knew a moment like this will come. I know it took some time for me to get used to you dating a girl. –she makes a pause for a couple of minutes. –But now I want you to know that I'll always love you no matter who you chose to be with. You're my little baby, Amy, you're special, all the people here came to see you sing because they can see the amazing people you are. So now go out there and do the best show ever.

If Amy was speechless before, now she couldn't even think. Her mother has never said something that beautiful to her.

-…thanks, mom. –was the only she managed to say.

They were hugging a couple of minutes until Lauren opened the door.

-Hey! It's not time for a mom-daughter moment! –she says. –The show is beginning now!

-Why are you so worried? –Amy asks annoyed. –Karma's band plays first.

-Yeah, but you have to be prepared now! –she says like it is obvious.

Her mom said good bye with her hand leaving the two girls alone.

Amy started to prepare everything with Lauren breathing in her neck and the amazing sound of Karma. She was singing like an angel today. The entire thing with Oliver and her mom didn't even let her wish her good luck.

Well, she seems to be doing fine.

People outside was singing and dancing at the rhyme of Karma's songs.

-She's so beautiful.

-Amy please stop your lesbian tongue. –Lauren said. Amy stuck he tongue out pointing at her.

Finally… Justice!

Lauren had her mind in other places. One side was just waiting for Vanessa to do something wrong and finally end with her; other side of her was too worried seeing if everything in the show was okay, and for last… Theo. Why did she have to go with those two silly girls that night? Why did she dream that?

What could this mean?

Theo was very close to her, verifying the people and everything to be without problems.

He's a bit older, but oh my gosh! He's sooo good looking!

Lauren shakes her head trying to get everything in place. Her eyes were looking for Vanessa but she had disappeared in the moment she was daydreaming.

-Fucking shit….

-you okay, bossy girl? –Theo closes her eyes slightly. –You seem worried.

Lauren didn't answer she was scanning the place with her eyes. Her instinct told her to look out for her sister; she saw her sister in the backstage and very close to her was that bitch of Vanessa.

She took an electric guitar and began to walk with in the most fearsome way she could.

-Hey! What's going on? –Theo grabs her by her arms.

-I have to stop her!

-Stop who?!

-That bitch! –she pointed behind Amy.

-Isn't she your sister?

Lauren almost laughs. –I mean that woman from before, the one who's lurking behind Amy. I have to stop her before she hurt my sister again!

-That's the woman you were talking with your friend? The one who made out all the lies about your sister?

-Why do you think I'm that mad at her? –Lauren ironizes. –now please let me go so I can end with her!

Theo didn't let her go, but and evil grin appeared in her face.

-What's happening? –Lauren asks, confused.

-If what you say it's true, I think I have a way to make her pay. –Theo smiles. –And it's not that violent as your idea.

It was too nice so Lauren had to ask: And why are you acting as if you care?

-How can I not care when a beautiful girl like you needs help?

Vanessa was really bored. Nothing interesting was happening. The concert was great.

This wasn't what she was expecting.

-Are you, ok, Vanessa? –Ryan asks. –You look a bit stressed.

The woman closed her eyes. –Maybe, if people more useful were near me I'd be more relaxed. Now please stop talking. Just hold the camera that's what you're good for.

Ryan lifted his middle finger to Vanessa…when she wasn't looking at him.

And here I thought Amy was going to do something stupid… everything is too damn fine! I need a story!

Her mind was thinking about the possibilities to make a scene for Amy. The last time was really good for her. She smiles and someone pushed her to the wall.

-Hey, Asshole! –she yells to a man who seemed from security. –Next time open your eyes when you're walking!

The man kept walking without saying anything, but Vanessa could swear that she heard him laugh a little.

What the fuck is wrong with this people?! I'm the only normal human being on the earth?

-Hey, girl!

Vanessa couldn't stop a disgusted face. –Lauren? –she tries to smile. –Nice to see you, girl!

-Left your fakes words for someone who believe them, bitch. –the little girl grumped. –I don't believe your shit!

-Very well, the little girl has claws. –Vanessa ironized. –Sadly for you, girl, I'm a grown up woman and a reporter with a lot of respect. You? Are just the manager of a stupid lesbian girl. You're nothing special.

-That's what you think? –she smiles evilly. –Be careful, Vanessa, things could get weird in one moment…

Vanessa saw the girl leave feeling tired. She didn't want to be around teenagers; if it wasn't for the money of course.

She was about to yell at Ryan for anything but he wasn't there.

Where the fuck did that stupid man go?


No one answered.

She walked to the room of Amy. She wasn't there. What the fuck? The band of her stupid girlfriend was silent now, where the fuck is everyone?

At first sight she thought no one was there, but hidden in the shades was Lauren.

-Seriously, I'm starting to lose patience. What the fuck is happening?

-You're a bitch that's happening.

-You really are that pathetic? –Vanessa couldn't take anymore the insults of stupid kids. She was done.

The only problem is that she wasn't aware of Ryan, who was recording everything and right now all the people in the theater, the reporters the TV were listen every words she was saying.

-You know since I started to speak about the idiot you have for a sister, everything has been great, but seriously now I'm done. I'm done with your comments, with this job, and mostly with Amy Raudenfeld. I'M DONE!

-Trust me when I say no one cares about how you feel! –Lauren yells back. –You're the kind of person that is willing to hurt other just for your own good. You've been hurting my sister enough, and this will end now!

Vanessa laughed cruelly. –Fucking kid. You don't know anything about life. Yes, I twisted Amy's word in the interview but who cares?! It was matter of time for someone to notice the weird tendencies of your sister.

-You did more than that and you know it! It was your fault that those people attacked her! I know you did it!

-You have no proof, darling, this is the real word, who do you think people are going to believe you?

-I can't believe you're like this, I mean, even I have some codes but you… you're pathetic!

Vanessa's hands were on her head now. This little girl was really a thing.

-For the love of god, listen me well, idiot –she grabs Lauren by her neck-, it's not important if I call those people to "make a visit" to your sister, I'll never admit it to anyone.

Lauren tried to escape but Vanessa was stronger. –You called them to hurt Amy…

-Yes. –then she slapped Lauren in the face. –Now I hurt you, look around, is someone caring about it? I don't think so!

The noise of hundreds of people screaming could be heard. They were yelling…they were yelling at Vanessa.

-What the fuck…

-Oh, I'm sorry. –Lauren breathes. –Did I forget to tell you everyone was seeing and listening our little talk?

She pointed behind and there was Ryan recording! Fucking traitor!

The man who pushed her before appeared too and began to put out a pair of handcuffs.

-Stay away from me! –Vanessa yelled pushing Lauren to the man making both of them fall.

She began to run away at the door. She could make it…

…but someone punched in her foot making her go straight to the floor, head first. She felt the blood coming out of her nose.

She felt the handcuffs in her hands. She lifted up her head to see who was the fucker who make her fall

-you should open your eyes more, Vanessa. –said Ryan smiling like a kid.

-You fucking Judas! You betray me!

-Maybe if you weren't that bad things could've been different!

The screaming were now all over the place. Some were clapping, other singing, but almost everyone was laughing now.

Theo took the girl to a van outside with the lights of every camera on her face.

-You dig your own grave, bitch! –Lauren yelled before the doors get close. Vanessa turned around one last time to give a glare of pure hate at Lauren, then the doors were close and Vanessa was gone for good.

The Perfect Moment

Nothing could make Amy smile more than the image of Vanessa going to respond to the authorities. She deserves that and more.

-Amy, dear, see this! –Farrah called her to see a TV. They were interviewing Vanessa. It was hard to listen with all the noise in the inside but she could hear something.

-I'll prove my innocent! –she yells. –This is no more than a dirty move to end with me! –Theo began to open the van of the police, he lead the woman inside.

-I'll be back, you'll see! I'm innocent!

-Turn off the TV, mom. –Amy laughs. –I think I'll pee myself.


Lauren came in with a huge grin. –Who's the best?

Amy runs to her sister. –You're the best, the best, the best, the best sister EVER!

-Someone loves me. –Lauren smiles. –Just for this time I'll let you hug me. Try it tomorrow, and I'll kill you.

Farrah approached slowly. –Are you sure you're fine, Lauren, I saw that…person slapping you.

-It's fine. –she said with her chin up. –It's a war's scar. It was totally worth it for see her getting what she deserves.

Karma, Reagan and Duke came in the backstage sweating and smiling.

-Lauren! –Karma said hugging her. –I thought you were going to use our plan!

Reagan hugged Lauren too. –But this was way better!

-Oh leave me alone! –Lauren said but she was smiling. –Stop with the hugs, I'm not in the mood now.

Amy gave Karma a quick peck on the lips. –I didn't even notice that you finish playing.

-Well after what happened we couldn't keep playing anymore. Everyone is asking for you.

-Oh, love, I'm sorry…

-Don't be, my angel. –she said kissing Amy's nose. –We could play lots of songs, it was amazing!

-Oh fuck! –Lauren yelled scaring everyone! –Amy look at the time! You need to be playing now!

Lauren began to prepare everything like a little mouse running from one side to another.- Amy!

Kama kissed her briefly before letting her go. –I love you…

Amy's eyes were open widely. Karma seemed confused now. Even surprise.

Oh my god, I have to tell her…

-Karma, -Amy says softly. –I…

-AMY! –Lauren yells scaring the two girls. –IT'S TIME!

She had to go, leaving her girlfriend there. She felt like an ass.

The boys of her band were already on stage and everybody begins to scream.

Amy wasn't really aware of how she was on stage ready to play, but when the lights, and everyone's eyes were on her, she felt like a goddess. Just this was amazing.

A lot of people came with shirts were you could read: The Karmy Army! This people were giving her so much love.

But the one who loves me most…

And she knew this was the time. –She took her mic. –Hello, everyone. –The screams were even loud now; she could hear how they were screaming her name. – First of all, thanks you so much for give your support, not just tonight, also for the "thing" that happened a couple of days before. All the nice things you do for me gives me more strength every day. But… -she was silent. Everyone was expectant to know what she was going to say. –Now I have to say something. Lately I've been having all this new feelings, feelings for someone and because of that some people had been trashing me. Now I want to say to those people that I don't care anymore…

She took a deep breath.

-…because I met Karma Ashcroft, and with her I began to know what love really is. I don't regret anything that happened to me, I appreciate more what we have because of that. Because this girl makes me smile without even trying; because I feel the most important person when I'm with her… -her eyes were to the backstage, and her little Karma was there, smiling and crying. -…And because of all that, now I can say that I love you, Karma. I love you.

Karma passed the guards and went to the stage running straight to the arms of her girlfriend.

Amy hugged her, cupped her chin with her hand to kiss her. And no one was there anymore, not a sound, not a soul, nothing. Just those two girls. Nothing else.

And that was fucking perfect.

I have a good feeling about this

Later that night, Reagan went to practice for her job as a DJ. She wasn't good enough yet, but she wanted to be the best. One of her dreams was to be a great music producer someday.

She didn't wait for Karma. After that speech from Amy she could tell it wasn't necessary. And now in a weird way she didn't feel bad about it.

She was no mad anymore. Besides all, her Karma was with a girl who loves her that much. That was a nice thing. At least she could be sure Amy will never be mad with her.

She had come at some point of peace with everything.

Before she had some problems with Jessica who magically appeared in the concert asking for her, for her good luck, Theo, the guy who was by Lauren's side all night, helped her to escape from her.

On TV people couldn't stop talking about Vanessa's lies, Amy's speech, and the beautiful Karma Ashcroft which for what people said had her own fan-club.

-I guess everything worked out for everyone. –Reagan said to herself.

For everyone, except for you.

Even her dream was unfair with her. Lauren had an image of her with Theo. Reagan didn't believe in those things, but if for some reason it was true…

Well at least you know you're going to the university.

-How lucky I am. –Reagan said sarcastically, moving her things from one table to another she pushed someone. It was a little girl, brunette. Reagan got a little surprise at realized she was smiling.

-I'm really sorry. –Reagan said feeling awful.

-It's okay. –the little girl said starting to get on her feet. –Wait, are you the DJ here? This are your thing right?

-Yeah, well I'm training but in no time I'll be ready to work.

-Whoa... that's amazing. –the girl said smiling kindly. –I'm Emily, by the way.

-I'm Reagan. –she whispers. -So, what are you doing here anyway?

They started to walk together. –Well, I'm here for…

The poor girl couldn't finish her sentence. She put her feet on a piece of paper and went straight to the floor. Again.

-I'm fine… -the girl sighted, patting her head.

Reagan helped her to get up. –You're kind of clumsy I see. –she said smiling.

-Just a little. –she confesses shyly.

Her eyes were glued to the floor and Reagan felt a bit of tenderness for her. She was kind of cute, clumsy but cute.

-So, what are you doing here?

-oh, right. –she closes her hands together. –I'm here to take some pictures in the nights and record too. It's a favor my uncle does to me. I like all this kind of things. He let me be here all the time I want!

Reagan laughs. The smile of the girl was contagious. –Well, I hope we'll be good friends.

A shade of red could be seen in the cheeks of the girl. –I hope that too.

They keep talking about job, school, friends and everything. The time pass, and for once since all this crazy started, Reagan felt no only with peace.

Now she was feeling a little happy too.


Karma felt the hands of her girlfriend in her hips. –Easy there, lady. –she said pretending to be mad. –I'm not one of those girls.

-I never thought you were. –she said smiling. –But you know, I think I like to be like one if it is with you.

-Amy Raudenfeld! What's with this side of you?

They laugh together. Everything was in the right place. There weren't more problems. It was just the two of them.

-I want to ask you something. –Amy said after a while.

-Ask me, my angel.

-did you have a dream or something? –she asked. –Lauren told something a couple of days ago, and when we were leaving the theater she said that she met the man of her dream. The one she dreamed about.

-Wait, what? –Karma was speechless. –For real? You mean that old lady really have powers?!

-I don't know that. –Amy curled her lips. –I was just curious, did you dream something?

Oh my god, what embarrassing….



-I didn't dream anything. –the girl said sadly. –when the lady was in front of me, I just faint…

Amy began to laughs like a child. –Oh my god all that work for nothing, my little puppy.

-It's fine, though.

-Yeah? –she said hugging her more.

-Yeah. –Karma kissed her in the lips softly. –I don't need a dream to be sure about you. We could say I have a really good feeling about this.

Amy smiled, just adoring Karma in that moment; they kissed without saying anything else.

In the arms of the other they were happy. They were each other's dream.

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