I Will Never Forget You

chapter 2

"Amy? What're you doing?"

Oliver was standing in the room with a suspicious look on his face.

"Oliver!" Amy yelled nervous. For some reason she felt a little guilty, but she didn't do anything wrong. So she was hugging Karma but she shouldn't feel guilty because of that.

"Hey, who's you friend?" he asked.

Amy took a step away from Karma and in one second Oliver was right next to her. He put a hand on Amy's waist which was a little weird but she didn't say anything.

"She's Karma." Amy said with low voice. Karma made a kind of gesture with her head to Oliver. She was still sensible. "Lauren accidentally punched her and I was trying to make her feel better."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Karma. Lauren isn't like that; I'm sure she feels bad about it." Oliver said to her.

Without a warning, Reagan, Liam and Lauren were inside the door all with worried faces.

"Karma!" Reagan and Liam said at the same time. They ran to hug her, but Reagan pushed Liam sending him to the floor and stuck her tongue out to him.

"Easy there, cowboy." She said smiling and then hugged Karma. "I'm so sorry beautiful, I can't believe what that thing (she gave a death stare to Lauren) did to you."

Liam was on his feet again. He nodded his head to Karma feeling really embarrassed.

Amy's guilty disappeared as she watched all that was happening to be replaced with something more awkward. If she would have to guess she'd said it was jealousy. That she was jealous of the girl who was hugging Karma. And that couldn't be, if it could that'll mean she was a…

"Hahaha! That's impossible!" Amy laughed at herself for thinking weird things. She has just met Karma.

Everyone gave her a weird look. She took Oliver's hand a bit hard and they walked away of that awkward situation. Just when Amy was closing the door she saw karma staring at her with those beautiful eyes.

It was impossible … was it?

Karma felt too tired right now. The encounter with Amy left her very weak. And they didn't even do anything. They barely talked, and it was in an awkwardly way. It should be the hug, Karma thought. Amy felt so warm and soft. Everyone who says Amy's a sweet girl is totally right.

"Wait! Karma's mind was going nuts. "That means she's like that with all girls, like hugging and that stuffs?"

No. A voice in the back of her mind reassured her. Amy hugged you because she saw you crying and tried to make you feel better. She said it.

"You okay?" Reagan seemed confused. "You're kind of dreaming or something."

"I'm ok, Rae. Really … I just wanna go home, can we go home please?

She nodded and we headed out to Liam's car.


The little and violent girl from before was running to them. She look my face with guilty in her eyes.

"Hey, Karma right? So I just want to say how much I'm sorry."

"You've already said it, now go!" Reagan was still upset with her.

The blonde girl (Lauren?) didn't put attention to Reagan and instead she looked the side of my head she had punched.

"Look, Karma, your demented friend told me about your band before she went crazy mode." Even Reagan was now putting attention to Lauren. "And I feel really bad for what just happened so if you want, you can play today."

Reagan almost jumped right there, but then remembered how Karma was feeling and her excitement died. She didn't say a word, though. She didn't want me to feel bad.

"Well, it's a nice offer but Karma's feeling bad right now so it's going to be better if..." She started to speak but I cut her off.

"No! You know what, Rae, I feel really good now." Karma said. "Lauren, count with us!"

"Ok, so go back inside and star to prepare, a band is going to play now and then you are next.

She went back inside the restaurant/bar place. Karma swear she heard Lauren whispering "God please don't make them screw this!"

Rae gave me her worried eyes. "Are you sure you want to do this? We can really go home if that's what you want, I'm not gonna be mad."

"You're the sweetest, Rae." I said a little touched.

Karma still felt a little sad but she wanted to play and she also died to see Amy again. If only she wasn't that shy maybe she could've said something else to her.

"Today's gonna be great." Reagan said. "And watch how Amy will move her curves on stage is not bad either."

"What?" Karma said defensively. Sometimes she thought maybe Reagan could read her mind.

"Well, she's hot and you know I like girls so you'll have to put up with my comments about the babes I see. It's the job of a best friend."

"Yeah, I know." My voice sounded very low.

Reagan knew something was wrong but she didn't understand. Some stupid ideas were in her head and she wished none of them weren't true. "Maybe you are mad at me because the "thing" of the other day?" The words left her mouth before she could stop them. They haven't talked about that issue.

Karma felt really bad then. That's what Reagan was thinking about? I hadn't been her fault at all.

"Reagan that-that wasn't your fault. It's something that just happened. That's all. I'm not mad at you for kissing me that day." Karma said hoping her friend could believe her. "We were drunk and it was just a crazy kiss without meaning. So don't be worried."

Her best friend just nodded. "I know you, Karms, maybe you're not bad because of that… but you're hiding something to me." I gave her my best confused face. "And don't look me like that you know what I'm saying."

Why I'm so complicated? , Karma thought as she fights the tears that were trying to fall. Reagan was her best friend and also and out and proud lesbian. She will help her to figure out her feelings. They were always taking care of each other, but Karma couldn't do it. Not yet. She wasn't as strong as Reagan is.

"We-We better call Duke to come." Karma changed the subject. Reagan seemed angry but she called Duke and they were inside the local to wait for their turn to play.

Reagan wasn't talking and Karma didn't say anything also, she thought maybe her friend was still upset. Later, when duke and Shane Finally come she thought maybe Reagan wasn't upset just because of that, maybe Karma wasn't the only one with secrets.

Later that night


"Shane!" Duke said to him with a smile. "You're always a screamer you know."

"Karms, hold me please?" Reagan said.


"Because I think I'm getting sick if I keep seeing these two."

I laughed playfully. "Don't be mean. Shane's just anxious because it's almost our time!"

Both girls looked at each other very nervous. They had spent the rest of the time talking about the songs. Once in a while Karma watched at Amy who was reading a paper with the boy from before by her side. She could tell he want her, but Amy wasn't really interest on him or that's what Karma could tell.

"Hey." Karma said to her friend. "Don't you think we forgot something?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Weird… I could swear we forgot something, but I don't remember what."

"I'm sure isn't something important. We better be focus on make a great show today.

They went with Duke to rehearsal the order of the songs once again.

If someone was going to get a heart attack tonight, that was Lauren. She was crazy yelling at everyone about doing their job well. Amy couldn't blame some girls who made stupid faces at her back.

And Amy instead, she was quiet. She began to read the lyrics of her songs to keep her mind focus. It'd work if it wasn't because Karma was again in here. Lauren had told Amy that her band was going to play before hers. She was anxious to hear Karma sing, her voice was as beautiful as her cute little face.

"Amy what's happening with you today?" Oliver asked.

"Nothing." Amy had forgotten Oliver was sitting next to her.

"Today you've been really awkward." Oliver seemed upset. "You act like I'm not even here. You put more attention to that girl from before than to me all night. And I thought we were starting to be a real couple now. And it's not the first time you do this to me."

"I-I'm sorry Oliver, I've been worried about the show and…" she couldn't come up with a good excuse. She stood there with her mouth open without saying anything.

"You know what, save it, tell me when you care." He said standing up and going through people.

"Oliver wait!" Amy said but she lost him.

Amy started to feel really bad and everyone was looking at her. She could feel the tears on her face. She ran to the bathroom and closed the door, she sit against the door with her knees close to her chest and then she began to cry.

"Oh my!" Shane was in gossip mode. "Did you see Amy Raudenfeld? Apparently her boyfriend left her and she began to cry right in front of everyone."

Karma's eyes were wide open.

"What? but when has this happened?"

"A few moments ago." Shane was smiling. "Why, dear. Are you worried about Amy?"

"Why'd you be worried for her?" Reagan asked with and eyebrow up.

"I'm not!" she lied the best she could. "I just love her band and I really want to see them." The thought of Amy crying was breaking her heart. "Shane, do you know where Amy is?"

"I think she's in the bathroom."

"Ok! It's your turn boys!" Lauren appeared from nowhere. "Don't suck, I beg you."

Everyone started to pick up their instruments to go on stage. Karma was feeling bad, though. She only wanted to go and see Amy but she couldn't defraud her friends right now. They all wanted this.

"I wish I could talk to her." Karma mumbled to herself. Then she had an idea.

When Amy noticed that the bathroom wasn't very clean she got up put her back to the door. Lauren had been trying to her out of there but she just wanted to be alone. She was so mad. She'd never understand why she couldn't feel for Oliver what he feels for her. Even with Karma she had feeling something stronger and they barely knew each other.

She was thinking about all that when something interrupted her thoughts.

"Well, we're all the same… that's the name of the band." A voice sounded everywhere, and not any voice. It was Karma's voice. Amy had just heard whispers from her but it has to be her, that angelical voice was unique.

"Before we start." The angel continued. "I wanna say, today, when I was sad, someone hold me in her arms and just with that I felt better. So now this song is for you…

People outside started to clap their hands and the band began to play.

Amy's eyes opened wide when she heard Karma singing.

I heard what love is

Since I was just a little girl

How everything shines

And the heart starts to fly

But you…

But you… don't know…

Maybe this isn't a fairy tail

Maybe you will never understand

And still I'll never stop

You didn't know how beautiful you are

But don't you worry babe, I'll be there to say it once again and again…

You're fine, so don't be sad

The first love is supposed to do that

Just remember when I say that I'll make you happy, like you make me…

Amy's tears were not falling anymore. She didn't even feel sad anymore. She didn't understand what this feeling was, but when Karma's voice hit her she decided that she was going to find it out.

After eight songs, some people screaming against them and lots of beer flying over everyone, Karma and her band went to backstage. It'd been really the best show for them since the band started. The three of them were sitting there trying to breath.

"Who you were talking about?" duke asked with Shane in his lap.

Reagan was alert at every word but didn't say anything.

"Just a friend." The girl said.

"We're your friends, karma. You don't have more friends." Duke remembered her.

"I have more friends; you don't know everything about me, duke.

"Wow, someone's touchy." He smiled. "Whatever, we were amazing today that's what matters."

Shane was smiling to Karma. He knew what has happened.

"And now what you all have been waiting for." Lauren voice sounded loud. "Amy Raudenfeld!"

And people went nuts. Really nuts, if with Karma's band they were crazy now they were like maniacs. The band started to play. Amy's voice was wonderful, but everyone knew the songs so they were singing that loud even Amy couldn't be heard sometimes.

Karma and Reagan wanted to see Amy but they were very tired. Karma closed her eyes and tried to hear Amy's voice. With all the people doing chores it wasn't easy.

"I hope she liked the song." Karma though.

After too many songs and a sort of deafness, Amy finished the show and said good bye to everyone. She appeared in the backstage with her hair messy and a tired look on her face.

That's when their eyes met again. Amy went right to Karma, she took her hand and hugged her again in front of everyone.

"Thanks for the song. Was really beautiful. You're really beautiful."

"You're beautiful." Karma said.

Neither of them knew where that came from but they just smiled at each other without thinking too much about it.

"Oh my god, get a room." Lauren joked.

That remembered the two girls that everyone was looking at them.

"Hey, Karma." Amy said shyly. "I know we barely know each other, but if you want to, I could take you home. I have a car and I'm not a serial murderer so you'll be fine." She joked.

"Ok." Karma said good bye to her friends with her hand and Amy began to take her outside.

"Wait, Karma!" Reagan followed them. "Are you sure you wanna go with her? I not trying to be an ass but you don't know her."

Amy went silent but karma gave her a reassuring look.

"Don't worry, Reagan." She said calm. "I'll be ok."

"Well, if you say so…"

"Yeah, well, I'll see you tomorrow. Bybye, Rae."

"Bye, Karms."

She was kind of sad, but Karma couldn't think in her now. She was walking to Amy's car. She squeezed her hand and Amy laughed a bit.

"you're like a little baby."

"No, I'm not, you are." She said as she suck out her tongue to her.

"Yeah, you're really mature." Amy hit her shoulder softly in a playful way.

They giggled as Amy started the car.

Karma put a thoughtful kind of face.

"Something's wrong?" Amy asked.

"No, but I keep thinking I forgot something." She let her shoulders fall. "Well, it shouldn't be something important."

"I'm starting to think they forgot about me." Liam said from the seat of his car.

So what's going on?

Karma and Amy were both very nervous. The blonde wanted to talk with Karma but she didn't know what else to say.

"So what's going on?" Karma asked.

"I don't know" Amy said honestly. "I think, maybe I-I'm seeing you like a little sister. So it's nice to be with you."

Amy want cut her tongue. That wasn't true, but what else could be? She knew she was feeling something but it couldn't be something like romantic thing. They were both girls.

"Oh, so, you see me like a little sister?" Karma said trying to smile.

"Yeah, you're sweet and little like a little sister or a cute puppy." Amy joked.

"Ha-Ha." Karma laughed. "So now I'm a pet."

"You'll be the nicest pet." Amy continued teasing Karma. "I'd play with you, I'd feed you, and I'd take showers with you."

"you… you…" karma was speechless. Amy's face went red as a tomato in a sec. she knew Amy didn't mean it like that, but still the car started to feel like an oven.

"Why did I say that?!" Amy was yelling in her mind. "I'm really that stupid?!"


She couldn't see Karma's face. She was so damn embarrassed.



"You passed my house." She responded with a shyly smile.

She nodded and went back to get the little girl back safety. They parked in front of Karma's house without a word. They were too embarrassed and heated.

Amy just wanted to figure out her feeling but for some reason she ended up making everything worst. Sure that now karma was thinking strange things about her.

"So, thanks for taking me home." Karma interrupted her thoughts.

"It was nothing. And Karma, I want to-to say thanks again." Amy used all the brave she had to keep going. "I was very sad and heard you singing me that song was the best you could've done for me. You're really sweet and I know we just met today but maybe you'd want to be my-my, my b-baby sister friend!"

Amy could've killed herself right there. But then Karma laughed and it was the most beautiful sound of the world. When she sang that was amazing but that laugh was so like her; it was a sweet laugh.

"First I was a little girl, then a pet and now a baby sister." She curled her lips in a cute way containing her smile. She stood there for a moment in silence. "Ok, now I should go inside, or my mom and dad will be mad at me." She said good bye with her hand and go out of the car.

Amy was a bit calmer now. She watched Karma go but she turns away before going inside and went running to the car. Amy got out and waited for her.

"You forgot something?" Amy asked.

She didn't respond, she just kissed Amy's cheek tenderly. Her lips felt soft and warm.

"See you tomorrow at school, big sis." And with that she went running back to her house.

"Big sister." Amy thought. That was cute but not what Amy's mind was thinking. Not at all.
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