I Will Never Forget You

chapter 3

Karma woke up too early.

"mmm…" She hugged her pillow very tight. The memories from last night were like dream, the sweetest dream of all. Karma giggled as she remembered how shy Amy had been.

"Are you dreaming, Munchkin?"

Karma almost had a heart attack. She turned on the lights as fast as she could just to see Reagan smiling in the bed.

"Reagan!" She was very angry now. "You scared the shit out of me."

"C'mon I'm not that ugly."

"What are you doing here anyway?" She asked grumpily.

"Wow, someone's a sensible today." Reagan said but Karma didn't smile. "I was worried about you ok! I swear I just went to see if you were ok, then your bed seemed very comfortable and one thing leaded to another." she concluded with a smile. "c'mon don't be angry pleeeeease."

Karma wanted to be mad at her but ended up smiling at her like every time.

"You know that you're a cheater."


"You're always teasing me because you know I can't be mad with you."

"If you love me that's your issue." She defended herself.

Karma bitted a smile, turned off the lights and went back to bed with her best friend. They were like that for a few minutes without saying anything. It was one of those comfortable silent moments; they didn't need words to feel good with each other. Karma snuggled into Reagan's chest. She could feel the hands of her friend holding her very tight. Later, Rae started to laugh quietly.

"Something's wrong?"

"I need to pee." She giggled.

"I didn't want to know that much." Karma responded playfully.

Reagan got up slowly and went to the bathroom with Karma behind her.

"I can do it alone y'know?" she said.

Karma laughed a little nervous. "I know, I just-just wanted to turn on the lights."

"Oooh, right, you are scare of the darkness." Rae said turning the lights on with a quick movement of her hand. "Sorry, babe. You'll be fine now." She slapped karma's butt and close the door of the bathroom with a grin on her face.

"Baby." she mumbled.

They started to prepare for school. Reagan didn't have more clothes so she wore a dress of Karma's.

"I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologizing, Rae?"

"For scared you before, and for everything I guess." Reagan started to puked words. "I've been kind of an ass to you lately. So I'm sorry."

Karma was smiling with tenderness. "Rae, you've been like that since the day we met." She reminded her. "I'm not mad at you."

"Then why do you have so many secrets?

Karma tried to play dumb. "I haven't secrets, Rae."

Reagan knew she was lying. The way she played with her fingers nervously and the tone of her voice was proof enough. Even without that she will know. They were best friends.

"Really, Karms? You're still going to lie? You've been weird these past few days, daydreaming pretty much all the time and you don't tell me anything!"

Reagan saw how her best friend was trying not to cry. "see? You wouldn't be crying if I wasn't right."

"I'm not crying!" she said getting mad now. Why in the hell Reagan wouldn't leave her alone about that? She wasn't ready to talk to her and all this was just starting to make her angry.

"Yeah, you're not crying, I'm just imagining your tears." Reagan was also really annoyed.

"Well if you want to talk about secrets why don't tell me yours then?"

Both girls stood there without saying anything. Then something weird happened: Reagan also started to cry. Karma went to hug her friend and they ended up in bed again, both crying in their arms.

"I'm sorry." They said at the same time. That made both of them laugh a bit as they wiped each other tears.

"Karma, darling is everything fine?" Karma's mom was in the room with a worried look until she saw the girls. "Oh, you're having a moment, that's fine sorry for interrupt you little birds."

"Mom, you're not interrupting." Karma's voice was a little shaky. "We are talking that's all."

She wink and eye to her daughter. "You don't have to explain me, munchkin. Well you two better get up or you'll be late for school." She said winking again at the girls before walking out the room.

"Your mom thinks we're doing it you know." Reagan finally talked again.

"Well, you know how she is, don't let her bother you."

Reagan put her hands between her tights slowly. "You know, you're right. I've been keeping secrets from you."

"I know, I've been keeping secrets too."

Reagan needed all her strength to say what she was thinking. "Well, why-why don't we do this, we both will write our secrets in a piece of paper and we'll give it to each other, so at the end of the day we talk about it."

Karma didn't want to. She still thought she wasn't ready to say it but Reagan was her best friend. She knew she'll help her."

"Ok." She whispered. "But, we'll talk about it after school, not before ok?"

Reagan nodded and cut two little piece of paper. She gave one to Karma and then began to write in her own paper.

Karma felt nervous as she writes in her paper.

"I think I'm falling for Amy Raudenfeld."

She gave her paper to Reagan with shaky hands. Her friend gave her the other paper as they stood there.

"So we can talk about yet?" Reagan asked.


They were about to read the secrets when Karma’s mom appeared again. "Ok, girls you're going to be really late now. I don't wanna be a bossy but you can share your "friendship" in other occasion." And with that she left them alone again.

"Maybe we could read our secrets later." Reagan said with a smile. They took their stuff and went to school.

Two weeks early…

The party was totally crazy.

Shane's parties usually were awesome but this time was epic. Everyone were having the time of their lives drinking, making out and being silly. At some point Reagan couldn't be on he own feet. She was in the back yard resting on the floor; her head was spinning like crazy and her ears were about to explode.

"I'm never gonna drink again."

A sweet laugh came from somewhere. Reagan couldn't see who was but she knew it was her best friend. She'd recognize that laugh everywhere.

"Karma!" she yelled. "Come here honey!"

"Honey?" she sounded lie if she was far away. "Are we married now?"

They laughed harder. Karma was also very drunk. After some weird laughs and stupid comments about Shane's shoes they didn't have anything more to say. Anything they could remember.

Karma hugged Reagan and they ended up cuddling on the floor. Both girls were smiling happily. Part of their minds was gone long ago because of alcohol.

Reagan looked at her smiley friend and touched her cheek sweetly. "I don't know if I've ever told this, but you're soooo beautiful." Karma just laughed harder at her friend. "I'm not lying, I mean, you're so damn beautiful that you deserve a national celebration for it." Karma put her face in the crook of Reagan's neck. She was a little embarrassed now.

"Don't say that, you Romeo."

"Everyone should tell you that!" Reagan glanced her hand to the air exasperatingly. "I don't get why people don't tell you that enough. They must be all fucking blind!" Karma's embarrassment just grew up at her words.

"Stop! You're making me blush."

They didn't know it but everyone that watched them thought they were girlfriends. They were oblivious to that until two boys take some pics of them.

"Lesbians, dude!" one of they said. "Sweet!"

"What the fuck's your problem?" Reagan was really mad. "Damn losers, and just for your information, she's my best friend and is straight. Now you two better go or I'll kick your asses."

The boys went back at the house mumbling stupid things about the girls.

"God, I hate that kind of guys!"

"Don't be mad." Karma said shyly. She was since a time thinking that maybe she wasn't one hundred percent straight. There was this girl, Amy, and every time Karma sees her she can't help but feel "weird" things. Her senses were alert at every type of comment about sexuality so when Reagan said she that tried to hide her face in her friend's chest.

"You okay?" Reagan asked. "Did those guys upset you up? Because I'll kill them if they do."

"No, I'm ok." She managed to say. "Can we just lay here a little more?"

Reagan didn't say anything. She just saw her best friend's face with an unusual expression on her face. Karma has never seen her with that face.

"Something's wrong…?"

Some part of Karma knew what was going to happen and she didn't care. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe she wanted to see if she'd like to kiss a girl, but she knew none of that was true. Some part of her just wanted to kiss Reagan.

She felt how Reagan's lips were to inches of hers but she didn't do anything like if she were giving Karma the chance to back away if she wanted.

"Kiss me."

And she did.

Present day

Reagan was still thinking about that kiss. She and Karma hasn't the first period together at school so she was alone.

She was really curious about her friend's secret so when she sat in class she read it.

All she could think after read it was the kiss. She'd dreamed about maybe Karma realizing she was in love with her many times but she was straight so she thought it was impossible.

But of course she wasn't right. Karma was feeling something for a girl.

"But she isn't me."

Karma told Shane everything about Amy and what had happened with Reagan in the morning. He listened with his mouth open at every word. And when he heard about Amy's awkwardness he smiled sweetly.

"Wow, who knew Amy could be that cute!" he said.

"I know right! She's cute I could die!" Karma was now daydreaming. "I was hoping to see her in the morning but I didn`t see her."

"Don't worry, my love you'll have your time with the blonde." Shane reassures her. "But I must ask, aren't you nervous because of Reagan knowing your feelings for Amy? Don't get me wrong I like that you share your feelings with her it's just that you were so scared the other day."

"I was." Karma said quietly. "But Reagan always makes me feel good and she's my best friend so I figured out that she deserved to know the true."

"Aww, my little baby is growing up!" Shane punched her shoulder playfully.

"Thanks, mom." She teased him smiling shyly.

"Oh, and are you gonna tell me what's Reagan secret or I have to make you spit it out with tickles?" he threatened me.

"Don't dare to do that, Shane! We are in class!" she said. "Besides I haven't read Reagan's secret yet."

"Well, what are you waiting for?"

"I'm not going to read it here! I'll do it when no one's around."

"You're no fun, Karms."

Amy was about to sleep and go to dreamland. The teacher was one of those who can make you sleep like if he was jigglypuff.

She couldn't sleep. She had too much in her mind. The "thing" with Karma; her fight with Oliver; and Lauren asking every two seconds what's going on.

"Amy!" she keeps saying in her ear.

"Stop Lauren!" Amy responds her head on her hands.

"Are you mad because of that girl from before?"

In the morning a girl went to Amy with dreaming eyes. She was holding a pen and Amy thought she may have her autograph and she was about to give it to her when the girl stopped her.

"Oh, sorry, I want an autograph, but from that red hair girl who played before your band. I was about to ask you if you could tell me who she is."

After that Lauren got mad and yelled the girl to go away. Amy was a little surprise for that but didn't care much though. It wasn't like she was jealous of Karma. If she was feeling something for Karma she was pretty sure it wasn't jealousy.

She watched her phone and saw that she have still one hour of the damn class. She rested her head on her arms softly and began to count cows.

"Wait!" Amy's mind told her. "What if better we count little Karmas?"

It was really weird but she wasn't thinking straight. "One little Karma, Two little Karmas, Three little Karmas… four beautiful little Karmas…" And she kept going on until she ended up dreaming.

Amy was in her house but she was alone. The table was replete of giant donuts and those were their favorites!

She ran to the table and started to eat like crazy, it was too much perfection.

"I am hungry too."

She stopped almost immediately. She knew was the owner of that beautiful voice. She turned around slowly to find Karma wearing a costume of a little and cute dog.

"What the…"

"I am hungry too!" she yelled and Amy panicked. "Karma, what's going on?"

Karma-puppy ran like a baby dog to her and started to lick Amy hand cutely. "Give me food, pleeeease! You said you'll feed me!"

Amy couldn't think straight so she took a donut from the table and Karma-puppy started to jump.

"Give it to me! Give it to me!"

Amy gave it to her and she ate it cutely doing sweet sounds. It was the most weird-cute thing she had seen in her whole life.

"Karma, whats happening?

"I'm eating! I'm very happy!" Then she ran to other run and came back with a little ball in her mouth. She gave it to Amy and waited expectant.

"you want me to…?"

"Let's play, Amy! Pleeeeeease!"

She was running in circles and at that point Amy was just laughing it was so cute she could die. She throws the ball and Karma-puppy ran like the wind for it. Amy applauded to her and kept playing until the puppy was too tired. She went to snuggling into Amy's feet. Amy was patting her head softly and smiling like crazy. It's been so much fun!

"Amy." Karma-puppy said. "You still have one more thing to do with me. Don't you remember?"

Karma began to undress her throwing the puppy costume away and Amy lost it. She was now on her bra and panties and it was definitely the sexiest thing Amy has seen.

"I guess I'll take a shower, Amy, and if you remember you said you'll help me."

"But-but… we can't, we're both girls." Amy responded try to fight the idea of she and Karma taking a shower together.

Kama cupped Amy's face with her hands like if she was about to kiss her.

"You want me to stop?"

"I-I… Karma…"


"Karma, I…"


The blonde girl opened her eyes to find an angry Lauren looking at her.

"Oh my god, Amy, you're always doing weird stuff!"

"Shut up." Amy whispered. Then her dream hit her like a train. Why would she dream something like that?

"What were you dreaming?" Lauren asked.

"Nothing." Amy tried to play dumb.

"Nothing? I don't believe you; you were doing happy noises like if you were having one of those dreams."

"What?! Did someone hear me?!

"Of course, everyone in class heard you! That's why I was mad at you. It was so embarrassing."

Amy could've commit suicide right there.

"Who's your puppy? You were saying something about a puppy." Lauren said with a curious expression on her face.

"Please can we just not talk about this ever again?!"

"Fine, Raudenfeld, but you're no fun."

At lunch, Amy was still feeling weird. She and Lauren were at their usual table eating in silence. Oliver usually was there too but today he was eating with other people. Amy and Lauren saw how a girl began to rub Oliver's arm in a very suggestive way.

Amy knew she should feel jealous of that but in reality she was just sad, sad because Oliver was mad at her and because she lost her friend, but that's all. She didn't miss anything else, like, in romantic way.

"What an asshole" Lauren said. "You should go and make a scene to him and her friend. C'mon I'll go with you." Lauren was angrier at him than her.

"It's okay, Lauren, I'm not mad."

"But Amy…"

"I don't wanna talk about it ok?"

They keep eating in silence when someone took a seat next to Amy. And she almost fell on the floor. It was Karma.

"Hey, Amy."

"Hey, puppy." Amy's face went to red in a matter of seconds. "I mean Karma! Obviously!

Karma laughed cutely and Amy thanked the gods for that. She had to forget that stupid dream. It was just a weird dream that's all.

"So you two are now friends?" Lauren asked with a suspicious look.

"Yeah, we are." Karma responds smiling. Her words made Amy happy but still something wasn't right, like with the whole "big sis" thing. It wasn't enough.

"Did you sleep fine, Karma?"

"Very much!" she told them her night routine with a happy face. She is really beautiful Amy thought.

They keep talking about things until Lauren went to the bathroom. They two felt a little awkward alone. It was the tension between them.

"So yesterday was fun" Karma started.

"Would you go on a date with me?" Amy's mouth practically puked.

Karma just looked at her like if she couldn't believe the words she had heard.

"you know! As friends of course, little sis!" Amy added quickly. "I don't want you to think I'm strange. I just think it'll be nice."

Amy grabbing her hands so hard she could've broke her fingers until Karma spoke.

"I'd love to go on a date with you, Amy." She said with the most beautiful face. "As friends, of course."

She said that last thing like she didn't believe it, and Amy knew what were her really intentions. Amy wanted the same but she wasn't sure she could do it. She thought she'd have to wait until their date.

They settle the date to Saturday as they giggled awkwardly.

"Lauren's taking a lot of time in the bathroom, eh?" Karma said.

"She must be murdering someone." Amy said like a dork but it made Karma laugh and that was the new thing Amy liked the most.

But for some reason she could notice that Karma wasn't really happy, like if something wasn't fine.

"Are you ok, little sis?" Amy asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine, it's my friend Reagan. We came together to school and we always hang out and stuff but today I haven't see her. She disappeared after the first period."

Amy didn't understand how someone wouldn't want to be with Karma all the time.

"Maybe she's upset for something?" Amy tried.

"Why would she…?" Then Karma stopped herself. She took a little piece of paper on her hands and read carefully. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth slightly open.

She took her back and started to go away.

"We talk later, Amy!" she yelled and started to run faster.

Amy didn't catch what was going on but then she noticed the piece of paper Karma had forgotten in the table. It had something write on but she didn't know if she should see it. It was Karma's business, but then again if she could help…

Amy took the paper that had written:

I think I'm falling for you.

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