I Will Never Forget You

chapter 5

"Are you sure about this, Amy? Maybe you're just confused."

Lauren sighed at the image of her sister sitting in front of her. She knew something weird was happening with that girl Karma, but what Amy had told her seemed to her a bit extreme.

"So are you just gonna sit there faking that you didn't say anything?" Amy didn't respond she was firmly looking at her feet. Lauren sighed a little annoyed. "Amy, I can't help you if you don't talk to me." She was still silent. "Amy, please."

Amy looked at her sister's eyes. It was hard to do it, she still felt very sensitive and confused. "I had doubts, but after what happened today I have to face the truth." She was whispering now. "I have feelings for Karma."

Lauren never stopped to look her sister's face when she finally spoke again. She could see in her eyes that Amy really meant what she said, and she saw too that she was scared of it, of what she was feeling.

"Amy…" Lauren took a step closer and hugged her sister, and then Amy began to cry against to her chest. "Everything's gonna be fine."

Later, when Amy had cried all the pain away, Lauren made her told the entire story. She told her about the first encounter con Karma, that sensation she have never felt before, with anyone. What guilty she was because of it, because of Oliver. The "date" and the almost kiss she and Karma almost had.

"Well, I get now why you are so confused. You've been feeling too much in a very short time. Anyone would be scared of it." She stopped herself picking her next words carefully. "Amy I need you to know that if all this thing with Karma really "works out" I'll be always by your side. We're sisters and nothing's going to change that."

Amy nodded gratefully. "Thanks for say that, Lauren. I needed to hear it."

"Don't mention it." She watched her phone. "Now you should rest. You had a hard day."

She patted her head softly and let her sister rest.

Amy let her body fall against the bed. She was really tired. A part of her still felt guilty but this par was feeling like that for leaving Karma alone.

"Now she must hate me…"

She took her phone and thought about sending her a message saying that she was sorry. But it wouldn't be right. She needed to talk to her face to face. Maybe, if she was lucky enough to get Karma to talk to her again.

"I should've kissed her."

One little kiss.

Reagan heard with tears in her eyes the words Karma had yelled before. She couldn't face her in that moment; she needed to process all that was happening. But when she heard nothing else, and it was obvious karma wasn't there anymore something remembered that they had been through everything together. And if this is how things were supposed to be, she couldn't let her friend alone. Even if she ended up with her heart broken she would never let Karma alone.

So she went to Karma's house with her heart on the edge. And if that wasn't bad enough, when she saw Karma and Amy hugging in front of Karma's house she knew that she was losing her. It was supposed to be her the one who will be by her side, but now Amy took her place, and even more, in Karma's heart.

She waited. Nothing else came to her mind so she waited. She was starting to think about leaving when Amy got out of the house running to her car and going to god knows were. Reagan could see that she was crying, though. Maybe Karma was also crying in there. Alone.

And that was all she needed to go inside the house. As she reached Karma's room she could hear her crying. She made noise as she opened the door warning Karma about her presence but she was so sad that Regan couldn't stopped herself to hug her with all her strengths.

"shhh, karms. It's ok, I'm here with you."

Hugs and tears later, Karma felt like speaking again. "I'm sorry, Reagan."

"Karma, don't start with that." The last thing Reagan wanted was her friend feeling sadder. "I just want you to be fine. I hate when you cry."

"I've been bad with you. The secret thing from before…. I really messed up."

"It was my idea of told each other our secrets like that Karms." Reagan's throat was dry. "You don't have to feel bad because of what you don't feel."

Karma looked at her eyes with nothing more that love in hers. "Reagan, since-since when you've been feeling things for me?"

Both girls were nervous. They didn't want to speak about it. Well, mostly Reagan but she knew that Karma couldn't let a thing like this for another day. She always needs to get all out of her system.

"Do we really need to talk about this now?"

"Yes!" Karma said with pleading eyes. "Please… talk with me."

Reagan took a deep breath before speak again. "Being honest, if I think about it I guess I've always love you. Since we were little girls."

It was a hard to say it, but in some way Reagan even felt a little better after. "I know you don' feel the same, at least, not for me… but you're still my best friend. You'll always be."

That was the way Reagan had to say I love you to Karma without made her feel bad.

"You'll always be my best friend, Reagan. I still sorry about not feel the same, but you have to know that is not that I don't love you. Don't think that, because I'll always love you."

Treacherous tears began to roll down on Reagan's cheeks. "I know. I'll always love you too."

They smiled to each other laughing at her tears that couldn't stop from falling. Reagan's eyes were glue to Karma's lips and without a warning her body lean in to kiss her. Karma was hesitant but she didn't back away. Reagan hadn't planned this, but it felt too good to stop… until her mind finally took control of her again.

"Oh my God, Karma." She said mad at herself. "I'm sorry; I swear to you it wasn't my idea to take advantage of you like that."

Karma seemed a bit awkward too. "It's not your fault, Reagan. Don't feel bad about it. It was just one kiss."

They tried not to think about it after so they watched some series on Netflix and ate some junky food that Karma always had hidden in her room. They didn't talk more about the kiss. Reagan wanted to, but now everything was like before and wasn't going to ruin it again. And, the kiss was like the mother of all the kisses to Reagan, but she didn't let it get to her head.

It was just one little kiss after all.

Amy's determination

The next day, Amy felt like if a train had played football with her head. It'd been a day full of emotions. She did screw some things yesterday, but after talking to Lauren and of a night of good rest she was ready to clean the mess.

She reached her phone and saw that she had a message. Crazily she thought maybe it was Karma's. But the number was unknown.

"I see you."

Amy read the words like one hundred times trying to get if this was supposed to be a romantic kind of message of a creepy one. Time to time, some fans get her number and send her lovely comments and stuffs like that. It was nice. But this…

"Well, look at you!" Lauren came to her room smiling. "You're ready to go to school. And on time! This must be a miracle."

Amy hit her with her pillow. "Silly face. I'm always on time."

"Maybe, when you know food is going to be included." Lauren laughed at her as she went to the bathroom.

After Amy cleaned herself and ate some food she and Lauren were ready to school.

"You look very anxious." Lauren noticed.

"Yeah." Amy nodded. "I know yesterday I screwed all, but today I'm gonna do things better."

"Oh, and speaking of doing thing better. You need to talk to Oliver." Lauren said. "He has been an idiot but he deserves to know what you feel about him."

That wasn't in the list of things Amy would love to do, but she knew Lauren was right.

They reached school on time and all Amy wanted to do was see Karma. But she was nowhere to be found. She thought again about send her a message but maybe she wouldn't take her seriously.

"You know where Karma could be, Lauren?"

"I don't know, but don't worry about it. You'll see her eventually. And Amy." Lauren took her sister's attention. "I'm fine with you trying to find Karma like if she was Wally but don't forget about Oliver. You need to talk to him."

Both girls keep talking about the same at the same time Karma and Reagan reached school.

"It's normal that this feels a little awkward?" Karma asked.

"I guess." Reagan said but after yesterday nothing could be more awkward. "So you're still not going to talk with me about Amy?"

Karma rolled her eyes tired of arguing about it. "I'll never do something that cruel to you, Rae. Besides, there's nothing to talk. I don't wanna talk about her or see her today"

"I don't think that's possible."


"Because she's right there." Reagan pointed out at Amy who had been seeing Karma with her mouth open.

"Oh my god, Reagan!" Karma said nervous. "Why is she not moving? Is she waiting for me?"

"I think so. Oh, she's coming."

Karma saw with terrified eyes how Amy was about to be in front of her and her crazy side took control.

"I see you in class, Rae!" She yelled running away.

Amy saw karma run and in one moment she was running after her like if she was some maniac. It was stupid because they will eventually talk to each other but she couldn't stop thinking that if she let Karma go away now she'll lose her forever.

She saw Karma's friend looking at her with a disgusted face, but she hasn't time to think about it. She passed her and went to catch her little Karma.

Everyone saw both of them running through the school's hallways with weird faces.

"Please wait!" Amy screamed.

Karma just speeds up all she could. Right in front of her appeared Liam with two coffees on his hands.

"Hey, Karma. So I was thinking that we could…"

The girl ran punching his hand away throwing one coffee all in his chest making him scream.


"Sorry!" the girl yelled running upstairs.

Liam started to clean himself when another girl passed by his side punching his other hand throwing the other coffee in his chest making him screams again.

"Oh my god! Why?!"


Amy felt sorry about the guy but she couldn't stop. Not now. She was going to reach her.

Karma was feeling weak now. She wasn't an athletic person. I need a plan, Karma thought quickly. Then she saw a little group of Amy's fans. They never bothered much at school because she has asked that to them, but this could be what she needed.

"Hey!" she yelled to the group of girls. "Amy Raudenfeld is willing to sign autographs today!"

And that was it.

In no time Amy was surround by a bunch of crazy girls who tried to get her autograph. Even some other people who heard what Karma said went to her with dreaming faces.

Karma took that opportunity to recover her breath and then she went direct to class. She found Reagan waiting for her with concern eyes.

"Karms!" she said glad to see her. "I thought I wasn't going to see you."

"I'm really not in the mood the see Amy Raudenfeld now."

They started to class about silly things like usual trying to erase the memory from before. The teacher began his class as usual and for a little time everything was normal. Then she received a message. Before she could think about it, she opened it.

It was from Amy.

"I wanted to say this in person, Karma. But seeing that you don't I'll say it through this. I'm sorry. I screwed all yesterday. Please… respond me so we can talk. I really want that.

Karma thought about it. She was still hurt for her who just leaves her alone after the almost kiss. But Amy had this spell on Karma who couldn't stop herself to text her back.

Ok… I'm here…

Amy's response came very fast.

Karma, I don't want you to think I didn't wanna kiss you. I wanted to. It's just… I was scared of this feeling.

Reagan was spying was what her friend doing but she hide her phone from her. She seemed a little annoyed but didn't say anything.

When Kama watched her phone again it has another message.

I can't think in anything else than you, Karma. Please, give me the chance to make this right.

Karma's heart melted a little. It was incredible the power Amy had on her. Almost scary. She thought about what she was feeling. It was a warm feeling, something she didn't wanna forget so she made her decision.

Look, Amy. My feelings are still the same. But now I'm a little confused. Maybe we could wait until Saturday and go on our date like we had planned?

Amy sent her lots of smiley faces with her respond.

Thanks, Karma! I swear you're not going to regret this! C: (: :D e_e *-* !

Karma smiled at that message. She make loving her something so simple.

Ok, but until then maybe we could not speak. Not in person I mean. I'm still a little hurt; she should wait until Saturday to talk face to face.

Amy took a little longer of time to answer.

I understand. Well then, you'll have to deal with my weirdness through the phone until our date (:

Karma only smiled at that. Amy was truly cute.

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