I Will Never Forget You

chapter 6

The next two days for Karma were nothing more than text Amy. They had much more confidence through her phones than in person. Flirt with each other was easier. In their minds they were still a little scary of what they had, but now that both girls were in the same page everything was simpler.

Karma's heart was really into Amy. She missed to hear her voice so play Amy's songs in YouTube had become a part of these days to Karma. Sometimes she felt that she wasn't enough to Amy. She could have literally anyone and yet, she was in this whole situation with Karma. That made her really happy. And even if they weren't seeing in person, at school she always looked at her. The way she walk, the way she sleep, even that weird faces she put when she tried to eat slowly. All that was beautiful at Karma's eyes.

Of course there has to be a bad part, and the girls were causing it. Amy's fans. You see Amy wasn't the prototype of a famous person. She was quiet, shy, she didn't see comfortable around too much people. She was a reserved girl.

And Karma loves how Amy is and she is happy that her band was getting acknowledgment more and more. But the girls…

Karma was so jealous because of them.

They were literally stalking Amy because there wasn't another word for the way they followed her. And she had to stare at them trying to catch her attention every time. Every-fucking-time.

"But isn't Amy's fault. Calm down Karma."

She has repeated those words to herself like a million times by now. It was exhausting to think that if they got together she will have to deal with all her crazy-stalkers-fan-girls.

"You're thinking too much about it, Karms." She had told Shane everything that had happened to get his advice. "You have to know that Amy is singer of good band, and with time she will only be more famous. You have to be ok with her fan girls."

She just nodded defeated. Shane just smiled at her.

"What's with your smile?"

"It's just I'm happy you defeated your problems with the whole "I'm in love with a girl issue."

She only smiled sarcastically. "Thanks for hear me, Shane." Karma said letting her shoulders fall. "I can't talk with Reagan about this."

Shane just looked at her. "And speaking of that how is everything with her?"

Karma took her time to answer. "Fine." He gave her his "don't lie to me" face. "Well it's not bad. We haven't talked about that. I guess we're going to forget it."

"I don't think that's possible, Karms. She loves you. Like I always knew."

"Wait! You knew?" Karma asked a bit annoyed. "Since when?"

"Since the day I met you two, obviously." Shane said. "It was the way she looked at you, Karms. I'll never understand how you didn't see it."

She squeezed her hands awkwardly. "I'll never understand it too." She seemed sad now.

"Ok, better if we don't talk about Reagan for now." Shane suggested. "Why don't you tell me about what are you going to wear on your sexy date on Saturday?"

And with that Karma began to talk really excited about her different dresses with Shane until her phone sounded again.

"Oh my god!" Shane said sarcastically. "Who could that be?"

"Don't be mean." Karma said to him with a dreamy face as she text Amy back. "Look what she wrote to me, "Thinking about you!" she's so romantic!"

"Yeah, that was a really… deep text."

Karma was too worried texting Amy to notice the sarcasm in Shane's voice. To her, all Amy does was the loveliest thing ever.

"You're really in love, girl." Shane sighed.

"What?" she respond with her finger dancing like crazy on her phone's screen.

"Nothing, little Karma. Nothing."

If you can't accept it…

The smell of alcohol was impregnated in the air by the time Reagan reached the bar.

These two days have been awful in ways she can't even start to explain.

The girl she loves, texting Amy with that face. The face that had taken her breath away so many times now was just for Amy apparently.

"Oh, fuck it!" Reagan said. She took a sip of her beer an examined the place.

There were pretty girls here.

"This is just what you need. Stop thinking about Karma." She said to herself. "You need to have fun tonight."

The other part of her brain, the one who wasn't full of alcohol remembered her that she wasn't the kind of girl that does one night stands. Because that was what she expected to find going in here.

Casual sex.

Reagan laughed at herself when that thought came to her mind. It sounded so silly. "Casual sex", like if this was a movie or something. And besides, she has never done anything like this. Ok, Reagan wasn't a virgin, she had had a girlfriend for a year and they weren't playing cards all the time they'd been in home alone. But it was a couple thing. Now, she was here to intimate with someone she doesn't know anything about.

So, she was nervous, and yet, some wild part of her was also anxious. And to her, this was necessary to get over Karma. She has to try.

"Hey pretty girl, can I buy you a drink?" a brunette girl came from nowhere. She was taller than Reagan was. She had never been with someone taller than her. She wondered if that will be good in bed or not…

"Oh my god!" Reagan thought. "I just met the girl and I'm seriously thinking in going to bed with her?"

"Are you ok?" the taller girl asked with concern eyes.

"Yes, sorry, I am-I am a little nervous. That's all." Reagan mumbled feeling dumb.

The girl smiled in a cute way. "Well then, how about if we take things slowly?"

After four beers, some touchy hands and lots of flirty comments, the girls were to Reagan's truck. Before they had talked a lot, now Reagan knew her name. Jessica. Also she knew she was in the football team of her school and that she likes cats. And she has been really kind with her all the time.

So that's enough to have sex with her?

Reagan's body didn't wait for her mind to respond. She opened the door of her truck and began to kiss Jessica hard. She tasted so delicious.

"Hey." Jessica said trying to slowdown Reagan. "Let's take this slow, ok?"


Without a warning Reagan kissed her again harder tasting all of her. Jessica tried to stop her but she was very drunk too.

"You're so beautiful." Reagan wanted to touch her breast but she was holding Reagan's hands very tight.

"Please, Jess. Let me touch you. I need this and I can tell you want this too. I promise I'll be good with you."

Jess seemed hesitant. "You're right. I want this. It's just… you wouldn't do this with me if you knew…"

She began to sob softly and Reagan felt awful. "I'm sorry, Jess. I didn't mean to hurt… your feelings… I guess." She whispered the last part. "What you meant with that if I knew what…? I mean, I really want-wanted this, you know if you're ok. I-I…"

The level of awkwardness in the air broke every level of sexual tension. Reagan closed the door of the truck and hugged Jess trying to not feel weird.

What the hell is wrong with me?

"You feeling better?" Jess didn't answer. "Please, talk to me I feel really bad."

"Don't feel bad, pretty girl." She said giving Reagan a weak smile. "I told you it's not your fault. I guess we had bad luck today."

She laughed at herself and Reagan noticed she was very cute. "Yeah, bad luck is my new name these days."

Jess put a suspicious look. "So that's why you tried to have sex with me? You're trying to get over someone?"

Reagan almost fainted. "How-how do you know that?"

"You said your new name could be bad luck."

"And you deduced from that random comment that I'm trying to get over someone? What're you Nostradamus?"

She blinked amusedly. "No. I'm not. I knew because is always about a girl. I'd lie if I say that's not the reason I was in that bar too."

Reagan just looked at her feet feeling awfully uncomfortable.

"Well, we don't have to talk about it." Jess said.

A weird silence came between the girls, then Reagan began to talk.

"So you want a ride home?"

"Are you sure?"

"Of course, besides I can't leave a lady alone in the night. That would be rude."

Jess smiled at her. "Thanks, pretty girl."

Reagan began to drive. "So where'd you live, lovely lady?"

They laughed together while Reagan drove through the night. It was nice to just have fun without thinking about sad stuffs.

When they reached Jessica's house, Reagan felt a little sad. She was enjoying her time with Jess. She wasn't happy to deal with Karma's obsession for Amy.

Jess looked at Reagan thoughtfully. "Look, I know you don't wanna talk and I don't wanna bother but, just let me say that if you can't accept things how they are now, I mean if you really can't accept it… then fight for your girl.

Jessica gave her a quick peck on her lips and she got out of the car.

Reagan saw her leave and a wild determination started to born inside her.

"Maybe I will."

New feelings.


The blonde girl looks at her sister feeling annoyed. "I heard you the first time. You don't have to yell me."

"Maybe if you listened to me instead of see that fucking phone."

"I'm texting Karma. Give me a minute please."

"Just don't forget that today you have to be amazing." Lauren sighed. "People are paying for seeing you."

Amy nodded without really listen. Her mind was in other aspects.

Sorry for the delay. My sister is being a bitch for the show. So where were we?

Karma's response came fast.

We were talking about our date, Amy, or maybe you forgot it?

Amy smiled as she wrote.

I should be totally crazy if I forgot that. In fact there's nothing else on my mind. Not even my show today, or my interview in a couple of hours, just you, little puppy.

Kama sent her embarrassed cute faces and Amy smiled. She wished that in person she could be as she was like in phone. Through texts everything was easier.

"Amy! She's here!"

"Who?" Amy didn't care who was. Why everyone couldn't just let her text Karma.

"The miss who's going to interview, Amy." Lauren said.

Amy sighed defeated.

Sorry, little puppy. I have to go to the interview thing now. Later I'll be singing so maybe we wouldn't talk more today. But I'll be thinking in you. Good night!

Instantly after that a group a people came in the room installing different cameras and lights and mics for the interview.

Amy remembered when Lauren told her about the interview. She didn't put too much attention in that moment. She was texting Karma.

But now she wished she would've listened. Because in that way, she could've prepared something for tonight. This TV was making her uncomfortable.

And then Amy saw her.

A Beautiful woman enter into the room catching everyone attention. She was a gorgeous woman. Even Lauren watched her a little intimidate.

And that thought was new to Amy. Obviously she has seen some pretty woman before but with her new feelings for Karma she has founded herself looking at girls a little different. It was crazy to wake up one day and notice how many beautiful girls were close to her. And they were in everywhere. Amy was overwhelming with new sensations. By now she didn't thought it was weird, it was new and exciting.

And that's not bad.

The beautiful woman went straight to Amy and the girl started to get nervous.

"Hello, Amy Raudenfeld. I'm Vanessa and I'll interview you tonight. And just for you to know I'm a big fan of your band." She winked an eye to her at the last part.

Amy began to play with her fingers awkwardly. "so… we start now?"

The woman could see that Amy was nervous. "don't be nervous, little girl. I'm not going to bite you." The tension in Amy was growing more and more but Vanessa didn't see it. "Is this your first interview right?"

"The first for TV." Amy said shyly.

"Well you better get used to this because now you're going to be even more famous Amy. It's your time to shine."

"umm, miss…?"

"Call me Vanessa please."

Amy swallowed trying to calm herself. "Va-Vanessa, how is going to be this..?"

"You don't have to worry about anything." She said suggestively. "This is all new for you so I'll take care of you, little girl."

It sounded like other thing for the way she said it, but Amy tried to keep that thoughts away from her mind. She wasn't going to ruin everything now that she and her beautiful puppy were fine. Besides, there has to be Amy's imagination. Vanessa was a woman; even if she was a lesbian she'd never see Amy like something else. It wouldn't be legal.

Who are you trying to convince? Just stop thinking silly things, Amy.

Amy saw her phone hoping she could be texting Karma right now.

"You've a new message?" Vanessa asked with a curious face. "Maybe a boyfriend?"

"What? No, I'm texting my-my friend." Vanessa could see Amy weirdness and that just made Amy even more nervous. "She's my friend, a good friend, like a sister. That's all."

"Hey, okay. I don't judge. So let's focus on your music, Amy."

After some words Amy was starting to feel better and Vanessa called the camera guys to start the interview. Lauren was seeing everything smiling like crazy with her thumbs up.

Vanessa began to present her to the cameras but Amy wasn't putting too much attention.

"So, Amy, tell us how is to be living your dream." Vanessa asked her.

Amy tried to think in an awesome an interesting answer.

"It is cool."

Congrats, champ, that was really interesting.

"And, it's also like if this wasn't happening." Amy said.

I wish this wasn't happening.

Vanessa didn't stop, though. "Amy, how you feel with your sister doing of manager of your band? it's hard to your relationship with her?"

"No, it isn't." Amy sighed. "She's always helping me, taking care of me. We love each other, I love her."

Vanessa nodded thoughtfully and kept going with the questions. After a while Amy felt comfortable talking and everything was easier.

They ended the interview and everyone started to leave. Amy was relieve that Vanessa wasn't with her anymore; went to the bathroom to text Karma before going on stage but her phone was missing.

"What the…?"

The door of the bathroom opened with a crunch. It was Vanessa.

"Hey, Amy. You forgot your phone in the other room. I saw it and thought about bringing it back to you."

"Thanks, Vanessa. I was beginning to worry."

She took it but Vanessa didn't leave. It was like she was having a fight in her mind.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes, I just… well, could you give me your autograph? Is not for me, is for my, umm, little sis."

Amy smiled shyly. Vanessa was cute.

After sign an autograph to Vanessa's sister (which name was also Vanessa), and a talk that Lauren gave her to gain confidence, she went to meet her public.

It was fuller of people. Everyone screamed her name and for the first time she didn't feel nervous before starting to sing.

Even the bands that played before hers were expecting her to sing. "Siblings" and "My little life" two bands of assholes but they played good songs so Lauren let them be on tonight.

I wish Karma was here.

Her mind didn't let her think too much. She began to sing and everyone singed with her doing chorus to every fucking word. They knew the song even better than Amy.

She didn't thought too much. Just let everything happen. The awesome was just starting.

Amy was resting in the backstage texting to Karma about all the awesomeness of the night.

Amy I'm so proud of you! You're the best!

A smile appeared in Amy's face.

Are you flirting with me, miss Ashcroft?

She let her head rest on her hands a little. When she saw her phone she had two messages.

Maybe I am, miss Raudenfeld. This is a free country I can flirt with anyone I want.

Amy smiled more until she saw the next message.

You were awesome today. I still see you.

Amy's happiness disappeared instantly. This wasn't Karma.

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