I Will Never Forget You

chapter 7

Amy was staring the screen of her phone trying to decide what to do next. This must be just a prank from a fan, or an asshole. But the question was how did this "fansshole" get her number? Because of her band she always is very careful about who she gives her number. Well, she wasn't thinking when she texted her. Still, it's Karma, so why would she do that?

No, it has to be another person.

"You okay, Amy?" Lauren came looking tired for all the work.

She thought about sharing her fears with Lauren but that would only make her sister more stressed. Obviously anyone who knows Lauren is aware of her constant stress, but she didn't want to make it worse.

"I'm fine, Lauren. Just tired." She whispered. "C'mon, I'll drive."

Amy didn't want to tell Karma, either. That would make her sad and that's the last thing Amy wants to make Karma feel.

Karma texts her all the way home and soon, Amy forgot everything about that weird person. Besides it should be nothing more than a bad prank.

Next morning, Amy woke up excited. This was the day for her date with Karma. And that means that today, probably everything will be resolved.

And she was very nervous. She wanted today to be awesome. But her awkwardness was threatening her, or that's what she believed because of her nerves.

She went down to eat some breakfast and Lauren was already there watching her. She seemed very annoyed.

"What's going on with you?" Amy asked her eating some cereals.

"You know what." She responded. "Let me give you a clue. Maybe your fucking ex-boyfriend Oliver. You know the one with you was going to have a "talk"."

Amy looked embarrassed. "He never was my boyfriend." She whispered shyly. Lauren gave her "the look" and Amy knew this wasn't time to joke. "I'm so sorry, Lauren, I forgot it. But maybe it isn't that important to him. He didn't call me either."

"Because I said to him you were going to call him!"

Amy played with her fingers awkwardly. "Well, that explains it."

Lauren was about to say another thing went Amy's mother sits in the table with the girls.

"Good morning, my little birds." She said very happy. She turned to Amy with proud eyes. "And my baby, you know I can't wait to see your interview today on the TV. I'm going to be the envy of all the moms!"

Amy gave her a shy smile. "It isn't a big deal mom. Lots of people appear in TV."

"Yeah, but today my future star is going to be there. I'm going to say to everyone to see it."

She kept mumbling happily as Amy ate in silence next to Lauren.

"Oh, and Amy, don't forget to tell Oliver to come today to see your interview with us." Farrah said.

"Yes, Amy, don't forget it." Lauren said.

The girl nodded before going to her room. Her mom was going to be a problem with Karma and… well with everything that was happening. But first she needs to concentrate for today. Oliver will have to wait too. Today needs to be all about Karma and Amy.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

Amy never really cares too much about it. At school she usually wears the first thing and most comfortable thing she finds. To her shows she wears what Lauren said. But, in a date, and a date with a girl, maybe she should put more effort on it. The problem was that she didn't know how. And there was only one person who can save her.

"Lauren!" she said entering to her room. "I need help!"

The small girl seemed annoyed again. "I'm not going to talk with Oliver for you. That's your problem."

"I wasn't going to ask you that! I need you to help me to look beautiful for today." It's a little embarrassed to say those things for Amy but she needed the help.

"And why is that?"

"My da-date. Don't you remember?"

"Right! Your lesbian date." Amy wasn't enchanted with that "L" word yet, but she let it pass. "So it's today? And you weren't supposed to talk with Oliver today?"

"Oh my god, Lauren, don't be like that!" Amy said getting annoyed. "I'll talk with Oliver, just not yet! Please, I'm very nervous, I need help." She said the last thing with pleading eyes and Lauren's heart softened a little.

"Fine. Let's see what we can do with you."

Reagan's bad morning

"Why can I have just one day of good luck?" Reagan said looking at the sky. Suddenly a car passed very fast splashing some dirty water on her.


Reagan saw how Karma was trying with all her strengths not to laugh. "Your pants are dirty. It's like if you had pee on yourself." Karma said giving up to her laugh.

"Ha-ha. You're so funny, Karms." Reagan replied but she was also smiling. Karma's laugh was contagious.

"So sorry!" she said hugging Reagan. "Don't hate me, please. I'll love you forever."

"And will you bring me some chips for later?"

"Only if I heard you say that you don't hate me." She said playfully.

Reagan smiled tenderly. "I don't hate you, dummy. You're too cute to hate."

Both girls laughed happily as they went back inside Karma's house. Reagan had come yesterday at night to see Supernatural. Later Karma tried to do some silly things in her friend's hair and nails. After those weird experiments they had fallen sleep very late only to wake up very early.

So they were outside breathing some air, until Reagan's bad luck came again.

"God must hate me."

"Don't worry. Even if God hates you I'll always love you." Karma said without thinking.

Reagan was uncomfortable hearing Karma saying that kind of things, and more when she was going on a date with Amy Raudenfeld today. But Karma didn't seem to notice it. It was very normal for them to say it.

But now everything was a little weird for Reagan. And Karma daydreaming all the time wasn't too much of help. Obviously she was thinking in Amy. It was the only thing she does these days. And she knows it because knows Karma.

If you can't accept it… then fight for her.

Jessica said that like if it was easy and Reagan really thought about it all the night, but now, it was just too hard and sad to try something. Maybe Karma will get mad at her. That would be an entire disaster.

"You okay, Rae?" Karma asked curiously. Apparently she had been watching her friend's face for a while.

"Yeah, ok." She tried to find a good excuse." It's just that Orange is the new black is coming soon and I'm very excited."

Karma looked at her thoughtfully like if she didn't believe her but she didn't say anything.

"So, maybe we should go to my room now. Mom could hear us."

They were about to enter to her room when Reagan took Karma in her arms and walked into the room like if they were a married couple.

"What are you doing, silly?!" Karma laughed happily.

Reagan didn't really know why she had done that.

Say something awesome, Rae!

"Because I'm… awesome." Reagan could die right there. Why her mind always abandoned her in moments of need?

Karma smiled cutely. "You're so silly, Rae!"

Reagan dropped Karma in her bed carefully but she put bad a foot and both girls ended up in bed. Reagan on top of Karma. And the poor girl couldn't stop thinking that her redhair friend was just so hot.

Kiss her, stupid!

She didn't want to do something Karma doesn't and still she found herself getting close to meet he lips. The last time she kissed her had been so great…

"Reagan, stop…"

It was like the time had stopped.

"I'm sorry, Karma." She said nervously. "I didn't mean to do it I swear."

Karma seemed very uncomfortable. "…you say that but you keep doing it…"

Like if everything wasn't already bad, Reagan began to cry a little.

"I'm sorry, Karma. I know I'm being stupid." She was sobbing very hard. "But I can't change my feelings for you. I love you."

And she leaned in to kiss Karma. Their lips meet but her friend wasn't responding. Reagan kissed her harder as tears roll down her cheeks but still Karma wasn't responding.

In some point, Reagan stopped. She saw how her best friend was looking her with tears in her eyes. She was sad, just like Reagan. Everything had been wrong in a very short time.

"I'm really sorry, Reagan, but I'm not going to kiss you. I'll only hurt you if I do that."

Reagan didn't respond. She gave Karma her back, hugging herself. She didn't want to cry but her tears were unstoppable. She felt Karma's arms hugging her tight. Her breath in the back of her neck felt good. Why couldn't Karma just love her back? They were the perfect match, she doesn't need some other girl to love.

But the way Karma just hugged her in silence told her otherwise. She didn't feel the same. That was the truth of this. To her, Reagan was only her best friend. A sister. But that's all. That was all Karma felt for her.

Reagan slowly went out of the room without saying anything and hearing nothing from Karma. She was in the front yard when she took her phone.

"Jessica, you there?"

She texted. She needed someone to talk.

"Here I am, pretty girl. What's going on?"

"I know is early but I need someone to talk…"

Her text came faster than she expected it.

"Of course, I'll send you my address. I'll wait…"

The drive to her house was weird it was like if she wasn't really there all the time. Jessica should notice it because she seemed a bit concern. It result Jessica's parent weren't at home. They were spending the weekend with some friends.

"You look horrible." Jessica said touching her shoulder playfully.

Reagan didn't laugh; she didn't know what to do anymore. She tried to talk but no words came to her mouth.

"Something happened with this girl…?" Jessica asked.

Reagan nodded.

"I supposed it didn't go very well."


She could feel how Jessica hugged her. "I'm so sorry, Reagan. But I'm telling you, is her lost. You're really beautiful."

Reagan just let Jessica held her. After a few minutes Jess began to rub her lips with the girl's neck. She was kissing her softly.

"I told you that my parents weren't home, so, maybe if you want I can make you forget that girl." She rubbed her back suggestively.

When Jessica began to kiss her, she didn't stop her. It didn't matter anymore. She has lost Karma. She didn't care about anything else.

Jessica began to kiss her stomach passionately. Her fears from the other night weren't there apparently. The weird part was that Reagan actually wasn't in the mood to do this now, but still it didn't matter. Jess took off her pants with a moan. Reagan let the tall girl spread her legs slowly as she closed her eyes.

You and Me

Karma was feeling between sad and mad. Reagan had to try something with her this day, of all days she picked this one. The one when she and Amy will see each other.

Why today, Reagan?

The face of her best friend when she didn't kiss her back was the saddest thing she had seen. Kama wanted to be sad, but other part of her kept remembering her about Amy.

I'll talk with Reagan, but the rest of this day is going to be all about Amy and me.

She began to get dressed thinking in the blonde girls of her dreams. Will she be nervous? Karma secretly hopes so, not for her evil side, it was more for the cute Amy gets when she's nervous.

The last time they had talked face to face they almost kissed. Amy didn't do it. With a little luck, maybe today Karma will get one of Amy's kisses. She could only imagine how that should feel. Sure it'll be better than in a movie!

At least that's what she was thinking.

They hadn't talked about what they were gonna do today, but just in case Amy didn't have anything planned Karma had seen a lovely place where they can eat.

"Ok, I look decent." Karma said looking her reflex at the mirror.

She was wearing her favorite blue dress. It was cute and comfortable. Besides, it makes the illusion that her bobs were bigger. She wasn't aware if Amy like that, but better if she didn't take risks today.

The rest of the day passed really quickly. Karma was more and more nervous until her phone informed her that the time has come.

"Amy could come in any moment." Karma whispered nervously.

She went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth again and then she did it again. She wasn't that anxious since the last book of harry potter came out.

Her phone sound and she jumped throwing her purse to the ground. She picked up her phone.

I'm waiting outside…

Oh-my-God! Kama almost goes crazy. Amy was outside. She stood in front of the door feeling more nervous than she had felt before.

C'mon, Karms! This is no time to be a pussy!

With shaky legs, karma opened the door. She received the most beautiful sight of Amy.

She was wearing a cute white dress with flowers in it. Her hair was tied in long braid. Her face was a little red.

"Whoa… you look beautiful." Karma said eating Amy with her eyes.

Amy laughed awkwardly at the compliments. "You are the one who's beautiful."

"Well, maybe we should-."

"Karma!" two voices talked at unison.

Karma's parents came to the front door to see who her daughter was talking to.

"You must be a friend of Karma?" Lucas said smiling to Amy.

The girl smiled shyly as she nodded. "My name is Amy."

"Don't be shy, darling." Molly said happily. "We're always happy to meet new friends… wait a minute."

Karma's mom looked at her daughter who was really uncomfortable, then to Amy. And both girls were dressed like if they were…

"Oh my god!" she said with her hands in the air. "You're going on a date."

"Mom! I and Amy are-."

She didn't get to finish her sentence. Her parents hugged the girls at the same time cutting her breath.

"Please, Amy, be nice with our daughter." Lucas said looking at Amy. "She always plays to be tough but is a very sensible girl."

"Dad! Please stop!

Before they could keep embarrassing her, Karma took Amy's hand and they went to the car parked in front of the house.

Amy reached the door of her car and opened the door for Karma. "Here, let me." She said.

"Aaawwwww!" Karma's parents were seeing everything.

"Thanks, Amy." Karma said trying to hide her blush and embarrassment.

When the blonde girl started to drive both girls felt a little better.

"I'm sorry for my parents… they are like this." Karma said.

"It's ok, they seemed nice."


Amy was to concentrate driving, besides she knew that if she started to look at Karma she couldn't keep her eyes off of her.

"So, I didn't think in you like the one who wear dresses." Karma commented.

"Lauren helped me, I didn't know how… well…" Amy seemed very nervous. "Do I look bad?"

"What?! No! You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."

Did I really say that? God please just kill me now!

Amy was kind of touched. Nobody has ever said something that tenderly to her before.

"You-you really think I'm that beautiful?"

"Yes." Karma said looking at some bikes that were passing away.

"Thanks, Karma." Amy was feeling something warm inside of her. Karma made her feel like that. It was wonderful.

"So, where are we going?" Karma asked curiously.

"I thought we could go to a park I like. It's really nice you'll like it."

"Sounds good."

The rest of the time in the car they spent it in silence. But no awkwardly like before, they feel comfortable. Like if only their company was enough.

When they reached the park, Amy opened the door for Karma and offered her hand.

"Let me help you, my princess." She said in a dorky tone.

"You're a real lady, Amy." Karma took it squeezing it more than she should.

Amy led her without stopping to hold her hand. "I was really nervous for today." She confessed.

"Me too." Karma was kind of relieved that Amy was as nervous as she was. "But this doesn't feel bad, does it?"

"No, it doesn't. This is really nice." Amy looking at the sky.

"Why do you like to come here?"

"Well, it's very calm and in some way is like a place where I can escape of my fans and my fame. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love that, but sometimes I need me time. And I can't get that in school, or my house, and certainly not in the streets. So I come here. I like this place."

Some other couples were here and there in the park but they were in their own world. One of a girl and a boy passed walking close to the girls. The boy was touching her shoulder and the girl rested her head on his shoulder.

And at the same time, Karma and Amy tried to hold the shoulder of the other. They looked at their eyes and realized they were thinking the same. Silently, Karma put her head on Amy's shoulder as she was holding her by her shoulder.

It was a very simple thing. Still, they couldn't stop the smile on her faces.

"You know we're smiling like silly people?" Amy teased.

"I really don't care. You know, this is kind of a dream for me." It was a bit embarrassing to confess that, but Karma needed to let all of her love out little by little. If she kept hiding all that in her heart she will explode.

"Really?" Amy seemed surprise. "Since when?"

"A… couple of weeks…"

"Whoa, so… I'm that charming?" Amy said with a lazy smile. She felt very comfortable now. It was way better than talk on the phone.

"I'd say you're more than that."

Amy's lazy smile only got bigger. "Well, when my company is this amazing, I can be charming."

"Sure you say that to all the girls." Karma giggles.

Amy hugged her now putting her head on the crock of her neck. "You smell good." Then she realized that maybe that could be a little creepy. "Oh, Karma I'm sorry if I made you-."

"Stop. You smell really good too."

Amy smiled shyly and Karma melted at the sight. Amy was something more.

Maybe a Kiss?

After they talked and hugged lots of times they were to a coffee shop to eat something. It wasn't a place too crowded so it was perfect for them. In that way Amy's fans wouldn't be bother the girls.

"Can I ask you a question, Amy?"

"Of course, my puppy."

Kama smiled at her. It was so natural for her to do it. "Why do you keep calling me "puppy"?

The girl saw how Amy's face turned red in one second.

"Well it-it is because you're cute." She said avoiding her eyes.

Karma knew she was lying to her but it shouldn't be something bad so she let it pass. "And Amy… there's another thing I'd like to ask you…"

"Ask, sweetie."

Trying not to melt at what she had called her, Karma asked. "This… I mean, you're not… well, you said you don't like girls. So I guess this is the first time you go on a date with a girl?"

Amy nodded shyly. "Yeah. All this is new to me."

"I'm just like you are. This is all new for me too."

That made Amy feels better. She had thought that maybe Karma was an out and proud lesbian. But all this being new to her too made everything a bit easier in Amy's mind.

"And you don't care what people thinks about us?" Amy asked cautiously.

"It's not that doesn't bother me. But you're so cute that I really don't mind." Karma said taking Amy's hand in hers.

Amy wanted to say the same. But it was hard.

"You don't have to say the same, Amy. I know it's harder for you. You're famous." Karma said and Amy looked at her thankfully. "We can take our time to make this work… if you want it."

"I'm here am I?" Amy said playfully squeezing Karma's hand. Her skin was so soft.

Karma smiled shyly but something in her face told Amy that she didn't believed her completely. Maybe she was still with doubts because of the "almost kiss".

"What if I make you a promise?" Amy whispered taking both of her hands. "Let me promise you that I'll give us an opportunity. I'll overcome my fears, I…I'll make you happy."

Karma's heart was pumping faster with every word Amy said to her. Then she had an idea.

"And you'll promise me this just giving me you word?"

"You want something else?"

Karma had to use all of her to say the next thing.

"Maybe a kiss?"

When Amy heard the words Karma has whispered to her the time stopped for them. And in that moment, Amy's lips met Karma's with a sweet touch.

Amy's mind was blank. She just tasted Karma's lips carefully like if she could disappear in any moment. The kiss was so tenderly, slow, full of fear and love. And it seemed to last forever.

When they stopped, Amy didn't open her eyes. She felt now Karma's hand on her cheek, rubbing carefully.

Amy opened her eyes slowly, taking her time. If she should choose one perfect moment in her life it would be this. Her first sweet kiss with Karma Ashcroft.

"You're beautiful." Amy whispered.

Karma didn't respond, she just kissed her again.

Who Stole Amy's Heart?

Amy's mother was with all her friends in front of the TV to see the interview of her daughter. She even invited Olive to see it. If only Amy was there if would be perfect. But she wasn't answering. In fact she didn't have her phone on. Still, Farrah wasn't mad, she was proud of her daughter. And when the hostess of the show, a woman called Vanessa, began to talk about Amy, she was the first one to yell.

"Oh my god! It's starting!"

Today we are going to talk about Amy Raudenfeld. Yes, maybe you're not indifferent at her name because now she's one of the most famous singer to be of the country.

The public of the show capped their hands hard screaming Amy's name. Farrah was now watching the show with tears in her eyes.

But before, I have an announce to make. When I interview Amy, she told me something very important about her. Fans of Amy, our lovely girl is in love.

"Oliver! They are talking about you!" Farrah said excited.

Who's the boy that stole Amy's heart? Well you'll be surprise to know that in fact, it's not a boy. That's right people, Amy is a lesbian and in this show you all will see how she opened her heart to us.

In Farrah's house everyone was silent. The heart broke in the moment she heard the woman said that her daughter was a lesbian. Everyone in the house was silent.

The interview keeps going.

So when I asked Amy about her girlfriend, this is what she told me.

Then the TV shows Amy in the backstage of her last show talking to the camera.

"She's always helping me, taking care of me. We love each other, I love her."

Farrah turn off the TV. She didn't need to hear more than that. She could never tell how her daughter could hurt her that much. She never expected that from Amy.

Amy let Karma at the door of her house, not before giving her other sweet kiss in her beautiful lips. She will never get tired of that. She could be doing it forever.

"So, we talk tomorrow?" Amy asked with a kiss.

"Of course." Karma responded licking her lips. "You know I could get use to this."

"Me too." Amy smiled.

Later, when Amy was driving to her house, she never imagined what was waiting for her. And when she came in her house, everything went down as she saw the look on her mom's face.

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