I Will Never Forget You

chapter 8

"Is something happening?" Amy asked confused. Her house was full of people and everyone was looking at her with disappointment.

"Everyone out." Farrah said to her friends. Oliver was in there too, he just gave Amy his sad eyes before leave with the rest.

"Are you gonna tell me now what's happening?" Amy watched her mom's eyes. She was mad.

"You know, Amy, I've been very supportive with you, with your music, your friends, school, but this… I don't know what to think anymore."

As mad as she was, she didn't really said what was happening and Amy started to lose patient. It'd been one of her most beautiful days in her life and now her mom was ruining it.

"Could you please stop talking in circles and tell what I did wrong?" she said closing her arms through her chest.

"What?! Don't act like if you don't know what I'm talking about. You said it in your interview! Didn't you think I'd see it?"

The girl was now more confused than before. "My interview? What's the problem with it? What did I say?"

"You said to everyone that you're a lesbian! Don't play with me, Amy, everyone saw it." The older woman put her hands on her head exasperatingly. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Farrah waited for her daughter to explain herself, but everytime it seemed like she wanted to say something, words didn't come out of her mouth.

"Wait..." Farrah said looking at her daughter's dress. "Where were you?

"I was… with a friend."

"Dressed like that? You hate dresses."

"I don't hate them." Amy whispered. She was still trying to understand how did this happen. She knew that being famous everyone will be looking at her private life. Bu she was just a few minutes with karma. This couldn't be happening.

"You said my interview?" Amy tried to use logic. "Mom, I didn't say I was a lesbian. Who said that?"

Farrah changed her face from disappointment to preoccupation. "The hostess of a show, Vanessa. Didn't she interview you?"

"Vanessa?! But she never asked me that and I know for sure I didn't say anything about me being a lesbian. She asked me stuffs about my band and my friends. That's all."

Amy didn't expect her mom to say anything she went to her room and call to the number Vanessa gave her after the interview.

"Hey, Amy. How are you girl?" she sounded normal Even happy.

What's wrong with this bitch?

"Vanessa what's going on? How could you say that? I thought you were a nice person."

"Don't be innocent, stupid kid. This is business. There are no nice people here; it was just matter of time to someone doing this to you."

"What..?" she couldn't believe what she was hearing. "So this is what you do? Make lies about people to live? Aren't you ashamed of yourself?!

"I didn't make anything, girl. If you are not out yet that your issue. I just inform my viewers about what I saw. You know, about you and your little Karma."

Amy was speechless. "How do you know about Karma? Who said that to you?!"

"Nobody did, Amy." She sighed through the phone. "I don't have time for stupid kids. I have work to do. I'll just say you should be more careful about where you lose your phone the next time. Bye girl."

And then, Amy understood. Her phone; she had missed it and that bitch gave it to her in the bathroom, when she asked for her autograph.

I spent two days texting Karma… flirting with her… and she saw it…

"I'm so fucked."

Next morning she needed just one second to remember what happened yesterday.

"Fucking bitch!" Amy groaned.

"Hey, I love you too."

Amy opened her eyes slowly to find Lauren by her side. "What are you doing here?"

"I came here to talk with you but you were snoring so loud you didn't notice it. So I ended up sleeping here."

Amy took a deep breath. "Thanks, Lauren." She managed to say.

Lauren walks towards the door smiling. "Oh, and don't worry about that Vanessa bitch. I'll take care of her."

Amy knew it was better not to ask.

My beautiful Karma

Karma felt relieved when she saw Amy going out of her house the Monday in the morning. She didn't reply any of Karma's text on Sunday and that freaked out Karma a little. And besides that woman, Vanessa, she was such a… bad woman. Nobody have to right to make her Amy sad.

The blonde girl was surprise to see Karma outside. Lauren looks at each other and gave both a minute to talk.

"I'll wait in the car." She said to her sister. "Tell Karma she can come with us to school."

"You okay?" Karma asked reaching Amy's hand. "Why didn't you text? I've been worried for you."

"I'm sorry, Karma." The girl whispered. "I've been a little sad. You know… because of that." Then her eyes show some fear. "But I swear to you, Karma. I didn't say that. The bitch twisted my words, I swear."

"Amy, stop." Karma gave her a little kiss. She tasted like her breakfast. It was kinda funny and so Amy that Karma smiles into the kiss. "I believe you, Amy."

That made Karma won a smile from Amy.

"I'm sorry for not texting you."

"Well, you can make up for that now."

"Maybe I will." She leaned in to kiss her again, more passionately this time.

"Hey, you two!" Lauren screamed. "Could you let your tongues inside of your respective mouth for a minute, please? We have school."

Both girls seated in the back of the car as Lauren drives fast. "You have to be careful." She said to Amy. "Mom could've seen you."

Karma looked confused at Amy.

"Umm, my mom was a little anger because of the whole us situation." She said to her shyly. She didn't want to make Karma feel bad.

Karma curled her lips and stayed silent.

"Are you mad?" Amy asked.

The shorter girl sighed. "No, I'm not Amy. It's just I don't want to hide myself."

"I know." Amy said. "Besides it will be silly, everyone knows about me now."

"Are you worried about school?" Kama detected some preoccupation in Amy's tone. "Don't have to worry you know. Your fans love you unconditionally."

Amy listened in silence. She knew that. In just one day she had received hundreds of kind messages from her fans saying that they admired her braveness (what an irony) to love who she wants. But at the same way other kind of people, mean people, were sending messages to her saying she was gross o that she knew to find God in her life.

It was all too much for her.

They reached school and everyone seemed to stop. They knew Amy's car. They were waiting for her. A small group of people formed in front of the car waiting for her to come out.

"I can't do it!" Amy whispered to karma. Her nerves grew out at the looks of the people. "I don't think I can do it."

Karma kissed her cheek sweetly. "I know this wasn't the way we both wanted to let everyone know. But I swear it's gonna be fine. I'll hold your hand all the time."

Amy smiled at her words. This little and beautiful girl by her side was the most sweet person she had ever met. And she was ready to out herself to help her to feel fine. To feel good. To feel loved.

If was ready to do that for her, the least Amy could do was be brave with her now.

"So are you ready?" Lauren asked.

Amy took Karma's hand very hard. "Yeah, I am."

The Karmy Army

Everyone there saw Amy getting out of the car holding Karma's hand. Their eyes went from Amy to her hands until no one could hold themselves anymore.

Amy closed her eyes waiting for the worst until the sound of hands clapping surrounded them. She opened an eye shyly to see everyone clapping at her and Karma.

"You're the best Amy!"

"I love you!"

"You're so hot!"

In one second everyone encircled Amy and Kama, literally kicking Lauren out.

"She's your girlfriend?"

"You two look soooo cute together!"

Amy was starting to cry a little. She felt relieved and happy. Karma was right. "Hey, everyone". She tried to speak. "I'm really thankful. You-you really made my day just now."

"Ok, everyone chill out!" Lauren appeared; her hair was messy and her face red. "We need to go to class!"

She hold Amy's arm and went through the bunch of people with Amy and Karma following her the best they could.

Once they made it to class and the teacher shut the other people out, Amy began to relax. She wasn't with Karma in that period but she texted her.

Hey, cutie, you feel better now?

Amy smiled at her phone.

I'm better now. Thanks, little puppy

In one second she sent an answer.

Are you trying to seduce me, Amy? Not because you're famous I'm gonna jump into your arms. I'm not that kind of girl.

Flirting through text was so funny for Amy. She giggled quietly as she wrote her answer.

Can you blame me? I mean you're soo stunning it'd be a sin to not try to seduce you.

"Miss Raudenfeld could you please put a bit more of attention to class than your phone?" the teacher asked but he didn't took her phone. Amy knew he was a fan so sometimes he let little things like that pass. Amy didn't asked but she didn't hate it either.

"Sorry." Amy said.

When she looked back at her phone a new text was there.

I don't know what you're doing to me, Amy, but please don't stop…

Amy tried too hard to not smile as she keeps texting Karma.

Karma went out of class after telling Shane everything about Amy and Reagan.

"Karms, when did your life turn into a love triangle?" Shane said his friend. "But you know I'm really worried for Reagan. She isn't texting me back either. We should go to her house after school."

"I know, but-but it'd be better if I go alone." The girl played with her hair nervously. "You know, things could get… intense."

Karma didn't say anything to anyone, but she was very scared. Her life has gave a chance with Amy, a girl who makes her fell like if this is all a fairy tale, but at the same time she lost Reagan; her best friend in the whole word. Her heart was starting to break in little pieces everytime she remembered the look her friend gave to her when she didn't kiss her back. That broke her heart.

"Well, I'll keep trying to reach her." Her gay friend tried to change the subject. It was pretty obvious that Karma felt awful about all the situation with Reagan. "If she speaks to me I'll tell you."

He gave her a hug before his mouth keeps talking. "Sooo Amy's fans are petty hardcore." Karma seemed lost and Shane get that she didn't know it yet. "What? You don't know about the Karmy Army?


Shane sighed. "Amy's fans were investigating about you on internet. Y'know, after you two came out holding hands like two princesses. Short story, they found the link of your band in Facebook with your information and they created the Karmy Army."

"Karmy Army…?" Karma was speechless. She knew people were going to talk about her if she and Amy keep seeing each other but she was expecting that to take some time. "The Army part makes it sound…"

"Pretty hardcore, little Karms." He whispered into her ear. "They are crazy, girl. They love Amy so much, I'm telling you, better if you keep making her happy."

Karma laughed a little at that. Shane was such a tease. "Silly boy. And just for your information I don't have problems making Amy happy."

Karma looked at her phone. She had a text from Amy.

Little puppy, can we talk? I'm in the roof (the only place my fans are not looking for me)

The shorter girl replied a bit worried. She hasn't told Amy about her fear; however she wasn't going to reject her.

I'll be there in a sec.

"I have to go, Shane." The girl kissed him in the cheek. "See you later, and don't forget to call me if Reagan talks to you."

Shane said goodbye with his hand knowing who had texted her. Her little friend was so predictable.

Officially speaking

It'd been a morning really stressing for Amy. Luckily everything tuned out just fine. Not only fine, but wonderful. Her fans loved her. There were some people giving her disgusted stares here and there but all the love from the Karmy Army was stronger.

"Amy?" a beautiful shy voice called her. "You there?"

Amy was sitting at the edge. She moved her arms to tell Karma where she was. Maybe it was her imagination but the cute girl seemed scared.

"You okay, Karma?" Amy asked a bit worried.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"You don't look fine, Karma." Amy didn't want to push her but she hated to know that Karma keeps secrets from her. "Tell me. Did someone do something to you?"

"No, everything's fine." She gave Amy her most warm smile and Amy's heart melted at the sight. "That's cheating."

"You always do it to me." Karma said playfully.

Amy smiled and went to reach Karma. She holds her in her arms tight giving her a sweet kiss in her cheek. "You're so soft and warm." Amy whispered.

"Y'know… my lips are softer." Karma said with a shy smile.

Amy didn't need to her hear more. She leaned in to meet those beautiful lips. Karma tasted like the sweetest thing in the world. If this feels that good, how would be to do more with Karma?

Don't start with that Amy! You can't rush things with your little Karma!

Amy hated it but that side of her mind was right. Karma deserved the best and she was going to give her just that.

"Amy." Karma said hesitantly. "I wanted to talk to you about something."

"Go ahead, my puppy."

Karma bites her bottom lip nervously. "I don't like… things, and I know we just had one date but-but I really feel strong things for you. So, officially speaking… what-what are we?"

Amy smiled at the obvious nerves of Karma. She was so cute that really Amy didn't need to think anything.

The blonde kissed her harder giving up at her wishes for a second. She wanted to let Karma know how much she wanted this too.

Once they separated, Amy watched intensively at Karma. "Will you be my girlfriend, Karma?"

The eyes of the girl shone at her words showing Amy nothing but happiness.

"I'd love to."

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