I Will Never Forget You

chapter 9

"Oh my God! that bitch!" Lauren yelled.

Amy was too worried texting Karma to focus her entire mind on her sister but she knew the little blonde wanted her to ask. "Nothing against, Vanessa yet?"

Lauren pouted grumpily. "The scumbag is clean. But I swear to you, I'll destroy her."

Being serious, Amy didn't care too much about Vanessa. Of course she's mad and she will jump happily at that bitch getting what she deserved but right now Karma was taking all her time. All her everything. Karma was now in every aspect of her life. At least that's how Amy see it the situation.

They were now the couple of the moment. At school, on internet, TV shows. Everyone wants to know about the two teenage girls who fell in love. The Karmy Army was now stronger than never. It'd never feel normal for Amy, not completely, but looking the big picture here things weren't bad.

She also had "the talk" with Oliver. He understood very well. They didn't talk much after that and even if it sounds bad, Amy wasn't regretted. In some way her life went from normal to weird to super weird to end up in the best thing ever. How did this happen? Amy didn't care.

She was happy.

But of course, something wasn't that great. Karma's friend, Reagan, had been kind of a trouble. The first days of "Karmy" Reagan wasn't anywhere. Her little puppy was about to call the police when suddenly the other girl appeared like if everything was fine. She hangs out with Karma and her; the three of them had formed a uncomfortable group, uncomfortable for Amy. Maybe she was a little possessive about Karma because of all her strong feelings for her, but Amy could swear that Reagan

was flirting with Karma time to time. Obviously, her girlfriend didn't noticed anything.

If Amy was happy, Karma was insanely happy.

So that's where the girls were when Amy woke up on Monday for school. She was tired, speaking with her girlfriend all night leaves some serious problems with her head.

Amy yawns when Lauren came into her room.

"Please, Amy, put a hand on your mouth when you do that." she said. "I thought you were going to eat. For real."

"What?! I'm not a cannibal!"

Her sister laughed evilly. "I don't know, Amy. When you need to eat it's better stay away from you."


"So, I see you spent all night texting your girlfriend."

Amy seems a bit uncomfortable at that word. She wasn't embarrassed or anything, it was just weird to hear it.

"What?" Lauren smiled. "Ooooh, You don't want me to say anything about your giiiiirrllfriend." she said the last part just to made her sister uncomfortable.

The taller girl made a face and went down for breakfast leaving Lauren alone in the room.

"Wow, someone's touchy."

The Dance

Karma reached school to tasted the sweets lips of her girlfriend. Kissing Amy was the best way to make school in something good and that's say a lot.

"You missed me?" the shorter girl whispered softly into Amy's ear.

"You bet, beautiful."

Lauren and Shane put an awkward face . They were happy for their but now it was uncomfortable to be with them. All they do was kissing.

"What's up, bitches!"

Reagan came from nowhere, hands up saying hello the the girls.

"Hi, Karms." she said kissing Karma on the cheek, very close to her lips.

Amy didn't say anything but she was a little upset. This was a thing of everyday.

"Hi, Rea." Karma said to her friend.

"Hello, Amy." Reagan said looking at the blonde. "How's everything...?"


Shane and Lauren, like always put themselves in the middle to avoid the fight.

Karma didn't know what to think. She and Reagan are like this. Always; since they were five. This was "normal" to them. and even now after everything that happened between them Karma want things to come back to normal.

A couple of days back, Karma and Reagan talked about all this. It wasn't too much to say. They said they were sorry and then everything they do was try to come back to "normal".

Karma knew Amy was jealous, but the evil part of her remembered about all the stalkers-fans who were in love with her Amy and followed her to everywhere, so if she could deal with that, she thought it was fair for Amy to deal with this.

The girl smiled evilly at her thoughts.

"What's wrong with you?" Amy asked hugging her.

Karma curled her lips like a little kid. "I'm evil."

"What? you're not evil. You're sweet."

"And evil. Maybe you don't know that side of me yet. But don't worry; we'll get there when the time is right."

For Amy, that sounded a little hot. But being honest, almost everything Karma said to her sounded hot in her ears. She knew she had to control herself, but when your girlfriend is a beauty like the little girl by her side that wasn't easy.

"Well, I have to go now." Karma added, a bit sad. She and Reagan have other class.

"Don't be sad, I'll find you." Amy kissed her quickly before leave her.

Reagan saw everything with a normal expression on her face. Karma usually didn't kiss Amy in front of her, but she couldn't reject her girlfriend. She wasn't that bad.

"Hurry, Karma." Reagan said to her like a zombie. "We are gonna be late."

"Rea... can we-"

"Let's go!" Reagan cut her off leaving her alone.

Karma saw her friend leave without doing anything. Reagan wasn't good obviously. They've said that things should be like it used to, but between them nothing was like before. They've never been like this.

Not this bad.

And then the impulsive side of Karma make her appearance.

The shorter girl began to walk fast following her friend to class. She enters the classroom to find her friend listening music with headphones, quickly, Karma took it from her.

"What's your problem, Karma!" she yelled.

"My-my problem!"

Karma was pretty aware of that she was making a scene, but she didn't care about it. she took Reagan's hand hard leaving the classroom with the eyes of everyone and the protests of her friend. The little girl wasn't strong enough to keep fighting Reagan like this, so she enter to the first closet she found and locked the door behind her.

"You're crazy!" Reagan said to her angrily. "Open the door, I wanna leave."

Karma didn't do anything. She only put her body between Reagan and the door.

"Karma! Move!" Reagan said trying to move her.

This situation was bad enough and Karma couldn't let her go. She didn't have a plan or anything. She just wanted her friend back. Her real friend not this person who was trying to escape from her.

"Reagan please!" Karma begged knowing she couldn't resist much longer.

"What do you want?!"

"I want my friend back!"

And Earth started to move. Literally. Softly at first just to ended in crazy mode in one second, like in the most horrible movie. Things were falling. they could hear screams from the students outside.

With this, Karma couldn't stop the tears. A pair of arms wrapped around her tightly. The fear made the girl to put all her weight in Reagan but the girl didn't notice it. She only held Karma.

The light in top of the girls exploded leaving them in darkness. Reagan was very scared at that point but Karma was so much scared than her. She needed to hold her friend.

"I-I have to go!"

Panic took over Karma. Te girl tried to leave but moving her body she ended up throwing herself and her friend to the floor.

"Karma!" Reagan screamed seeing that her friend hit the floor with the head.

Reagan just hugged her not knowing what else to do. And, like before, in one second the earth stopped to dance.

Reagan took some deep breath to calm herself. Outside she only could hear people crying. she wiped the sweat from her face to find that she was crying too. It'd been horrible. And Karma...

"Karma!" Reagan realized trying to wake her friend up.

Reagan saw a little cut on the forehead of her friend but nothing really to worry about it. She should wake up in every moment.

"Ok, wait here, Karms." Reagan said starting to stand up. Her legs were weak. "I'm ok, we are ok." she said to herself reaching the door.

It was locked.

"We are so not ok."

The Angel

"So, you're the boy in the relationship, I mean, I know you two are lesbians but you understand right?"

Amy wanted to punch that kid in the face. "Umm, we're two girls, which mean no boys."

"I know, I'm just saying-"

"Shut up!" Yelled Lauren scaring the boy who went away murmuring annoyed.

"Good yell, Lauren." Shane patted her shoulder.

"Yeah, thanks." Amy added gratefully.

"Hey, guys!" Liam's voice calls them.

Amy and Lauren didn't wanna talk so Shane had to. "Hey, Liam. What's going on?"

Before he could speak the earth began to move.

Both girls hold themselves to Shane's shoulders with scary looks.

"Ok, don't worry, everybody!" yelled Liam. "I know what to do! First we-"

The movement was very hard now. Some kids tried to escape pushing Liam away sending him to the wall.

As the movement was stronger Shane couldn't keep on his feet and fell to the floor throwing the two girls with him.

"Asshole!" Lauren yelled.

Some things began to fall and the screams could be heard everywhere.

Amy holds her sister's hand hard hoping this will end soon.

"Amy, calm down." Lauren said.

"How could I be calm?!"

"It's passing."

Amy opened her eyes to see that Lauren was right. In a little the earth went back to its state of normality.

"Shit." Shane breath.

"Hey, guys." Liam calls them. He had some tables on him. "A little help?"

The three kids began slowly to stand to help him. They were moving the table when Amy yelled.


And with that she began to run away. The table she was holding ended up hitting Liam again.

"Amy!" Lauren yelled following her sister.

"Wait!" Liam begged but he ended being injured again.

"Duke!" Shane yelled.

Oh my God, Liam thought.

Lauren reached Amy in the classroom of Karma. But the short girl wasn't there.

"Amy calm yourself!"

The girl was almost panicking. "Where is she, Lauren?! She should be here!"

She tried to run but Lauren holds her. "Wait, Amy!"

"I have to find her!" Amy yelled with tears in her eyes. "What if she is hurt?"

"We'll look for her together, Amy." Lauren said not letting her go. "I'm sure she's ok."

Amy wiped her tears walking fast with Lauren by her side.

Where are you, Karma?

Karma new she was on the roof of the school.

A girl was sitting on the edge looking down. She knew that girl was her Amy. That beautiful blond hair was unique.

But she couldn't go that close to her. She was scare of highs.

"Amy." she calls her shyly.

Why isn't she coming? She should've heard me.

"Amy!" she tried again a little louder.

The girl didn't look at her.

"Ok, Karma." The girl said to herself. "Be brave."

Karma began to walk slowly to Amy. "Babe, please!" she keeps saying.

The girl put her head up and Karma stopped herself thinking that finally she heard her. Then the girl let herself fall.


Karma forgot her fears and run towards Amy. When she looked down no body was to be seen.


"Kaaarma." An angelical voice calls her. "Kaaaaaarmaaa!"

The voice sounded like far, very far away.

"Amy?" Karma said confused. What the hell was going on?

And she saw her.

Amy was in the sky. She had beautiful white wings. She was flying. Like a little bird in the sky she went to down to be more close to Karma.

"Karma." She said happily. "Come here!"

Karma was smiling at her but she couldn't reach her. She would fall. "I can't, Amy. I can't fly."

The little girl was feeling like in a dream. Her Amy always had been beautiful but now she was literally an angel. She was her angel.

Amy giggles as if Karma was saying silly things. "You can fly, my little girl." She opens her arms. "Come here, let me hug you."

Karma wanted to be in her arms but it was impossible. "I don't have wings, Amy." She said sadly.

"You don't need wings to fly, Karma." Amy said beginning to fly away." You just need to believeeee."

"Amy! Don't leave me!"

The blonde girl kept giggling happily. "Try to catch me!"

Karma knew this was crazy but she wasn't going to let her Amy to fly away from her. Slowly she put her feet in the edge.

Don't look down, karms, she thought.

And she jumped.

For a horrible moment she thought this wasn't going to work and she would die but that never happen. She opened one eye quickly to see that she was actually flying.

"Amy! Amy look at me! I'm flying!"

"I told you, silly girl!" Amy said flying away.

Karma began to move her arms to move herself. She was fast, like superman, flying through the sky.

"This is the best thing in the world!" Karma yelled happily.

"I know!" Amy agreed.

Amy took Karma's hand and they fly together. Karma was feeling wonderful. This couldn't be better.

Amy's soft hands touched her face making her looking at her eyes. And she kissed her in the middle of the sky.

"I was wrong." Karma thought. "This is waaaay better."

They keep kissing until Karma began to hear something, it sounds like if someone was calling her, but she couldn't see who was.

"You heard something?" Karma asked to Amy.

"No, now kiss me." Amy said tasting Karma's lips hungrily.

Karma loved the sensation but she could swear somebody was calling her. Now she could've heard more that voice. It was a female voice.

"I know that voice." Karma whispered.

"Forget about that and kiss me." Amy said.

"It's…" Karma was trying too hard to remember. "It is…"

"Karma." Amy tried to kiss her.

"…Reagan!" Karma yelled.

"You can't leave me, Karma!" Amy begged holding Karma tight. "Please! Don't leave me for her!"

"I love you, Amy, but she's my friend. She needs me too." Karma said pushing Amy away.

And she fell.

When she opened her eyes, the sight of Reagan filled her mind.

Reagan was crying whispering things to her. Karma tried to talk but she couldn't, instead, she began to rub softly Reagan's cheek.

"Karma?" Reagan said hesitantly.

The girl just nodded. She was feeling very weak.

"Oh my God, Karma!" Reagan cried hugging her tight. "You weren't waking up and I started to be really scared."

"I'm ok." Karma whispered weakly.

"Karma… I'm so sorry." Reagan cried putting her face in the crock of the neck of Karma. "I've been mad with you, doing stupid things, I really sorry. I swear I'll be the friend you need from now on, like I've always been."

"It's ok, Reagan." She said hugging her friend tight. "I'm sorry too, for everything. I just need my friend. I need you."

Both girls cried softly, but Karma was happy. It was the first time she felt things weren't bad.

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