Konoha's Bash

Chapter 12

"Hidan dancing...that should be a sight for sore eyes," Sasori commented.

"Yeah, Danna, there are just some things that shouldn't be allowed...ever...and this is one of those things, un," Deidara said, shaking his head.

They were watching all the couples that were assembled on the dance floor; Hidan was looking irritated and so were Neji and Shikamaru, Sasuke was looking worried, Gaara and Shino looked fairly calm and Naruto was looking excited. Sakura was smiling, Hinata was standing with her arms protectively in front of her chest, Tenten was looking concerned for Neji, Temari was looking like she was about to hit Shikamaru, Tayuya was staring at Hidan, Matsuri looked lovestoned and Ino was looking poised and confident.

"Sasori, did you give Leader-sama and Konan-sama the coffee?" Itachi asked.

"Yes, they should be sobering up by now."

"Tobi put some red bull in their coffee!" Tobi chirped, proud of himself.

"What! Tobi you moron, don't you know what happens to Leader-sama when he overdoses on caffeine?" Deidara asked in horror.


"Come on boys, get in the kitchen! We're going to whip up a feast!" Pein said dramatically, raising his spatula, Konan was beside him looking drained. "We've just finished cleaning all the grime off the grills, washed all of the dishes and mopped the floors twice!" Pein told them with a mad gleam in his rinnegan eyes.

Itachi, Kisame, Sasori, Deidara and Kakuzu looked at each other; the last time Pein overdosed on caffeine, he staged a mass cleanup of the Akatsuki lair.

"Leader-sama, we came to this party for a purpose...to eliminate and take over, not to clean up and prepare meals," Kakuzu said drily.

Pein looked at Kakuzu as though he was insane, "Kakuzu dear boy, you have a lot to learn, who would want to take over a world that is dirty? No peace can exist in a world that is filthy! We must clean!"

The lights in the hall went off and gasps could be heard from all around the hall. Suddenly, the hall was filled with pretty strobe lights and a song started up... "She wants to touch me whoa, she wants to love me whoa, she'll never leave me whoa oh oh. Don't trust a ho, never trust a ho, won't trust a ho coz' the ho won't trust me-"

"Whoops, wrong song," Jiraiya said, seeing the horrified looks on the contestants faces. This time, the correct song started up. "Maybe it's intuition...some things you just don't question like in your eyes I see my future in an instant...and there it goes...I think I found my best friend..."

Temari took Shikamaru's hands and planted them firmly on her hips, Gaara already knew what had to be done and placed a hand on Matsuri's hip and held her hand with his other hand, not to be outdone in any way, Neji did the needful and pulled Tenten close while she blushed, Tayuya roughly pulled Hidan towards her, Ino's arms were already around Shino's neck and they were swaying to the music, Hinata looked as though she would swat Sasuke away if he put his hands on her. He put aside his frustration and copied what Naruto and Sakura were doing; Naruto had his arms around Sakura's waist while she had her arms on his shoulders and they were smiling happily yet their shyness was evident. "I know that it might sound more than a little crazy but I believe...I knew I loved you before I met you...I think I dreamed you into life..."

Naruto could not look away from Sakura's pretty green eyes as the strobe lights danced around her and Naruto realised just how beautiful she was and how lucky he was to have her.


"Naruto?" Sakura asked, looking into his amazing blue gaze, her heart was hammering away in her chest, she didn't remember ever feeling this way, not even when she had that crush on Sasuke.

"...I have been waiting all my life..."

"I – I love you, Sakura-chan."

Sakura's heart felt like it was going to burst out of her chest, Naruto's arms around her tightened as if he was afraid she would run away, but now she knew that she never ever wanted to.

"...and in your eyes, I see the missing pieces I'm searching for, I think I've found my way home..."

Sakura felt her face heating up while Naruto was already beat-red. "I love you too," she finally whispered. A joy like no other rose up within Naruto as he happily kissed her for the third time that night and Sakura melted into his embrace.

Oh gross, thought Sasuke as he watched his two best friends make-out on the dance floor. He looked down at Hinata and she had tears in her eyes, they were swaying half-heartedly to the music. "I knew I loved you before I met you..."

This soppy love song was making everyone act weird; Tenten's head was on Neji's shoulders, Ino was looking into Shino's sunglasses, Temari and Shikamaru were smiling broadly, Gaara surprised Sasuke by expertly twirling Matsuri around and dipping her low while giving her a quick kiss on the lips. Sasuke shuddered when he saw that Hidan's hand was on Tayuya's left butt cheek. He noticed Kiba staring at Hinata longingly as the song came to an end, Kiba then caught him looking and gave Sasuke a look of pure loathing.

Sasuke frowned and let go of Hinata, "Toughen up Hyuga, look, dog boy is checking you out." Hinata looked around Sasuke to see Kiba indeed looking at her and she blushed furiously and hid behind Sasuke who rolled his eyes as Jiraiya took to the stage once again and the lights had come back on.

"Well that was excellent! So much romance and tension! But the next round will have even more excitement and tension because it is time for the question and answer round where we will get to see how well you know your partner..."

The smiles left the faces of all those who had been wearing smiles.

"I would like to call up Hidan and Tayuya on to the stage," Jiraiya said.

"I don't know shit about you," Hidan told her.

"And I don't want to know shit about you," Tayuya shot back as they stood on stage. Jiraiya opened an envelope handed to him by Tsunade. "This question and the evidence was made available by Mr. Kakuzu, and Tayuya, your question about Hidan is; what is Hidan's secret pastime?"

"Hell if I know," Tayuya said with a shrug. Gai pressed a buzzer that made everyone hold their hands over their ears. "The correct answer was that he likes to dress up in Elvis outfits and karaoke to Elvis songs," Jiraiya said as the big screen in the hall showed a picture of Hidan posing in front of the mirror with a microphone and a silky white Elvis outfit with his hair gelled back.

"What the fuck? Kakuzu you old fucker! Where did you get that picture? I'll fucking kill you!" Hidan shouted into the microphone while Kakuzu chuckled in the corner of the hall from where the Akatsuki were cleaning.

"Hehehe, okay well we have a question about Tayuya as well as the evidence provided by Jirobo of the Sound Five band and the question is...what is the one thing that Tayuya loves the most?"

Hidan was still very angry but he answered, he answered with an answer so shocking that it elder Koharu put her hands over Kiba's ears while some of the more perverted males, such as Jiraiya had a slight nosebleed. Tayuya slapped Hidan across the face but he grinned and winked. Gai pressed the buzzer again.

"Wrong! She loves watching romantic movies and crying while eating chocolate," Jiraiya said as the image of Tayuya hugging a teddybear and crying while light from a television shone on her face was broadcast on the screen. "You're dead Jirobo, you fat piece of crap!" Her tough image was ruined forever.

"This is already turning out to be fun!" Jiraiya stated.

"Speak for yourself, I wonder what troublesome dirt he has on us," Shikamaru said to Temari.

"Next up we have Naruto and Sakura," Jiraiya said with wink, "Sakura, how many kids does Naruto want some day?"

Naruto shot Jiraiya a dirty look, "That was supposed to be a secret you ero-sennin!"

"Um...two?" Sakura answered. Gai pressed the buzzer.

"Wrong! He wants ten!"

Sakura looked horrified while Naruto scratched the back of his head uncomfortably. Hinata couldn't help thinking that she would also like to have ten kids. A drawing came up on screen that looked like it was drawn by Naruto when he was very young and it featured childishly drawn figures of Naruto and Sakura with ten little stick figures between them. Sakura's hair was coloured in bright pink and Naruto's was coloured in with yellow crayon.

"Hahaha, I'm so glad I saved that picture..." Iruka laughed nostalgically.

"Naruto, what would Sakura have liked to become if she wasn't a ninja?"

Naruto still looked very embarrassed but he answered, "A gorgeous supermodel! Believe it!"

"That's Sakura-san for you! Too beautiful, she shines like the sparkles of youth!" Lee cried out from the audience.

Sakura was blushing, they think I'm supermodel material...maybe I should look into it, hehehe.

Gai pressed his annoying buzzer again while Jiraiya said, "NO! She would have liked to be a world class chef specialising in health food."

Some members of the audience as well as Naruto groaned as they remembered how they were victims of her magical soldier pills. By now the remaining contestants were very nervous about their questions. "Alright, next up we have Sasuke and Hinata!"

While Sasuke was trying to figure out what question Jiraiya would ask about him, Hinata was praying that Jiraiya didn't expose her crush. "Hinata, what does Sasuke like to do when he is alone?"

How should I know what he likes to do when he is alone if he is alone when he is doing it, Hinata wondered, but she answered, "U-um...taking l-long walks m-maybe? L-looking at the sunset...and um...admiring the st-stars in the sk-sky?"

Hmm, that sounds like a good idea actually...Sasuke thought.

"Hinata, the question was what does Sasuke like to do when he alone, not what you like to do," Jiraiya said as Gai pressed the buzzer.

"S-sorry," Hinata muttered, looking down at her feet, cheeks very red.

"The right answer is...Sasuke likes curling up with a good book, his glasses, silk gown and grandfather slippers and a steaming mug of hot chocolate and some crumpets," Jiraiya said as a picture of Sasuke in that situation was being streamed on the big screen.

"What the – how did you get that picture!" Sasuke yelled at Jiraiya.

"I have my ways," Jiraiya said, as Kakashi chuckled in the background, "But enough of that, time for your question Sasuke and we won't ask the question about who Hinata's crush is because that is so obvious so I will ask how does Hinata like to train?"

"Probably with dog boy and bug boy or something..." Sasuke grumbled.

Gai pressed his buzzer. No! No! No! Don't tell them! Hinata mentally screamed.

"She likes to train naked under waterfalls!"

Hiashi woke up from his seat in anger, "Jiraiya! If you stream that picture up there I'll Jyuuken you into the next millennium!"

"Does the next millennium have hotter girls?" Jiraiya asked.

Hiashi activated his byakugan and got into his fighting stance, "Don't you dare defile my daughter! And Hinata, I'll deal with you later. You're grounded for eternity – no wait until beyond eternity...but wait if there's anything after beyond eternity, you're grounded until after that!"

Hinata didn't take her father seriously, he had told her the same speech when he threatened her about not having anything to do with Naruto.

Oh...okay...what the crap? Sasuke thought looking from Hinata to Hiashi.

"Calm down Hiashi, we won't show a picture, we didn't even have one in the first place. Next we have Shikamaru and Temari, please join us on stage," Jiraiya said. Shikamaru sauntered lazily up on to the stage with his hands in his pockets and Temari was standing with a hand on her hip. "Temari, what does Shikamaru like to do after every battle or mission he goes on?" Jiraiya asked. Gai was ready with his hand over the buzzer.

"That's easy, he sleeps..." Temari said.

"Incorrect, he likes to get drunk with his sensei, Asuma and his quote is, 'win or lose, let's hit the booze!'" Asuma nodded proudly as the picture shown on screen was of Shikamaru and himself toasting with a glass of sake.

"What a cool kid," Tsunade commented.

"Shikamaru, what is Temari's greatest achievement to date?"

"Uhhhh...becoming a Jounin?"


"Actually, she is quite an accomplished rapper, going by the disguise of 'Raptastic Queen of Suna', and her videos are very popular on youtube!" Jiraiya said, and her video was being streamed on the big screen. Temari was wearing a cap, sunglasses and an oversized hoodie.

"Suna's the best, there ain't no contest, we got the best ninja's around, they'll pound you to the ground, throw sand in your eyes we ain't tellin' you no lies..."

"Wow," was all Shikamaru could say.

"Wow indeed. Only three more couples to go! How will they fare?"

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