Konoha's Bash

Chapter 14

"Did you hear that, danna?"

"Hear what, brat?"

"That announcer mentioned twister, that's probably where Itachi is, un."

"What is twister?"

"You don't know what twister is?"

"No brat, that is why I am asking..."

"Hahahaha, okay, it's a game played on a mat with coloured circles. If they say put your right leg on yellow, you have to do that. It gets tougher to move once the game carries on, un."

"Sounds incredibly dumb to me..."

Deidara grinned evilly, "I challenge you to a game of twister, danna."

Sasori rolled his eyes, "Let's just go find Itachi and get Hidan and get out of here."

Sasori walked away and ended up at Kiba's table, "Where is the game of twister taking place?"

Kiba stared at him, "Uhmmm, in the next room."

"All right! Let's go find Itachi!" Deidara declared.

"Why are you so eager to find him, I thought you hated him?" asked Sasori.

"Yeah, I'm going to find him and pound his face in!"

"Sure you are..."

Sakura was almost falling off to sleep on Naruto's shoulder. 'Hey, who's big idea was it to let Kankuro perform a puppet show?" he asked.

Shikamaru looked annoyed, "Other entertainment was too troublesome to find."

"I'd rather watch Suna's Blue Ocean," Neji muttered under his breath.

"What did you say Neji?" Tenten asked.

"Nothing Tenten."

"Guys, let's go check out the game of twister!" Naruto said excitedly, waking Sakura up in the process.

"Great idea," Lee said. He seemed to be a bit sober now that the evening was almost drawing to a close. The teens arrived at the venue of the twister challenge. Those participating were mainly the young adults like Anko Mitarashi, Hana Inuzuka, undercover Itachi and Izumo and Kotetsu and a few others. Kimimaro spun the selector, "Kidomaru, left arm green."

"Which left arm?" Kidomaru asked.

Jirobo was bent over and Sakon's face was close to his butt, "Hey Jirobo, please don't fart, both my noses are going to smell the wrath of it!"

Naruto was beside himself with excitement, "That looks like so much fun, I want to play!"

"There's no way I'm playing in this dress..." Sakura told him, "But hey, who is that girl in the short black dress?" Everyone's attention turned to undercover Itachi.

"Itachi!" Sasuke yelled suddenly. Itachi made the mistake of turning to look at him and upset the balance on the twister mat. Everyone slipped and landed in one big pile. "Jirobo my faces!" Sakon cried out.


Hana had fallen on top of Itachi and his face was uncharacteristically red.

"Sasuke-kun! What was that all about?" Sakura asked in shock at his outburst.

"The girl in the black dress is Itachi Uchiha!" Sasuke shouted in anger.

"Don't be insane...Sasuke," Shikamaru yawned.

"I'm not insane, it is him!"

"Break it up here, everyone report to the main hall, especially the Sound Five, Oreo the snake charmer is about to begin and the winners are going to be announced straight after," Asuma called.

He ushered all the main contestants out of the room and into the main hall. Sasuke was seething and looking over his shoulder to see if he could spot Itachi. Asuma shoved him firmly into his seat as if he knew what Sasuke was trying to do.

Suddenly, a raspy voice filled the hall, "Greetingsss ladiesss and gentlemen...boysss and girlsss."

It was "Oreo the snake charmer' and his mysterious assistant in the bellydancing outfit. He began playing the flute and a huge monstrous snake burst forth from the wicker basket. Screams were heard all around the hall and those who had been drunk or high immediately sobered up. But as the sound of the flute grew louder, the snake and some people began drifting off to sleep. Shikamaru saw this as an opportunity to get some shut-eye. The bellydancer was trying to bellydance but failing epically.

"And now...I have a ssspecial sssong that I would like to dedicate to sssomeone," Oreo said, his voice was sending unpleasant chills down everybody's spines. The Sound Five assembled on stage with their music instruments. The tune to Britney Spears' baby one more time started playing.

"Oh Sasuke, Sasuke. Oh Sasuke, Sasuke," Oreo began singing.

Sasuke instantly felt his blood freeze and the colour drain from his face. All his peers were giving him funny looks.

"Oh Sasuke, Sasuke, how was I supposed to know...that I wouldn't get Itachi? Oh Sasuke, Sasuke, I cannot let you go...because now you're in my sight, yeah..."

Sasuke was still too stunned to retaliate. "Tsunade, what do we do? That is clearly Orochimaru," Kurenai said worriedly.

"We do nothing...yet, I want to hear this song," said Tsunade.

"I'll show you how I want it to be, tell me Sasuke, coz I need to take that sharingan you've got...coz my old age is killing me, and I, I must confess...I need your body, need it bad...without you I'll lose my life so give me your bod...Come on Sasuke, for the last time!"

Sasuke felt sick, really, really sick. "S-Sasuke-kun, are you okay?" asked Hinata.

Sasuke couldn't respond, Orochimaru was staring at him with a hungry look in his eyes and he was coming towards his table. Orochimaru licked his lips and winked at Sasuke.

Sasuke was sweating now, everything around him seemed to be a blur, why couldn't he react? Why couldn't he do anything? Why couldn't – "Jyuuken!"

When Sasuke opened his eyes again, Orochimaru was lying embedded in the wall at the opposite end of the hall. He turned to see Hinata standing in the gentle fist stance and her byakugan was activated. "Whoa...you're awesome Hinata," said Naruto in awe. Hinata blushed and immediately sat down. The entire hall began clapping.

"Um guys...I think we better make a run for it," Kimimaro said to his band.

"Not so fast..." Kakashi said, appearing on the stage with Gai, Asuma and Kurenai. They rounded up the Sound Five, the bellydancer and an unconscious Orochimaru. "I'm curious to see who the bellydancer is," said Gai. He lifted up the veil and once again, everyone in the hall was flabbergasted. "Kabuto!" Naruto said in disbelief, then, "Eeew."

"We will have our revenge, and we will get Sasuke!" Kabuto yelled.

"Yeah, yeah," Kakashi said, "We'll just let Ibiki handle this lot."

"Danna...your previous partner was a freak, un," Deidara said in disgust.

"Ladies and gentlemen, forget about what just happened because now, the moment we've all been waiting for, the crowning of Mr and Miss Konoha!" Jiraiya said, taking to the stage.

"Um, Hinata?"


"Thank you," Sasuke told her. Hinata just smiled, "H-he was freaking me out."

"Before I announce the winners, there are some special awards to give out. The first is for 'best hair' and that award goes to Ino Yamanaka!" Ino woke up happily to accept her award, which was a glass trophy in the shape of Konoha's emblem.

"Senpai! You deserve an award too, your hair is just as beautiful!" Tobi told Deidara.

"Shut it, you little shit!"

"Pein is still out cold, we need to go immediately," Konan told the Akatsuki.

"Can't we just wait until this is over, it will look suspicious if we suddenly disappear," Kisame told her. Konan had to agree with that, she looked over at Pein who was sleeping like a baby and smiled softly.

"All right, the next award if for the best dressed and that goes to Kazekage Gaara of Suna!"

Applause echoed as Gaara accepted his award.

"The next award was sponsored by Gai-sensei, and it is for the 'most youthful', this award goes to...Neji Hyuuga!"

I win most youthful? There must be a mistake, Neji thought suspiciously, but he made his way onto the stage. He was presented with a green spandex jumpsuit like Gai's and Lee's. There was a twitch in Neji's left eyebrow as he took the jumpsuit and walked away. Naruto was laughing hysterically at him.

"On to the next award, winners of the karaoke competition goes to...none other than Kazekage Gaara and his beautiful date, Matsuri!"

Applause echoed once again. "Woohoo! Suna kicks ass, in your face Koharu, in your face!"

Koharu took out her frustrations on poor Kiba once more, this definitely wasn't a good evening for him.

"What is this? The ninja prom?" Temari wondered out loud.

"The next award is for the cutest couple and this award goes to...Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuga!"

Wow, actually won something, Sasuke thought. Hinata was blushing furiously as they walked up together and accepted their award.

"Hahahaha, Hinata, it was you who made Sasuke look good," Naruto laughed, as Sasuke resisted the urge to punch him and Hinata resisted the urge to faint.

"And now, for the moment we've all been waiting for...but first, I will announce the second runners up for the crown of Mr and Miss Konoha...and they are...Shikamaru Nara and Temari!"

"This is a fucking waste of time, I wanted to win the karaoke contest," Hidan grumbled, "Well, I'm outta here bitch, nice knowing you." He held his hand out to shake Tayuya's but she grabbed him roughly and they began making out.

"Okay, so our first runners up are...Shino Aburame and Ino Yamanaka!"

"Yay!" Ino exclaimed while Shino remained impassive.

"Are you ready to find out who is Mr and Miss Konoha?" Jiraiya asked loudly.

"YES!" roared the crowd, even the Akatsuki joined in.

"Are you sure?" Jiraiya teased.

"Just get on with it!" Tsunade scolded. She had a headache from drinking too much sake.

"Give it up for Mr and Miss Konoha...Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno!"

"Let's go Sakura-chan!" Naruto told her.

"What? We won? Oh my God!" Sakura squealed.

She and Naruto jumped around on the spot, hand in hand like excited teenage girls before going on stage to be crowned.

"Wow, didn't see that one coming," Itachi said sarcastically.

"Great, we can all leave right now," Konan said.

"Yes please, I can't wait to get out of here and out of this dress, un," Deidara said with a yawn.

As the Akatsuki silently slipped away, vowing to try and infiltrate without fail the next time, Konoha and its guests celebrated once again, the sake flowed and the music blared until the early hours of the morning.

Sasuke walked Hinata to her father and sister who were waiting in the hall, Hanabi was asleep and drooling on Hiashi's lap. "Goodbye," Sasuke told them.

"Isn't there something you would like to say to my daughter, Uchiha?" Hiashi said sternly.

"Thank you for being my date, Hinata," Sasuke told her.

"N-no problem, thank you too," she said with a warm smile.

"Sakura-chan, this was the best night of my entire life!" Naruto declared, holding Sakura tightly in his arms. "Mine too," Sakura said blissfully. Tenten was asleep on Neji's shoulder, Ino and Shino were making out, Shikamaru and Temari appeared to be deep in conversation with one another and Gaara and Matsuri were sitting silently hand in hand. Lee was speaking to Gai, Kiba had made his way over to Hinata to talk to her before she left. Sasuke sat alone to ponder and brood over the evening's events.

Just then, Tsunade cleared her throat as she stood on the stage, "Listen up here, Konoha 12, the Sand Siblings and Matsuri, meet me in my office at noon today, we have important business to discuss."

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