Konoha's Bash

Chapter 3

Ring, ring. A bandaged hand picked up the phone. On the other end of the line: "You talk!... Hn, no – make her talk, she doesn't talk enough."

"Yes?" a male voice said gruffly. He frowned as he listened to the stuttering female voice on the other end of the line. He held the receiver away from his ear and motioned to the younger boy that was in the room. "They phoning to hire Plonkie!" he hissed. The younger boy, who actually looked like a young woman with his very long, black shiny locks said, "Yes! Our plan worked. Please let me speak with them Zabuza-san." Zabuza gave the phone to Haku. "Yes we accept. We will be there! Thank you very much!" Haku and Zabuza looked at each other and grinned evilly – actually, it is unsure whether Zabuza was grinning because the lower half of his face was covered with bandages. "Finally a plan that will succeed!" Haku declared.

"Those imbeciles from Konoha will finally get what's coming to them – but I still don't see why I have to be a clown. You're cruel, Haku."

"It's the only way we can infiltrate Konoha."

"No. We can just massacre them!"

"Hehe, Zabuza-san, you're so violent...but let's do this one according to my rules...this way your beautiful body won't get injured."

Zabuza chuckled and Haku brought out a suitcase with pink and white candy stripes on it, he opened it revealing an assortment of coloured, spangly outfits and a makeup kit.

"Oh hell no freakin' way, that's gay Haku!"

Haku raised an eyebrow. He looks so pretty when he does tha- what am I thinking?! Zabuza shook his head and crossed his arms, "No."

"Yes," said Haku simply.



"My final answer is...no."

Haku pouted. No, no, no! Not the pout! Zabuza thought frantically.

"Fine!" Zabuza spat, "As long as I get to decapitate at least one person!"

Meanwhile, in the Hidden Village of Sand, things were really starting to heat up. The Fifth Kazekage Gaara thought he'd try having a smoke since it looked so cool and all the boys his age were doing it. Gaara lit up his cigarette, leant casually against the wall of his office and took a long drag – he then started coughing and sputtering like an old car engine – clutching his throat, he dropped the cigarette and stumbled to get a glass of water. The water didn't help his scratchy throat and even his feet were starting to get hot. Knock, knock.

Oh crap! Gaara thought, his office was reeking of smoke. He saw Temari's fan in the corner and picked it up. Dammit this thing is heavy, how does she manage with it? He thought while giving it a swing. "Gaara?" Kankuro asked. The fan slipped from Gaara's hand as he was attempting to drive the smoke out of the window. The fan was sent flying out the window just as the door to his office opened and a great yelp of pain could be heard from somewhere below followed by a thud.

"Kankuro!" Gaara exclaimed, his voice came out hoarse and raspy, "What brings you here, to my office, cough, cough." He was waving his hand about, trying to get rid of the smoke but more kept appearing. "Uh Gaara, what's wrong? Oh sh - ! You're on fire!"

"Huh?" Gaara asked – looked down - "Aaaaah!"

Kankuro also screamed. Then Gaara screamed again. Kankuro screamed again. Temari came in and knocked him on the head and finally put Gaara's robe out. "What's going on here?"

"Here? Nothing. Nothing at all. Why would something be going on? Ehehe," Gaara laughed weakly, his voice still raspy. Temari looked suspicious. Gaara was looking around for the dropped cigarette. "Kankuro, did you show him the invitation?"

Kankuro handed his younger brother the invitation bearing Konoha's emblem

To Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage of the Hidden Village of Sand

You and your family are cordially invited to a social gathering to celebrate unity among the great shinobi nations.


The Fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village

"Whoop! A party, I am so there!" Kankuro declared.

"Oh, and Shikamaru asked me to ask you if you'd perform a puppet show at the party," Temari said.

Kankuro's eyes lit up, "Definitely!"

A party... Gaara's heart danced with joy. This was the first party he ever got invited to, he never had parties of his own either, people were way too afraid of him.

He decided it was gonna be time to boogie down.

"Gaaaah!" Kiba teetered dangerously on the ladder which Neji was trying to hold steady. Sakura was looking daggers at the boy with shaggy dark brown hair, "Kiba you baka! Don't you dare drop that expensive paint!"

"Hai, hai," Kiba said, it was easy for Sakura to stand there and bark orders at them, but it was a different story when you were trying to paint while balanced on a rickety ladder built by Gai-sensei himself. Sakura giggled at Neji. "What is it?" the pale-eyed biy asked in irritation. "Your face," she said in between giggles. My face? Neji wondered, What's wrong with my face? Last time I checked it was normal...enough. The source of Sakura's giggles was that droplets of pink paint from Kiba's paintbrush had dripped onto Neji's cheeks. Neji was about to question what was wrong with his face when Gai-sensei appeared, pose and all, "How goes, youthful students?" The glint of his teeth made Kiba sway on the ladder, Neji, who was distracted by Sakura's giggling and pointing let go of the ladder to examine his face. "Nooooo!" Kiba said, flailing his arms as if he were drowning, the paint came crashing down at Neji's feet, splattering both him and Sakura.

"Whoops, sorry for distracting you with my youthfulness!"

"Owww," Kiba groaned, lying in a paint puddle. All giggles vanished and Sakura looked livid, Neji looked like a pink mess and Kiba wondered whether he should have played dead like he taught Akamaru, rather than deal with the wrath of Sakura.

Tenten, Ino and Lee stood outside the Konoha Liquor store. Lee was pushing a cart filled with juices, soda's and other drinkable mixtures. Asuma-sensei was supposed to meet them outside the liquor store because they were not old enough to buy liquor yet. Ino wished he would hurry up before Lee decided to try weightlifting with the cart. But...unknown to them, Asuma-sensei was eating dango with Kurenai-sensei and would not be returning anytime soon. After half an hour of listening to Lee go on and on about his training and wanting to kick Neji, Sasuke and Naruto's butts Ino finally put her foot down – on top of Lee's foot. "Yeeow!"

"I can't wait anymore! I have a plan!" Ino said.

Tenten yawned, "What?"

"I'll use my mind-transfer jutsu on that lady over there and get the stuff – Tenten, use transformation jutsu to transform into her friend!"

And what about me? Ino-san?"

"You just stay right here and guard the stuff and my body when I switch."

"I will do my very best, don't worry, I'll protect our beverage cart and your youthful body Ino-san!"

"Uh, yeah," Ino said. She performed her mind-transfer jutsu on the woman. "Henge!" Tenten said, as she transformed into the other woman. They now looked very adult-like and walked into the liquor store which was also a bar. It was very rowdy and drunken men leered at the women, Tenten and Ino were disgusted. While Ino went to ask for help in getting the Sake, Tenten heard a man proclaim that he would bet his entire life savings if anyone cold beat him at darts. Now, it was well-known amongst people in Konoha that Tenten was excellent with weapons and could always hit a target without fail. She grinned and approached the man who looked very odd in a sinister mask and he had glowing green eyes. "I want to give it a shot," Tenten said. The masked man looked at her and laughed, "Are you sure missy? My life savings are worth millions, are you sure you're prepared to lose that much?" Tenten frowned, she didn't have that kind of money, but she was confident in her abilities. "You're on!"

Masked guy was laughing sadistically, "I'm going to be rich!"

"Oh my Jashin..." his silver-haired friend said.

You wish, Tenten thought, picking up a dart. And the contest began.

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