Konoha's Bash

Chapter 5

The members of Akatsuki were now gathered at their new hideout while they were staying in Konoha, this hideout was a wendy hut. While Hidan was swearing, cursing and complaining, Leader-sama, aka Pain, merely stated that it was inconspicuous and no one would ever suspect that dodgy things were going on in there. Kakuzu was lying unconscious on a mattress, still recovering, Sasori and Deidara were waiting to give their report. "We have found the means to infiltrate Konoha," Sasori stated.

"Indulge me," Leader said, sitting on a small plastic barstool next to his best friend, and the only female Akatsuki member, Konan. She wore a flower in her blue hair and had a small lip piercing. Pain had orange, spikey hair and multiple piercings. "We're going to have to pose as a catering service to get into the party that Konoha is hosting, un," said Deidara.

At this statement, even Itachi Uchiha looked up from reading his Konoha Times newspaper, and his partner Kisame, who resembled a shark with blue hair, stopped admiring his Samehada.

"Sasori no-danna's idea, un,"Deidara said quickly, and all eyes were on Sasori.

He shrugged, "I felt it was a good idea, seeing as we can have all the Kage's, Feudal Lords and Shinobi's in one place."

Pain nodded, "I see. Good plan, Sasori, Deidara."

"The fuck?" Hidan said, "A catering service was the best you two buffoons could come up with?"

"You got a better idea, un?" Deidara asked with balled fists.

"No fighting..."Pain warned, "I've already decided on what duties you each will fulfil."

The Akatsuki braced themselves for what Pain was about to say. "On the day of the party, you all shall take positions as follows...Itachi, Deidara, Sasori, Hidan and Konan will be waiters and uh, waitress," Pain added when Konan gave him a look, "Kisame, Kakuzu and I will be chef's."

Just then, a tall figure in an Akatsuki robe and spiky black hair , wearing an orange swirly mask, bounded into the hut. "Is Leader-sama going to a party? Tobi will bake a cake!"

Yes, Tobi had arrived. Deidara face-palmed and Tobi was hopping from one foot to the other in an excited manner.

"Sure Tobi, you can bake a cake..."Pain told him.

"Now that's a fucking good idea, everyone at the party will get food poisoning," Hidan laughed.

"Speaking of food, we will need to make some. Does anyone have a cookbook?" Pain asked.

Sasuke was in a bad mood due to several reasons, first he was rejected not once but twice in the same day, the band didn't pitch up and this morning he would have to face Hinata in the park and deliver the bad news. He didn't hurry to get there, in fact, he found himself looking at girls, weighing them out, trying to figure out who he had a chance of winning Mr and Miss Konoha with. He spotted a brunette in shorts and a pink t-shirt who was giving him the eye. Nope, he thought, too busty. Moving on, he saw a black-haired girl giving him a lascivious look, he shuddered, too horny. He came across a girl in a blue Kimono who smiled at him pleasantly, Sasuke just forced a smirk at her, Nah, too tall. As he was about to throw in the towel, he noticed a, um, 'nice-sized' young lady with blonde hair cascading down her back. Her bright blue eyes were twinkling in the sun and she was dressed in a pretty, red kimono. Oh well, guess she'll have to do, Sasuke thought, but how would he ask her? He sauntered casually up to her and tapped her on her shoulder. The girl blushed immediately upon seeing him. Right, she's reeled in. Phase two.

"Would you like to go to the Konoha Shinobi party with me?"

Most of the other girls in the vicinity, who were obviously eavesdropping, fainted or broke into tears. However, the young lady began giggling and in a cloud of smoke, Naruto stood before him.

"Wahahaha! Sasuke-teme fell for it – or should I say me, ahahaha!"

It was Sasuke's turn to turn red – with rage. How could he not have realised that it was Naruto's sexy technique?! He pounded Naruto over the head and stalked off, some people were laughing behind him. Sasuke's mood had worsened tenfold by the time he reached Hinata. She was looking at him expectantly. "The dobe is going with Sakura," he said gruffly.

Hinata bit her lip and it was obvious that she was trying to hold back her tears. "I-it's okay. I'll a-ask Neji Nii-san or Kiba-kun or Shino-kun."


"Guys! See who I finally found," Shikamaru said, an odd-looking group of people were walking behind him. A shirtless guy with long white hair that was tied back approached Hinata and took her hand. "The name's Kimimaro, but you can call me Bonez," and he kissed her hand, earning a quizzical look from Shikamaru, a dirty look from Sasuke and a blush from Hinata. "And this…is the band. We're the Sound Five," Kimimaro drawled, trying to be all rock star-ish. "We got Tayuya here who plays the flute and is the other lead singer – me being the lead guitarist and singer," he gestured towards a girl with red hair who was wearing some sort of hat. "My man Kidomaru is our drummer." Hinata, Shikamaru and Sasuke stared at the drummer who had six arms. Kimimaro then pointed to a fat guy with an orange Mohawk, "That's Jirobo our bass guitarist, and finally, Sakon and Ukon our pianists." Sakon and Ukon appeared to be conjoined twins with chin length gray hair.

"Cool…so you guys will play at the party then?" Shikamaru asked.

"Of course, we can't say no, especially since…" the six armed Kidomaru inched towards Hinata with a flirty look in his eyes and tried to snake his arm around her waist. Hinata jumped out of his grasp and tried to hide behind Sasuke. "You shits better pay us good for playing at your lame-ass party," Tayuya said with her hands on her hips.

Shikamaru, taken aback by her bad attitude said, "Well…that depends on how good your music is."

Meanwhile, Kidomaru was trying to sneak his arm around Hinata again but unfortunately he accidently gripped Sasuke's waist. Sasuke gave him the piercing Uchiha glare of death, "It would be wise of you to keep those six arms to yourself…unless you want them hacked off."

"Oh yeah? Mind your won business, I'm just trying to get a little friendly with the lady over here."

"How would you like to get friendly with my fist?"

"Why you…" but Jirobo had restrained Kidomaru from trying to start a fight. Sasuke smirked while Shikamaru intercepted a bird that was circling above their heads, he removed the message that was tied to its leg. "Message from Hokage-sama, we have to go to her office. You guys can take a look around the village, we won't be too long, then we can hear you play. Later," Shikamaru said, and he, Hinata and Sasuke disappeared.

"Yeah you better run away," Kidomaru said, still fuming.

Neji arrived in Tsunade's office together with Tenten, whom he had just asked to be his date. The other young shinobi of the Konoha 12 were also gathered and Tsunade was behind her desk with a stern expression. "Team Food! How are the preparations going?"

Shino stepped forward, "We have hired a catering service, Hokage-sama."

"Good. Team décor?"

"Um…there is a bit of trouble but we are working hard, Tsunade-sama," Sakura said, looking down.

"I expect nothing less than absolute glitz and glamour!"

Neji, Kiba and Sakura sweat-dropped.

"Team drinks?"

"Sorted. Got a bit of everything…including sake," Ino reported, with a satisfied smirk towards Sakura. Sakura glared at her.

"Excellent. Lastly, Team Entertainment?"

"We organized a band, a puppet show and a clown magician so far," said Shikamaru.

"Nice. At any rate, I'm glad you all are taking this seriously. Now to our next topic, your dates, stand with your date so that Shizune can make a note," Tsunade said, with a gleam in her light brown eyes. They scrambled around and those with dates stood in front and those without hung back. Shizune wrote the couples down, it was Sakura and Naruto, Neji and Tenten.

"Is that it? Only two couples?"

"Oh I'm going with Ayame," Choji said with a blush on his plump cheeks. Ayame was Ichiraku's daughter, everyone looked surprised at this.

Shikamaru cleared his throat, "I'm going with Temari."

"Fine, even though she is not from Konoha…rest of you will be paired up by us," Tsunade said. Shino looked uncomfortable, Lee was whining about how Sakura was taken, Kiba was grinning; he didn't mind getting Hinata or Ino. Sasuke was looking irritated, Ino was gazing at him and hoping that she would get to be with him while Hinata silently prayed that she ended up with Kiba or Shino. "A lucky draw, what do you think Shizune? And the remaining boys can get to escort our 'special guests' since there is a shortage of kunoichi here."

"Good idea, Tsunade-sama!" Shizune said.

Tsunade pulled out a hat, wrote down the names of the boys on paper and shuffled it around in the hat, "Okay Ino, you come and choose out of this hat."

Ino smiled at Sasuke. Please not Ino, don't let her pick me, Sasuke silently prayed. Ino reached in and pulled out a name and handed it to Tsunade who unfolded it. "Shino."

Shino pushed his sunglasses up and a small smirk showed up on his face beneath all the coverings.

"Redraw!" Ino screeched.

"Hahaha, it's Ino-pig and Shino-bug!" Naruto laughed.

"Enough! Hinata, come forward."

Hinata shut her eyes tightly, reached into the hat and drew. Please let it be Kiba-kun. Kiba was also thinking along those same lines.


Hinata trembled with fear and Sasuke looked a bit relieved but then he scowled when he saw that the look on Hinata's face was disappointment.

"Tsunade-sama, can I please swop with Hinata-chan?" Ino asked. Hinata was about to agree to the swop but Tsunade banged the desk, "No! Okay, Kiba and Lee, I shall announce our special guests that you will be taking."

Hehe, thought Kiba, It's definitely going to be hot Jounin kunoichi like Kurenai-sensei or Anko-sensei.

"Kiba, you will escort elder Koharu."

Kiba looked mortified while the rest sniggered. "What? B-but no!"

"No buts, it's your own fault you didn't have the guts to find a girl, Lee, you will escort Chiyo-sama from the Hidden Village of Sand."

"Osu! I will do that…even though she is not very youthful…"

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