Konoha's Bash

Chapter 6

Excitement was reaching fever pitch as the party was approaching, and on the day of the party, no one was more excited than Konan.

"Excuse me Konan-sama, but isn't this a dress?" Itachi asked, holding up a sexy black halter dress.

Konan had picked out the outfits for the Akatsuki to wear to the party and she was very proud of her choices, the other guys however, were not impressed.

"I'm not wearing this fucking suit," Hidan said, tossing it aside.

Deidara frowned at his, he had a matching dress like Itachi while the rest of the guys had black suits. In her defence, Konan said, "Well I thought we stood a better chance of not being found out if Itachi and Deidara were disguised as girls, and besides, they are the only ones who could get away with it."

She is leader-sama's best friend, do not blow her up, Deidara thought, clutching the dress so tightly that he was creasing the soft fabric.

Pein was wearing his apron which said: Do not kiss the cook. He smiled at Konan, "Well everybody, you know the plans for tonight, the usual capture the jinchuuriki and eliminate as many shinobi as possible."

"Tobi will wear a dress if Senpai doesn't want to!" said Tobi.

"No you will not! Come Dei and Itachi, we have some work to do before you're ready for the party," Konan said with a wink. Itachi maintained his usual emotional expression but groaned internally while Deidara began to protest. Pein looked at him with his rinnegan eyes and said, "Go, before I make you go bare-ass to the party."

Deidara gulped and followed Konan and Itachi out of the room, in Konan's room, she was ruffling around muttering random words like 'pantyhose, 'make-up' and 'cleavage'. "There we go," she said finally, holding up two black lace wonder bras that made Deidara break out into a sweat. "Konan-sama, I am not going to wear that," Itachi said simply.

"Oh you will if you're going to pose as a girl, now come on, get dressed," she said, leaving the room. Deidara and Itachi looked at each other, "Oh how I hate you for making me join Akatsuki..." Itachi replied with a "Hn" and began taking off his clothes.

"What are you doing? You seriously going to wear that dress, un?"

"Yes. I do not want to go bare-ass to the party, but feel free if you want..."

Deidara grudgingly stripped and put the bra on. "Eh...Itachi, how do you...um, could you hook this for me, yeah?" Itachi looked at him as if he were stupid. Deidara grinned, "I'm experienced in taking them off, not putting them on, un."

"I don't even want to know..." Itachi said, hooking the bra for him.

"Oooh such an adorable clown!" one of the elders with bad eyesight squealed as she pinched Zabuza aka Plonkie's cheeks. He resisted the urge to chop off her limbs and called for Haku who was posing as Pipette, "Get these fools away from me," Zabuza said, already enraged that his cheeks had red circles on them, his nose was blue and he was dressed in a ridiculous polka dot outfit complete with a curly yellow wig.

He regretted buying Haku those storybooks when he was young because to this day the boy was obsessed with clowns. "Zabuza-san, we have to be nice to the people for just a little while longer..."

The Hall at the Academy was starting to fill up with guests, the overall decor was looking rather pretty with the pink and fuchsia setting, fairy-lights strung everywhere, a disco ball, a water fountain and a stage with a podium. Jounin were standing guard, some were hidden and some were visible, so it was difficult to make any moves...yet.

"Excuse me, what item number on the program are you?" asked a tall, pale, snaky looking man with long greasy black hair who was carrying a wicker basket and flute and he was dressed all eastern-like. He was accompanied by someone who was wearing a belly dancing outfit with their face covered. "Who are you freaks?" Zabuza asked in his gruff voice. "Ehehe, I am Oreo the snake charmer and this is my belly dancer." Now, you may be wondering where did they come from? Ever heard of gate crashing?

"Move out of the way..." said a low, gruff voice as three men in chef's outfits approached wheeling trolleys topped with food and desserts. They were followed by waiters and waitresses dressed in smart outfits. "Clowns? What is this? A fucking kids' party?" asked a silver-haired guy. Ooh he is not too bad looking, if my plans fail, maybe he can be my new body...but my plans won't fail, I will have you Sasuke-kun! Now where are those sound brats, I need to give them orders, thought Orochimaru.

Kiba just knew it, he was going to be in for a rough night as Elder Koharu dragged him around, ordering him to get her drinks. He was under explicit orders from Tsunade not to let Koharu have any sake, but he had a hard time keeping the woman away from it. Every so often she would yell insults into his ear such as "you smell like a dog!" or "how on earth did you become a ninja"

Poor Kiba looked at some of his friends who looked like they were enjoying themselves. Sakura flushed pink as Naruto complimented her on her pretty cerise pink dress that came to her knees and was buffed out, she looked quite beautiful. Naruto clutched her hand nervously but he was greatful that he finally got a date with the girl of his dreams. "Can I get you a drink Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked her.

"Yes please," Sakura smiled.

Neji was being a true gentleman as he linked arms with Tenten who was looking gorgeous in an emerald green floaty, knee-length dress.

Ino was wearing a deep purple dress that came just above her knees, looking sexy as always, and she had to admit that Shino wasn't a bad date; he got her drinks, pulled her seat out for her and told her how hot she was looking. Yes, Shino actually said that.

Choji was busy pigging out with Ayame already and she didn't seem the least bit fazed by his eating habits, he was even showing his charming side as he fed her pieces of barbeque strips that one very pissed red-haired waiter had to keep refilling. Ayame was looking very pretty in a lemon yellow mid-length dress, her hair that was always under the Ichiraku hat was left to hang on her shoulders.

The boys' were looking dashing in plain black suits with white shirts and ties, even Lee had discarded his usual green jumpsuit in favour of a black tux. He was Granny Chiyo's date and she kept insisting that she saw her grandson. "Look, there he is, that flaming red hair just like his father..." Lee squinted at the guy she was referring to, and thought that he looked a bit like Gaara. "Elder Chiyo, that boy over there cannot be your grandson, he looks too youthful and from what you said, your grandson is in his thirties." Yes, Granny Chiyo had been chatting to Lee about her grandson for most of the time.

"Have you seen Sasuke-teme and Hinata-chan?" Naruto yelled in Lee's ear. "No I haven't, Naruto-kun, Shikamaru isn't here either," said Lee. "They better be here soon, I think the judging for Mr. and Miss Konoha has already begun!" said Sakura, looking over at the table labelled 'Judges' where Kakashi, Anko, Asuma, Kurenai and Gai were sitting.

Tonight Gaara the Party Animal will be unleashed! Thought Gaara, and while his stoic face showed no excitement whatsoever, inside he was tingling. In his happy place, he even blocked out Temari and Kankuro's bickering. "You see, this is why you don't have a date, because of that retarded make-up that you wear! Even Gaara has a date!" Temari yelled.

"For the last time Temari, it's my tribal paint, it goes with my image, don't hate, appreciate," Kankuro said. Temari was speechless so she just grabbed Shikamaru's arm and lead him into the Hall. She was looking lovely in a short teal dress, Shikamaru was wearing a tux but his shirt was untucked, the sleeves of his shirt were rolled up and the coat was slung casually over his shoulder. Temari found his air of scruffiness to be attractive. Kankuro was dressed in his usual attire and had his puppets with him, ready for the puppet show. Gaara decided to be different and he was looking cute in a white suit, with a pink shirt to match his date Matsuri's baby pink dress. Matsuri was feeling like the luckiest girl on the planet as Gaara held her hand upon entering the Hall.

Hinata was feeling so miserable, even as her little sister Hanabi was giving her a mini makeover. "Smile Hinata! You're looking so pretty and your date is the hottest guy in Konoha, why are you still sad?" Hinata gave a small smile, oh how she yearned to be getting dolled up to meet Naruto, but she was stuck going to the party with a scary grump. Hinata bit back her tears, it was now clear to her that Naruto wanted Sakura and not her, she could never compete with Sakura in terms of strength and beauty. Sasuke was only going with her because he was forced to, she guessed he probably wanted to go with Sakura too. "H-Hanabi...I don't think I-I'm going to the party..."

"Yes you are! You look amazing, you have to go! Come on, Sasuke-kun must be waiting for you and dad is already gone to the party, all of your friends are there!," Hanabi said reproachfully. Hinata decided to perk up and enjoy this one night, maybe Naruto would finally notice her and even if he didn't, she was still glad that he was her friend. Hanabi gave her older sister a final once-over and then Hinata took a deep breath and headed out.

Meanwhile, Sasuke was pacing outside the Hyuga compound wondering if Hinata would ever show up. She seemed reluctant to be his date, and he found this strange since girls' clamour for his attention. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw someone step tentatively out of the shadows. "S-sorry I'm late U-Uchiha-san." He flashed his usual scowl at the trembling girl "Let's go," he told her and Hinata followed quietly. She was walking behind him so he slowed down so she could walk beside him, her head was bent down and both of them were silent all the way to the Hall. They were amongst the last to enter. "Oh my God Hinata-chan, you're looking amazing!" Sakura squealed, hugging Hinata, "And you too Sasuke-kun!"

Hinata was looking stunning in a lilac Grecian dress that was tight around her waist but flowed elegantly downwards and her long hair was slightly curled. Naruto was grinning at Hinata in a way that made her blush. 'What took you guys so long to get here?" he asked.

"None of your business dobe," Sasuke said. Hinata waved at Shino and Kiba, Kiba was almost crying when he saw Hinata. Look at her, she's beautiful, I should have not been a wimp and I should have asked her! Damn you Uchiha, damn you! Kiba thought as he punched the table, causing Koharu's tea to be spilt and she smacked him upside the head.

"Attention all couples entering the Mr and Miss Konoha contest, please line up at the front podium!" Jiraiya announced. Sasuke noticed everyone take their partners hands (even Koharu grabbed Kiba's hand) and line up. Hinata had her hands clasped together in front of her and Sasuke wasn't sure what to do, so he grabbed her hand and lead her up to the front podium. Hinata looked shocked but then grew shy as every eye was on the young (and old) shinobi in front. "And for the first event in the Mr and Miss Konoha contest...a karaoke competition!" Jiraiya yelled into the microphone.

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