Konoha's Bash

Chapter 9

"Is the party just going to go on after that?" Neji voiced out loud to Tenten, who was his date for the evening. This was more because he feared their turn for karaoke was up next rather than a concern for the security at the party.

"Yeah, the guests don't seem too fazed that there were potential murderers here..." Tenten said, watching the people who were still dancing, mingling, laughing and anxiously awaiting who was the next couple to sing. But first, someone had to mop up the blood on the stage.

Hinata's pretty lucky, Sasuke thought as he watched her unconscious form, she didn't have to witness that ghastly display. She stirred and looked up at him with those pearly eyes. "Ah. You're awake, have a pancake," Sasuke said.

"Th-thank you," she said timidly, and took a bite. Sasuke turned his attention back to the other person he was observing; a young waitress with long dark hair in a short black dress – there was something oddly familiar about her, but Sasuke didn't get a chance to further ponder this because Hinata began giggling and she touched his shoulder. He turned around and Hinata leaned in closer to whisper into his ear. "I love...Naruto-kun."

"Oh?" Sasuke knew this without her having to tell him."I want to tell him," Hinata said. Sasuke's eyes narrowed, Hinata wasn't stuttering.

"You should," Sasuke said. He knew that the dobe and Sakura were head over heels for each other and Hinata's little confession would be a little too late but she should be able to face the rejection.

"I'm going now..." Hinata said, waking up from her seat confidently, "You're coming with me."

"Huh? Why?"

"Because I said so."

Oh-kay, what the hell happened to her, Sasuke wondered, but followed her more out of curiosity to see the outcome of her confession.

Pein was already pondering another plan of action since the current ones were doomed to failure. "Relax Pein, enjoy the party," Konan said soothingly.

"Enjoy the party? We did not come here to party, we came here to attempt a mass assassination by covert methods, and I'm at my wits end trying to come up with another plan while our members are out there having the time of their lives. Don't they understand that we will never get another chance like this?"

"I understand, but you have to calm down or else you won't be able to think clearly..."

"Those two circus morons from earlier have had more luck than us so far!"

"Here, here, just have a pancake and some punch," Konan said. Pein grabbed the pancakes and cup from her and began wolfing them down, not realising what the punch or pancakes contained. Konan smirked.

Kakuzu walked into the kitchen and actually began making more pancakes, Konan and Pein looked at him questioningly. "I'm gonna be rich, these pancakes are so good, the people are willing to pay for them!" Kakuzu said gleefully. Konan shook her head, "How is Hidan doing?"

"That bastard is fine. But the Hokage and the Jounin are suspicious...the masked one asked how he was able to survive that. I said it was an impressive healing jutsu unique to his clan...don't know how convinced he was though..."

Pein groaned, "Great. Just freaking great."

"Hey there pretty lady," Kiba said winking at a blonde waitress. He had just escaped a very drunk Koharu and was feeling pretty wrecked himself. "You talking to me, un?" the blonde asked in a very masculine voice but Kiba didn't notice. Kiba looked around himself, then back at the blonde, "Yes, I'm talking to you baby."

"Go away," the blonde snarled, looking digusted.

"Aw, don't be like that," Kiba slurred, "I just wanna talk...get to know you better, like your dreams...ambitions...phone number?"

The blonde looked around in panic and spotted a red-head and grabbed him. Sasori had been carrying a tray of drinks and they splashed all around him. "This night just keeps getting better," he commented sarcastically, "What is it brat?"

"This is my boyfriend, un!" Deidara told Kiba, gesturing towards Sasori.

"Deidara, what the - "

"Just go along with it Danna! This freak is hitting on me!"

Sasori fought the urge to burst into laughter.

"Oh, you're taken, sorry man. Didn't know," Kiba said, and started crying.

Deidara and Sasori looked at each other in alarm.

"I'm so sorry!" Kiba wailed, "It's ju-just that I'm in love with my best friend!"

Shino, who happened to be nearby, getting Ino a drink, overheard and his ears perked up at that comment and he turned around with a horrified expression.

"Oh no, not you Shino. It's Hinata! She doesn't ever notice me yet I am there for her everyday – but no! Everything is Naruto-kun! That blockhead doesn't even notice her!"

"Have you actually told her that you love her? No, you didn't. So you shouldn't be crying. My kikaichu don't waste their time crying when looking for a mate, they go out and make it happen," Shino told his friend, while Deidara shook the disturbing image of mating bugs out of his head. "Sunglasses dude is right, you need to tell her, un," Deidara said. Sasori didn't particularly care much for this scene and he left to do his job. Kiba's eyes were shining, "You're right! I must go find her!"

Itachi Uchiha could simply not stop stalking Hana Inuzuka. Kisame even commented that he was behaving very out of character. Hana, on the other hand, was telling her date Kotetsu Hagane, about how wonderful the waitress with the long black hair is. "I say I'm thirsty and she's already on hand with a drink! Now that is excellent service."

Itachi groaned, oh if only he weren't wearing this stupid dress, he could at least try and talk to her. If he spoke to her now, she would think he was a lesbian. What if that spiky-haired idiot isn't just her date for tonight? What if he's her boyfriend? Itachi thought. He had a plan, but he waited until Kotetsu was gone to greet someone. He sat down beside Hana, "Hi there," he tried to sound like a girl. "Hello," Hana said with a radiant smile. "Your boyfriend seems nice," Itachi commented. Hana laughed, "Oh, Kotetsu isn't my boyfriend. He's just my date for tonight. Why? Are you interested?"

"In you?" Itachi asked, and then mentally slapped himself.

"Hahaha, no, in Kotetsu!"

Itachi blushed slightly.

"Oh my god you are! I'll introduce you two when he gets back, what's your name?"

Itachi began to panic, which is something that normally doesn't happen, "No! Please don't, I'll be terribly embarrassed."

"Ah okay then. Hey, this may sound totally ridiculous, but you kind of remind me of someone I used to know long ago."

"Who?" Itachi dared to ask.

"You must have heard of him, the guy who murdered his entire clan, Itachi Uchiha? Yeah, well, I couldn't believe it, he always seemed so calm and nice and smart. Oh and he was cute, haha, you look like you could be his sister!"

Naruto and Sakura dancing to a slow song that was being played by the Sound Five. They weren't a great band of musicians but no one seemed to care. "Are you having a good time, Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked, flashing his trademark grin. His blue eyes were alight with happiness because he thought he'd never ever get to slow dance with Sakura, but here he was.

"Yes, I'm having a great time!" Sakura said, beaming at him.

Awesome, Naruto thought, Maybe now is my chance...

"Um, Sakura-chan?"


Sakura noted that he was looking very nervous again, like the time when he tried to ask to the party. They stopped dancing and looked at each other. Someone bumped Naruto and he immediately came back to his senses. "Sakura-chan, can I kiss you? But like, not on the cheek again, lips maybe?"

Sakura stared at him, Naruto thought that he was going to get a slap but instead she put her hands on either side of his face and pulled him close until their lips met. Wow, this is much better than that time I accidently kissed that Sasuke bastard! Naruto marvelled as he tasted the cherry-sweetness of her lips. Sakura could hardly think as she melted into the bliss of her first kiss. Naruto felt brave enough to deepen the kiss. They didn't even notice as the slow song ended and a more up-tempo one began. Finally they broke apart when the need for air became urgent. Naruto was grinning widely and Sakura was blushing shyly.

"Next time, you don't have to ask first," Sakura told him while he scratched his head sheepishly, amazed at his good fortune.

"Sakura-chan, does this mean that I'm your boyfriend?" Sakura smiled, "Yep!"

"Naruto-kun!" said the voice of Hinata Hyuuga. Naruto whirled around and saw Hinata with Sasuke walking silently behind her. "Hey Hinata-chan, Sasuke-kun," Sakura greeted happily.

"Naruto-kun I - " Hinata began, and then she suddenly burst into laughter.

"Haha, what's so funny Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked, still smiling.

Hinata opened her mouth to try and say what she wanted to but was too overcome with laughter. "Is she okay?" Sakura whispered to Sasuke. He just shrugged.

"Sasuke, you bastard, what did you do to Hinata now?" Naruto asked. Hinata tried to suppress her laughter but it was uncontrollable. "What the hell Naruto? Why do you assume I had something to do with this?" Sasuke asked angrily.

"Because she was with you!"

Sakura put a hand on Naruto's shoulder to keep him calm. "Sasuke-kun, did she maybe have sake?"

"No. All I gave her was a plate of pancakes."

"Hmm, weird, I could use my medical ninjutsu to see what's wrong with her," Sakura said.

Hinata tried to speak again, but burst into laughter once more.

Just then, Kiba appeared in front of them, out of breath, looking like he'd run a marathon to get to that spot on the dance floor. "Hinata I love you!" he yelled.

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