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Human zoo


It's the year 4004, the hybrids have finally taken over earth. All humans have been brought to zoo's, places where hybrids can watch humans or adopt a human pet. Short chapters, sorry.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

It's the year 4004. The world is different than years ago. After the war the hybrids won and forced the humans into zoo's. Zoo's are like a zoo and a pet shop in one. A hybrid goes there to look at all kinds of humans from all around the world, or they go there to adopt a human. It's a couple thing to go and adopt a human from a zoo and raise them. That's why adults stay in the zoo if they're too old and haven't been adopted, they must create baby's for the hybrids or else they'll get a punishment that'll make them wish they were never born.

Just like how Yoongi and Jimin went to adopt their human. It was their first time to go get one but they had some experience from taking care of their friends, Taehyungs and Hoseok's, human.

Jimin wanted a young child from age five or younger while Yoongi wanted a teen or at least a kid around 7 years or older so it would be less work to take care of them. Afterall Yoongi didn't like putting much effort into things unless he loved what he was doing.

Jimin and Yoongi often fought about it but made up immediatly after, making up with a big cuddle session and movies.

The couple had decided on a seven to eight year old but Jimin knew he could get Yoongi to adopt a five year old with him.

The couple held hands as they walked into the zoo. Jimin already squealing over the humans at the entrance of the park. Yoongi had to drag Jimin to the place where they'd meet potential matches for the adoption making Jimin whine. Yoongi sighed and walked inside "i though you wanted to adopt a human, not just stare at them" Yoongi chuckled as Jimin glared at him only to cooe over the cute human baby's in their cribs.

Hybrids may be superior but they didn't treat the humans bad, unless you got unlucky as human and were adopted by one of the hybrids that despised humans. Only wanting to hurt them.

Yoongi dragged Jimin away from the baby's and to the counter where a female hybrid bunny hybrid stood. She smiled at the couple as Jimin hugged Yoongis arm "hello, how can I he--" "I want a five year old human please" Jimin interrupted and smiled making Yoongi frown. "I thought we'd go for a seven to eight year old?" Asked Yoongi making Jimin whine and pout "please Yoonie? I'll take good care of it! Please please please?" Jimin begged with his puppy eyes, making Yoongi bite his lip as he hesitated, Jimin knew this was one of Yoongis weaknesses. Yoongi sighed " fine... but you take care of it more then" Jimin squealed as he got what he wanted and squealed Yoongi making Yoongi smile softly.

Jimin looked back at the female with a grin "I want a five year old boy, brown hair, brown eyes but he has to have doe eyes!" Said Jimin in excitement making the female smile "we should have have some of those. Any particular race?" She asked and Jimin nodded "yes! Korean!" He smiled and the female smiled back "I'll be right back sir."

The female walked off and Jimin looked up at Yoongi with a smile and pecked his lips before he softly scratched Yoongis ear as he knew Yoongi loved it when he did that.

The female on the other hand walked over to her colleague. "I need every five year old boy from the Korean part that has brown hair, brown eyes and doe eyes. This hybrid sure knows what he wants." She giggled and the colleague nodded before he walked off, going with another colleague as he knew how much the humans hated it when their baby's were taken away.

Once the pair got the the Korean part they first looked at how many of the boys actually had brown hair, brown eyes and doe eyes. They had 3 boys like that in total. The workers knew they had to go for the mother's so that the human children would go with them.

That's why they got a third colleague before they got into the enclosure. One of the humans yelled something making the other humans pick up their kids and try to hide from the workers, but sadly thanks to their half animal side the hybrids were a lot quicker and had caught the three boys before the mother's could even do something about it. The first colleague scoffed as the boy he had caught started crying, trying his best to get our of his hols to go back to his mother.

Little did the boy know he's never see his mother ever again.

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