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Diabolical Lovers + Emily


Badass , sassy and bossy Emily is the Best friend of Yui. Four years ago. She’s been with her since after she was found. Yui has never told anyone of what happened to her and where she’s been, until now, when she’s again found by the vampire brothers. Only this time, Emily is there to shield Yui from the brothers’ fangs. (In the cover I used Cordelia to show Emily, so don’t get the wrong idea)

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The Red-Head

At the Rainbow clothes shop in the mall, I'm debating over a red hoodie and a Blue striped T-Shirt while Yui is helping me decide.

"Yui, I don't even like blue,". This is me, Emily Stephenson, daughter of General Stephenson He works in the army. No not that army. The army where you get to teach your family how to use a gun before the age of 13. Yes, I've been using a gun since I was 12. For safety reasons, my dad has been targeted many, many times so it's only sensible that all of his family is an expert in Shooting the bad guy from a mile away. My biological sister, Katherine, is currently in the UK where she's studying medicine. She aims to become a doctor. My mother, Claudia, mysteriously died when I was 15, Although my dad said it was because of "age and stress", we both know she was killed to somehow grief my father so he become's easy to kill. Unfortunately, do them, my parent never got along, sure we had put family fun times but most of our time we'd only ever seen them fight. Not with guns. Mom was never interested in that sorta thing, she said Dad would protect and that deep deep deep down he cares for us. That's what got her killed, hope, and no back-up plan. Other than training me in fighting and guns, my dad began to think about my future. He wanted me to work in the police and I wanted to be in the army. We fought a lot but I don't think I received enough debating genes from my dad because he won. He started taking me to Police stations so I can solve cases and stuff, mind you, I was good at them. I mean, sure I'm more of a bod than brains but still. My sister who is 2 years younger than me, was never told to the public for her protection consequently She was homeschooled and quite attached to Mom, unlike me who could stand neither mom nor dad. Mom was noisy and always wanted proper manners and etiquette. Dad was distant and cold, Although he never got along with mom, he would always listen to her but just ignore me and Kat.

"Emily it's June, when would you ever wear a hoodie?" This is Yui Stephenson Kimori, my adopted sister. We've only known each other for one year.my dad adopted her when I was 16, to give me company, and Yui relief and protection. She came crying into the Police station One Day while I was taking a case. Her clothes were ripped and brutal scars were visible on her skin. These weren't normal scars. We've had cases here and there about two dots, perfectly vertical to each other on people's skin. Some were deep, some Were light but none were as gashed as Yui's. Back in 2018, when the rate of these dots increased, we had to give them a name. Originally, it was going to be Snake Bite, But another girl, Melissa McCarthy, who was also an army chief's daughter, suggested we call it Vampire Bite. She was a cool kid in her school, none of her friends knew who she was, again for protection, and a skilled fighter, Thus came the Introduction of real-life Vampire Bites. Obviously, we didn't think vampires were real but it was a metaphor. Everyone with a Vampire Bite would eventually die of amenia or Hypoxemia, death from low levels of oxygen. Some did survive and Yui is the perfect example. They were going to take her in for investigation, but my dad and I both stepped and brought up her age and condition. Dad adopted her, to prevent anything hasty so to this day no-one knows what happened to her. I think it should stay that way. Her Father, that priest Seiji, tried to take her back but he didn't have enough evidence that he was her father. Yui pleaded for her to still be able to see him so, once in a while she visits him and he visits her by my dads permission.
"what if I get both" I tried to negotiate.

Yui gasped

"c'mon they're only two dollars" wow. I got to the point of whining. What is happening to me?

Yui's eyes' were widened and her breath was short, she had me worried.

"T-there...oh no-no not now....please no" Yui started stuttering about how he shouldn't be here.

I got the idea there was someone here she didn't want to be around someone. She was looking at some redhead wearing a hat. "Yui, Who is that?" My voice was low and gentle. If he was someone who hurt Yui in the past, then he has a lot to seal with. Putting my hand in my purse, and gripping the taser I brought with, my eyes were steadily fixed on who I assumed to have a bastard personality.

"Do you know him?" I asked, still alert

Yui turned around suddenly and started walking off.

"Can we just leave now? Please?"

"yeah..... umm..sure. Walk ahead, I'll be with you in a second."

"Hurry..." She rushed off in front of me.

I quickly purchased the hoodie from the cashier named Stella Iris.

"wear this," I say showing her the red hoodie.It looked like Yui was about to argue but, she listened and her face was now hidden. As we sped walked to the entrance, I could feel someone's eyes on me.

Starting the car and driving off to town and playing "Animals" by Maroon 5 on the radio.

"You want some tea, chamomile tea always calms me down when I'm stressed."

Yui is breathing, her eyes at the mall. I knew what she was thinking, it was them. Who hurt her.

"Girl, you need to tell me so I can help you, who was he, and how do you know him."

Yui finally spoke "I'll tell you, but promise not to tell anyone else"

I smirked "my lips are sealed".
She told me. She told me everything.And It was sad and I'll admit I wanted to cry , but I also didn't want Yui to get overwhelmed and stop the story. She told me how those son of a bachelor vampires treated my baby sister, how they sucked her blood when they pleased because she was their property. howwe was kidnapped, how she was possessed by their bitchy monster mom. And I mean I get that she was evil and cruel to her sons but that doesn't mean they get to be equally as cruel her. That just proves how much of her they have in their blood. And if that's what they're trying to prove, then they should never have killed her.
Ugh! I was so mad at them for treating Yui like that, but I hate that she let herself be treated that way too.

Aya-toe , Ree-ji , Suburban , Karato?, I think, Latte , and Shoe. Who names their kid Shoe? Those who had some sort of Latte fascination.
Yup, these six were on my kill list now. Plus the four she didn't give the names of.

"noooo, and you just let them bite ya"

Tears started filling her eyes but she held back. No, sweetness don't cry. I wanted to hug her, but I was driving and she was in the back seat. "I know, but what could I have done, they were vampires and-and i was at the mercy of them"

I sighed "and now they are coming for you." To be honest, I don't actually think vampires exist but. Her emotions, and everything, and Yui would NEVER lie, she may not tell me but she'd never lie, I know her that well. I hope. Maybe the Vampire Bites were caused by real Vampires. That's messed up.

"I-I don't know what to do, what can I do?" Yui asks me. I could hear the desperation in her voice .

I looked at her in the mirror view. Her eyes were still set behind us."listen, their after you because they think your weak , and vulnerable. They think that your unprotected and an easy prey, of course they don't know how wrong they are but they wouldn't be after you if you fought them off then. However you're also right they could've killed you so your not at fault." It's that priest.
Yui put her face in her hands " I'm so sorry, I should've told you, I just wanted to leave, forget that part of my life, to start a new life, is that selfish?"
"No,my sweet sister, that's very reasonable of you, if there was anyone else in your position I'd bet my Percy Jackson book collection they'd only have survived two days."

"But at least they wouldn't have brought problems on to others"

I look at her surprised "Girl, no, how are you bringing problems?"

"Because if they find out you know about, they'll hurt you, kill you or worse suck your blood too."

I saw a limo behind us, there were a number of men sitting in it, but one specific individual caught my eye. They were following us. Yui was about to say something but I cut her. "I have a plan" it was barely a whisper, However Yui heard.


this is my first fan-fiction story of Diabolikal Lovers. Please check that out, it was the first Anime I ever watched. A few changes are made to the story. For example, Yui is little bit self-strong which leads her to running away from the mansion, and it's basically a continuation of the Anime not the game.

Stay Lovely,
Stay Beautiful
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