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Virus; p.jm m.yg


➣ Park jimin, a sweet and naive boy finds a cell phone on the street still intact and decides to take it. he will discover that the soul of a boy older than himself is trapped in the phone; perverted and cursed. This story was written by my "pen" [Boyxboy] [no hate] [bangtan boys]

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I'm not afraid of dying, I'm afraid of not having lived long enough. We should write on the blackboard of each school: "Life is a playground or nothing".

Mr. Nobody



Jimin was walking through the busy streets of Seoul in search of a bar or a warm place to take refuge from the rain that had been pouring for more than ten minutes

Yes he found himself in a newly opened cafe in the lesser known part of the capital, nobody usually passed by there; so I take advantage of it and without giving my attention he entered the small bar lit only by a few purple lights around the sign

He ordered his usual caramel macchiato and sprawled on the chair, sighing with exhaustion

It was 20:49 and besides him only two other people were sitting at their table at the mercy of their cell phone

He did not like these new technological "gadgets", rather he hated them.

By now nobody looked at each other to speak, now everyone looked at a lifeless screen and it bothered him, that was why he could not make friends with his classmates, and that was why he had always been excluded

He was curious to own one for the first time

Nobody would have looked for him anyway

He left the cafe with all his clothes still wet.

His jeans a little too loose like his sweatshirt now adhered completely to the body of the boy who did not like to show himself

I take the road home when a twinkle in the twilight made him stop in his footsteps.

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