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That's the way the Cookie Crumbles


On her first day her baked goods have caught the eye of the giant Atsushi Murasakibara and is now being harassed into making more! Will Clara survive her encounter from a bottomless pit snack eater?

Humor / Romance
Danya Okey
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Even though the sun was up it was still a chilly morning near Yōsen High. Students started to gather near the fence entrance, a few people chatted away with friends, or to teachers who were arriving.

"This place… is huge…" Squeaked a tiny voice. A girl in her mid teens walked towards the gate, looking around at the student body on the other side of the iron fence. Clara Inari gulped heavily as she held back some of her blond hair that decided to make it's way to her face, she groaned as she quickly tied it in a messy pony tail while she passed the gates and onto her school's property. As soon as she stepped past, her nerves got the better of her and she started to walk a little awkwardly. "Coming to a new school is scary… I don't know any one here…" She whimpered to herself as she felt her green eyes stinging slightly from unshed tears. "No! I will not cry!" She made a fist bump as she spoke to herself like a crazy person. "As soon as I join the volleyball team, I will make friends easily." She said with determination in her voice causing some students to point and giggle at her, she gasped and continued to walk trying to ignore the giggles.

As she walked, Clara noticed some girls' chit chatting and giggling as they stared off towards the bench area that lay under some trees. Clara's curiosity got the better of her as she looked around them and saw several boys sitting on a bench, she blushed gently as she noticed every one of them were pretty good looking and rather tall for being high schoolers. She noticed one boy had a part of his face covered with his own black hair, she also noticed he had a mole under his right eye which made him stand out a little more than the others. She soon finished walking past the giggling girls and made her way towards the entrance of the school, suddenly a foreign low grumbled sound reached her ears making her blush heavily.

"Ahhh I am hungry… I was so nervous about school I didn't eat breakfast…" Than her frown turned into a bright smile as she went into her backpack and took out a little clear bag that held a few cookies. "Good thing I brought my 'home made super-duper-lucky-chocolate-chip cookies!" She giggled as she untied the little bag, as she ate her stomach started to settle. "Mmmm…" Clara started to feel a whole lot better than when she first arrived, she continued to eat and as she was about to take another a rather large hand appeared out of nowhere and snatched up her last bit of cookies.

Clara gapped as she watched her poor little cookie heading towards a giant's mouth. Clara's world seemed to go in slow motion as she imagined her little cookie screaming for Clara to save it but soon her cookie fell into the dark abyss. Tears formed and in a fit of rage she stood up yelling. "Hey! What's the big idea, huh?!" She pouted as she stared up at the man, not noticing he was well over 6 feet tall, she didn't care that he looked down at her with sparkly eyes. "That was my 'super-duper-lucky-chocolate-chip cookie! That was supposed to get me through…"

"…More?" A soft, bored child like voice sprung from his lips as he stared down at Clara.

Clara was snapped out of her rage rant as she stared up at the man, surprised by his voice. "Any more?" She blinked in confusion as she finally saw his eyes sparkling. Clara's mouth hung open. "Huuhhh?"

"Do you have any more of those cookies?" He asked again as he stared down at her, even though he had a bored look upon his face, his eyes were filled with hunger.

Clara pouted. "No, you ate the last one!"

"Hmmmm? Where did you buy them?" Clara still had a confused look on her face, she stared up at the guy like he was crazy and soon she started to notice this guy's height, she almost felt intimidated but she kept face, soon the giant started to look annoyed, with an agitated voice he looked off towards the gate. "There is still time to buy them before first bell, so where did you buy them?"

It soon clicked in what this guy was talking about but Clara was still upset as she turned her back on him and started to walk away while shouting, "Well sorry to burst your bubble bub, but those were home made!" She soon started to run off to find the office to get her new schedule, not caring that violet eyes were watching her retreating form.

Clara saw she had homeroom for her first period, she sighed in relief sometimes she needed extra time to finish her homework or at least fix it if she saw anything wrong with any of her answers, she looked up and saw her classroom, she knocked on the door to which the teacher appeared and he smacked his head as if he just recovered a lost memory.

"Oh, that's right…" He turned his attention back to his students and raised his voice. "Everyone we have a new student, she has come from Hokkaidō, so she is far from home, please be nice." The students went into an uproar, Clara could hear several of them wondering if she was a boy or a girl, or if she was cute or not.

Clara braced her self as she came in while the teacher started to write her name on the board. "Nice to meet you…I'm Clara Inari." She bowed, several of the students greeted back while others continued to talk about Clara, some guys were disappointed while others called her cute. Clara looked back up when the teacher pointed towards the back.

"There is a seat available between Mr. Tatsuya Himuro and Mr. Atsushi Murasakibara." Clara followed where the teacher was pointing, but before her eyes could lay on her empty seat she winced when she recognized the very giant that stole her precious cookies, he sat near the back row, right by the window. He looked even more bored than ever, Clara couldn't help but cry on the inside as she once again remembered how that monster ate her lucky cookies, and to make matters worse now she had to sit next to the big brute. Clara turned to ask if she could have another seat but the teacher turned his back to start going through the schedule. Defeated, Clara reluctantly dragged her feet as she slowly made her way towards the back of the classroom, trying not to get this Himuro… or was it Murasakibara…? Whatever his name is, she didn't want to get his attention but Clara suddenly found herself kissing the floor.

Soon the students went into an uproar with laughter as they saw Clara trip. "Oh how embarrassing!" One student cried out through his laughter.

"Still kind of cute." One boy snickered while a girl made a shrill laugh. "Oh! And right in front of Murasakibara and Himuro!"

Clara went to her knees as she covered her face with her left hand to check to see if she was bleeding. "Ow…" She sniffled, to her relief she wasn't bleeding, than she soon saw a hand in front of her that offered to help her up, which she took gently. "Thank…"

"Sorrrryyyy…. Ahhh Cookie…?" Clara froze in place, that… voice… it can't be… she didn't even get the chance to finish her thought when she finished looking up. Her face paled slightly when she saw it was Murasakibara who was trying to help her up, or was it Himuro…? She shook her name guessing thoughts from her head as a new thought crossed her mind… he called her Cookie… suddenly as she finally took noticed she still held on to his… huge ass hand! She pulled her hand away as she stood up quickly, she looked back at him again to which she noticed his purplish hair dangled in front of his eyes, his bored yet sparkling violet eyes, she felt like she could get lost...

"Miss Inari please take your seat so we can begin homeroom…" The teacher called out making Clara blush even harder as several students chuckled again; she quickly sat down in her chair finally. Clara sighed as she tried to put what just happened in the past as she took out her notebook, as she bent over to dig her notebook out of her bag. Something than caught Clara's attention, she looked over and suddenly figured out what she tripped on; sure enough it was the giant's fault, his long legs extended even past his neighbor's desk. Clara bit her lip to keep from yelling at the big lummox as she listened to her teacher, trying to forget about what just happened and started to take notes on what she is going to be doing that day.

Clara took a deep breath and started to relax more as she continued to write in her notebook.

"Psst… Cookie?" A droll voice muttered. Clara at first didn't hear the voice but after the next several time the voice started to become an annoyance. "Cookie…?" Soon she had to focus on just trying to ignore the voice, she looked up at her teacher as her grip on her pencil started to strain. "Cookie… oi?" The pestering went on for another minute until finally Clara's pencil snapped in two as she turned her attention to the bane of her existence, whose hair covered face was inches away from her own face.

It took every ounce of self-control she had in her body to not scream in shock, but she thankfully smacked a hand over her mouth before anything went past her lips.

"What do you want?" Clara whispered. "I am trying to concentrate…and 'Cookie' isn't my name…" As Clara whispered she turned to dig through her backpack to get a pen, since her pencil was now broken. Once Clara found one, it didn't take long as it too broke in her hand from the sudden demand that escaped the purple haired man's lips.

"I want more of those cookies you baked…" Clara snapped her attention back to him, she winced when she saw how serious he was, actually, his serious face made him look like a child pouting for more treats, Clara felt like she was getting hit by little sparkles that came out of his eyes. Clara couldn't help but feel heat rising into her cheeks as she turned away from him.

'Cute…he is freaking adorable…' Clara admitted to herself, she had to put her hand to her chest in hopes to stop her rapidly beating heart from pounding so harshly.

"Are you listening? Oi… Cookie?" Clara could feel a vein ready to pop. She snapped her attention back up at the ass.

"I will think about it, IF you stop calling me Cookie…It's Clara Inari…" She spat out her name.

"Huh? This Attitude you have..." The brute reached over to pinch Clara's cheek, she winced slightly from the dull pain as she looked back into his purple eyes, Clara felt herself starting to shake slightly as he stared at her with a serious and dangerous look, what was more chilling was his voice. "…Makes me want to crush you…" Clara felt the color drain from her face but before either could say or do anything more, they both winced as two pieces of chalk smacked them in the head, which led to the release of Clara's cheek.

"OI! Murasakibara! Inari! Pay attention!"

Clara dashed out of the classroom as soon as the teacher announced it was time to break for lunch, she wanted to get as far away as possible from Murasakibara, her vein continued to throb from her temple as she stomped through the hallways. For five hours all she heard was Murasakibara asking for more of the cookies she baked. Any chance he got he asked again and again and no matter now many times she said she didn't have any more he became more persistent in her baking them for him.

'Like hell I will bake him anything… first he ate the cookies I brought, than he got me in trouble with the teacher and I could barely write any notes during my lectures, and it's only my FIRST day! I swear he is nothing but bad… luck…' Clara gasped as she suddenly leaned against the hallway wall in defeat. Clara seemed to sink deeper into depression. 'Spider…'

Clara had a flash back to that very morning, as she left her apartment… she killed a spider that suddenly appeared in front of her face.

'That's right… I killed a spider this morning… Is that why I am having such horrible luck?!' She cried to herself as she walked off like a zombie toward the cafeteria. "Why me?" She finally spoke out but softly as she felt like she was ready to cry.

Just as she was about to turn to the cafeteria hall, a hand was suddenly holding her back from entering. "What the?" She looked up and squeaked. She broke away from Murasakibara's grasp. "Why?! Why are you following me?!" She yelled out. "Something is wrong with you! Do you seriously need to have my baked goods that badly?!"

Murasakibara stared absentmindedly at Clara as she continued her rant but after another moment he couldn't take it anymore. His own vein on his head started to throb as he laid his huge hand on her head again. "Shut up already…your voice is annoying like that!"

Clara squeaked as she tensed under his hand, which surprisingly wasn't a very strong grip.

"If you just be quite for a moment…." He complained loudly like a child as he picked his ear with his pinky, he than looked down at her again with annoyed yet bored look. "Bring those cookies for me I will leave you alone!" His voice sounded annoyed as he finally let go of Clara's head. "Your cookies are seriously a lot better than most store bought…" Clara blinked at Murasakibara's confession about her cookies; she clenched her teeth and looked away.

Clara felt her head inflate with pride from his complements; she knew her cookies were good, she learned from the best. An image of her grandmother came to mind and her kind words. Clara sighed as she looked up at Murasakibara.

"Fine… I will bring what I have left tomorrow, okay?" She turned around to head into the cafeteria.

"Thank you."

Clara stopped dead in her tracks, she turned around and saw Murasakibara giving her a warm smile, and he even turned around humming slightly now that he won the battle of the promise of getting his desired goods.

Clara felt weak in the knees as she watched the giant walk off. "Wha…what was that?" She blushed heavily as she began to tap her chest. "Stop beating so fast you stupid heart…" She couldn't take it anymore and just went to have lunch by herself.

Murasakibara returned to the classroom where Tatsuya was waiting for him.

"Ah Atsushi, your back, where did you go?" Tatsuya took a bite from a protein bar before gulping some water down. "You suddenly disappeared right as lunch started."

"I had to do something…" As soon as Murasakibara sat down several girls came over, all blushing and giggling.

"Murasakibara… please accept this!" One girl cried out, as well as the other girls who were side by side with her, they all had cute little bags with some graphic art on them, soon they held them out towards Murasakibara.

"I baked a cake in home economics today..."

"And I baked cookies…"

"I brought your favorite chips!" One girl tried to outstay the others, to which she received some death glares from her female classmates but she didn't noticed as she and other held out their gifts.

Murasakibara stared at all the girls, who were blushing madly as they waited for Murasakibara's answer but of course when it came to snacks he couldn't help himself, he accepted all the gifts without hesitation. The girls left with a sigh of relief mixed in with some giggles as they all talked about what just happened. Murasakibara wasn't the only one to receive some gifts even Tatsuya also received some treats.

"Your popular as ever…Atsushi." Tatsuya chuckled as he saw how much his teammate's eyes sparkled.

Murasakibara saw that he not only got the baked goods, but also some potechi tops (his favorite bag of chips), pocky and even Maiu-bo. He began to eat his favorite chips first and once they were done he moved on to the Maiu-bo and than to the baked goods, leaving the pocky to snack on during classes.

As he bit into the first cookie he immediately stopped, his face twisting into dissatisfaction.

Tatsuya blinked as he saw the expression. "Atsushi? What is it?"

Murasakibara grumbled as he cried out like a child throwing a tantrum. "Why are they hard as a rock? And they're salty… This one is burnt..." He pouted like a child as he complained; after he couldn't take it anymore he went straight to eating his lunch he originally brought, leaving Tatsuya confused.

Tatsuya also received some cookies from the same girl and took another bite out of a cookie. "What are you talking about? They're pretty damn good if you ask me…" Tatsuya finished the last one as he took a swig of his water again.

Murasakibara ignored Tatsuya's opinion on the cookies as he stared out the window, still pouting as he thought back to this morning's events.

Atsushi Murasakibara yawned loudly while scratching his head; he wasn't looking forward to today. After he was done with classes he had basketball practice, that was something he didn't want to do but Tatsuya insisted like always. As Murasakibara passed the gate he noticed Tatsuya waving him over by the resting area, along with the other basketball players. Just as Murasakibara took a step in that direction his nose picked up a scent, something sweet and delicious. He turned his body towards the aroma and followed it; he passed a few students he looked like a bloodhound following a wanted criminal. Soon he found himself by the shrubbery with a tall concrete curb as he stepped closer he started to notice a girl was sitting down, her back was turned to him and that was when Murasakibara noticed she took a bite out of a cookie, the source of the delicious smell. Murasakibara felt his hunger raising by the second as he watched her eat those cookies, his eyes seemed to analyze, they were a good circular shape with what seemed the right amount of chocolate ship which was a lot from what he could see. The though of eating one of those cookies started to make Murasakibara's mouth water. He honestly couldn't take it any more, his hunger for snacks got the better of him as he reached down and took the remaining cookies. He ignored the pissed off cries of the girl or he couldn't hear her at all When he took that first bite. Murasakibara thought his mouth went to heaven, he tasted not only the right amount of sweetness but the middle was soft, it was so easy to chew but it was crunchy around the edges giving it more texture and a slight punch to his taste buds making his sweet tooth tingle and in turn made his mouth water. He never ate something so scrumptious, not since his grandmother's own baking. He went to take another bite but he noticed he has already eaten the ones he has taken. It wasn't enough; he wanted... no needed more. He looked down at the clearly pissed of girl and started to ask for more.

Coming back to the present Murasakibara licked his fingers after eating some pocky but it didn't help quench his thirst for more of those cookies though. There was some movement that caught his eye, he looked down into the court yard and noticed the very baker who made those heavenly crafted cookies, sitting outside by herself eating her lunch she got from the cafeteria, his pouting face turned into a devious smile as he suddenly felt antsy, he wanted to taste those cookies again, badly.

And under his breath he muttered. "I hate waiting…"

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