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Ninja Mage

By Meowmerida97

Fantasy / Action

Ninja Mage

Chapter 1

3rd Person Pov

A boy walked through the streets of Magnolia. He was given some looks but people were too busy to give the boy any attention. He walked towards the Fairy Tail guild which was currently under construction. He walked onto the site and found a cafe open. There was a man there with blonde hair similar to Naruto's spouting off a lot of threatening sounding bull shit. He also had a scar on his face over his eye and down his cheek and strange round black thing's with spikes over his ears. He wore a ridiculously flashy coat that went almost to the floor and was lined with fur.

He then focuses on Naruto with an angry glare, and a menacing smirk.

"Who are you? And why are you here? We aren't exactly open for business you know." The man sneers with an air of contempt.

"I came to seek the help of Master Makarov of Fairy Tail." The whiskered boy replies in monotone and an unemotional face.

"The geezer isn't here right now, so why don't you go home kid." The older blonde says annoyed, and trying to terrify the boy into leaving.

"I can't exactly teleport back to the Elemental Countries now can I?" Naruto replied wryly.

"Oh, how cute a little boy on a journey. Is it true that they use child soldiers there?"

"Yes," Naruto throws a kunai and cuts the blonde man's cheek. "I happen to be one of them. So leave me the fuck alone or you'll find yourself with a kunai in your throat choking on your own blood the next time you wake up." Naruto sent some KI towards the bastard to get his point across.

"Hello, um, what's your name? And why are do you want to talk to Master?" The woman behind the counter asked cheerfully.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, and I recently discovered I could use light magic, and your Master is the only one that I've heard of that can use the same magic." The others watched in shock as his entire demeanor changed from intimidating to friendly, and sheepish.

"You can just use it?"

"A little it's a bit uncontrolled that's why I came here to seek the master out, and hopefully get some training with it." Naruto reports to her sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck and with red ears.

"And the people in charge where you're from were just okay with that?" Laxus interrupts.

"Yes, because all of them hate my guts for retarded reasons and the longer I'm gone the happier they are. Well until the figure out I've made some pretty high up friends in the past."

"Like what? A captain?" Laxus asked condescendingly.

"Try a leader of a country scar face."

"Well Master Makarov is in front of the council right now. He should be back later tonight or tomorrow."

"Thank you…"

"Mirajane, and the blonde is Laxus, the boy with the pink hair and the scarf is Natsu. The blonde girl over there is his partner Lucy, the red head is Erza, and the boy with the black hair is Gray."

"Yo," he flashes a peace sign at them. Laxus huffs and walks off and out of the guild. "Geez he needs to get his manties resized because they are obviously really far up his ass."

The white haired barmaid hid chuckles behind her hands. The blonde girl giggles, the red head tries and fails to look serious, and the black haired boy chokes on air. He then looks at Naruto in fear for him.

"You do realize he is the Master's grandson right?"

"Well, he's an asshole, and trust me I know assholes, I've had to deal with one all of my life."

"How old are you Naruto?" Lucy asks interestedly.

"I'm going to turn 14 in about a month or so."

"Really when?"

"October 10th."

"That's right around the time of the Fantasia Parade." Mirajane interrupts.

"Lucky! You get a parade on your birthday." Natsu tells him pouting.

"Huh, that sounds better than all of my other birthdays." Naruto replies looking lost in thought slightly.

"So your parents were okay with you coming here?" Grays asks.

"They died when I was a newborn, and I've been taking care of myself since I was 3."

"Wouldn't you have been in orphanage?" Gray asked.

"Should've but I wasn't." He then changed the subject. "Do you guys serve ramen?"

"No, is that a dish where you're from?" Mirajane asked interestedly as she loved learning about new foods.

"Yeah, my mother had an addiction to it when she was alive and it passed down to me." Naruto told her scratching his whiskered cheeks.

"Do you happen to have a recipe for it? Maybe I could make it some time."

"Oh yeah," they watch him take a small scroll out of his pocket. He goes through it and once he finds a certain rune and puts magic into it. A book comes out of it and he hands it to Mirajane. "This is a bunch of recipes from normal ramen to more the complex types. Don't worry about family recipes those are sealed away."

"So can everyone where you're from use rune magic?"

"Well it's called fuinjutsu, and yes everyone has the potential but not everyone has the drive to do so."

"What do you mean the drive?"

"It's extremely hard to understand and master. It was why my mother's clan was so feared. They had a natural inclination to understanding it, and they had a knack for being able to use it in battle. I'm still learning so I can't use it in battle yet, and I'm pretty low level."

"Really what are the full powers of this?"

"Well it's just a myth but supposedly my ancestors could turn back time."

"Wow with rune magic? That's incredible." Natsu tells him awed.

"It's just a myth really." Naruto replies blushing slightly and rubbing the back of his neck.

"You are a child soldier correct?" Erza asks the blonde looking intimidating.

"Yes, a shinobi of Konoha of the land of Fire."

"Land of Fire? Why is it called that?" Lucy questioned.

"Oh, well we have our own type of magic called chakra. Yours comes from outside of your body which we call natural chakra, ours however comes from inside and it grows with us, and with the use of it."

"Interesting, what does that have to do with the land of Fire."

"Well this chakra has elemental alignments that are more prevalent in some areas. In the Land of Fire the normal chakra alignment is with the Fire Element. In the land of Water, water, and so on and so forth."

"So you have fire type chakra?"

"No, because neither of my parents did. My mother had water and lightning type chakra, and my father, wind. Usually you would only inherit two of these but I was lucky and inherited all three of these chakra natures some being stronger than others."

"So it comes from your parents?"

"Yes, well most of the time. Sometimes you have a little hiccup genetically. My friend Hinata for example, her family are all earth types but she is a water type with the potential for wind. It was a trait that only comes out rarely in her family suggesting some could use those types of chakras."

"So it comes from your families, and in some places some elemental type chakra's are more prevalent." Everyone stared at Natsu is complete disbelief.

"Yes, that's exactly right, Natsu-san. Do any of you use elements."

"Yes, I'm a fire mage, and Gray is an ice mage."

"So you can use combination elements without a kekkai genkai."

"Combination elements?" Gray asked slightly miffed.

"Kekkai genkai?" Erza asked interestedly.

"Well kekkai genkai are bloodline abilities that are unique to some families. So mean combination elements like ice, or wood, and others mean the ability to manipulate one's body, and others mean special eye talents such as the sharingan which allows you to copy your opponent's moves and predict them by the smallest muscle twitch."

"That's amazing."

"Yeah well don't be too amazed they've caused nothing but problems and have started wars with their arrogance. I'm glad most of them are dead."

"Is this the asshole you were talking about?"

"Hai, my god brother Sasuke Uchiha. The heir of the Uchiha clan and one of my least favorite people."

"Jeez you must have had a lot of problems."

"Yeah well when your god brother tries to kill you twice in one day see how you feel."

"Wait is he the son of your god father? Or godmother?"

"Godmother, she died when we were eight."

"Wait if you had godparents why were you taking care of yourself?" Gray asked angrily.

"My godmother tried to help me as much as she could, but the people in power would have hurt her family, and forbid her from adopting me. My god father just left me behind to whore around."

"I'm sorry."

"I've gotten over it. Besides I need a new start. No sense in looking backwards when that's not where you're going."

Erza regarded the boy with respect at that moment. She did not feel as though she could have done the same with those of her past. Especially not Jellal. Then Loke pops back up and hand her a ticket to Akane Resort. She immediately goes and gets her luggage and requips into beach wear.

Naruto watches the man called Loke with interest. When he heard they're going to a resort her waved and said.

"I hope you guys have a good time."

"Thank you Naruto."

He watched them walk off and then sees the man Loke disappear.

"Wait he was a summon?"

"You have celestial spirits where you come from?"

"Not spirits, summons, but they're usually extremely intelligent animals. There's three types, normal summons such as toads and dogs, the guardians such as phoenixes and griffins, and the demon summons which vary greatly."

"Do you have a summons?"

"Yes, I have the demon fox contract."

"Demon fox contract? How'd you get that?"

"Lucked out mostly." Mirajane knew immediately that wasn't the whole story but didn't push the young boy.

"So Naruto do you have a place to stay?"

"Um, no actually. This was the first place I came too." He tells Mirajane sheepishly.

"Where are you going to sleep?" She inquires.

"Um, well the weather's nice and I saw a cool tree in the park-"

"You're going to sleep outside?! That's unacceptable; I can't have a child sleeping outside in the park." She interrupts him slightly angry that he would think of doing such a thing on her watch.

"Really though I'm fine. I've had a lot worse trust me." He tries to placate her by reporting this but it only makes her more determine.

"It's still unacceptable. I'm sure my younger brother could help you out for the night."

"No, really it's fine."

"No, come on. I'll take you to my brother. He'll be happy to take you in." She grabs his arm and drags him towards the construction zone. He is surprised at her strength and goes along with her so as not to get her ire.

However, someone saw her and freaked out causing someone to drop a large wooden post on top of them. Naruto jumped up and punched it in half so the two sides fell around them. Everyone watched the kid in complete awe at what he did.

"Who is that kid?"

"How'd he do that?"

"Sis!" Naruto saw a beast of man with white hair and a scar over his right eye running toward the woman. "Thank you for protecting her. Mira what were you doing here?"

"This is Naruto. He's from the Elemental Countries, and he came seeking help with his light magic. However, Master isn't here and he thought it would be okay to sleep in the park." The blonde boy blushed.

"You saved my sister's life. The least I could do is give you a place to stay for a couple of nights. By my honor as a man, I'll help you out…"



"Um, thank you but I don't want to be a burden."

"A man should always help those that are in need especially if they owe him a debt."

"Um, okay."

Elfman then goes off shouting something about being manly. Naruto is left behind sweat dropping and Mirajane leaves the area. Then someone comes over to him and asks.

"Hey, we lost some of our workers. Can you help out?" One of the wizards asked.

"Oh, sure, do you want me to make some clones to help out?"

"You can make projections that can pick things up?" Someone inquired interestedly.

"Look I'll show you. Kage Bushin no Jutsu!"

Ten of the blondes poofed into existence leaving people looking in wonderment, and the blonde turned towards the man and asked.

"What do you want us to do?"

He quickly assigned jobs to the many blondes and they carried them out and even had their own personalities. They were completely solid until they accidently hit themselves hammering in something. Then they would poof out of existence. Then Naruto would create another one and have it replace that clone. However that happened very rarely which surprised most as they would assume that a soldier didn't do these things. When asked he told them that as a rookie level shinobi they had to do many mundane things such as paint fences, pull weeds, and shingle houses. He also had apparently helped build a bridge.

At the end of the day Mirajane kindly gave Naruto an on house dish and promised ramen tomorrow, as he followed Elfman home. Many of those in Fairy Tail were happy to see such a promising young man among them. The Master came right after the boy had left and Mirajane told him of the boy. He was intrigued but he decided to leave it until morning.

Well there you go hope you guys like it.

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