Fire Nor Fury Can Kill a Dragon

Chapter 3: To Begin an Odyssey

3rd Person Pov

Jon was sent from the room after the dark anger took its place on the Baratheon King's face. His father told him to check on his sisters, and make sure they were settling in alright. He was directed to the Tower of the Hand by a servant boy. Once there he heard his sister's arguing once again. This had become a regular occurrence ever since their dire wolves were sent away.

"Lady Sansa! Lady Arya!" They turn towards him as he enters the room, trying his best to look disappointed and stern. "Lord Stark has been called to deal with a high profile criminal. A criminal that confessed to killing Jon Arryn, his foster father and great friend. He doesn't need to come back from such a trying event to have his daughter's arguing! Now cease this nonsense and apologize!"

"I do not take orders from bastards." Sansa said glaring at her half-brother.

"Sansa!" Arya screamed while Jon schooled his facial features into hiding the pain he felt.

"I am not ordering you as Jon Snow mi'lady. I am acting as a voice for Lord Eddard Stark, the Hand of the King, and your father. Would you disobey those orders?"

"I will obey my father's orders." Sansa grabbed her skirts, holding her head high, and left the room to her own. Arya came to his side.

"I don't know what is wrong with her. I can't believe she would say that. Why would she?"

"She is the betrothed of the crown prince. She cannot be seen consorting with a bastard. It wouldn't be proper, and she must fit in with her betrothed's people."

"I hate-"

"Be careful about what comes out of your mouth mi'lady. This is a place filled with spies and liars. You will get your tongue removed if you say the wrong thing."

"Yes Jon," the young girl says dejectedly.

"Come let's get you your rooms and get you and your sister ready for dinner."

"What will we have?"

"I have no idea, but I do not doubt it will be good."

"Are you certain?"

"Yes, the castle has to employ the best cooks in Westeros to feed the royal family."

Eddard Stark was exhausted by the proceedings. He was angry, yes, he was extremely angry. His good-sister killed his foster father in her madness and their childhood friend only exploited that. Robert was ready to tear him apart. However they would try and convict Baelish before he could die.

"He should die Ned!"

"He will your grace, but we must give him a trial. We have the evidence and his confession. We have enough to convict him. Now I must write to my wife."

"Yes go, Ned."

Eddard Stark left and found his daughters and son sitting at the table. Jon was to Arya's left and Sansa to her right. Sansa seemed content in ignoring her two siblings while Jon and Arya chatted. It was about their studies so far and what Arya liked. Jon wouldn't speak his desires or what he liked or disliked. He had learned early on that no one would really listen. He sits down and Jon asks.

"Father, are you okay? What happened with the case?"

"It isn't something I want to dwell on it Jon. It wasn't a good ending for anyone especially for his son."

"You mean our cousin Robert."



"I'll tell you once you have settled in."

"Of course father."

They ate in relative silence and Arya just looked around bored. After dinner he left to his desk and started writing a letter to Catelyn when he heard a knock at the door.

"Father?" The muffled voice of his youngest comes through the door.

"Come in Arya." The young girl comes in and she seems troubled. "What is troubling you little one?" His daughter comes and sits in his lap.

"Sansa is being meaner than usual. I mean I can deal with her being angry at me, but today she took it out on Jon. He didn't do anything to her. He just wanted us to stop arguing. She told him that she didn't take orders from bastards. She called him that to his face!"

"I'll speak with her. Now I have to write something to your mother. Run along."

"Yes father," she gave him a kiss on the cheek and left the room. Ned sighed in exasperation. Oh what a problem this could become.

In Braavos

Rhaegar looked at the reports he was getting and frowned at what Lady Sansa was doing. Of course she was a girl and she didn't know the truth, but it hurt him whenever he got a report like this. It hurt that his son had grown up thinking he was low borne.

He then looked at the reports that he was getting from his subordinates and smiled. They were ready to depart from Essos and go to meet his still loyal bannermen. So he managed his affairs and got ready for departure. His servants had already packed his clothes and he had already had them paid and made sure that his house would be taken care of. They would be employed by House Targaryen and this would be a manse that could be managed by possible heirs and heiress. They were extremely grateful as he had freed most from slavery.

Along with him his own sell sword company was coming with him. Mostly made up of former slaves that he either bought their freedom or saved from death they were extremely loyal. Some were also made up of exiles from Westeros along with some trust worthy bravos. He was also taking along his third wife. A Lysene noblewoman called Dāria Raqagon now Targaryen along with their two children. Elēni was the eldest at the age of 9 and she looked every inch a descendant of old Valyria. Her brother Jaehaerys was only 4 and he didn't know what was going to happen but he seemed content to stay with his family. His eyes were a light purple looking more lavender than anything. His eyes reminded Dāria of her mother Leara who had the same color.

They got onto the boat and Jaehaerys was interested in absolutely everything that he saw and while Elēni was exactly the same she kept her emotions hidden.

"Elēni it's okay to show emotion around family." Dāria told their daughter. She looks up at her mother bashfully before asking every question she can think of at the sailors.

They answer all her questions happily.

'Jaehossi Uēpossi Arlȳssī, let everything be fine.'

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