Wills of Steel

Chapter 2

3rd Person Pov

The next day Steve sat next to Katie in the back of the classroom. They were talking about what homework they got from their shared classes. Well until Stacey tried and failed to walk sexily towards them in the shortest skirt and tightest shirt either of them had seen.

"Good morning Stevie," she says in a ridiculously annoyingly high voice that makes him cringe slightly.

"Hello Miss Stacey. How are you today?" Steve asked politely averting his eyes from the sight before him.

"Aching for you," Steve almost has a heart attack at how forward this girl is as he fights down a blush. He squares his shoulders, sits up straight, and looks her right in the eye and says.

"Miss Stacey, I don't think it is appropriate at our age for a probably nice a girl such as your-self to be dressing and speaking like someone working in a brothel. Until you have the thought to learn some common decency, please leave me alone. I am not interested in a girl whose life work is to look and act as R-rated as possible."

The shell-shocked girl walks away without another word and people gape at Steve. He ignores them and looks at Katie who looks as shocked as the rest of them.

"Did you just politely tell Stacey that she was a whore and to fuck off?"

"In a way, I guess." Steve says blushing internally at her coarse language.

"Wow, you're the first guy I've seen do that. I think you are my new favorite person."

"Mr. Verespecs will be sad to hear that." She gives him a look.

"No, he'll probably be trying to hire a priest to marry us off." Steve fights down another blush at the thought.

The bell rings and they go off to Art class. They had been told that they were getting their first project today. They sit in their assigned seats and leave the table blank of any art supplies.

"Now class, there is something new I'm trying out this year, an experiment I guess you could say. Anyways you will be getting partners that you will be working with the rest of the year, and I don't mean the rest of the quarter or semester, I mean the entire year. Also none of them will be your best friends. Any questions?"

"Yes, does your grade depend on the other person?" A girl said she seemed worried.

"In a way, but only they're participation in the project, not their skill. Most of these will be in my class so if I see you are not participating and making your partner do all of the work. I will lower your grades. So if you do this I will call your parents and let them know you aren't just messing your grade up. Does that answer your question?"

"Yes, thank you."

"Now I will go through the partners…" Steve and Katie zone out until they hear their names "Steve and Katie will be a group."

Katie looks over at Steve and he seems to be blushing but she can't tell.

They were going to the lunch room when they heard a sound that Steve remembers well. Someone was being beat up by someone much larger than them. They turn the corner and find a large boy beating up a smaller one while some of the large boys laughed and cheered.

"There goes Flash beating up Peter again."

"This happens a lot?"

"Yeah, I tried to stop it in freshman year once but he slapped me across the face." Steve saw red; he hated people like this 'Flash' kid.

He hated bullies; he especially hated bullies that would slap around women because usually they were a lot smaller. He just hated bullying in the first place. This 'Flash' had done something that in Steve's book deserved a nice ass whooping.

So Steve put down his things, told Katie to stay there, and marched over to them with murder in his eyes.

"Hey, leave the kid alone!" The 'Flash' kid looks up before standing to his full height and pulling the bloody 'Peter' by the collar. His friends don't see so enthusiastic in opposing Steve as he stalks towards them.

"Why should I?"

Steve finally makes it towards him grabs his free arm and twists it behind his back. The kid drops and scrambles off on to his feet a few meters away.

"Why? Because I hate bullies and I especially hate bullies that slap around girls because they don't deserve it. You've done both, this is a warning. You pull this again and I will break something." He throws him forward. "Now are we clear?"

The boy nods his head vigorously and after looking at Peter runs off with his friends. The boy seems awkward and nervous while he switches from foot to foot.

"Hey, um, thanks."

"You're welcome…"

"Peter, my name is Peter Parker. It's nice to meet you…?"

"Steven Rodgers, it's nice to meet you Peter. Oh, and this," Steve gestures to the approaching Katie, "is Katie." In moments there is a visage akin to recognition.

"Hey you're that girl that Flash slapped across the face, freshman year."

"Hi, and I would much prefer Katie to, that-girl-that-Flash-slapped-across-the-face-freshman-year."

"Oh, sorry, it's nice to meet you Katie. I'm Peter if you didn't know already."

"It's still nice to be formally introduced to you."

"Yeah, and thank you for trying to help me back then."

"You're welcome."

"Let's get you to the nurses' office. You're a bit bloody, and we should get any cuts cleaned."

"Thanks." He limps and Steve puts his arm around Peter's chest and puts Peter's arm on his shoulder. Peter gives him an uneasy and nervous smile.

Katie directs them to the nurse's office and once they are there the nurse bustles around them. Steve asks how he is.

"He'll be fine."

"Thank you, Steve. Please give your boyfriend a kiss or something for me in thanks."

"U-um he-he isn't m-my boy-boyfriend." She says blushing a bright red along with Steve.

"Oh, sorry it's just that guys don't really defend the honor of their friends."

"Well, I think he's secretly Captain America's sidekick Liberty Boy." Peter looks at her like she has two heads and looks at Steve.

"She found out my birthday was on the fourth of July, and thought I looked like Captain America in the old videos and decided that I must be his secret but ever trusty sidekick." Peter chuckles and shakes his head.

"Alright you two. Go and eat I will not have you hungry because of trying to take care of someone else, but thank you for getting him here."

"You're welcome, ma'am. We'll see you soon Peter."

"See you 'round."

"See you 'round." Katie says back.

"Oh and Peter if you ever need help, here is my number, just to warn you though I am absolutely terrible with all things technological. Except for toasters, I can use those pretty well."

Katie giggles knowing first-hand how he was absolutely terrible when using his extremely advanced phone, a Stark phone mind you, and she had to help him answer.


Katie's Pov

I got home as fast as I could from school. Everyone besides the other girls are at the house and I immediately get to work with helping them. Most of them are my age but now they are 'missing' children forced into practical sex-slavery.

You see the home I live in used to be a great place, if not a little poor. It was owned by this old woman Priscilla, hence the name Priscilla's Home for Orphaned Girls. However when I was fourteen she died from natural causes, and her great-nephew took over. He was a part of an international sex-slave ring called Euphoria. So he looked at the orphanage as a house filled with trainees.

Life quickly degenerated and I tried to go to the police, but they threw me out. I guess when you're a mutant you can't protect yourself from being raped by the man who killed your mom aka my stepdad. The police didn't like that I, as a twelve year old mutant, got off scot-free.

I'm sorry I presented my case to the Supreme Court assholes.

I hate this place, but there isn't much I can do. If I kill Karasu, the guy who owns the place, then my sister and I will be eliminated.

Except that every leader of the ring is here, along with their heirs. If I kill all of them then it won't go one anymore.

I know what I have to do.

I go upstairs to my room and go under the floor boards. There's an ornate wooden box that I am very familiar with. My great great-grandmother was from Japan, and a supposed ninja clan, and this was hers. It was a ninja starter set basically. It had ninjatos, shuriken, kunai, a foldable fuma shuriken, and an adamantium katana. I also found an old uniform. I tried it on, and it fit me almost perfectly. Maybe a few adjustments, but hey it was my great great-grandmother's.

I was going to rain on their little parade.

3rd Person Pov

"You looked through her entire life?"

"What? I am trying to keep you safe. You have no idea who or what she is. She could be a HYDRA agent."

"Really Tony?"

"Yes, really, and it was completely fruitless. I found out that she had a terrible childhood." Steve looks at Tony strangely, and there is a pregnant pause.

"What do you mean?"

"She was an eye-witness to both of her parent's murders. Her dad, an Icelandic immigrant, was killed in front of her when she was five years old. He was shot over a couple dollars, and Katie activated mutant abilities." Steve's eyes widened having gotten the whole shah-bang on mutants. "She killed the two perpetrators. Then when she was twelve her pedophile of a stepdad murdered her mother trying to get to her. She emptied a pistol on him. Ever since then she has been an orphan living in Priscilla's Home for Orphaned Girls."

"Dear god."

"So how is she?" Steve looked at him confused before realizing what he meant.

"She seems fine, just a little bit awkward around people. I mean she blurted out her thoughts once. But she seems nice enough."

"Hm, well, we'll have to meet her."

"Well were partners for every art project this year so…"

"Bring her over, I'm sure Pepper will be dying to go mother bear on her."

"Um, how will I explain all of this to her? She think that I've been adopted by my mom's friend."

"Just tell her your mom's friend is Pepper Potts."

"Oh alright."

Steve's Pov

The next few weeks were nice. I haven't had a normal month in years so it was nice to go to school, talk to my friends, and just experience being a modern day teenager. Peter introduced me to Gwen a nice girl that I knew he was pinning over. It was nice and kind of a novelty. We were also lucky that Flash hasn't been causing trouble.

Well except for once the day after it happened.


Katie and I were seated in front of the principle. He was a middle-aged man that looked completely burnt out, probably from all of the things he had to deal with. Flash sat in the other chair to my right, I didn't want him near Katie, and he looked extremely pleased with himself.

"May I ask your point of view Mr. Rodgers?"

"Well, sir. Katie and I were going to lunch when we heard some type of commotion. We came upon Mr. Thompson and some of his friends beating Peter Parker bloody. The school nurse can attest to his injuries."

"Are you sure that she can verify this?"

"Yes sir, she is the one who patched him up."


"Well, I don't like bullies, which stems from some bad childhood experiences. Katie explained that Flash beating Mr. Parker was normal, and she had told me she once tried to stop it only to be slapped across the face." Flash seemed to get nervous.

"Miss Málmur, is this true?" He asks looking into her eyes.

"Yes, but I didn't tell anyone because I was afraid that I would be a target too. That was when I was a freshman."

The principle glared at Flash before saying.

"Mr. Thompson you are suspended for the next week. Mr. Rodgers, Miss Málmur you are dismissed."

Flashback End

I knew she had been lying and I had asked her about it. She said she had tried to report it but because of her mutant abilities she had been thrown out by the secretary. I asked her what she could do and she explained her abilities. I thought that it was cool that she could turn herself into basically anything and manipulate her body. It is a lot cooler than super strength.

I felt closer to her.

However I was a little worried. She looked like she wasn't sleeping very well. I mean she had bags under her eyes and they got worse every day. She said that it was from dealing with everything at the children's home.

I couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right.

And there you have it folks. Hope you enjoy.


So about Peter Parker/ Spiderman. There are so many Spiderman's out there and I kind of want all of them to have some love. So I'm going to try to combine them. Don't worry I'll try to keep him as close to 'The Amazing Spiderman' as I can while doing this.

If that makes any sense.

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