Wills of Steel

Chapter 4: The New Girl in Town

Steve's Pov

Today was a Saturday, and I was glad I didn't have any homework. I had just gotten back from my morning run. I had also washed myself off so I decided to turn on the TV and just be lazy today. I turned on the news first, and there was an emergency report.

"There is a new vigilante in town."I perk up immediately. "And we finally got them on video. Brian you want to explain who it is."

"Yes, it seems that they are a small female. She is described as being in her early to mid-twenties. She is called the Kunoichi. That means female ninja because that is what she is. The eye witnesses say that she comes seemingly out of nowhere and she seems to be unkillable. She has ninja tools such as shuriken, and even a katana. She seems to be trying to shut down a sex slave ring that is in New York. Police have no idea of the extent of the ring, and they believe the Kunoichi is a victim of this ring. She seems to be looking for the leaders of the ring."

"Wow, what a girl."

Steve, muted, watched the video that they had playing. It showed her jumping out of window and forcing herself on to the roof before jumping away. Clint comes in and says.

"Hey Steve Fury's- woah what is this?!"

"I think it's the reason Fury is calling us in."

"Well, we better hurry then."

Fury was pacing around while Hill sat there completely poker faced. He seemed agitated.

"This Kunoichi person has found leaders of a sex-slave ring we've been tracking for months and she hits them, ties them with all of the evidence needed to convict them, and takes the information that we need to identify their next hit."

"I saw a new report they think she was a victim of this ring. It would explain how she got started. If she knew the lower level leaders of the ring, she could easily find them and take any information they needed. It would also explain why she was targeting this ring."

"I want her found. She seems to have abilities. I need to know if she is a super soldier or experiment."

"Actually sir we found a trace of blood. It indicates that she is a mutant. A Class 5 one to be exact, and it also indicated that it is indeed a female. However, the blood sample was so small that we could get nothing more from it." Hill said completely monotone.

"Good at least we know that. Your mission is to identify the Kunoichi and bring her to our side."

"Yes sir," Steve saluted while Clint and Natasha nodded and Tony and Bruce looked worried.

"Fury, what if this person is a minor?"

"If they are a minor we will figure out a plan, then."

They leave the safe house, apprehensive and worried about this new vigilante.

3rd Person Pov

By next Friday Steve saw Katie again, but this time with darker and larger bags under her eyes than ever before, and they got worse every day. She almost fell asleep in some of the classes they were in. He suggested that she come over so he could help her with her homework. However really he just wanted her to go to sleep, and thought she couldn't do that at the home she was at. She readily agreed and waved to Happy as they came up.

In the middle of their math homework she passed out using Steve's shoulder as a pillow. He picked her up and put her in one of the spare bedrooms on his floor. He takes off her large glasses that she really only hides behind, and her scuffed up sneakers.

He then goes up stairs to the communal room as he calls it and starts to make himself a sandwich. Then the sky lights up and he hears thunder. He shakes his head and goes up to the roof. He was the only one probably because Bruce was taking a nap, Clint and Natasha were out and so was Pepper, and Tony was probably blasting too much ACDC to hear anything.

He sees Thor look around confused as to why only he was there.

"Ah Friend Stephan! It is nice to see you again! How have your School Quest faired, Captain?!"

"Good Thor, but can you please not call me Captain. I have one of my normal friends over, and they don't know that I'm Captain America yet."

"Oh, they are from your School Quest?"

"Yes, but they're taking a nap right now and I think Bruce is to, so can you not yell everything you say please?"

"Of course Friend Stephan, and next time I will try not to make such a dramatic entrance in case I wake someone."

"Thanks Thor."

"So who is your friend?"

"Oh, her name is Katie. You missed a debrief from Fury. There's a new vigilante in town." Steve says trying to keep Thor from asking if Katie was his lover.

"A new vigilante?" Thor asks looking at Steve confused.

"Yeah, a masked woman that's hell bent on shutting a sex-slave ring down."

"Was she a victim?" He asks his face serious.

"They think so, but nobody's sure. I mean no one knows who she is."

"Oh, well can you be kind enough to direct me to the tarts of pop. They are a Midgaurdian food I missed dearly."

"Um, sure they're in the kitchen. Let me show you."

They go down to the communal room, and see Tony and Clint sitting down there. Clint just got back apparently, and probably wanted nothing more than to eat. They look up and Tony says.

"Long time no see Point Break."

"Nice to see you o' mighty Lord of Goats." Everyone looks at a smirking Clint very confused. "What I looked some things up on Norse Mythology and saw he was called the Lord of Goats."

Steve sighs and slaps his forehead internally groaning at their stupidity.

"Can you guys get him some pop tarts? Katie passed out and the Lord of Goats here might have woken her up."

"Why did she pass out?" Tony asks wiggling his eyebrows.

"She's been helping out at her home a lot with the younger girls. She passed out while we were doing homework."

"What kind of homework?" Clint asks suggestively. Steve glares at him.

"Math," he grinds out.

"Damnit you sassy little virgin. We just can't trip you up. Can we?"

"Nope, well see you guys later." Steve escapes the room and to the elevator.

He goes down to check on her and finds her fast asleep. He smiles and finishes up his homework before going to up to talk to Thor and then finally falling asleep.

Steve's Pov

I wake up to rustling and footsteps. I see Katie going to the elevator pulling on her jacket while carrying her backpack. I immediately know I'm going to miss her and after pulling on a jacket do down after her.

I see her at a street light and she looks at the time on her phone before she curses and bolts. I follow after her wondering what's wrong. No one that misses their curfew runs like the hounds of hell are on her heels. She's even using her super strength to run faster. I have to do the same to keep near her.

We end up in the grittier part of town. She passes broken street lamps and a few cars that definitely had illegal things going on inside. We end up at degraded home with peeling paint that proclaims.

Priscilla's Home for Orphaned Girls

She enters quickly and I follow. The first floor is very quiet with seemingly not a soul there. I see her practically jump up to the second floor. I hear screaming.

Katie's Pov

I woke up in a spare bedroom at Steve's house. I saw that it was dark but because there was no clock I couldn't tell the time. I grabbed my stuff and put on my jacket as I walked out. I dug through my bag to find my crappy phone. I find out once I get outside that it's about midnight. I curse and run towards the home.

I even use my super strength to go as fast as possible. I end up there in about 5 minutes, and bolt inside hearing screaming. No, no, no, no, please tell me I'm not too late. Not Marianne, she's too young, and too innocent.

I find them still trying to undress her and launch forward. I coat myself in the adamantium I absorbed from the katana. There are five others that are guards. I immediately switch into something called kill mode and I don't think after that.

You see kill mode developed after my mother died. I was an eye witness to both of my parents' murders and because I didn't crack I created a different place I could go into. I had two things going through my head: keep my family safe, and kill who's hurting them.

I take out my ninjatos and take up stance. The first man charges and I cut off half of his arm and knock him down. Two charge towards me and she goes and uses the left man's head a some type of object to help her spin to stab the man on the right in the face and she slashed the other man's neck. Then she kicks the next guy in the chest and stabs him in the throat. I'm crouched down next to the body and glare at Karasu.

He's disheveled and holds a gun to her head as she cries. However, before I can make a move Steve grabs the hand with a gun, crushing it around his hand, and punched him hard enough for me to hear a crack. I know something broke and he's most likely not going to live.

Marianne runs to me and hugs me as I stand up.

"Steve?!" I say snapping out of it. "What are you doing here?"

"Um, I kind of followed you because I was worried." Karasu whimpers.

"Yeah um. We need to talk don't we?"

"Yeah, definitely."

3rd Person Pov

By the time it's one in the morning, Marianne's asleep, and everything has been explained over a cup of crappy hot chocolate powder mixed with milk.

"So, you're Captain America." Katie says shocked by his story. "And you're actually an illegal military member and should be court marshalled in front of everyone?"

"Yep, and you're a vigilante that's been taking a sex-slave ring down because no one else would and all of the leaders are here in New York?"

"Yep, damn our lives are fucked up aren't they?"

"Yeah, really, really messed up." Steve said. "You do realize that I've been instructed to take you in right?"

"Yeah, I pretty much guessed that. Sorry about calling you Liberty Boy by the way."

"Actually I got quite the laugh out of it. Anyways, about turning you in."

"Should we do it now?"

"Pretty soon at least."

"Enough time to devise a prank that will have Tony shitting himself." Katie says smiling evilly.

"Only if you tell me what that prank is and it's not life threatening." Steve says in what he has dubbed his 'Captain America Voice'.

"I don't think fake blood is life threatening Captain." Katie tells him.

The two smile mischievously.

At Stark Towers

Katie was in her full costume complete with a real sword. Steve was facing away from the doors with a bag full of fake blood stuffed underneath a shirt that he got from the home. It was crappy and smelled weird.

Steve had texted how he was in route to Stark Towers with the Kunoichi and to meet him outside in case of any problems.

Once he came down Katie mocked stabbed him in the stomach and punctured the bag of fake blood. Steve fell down acting like he was actually stabbed. Tony came rushing over his eyes glaring at her and he leaned over Steve.

"Steve! Are you okay?"

"No, be-because, I-I didn't think you'd actually fall for it!" He bursts into laughter and high five's Katie.

She's laughing to, so hard that she falls on her back and starts rolling around.


"We are serious. Katie's the Kunoichi, it's just we decided to prank you first. Call it payback for the sketchbook incident."

"Touché, my young friends, touché."

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