Dragon and the Wolf

Chapter 1: Growing Up

3rd Person Pov

"YOU CAN'T GO!" Lyanna Stark was holding onto her older brother's waist and trying to weigh him down until he couldn't move. "I WON'T LET YOU NED!"

"Lyanna~! I have to go."

"No, you have to stay here in the North. Where you belong."

"Lyanna, you have to let him go."

Lyanna glares at her elder brother darkly. Her brother was going to leave her to go to some prissy place in the South and she didn't want it neither did her mother, but she accepted it. The little girl didn't understand that he would leave no matter what disagreements she had with it. Her mother had been more insistent of her becoming a lady in the past few months and the only brother she could trust was leaving. It didn't matter that she might get another brother, if her mother was right, within the next year. The little girl wanted her brother to stay.

"Lyanna, let go of your brother. We cannot delay him."

"But father!-"

"No buts! Let him go, Brandon went to be fostered and so will Ned. He'll visit my little she-wolf."

"But I don't want him to visit! I want my brother to stay here where he belongs! Where we all belong! We are a pack!"

"We aren't wolves little one, now let go or I will take away your privileges."

Lyanna grumbles and let's go of her elder brother. He hugs his little sister and says.

"I'll visit little one. I promise. You'll always be my favorite sister."

"I'm your only sister, you dolt. I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too."

Lyanna watches as her brother leaves and holds onto her mother's skirts. She was left in a terrible mood and her mother let her sit on her lap and feel her growing stomach.

"Lyanna, your brother is leaving to make us proud. He will represent us and make allies for our family and kingdom in the Vale. He might even attract the attention of a young lady and they may get married."

"I still don't like it."

"It won't be that bad. We'll be fostering a boy as well. He's about Ned's age, and I'm sure you two will be friends in no time."

Lyanna was punching Robert Baratheon and caused him to make a satisfying cry of pain and blood to come out of his nose. She smirked and said.

"The stag is always the prey of the wolf. Girl or not." She got up and went to walk away and the brute tried to choke her out.

She sunk her sharp teeth into his fat hand. He yelled and Lyanna hit him in the stomach and he keeled over gasping. She smashed him in the face again. She then hears boot steps and she sees Brandon coming onto the scene. Robert immediately goes to whine as soon as he's able but when Brandon hears her side of the story he laughs at the Stormlander.

"If you can't back up your boasts, Stormlander, then you deserve to be beaten by a girl."

Her father wasn't exactly pleased when she heard what she had done, but didn't punish her for it after hearing what Robert tried to do. He told them to avoid each other and they would get in trouble if they did acknowledge each other.

However, the incident was forgotten as soon as her brother Benjen was born. He had the Stark looks, and was definitely a healthy child. Mother was alive, but she didn't come out unscathed. The Maester said that her mother could never have another child every again, otherwise it would kill her.

Lyanna was confused by her young brother.

"Why is he so tiny? Why does he have to be so useless? Why does he have to cry so much? Why couldn't he eat food?"

"He is but a babe Lyanna, he won't be able to do much for the first year."

"Well, I don't know how Ned could stand me." This caused some laughter amongst her family leaving the little girl confused. "What? I really want to know!"

"Oh my little sister, I hope you never lose your innocence."

Robert was trying to annoy her again. She held her head high and ignored him because she wanted dessert tonight. He tried goading her and he tried to hit her. She just avoided him, and with her superior knowledge of Winterfell and its halls. She easily lost the brutish child.

Mother was proud of her for doing so, and her father was as well. They kept saying that they mastered a step that would help her in becoming a true lady. She didn't really care what that meant, but she did like seeing her brother grow. She also begged her brother for sword training.

"Alright, pup, let's begin your sword training." He threw a wooden stick at her and she almost caught it, but for a four year old that was hard. "Tomorrow you're going to catch it."

"Yes, I will, wolf-dog."

"Keep your temper on a leash, Lady Lyanna."

She glares at him and starts to swing her stick at him wildly and he gives her a few bruises and welts. This is what always happened whenever the girl had sword training and it continued for the next few months.

It was Lyanna's fifth nameday and she was surprised to see that she had gotten a present form the royal family. It was a beautiful dress that was made out of shimmering gray silk that caused light to reflect off of it as it moved. Underneath the shimmering silk was the warmest, softest wool she had ever had felt in her entire life. There was also some nice soft fur that showed at the edges of the sleeves, and one of the stewards said it came from the pelt of a rare Eastern animal. It also was embroidered with a beautiful forest scene with a howling wolf under a full moon on the bottom. It had a few milky jewels on it and it seemed to be a very expensive gift.

"Mother why would the Targaryen's give me such a gift?"

"One day my little one you will be Queen, and as such they found it fitting to give you a present fit for a princess."

Lyanna didn't usually like dresses preferring to run around in breeches and fight with swords. She ruined many dresses when she got into a mood and went through the Godswood to the heart tree and holding it. Praying for her elder brother and missing him. However, it was soo nice that she decided that she would wear it for only the best occasions.

When one of the servants went to pack it up a little box fell. Luckily for Lyanna that particular servant was almost deaf from the clouts to the ears she had gotten as a child. It had fallen under the bed and as soon as the servant had packed away her new dress and went on her merry way, Lyanna stole under the bed. She found it easily. It wasn't as grand as her dress but still very grand. It was inlaid with Mother of Pearl in the shapes of jagged hills and the wood was a rich mahogany. She opened it and found a silver necklace. It was obviously meant for her when she was older because when she put it on it went down past her waist. She examined it. There was a medallion on the end of it that had been made to look like Winterfell and above it was a wolf head. She marveled at it but when she pushed on the wolf's head it slid out of the medallion. It revealed a very small Valyrian steel dagger, that wasn't sharpened but could easily be. She heard footsteps and slid the dagger back into its unassuming sheathe. She looked at the box and she saw a letter. However, she decided to read that later.

Her brother Brandon burst in and told her to come to the feast hall for supper and marveled at her necklace.

"Where'd you get that?"

"It came with the dress. It seems my future family is more generous than I thought."

"More generous indeed. Well come along now pup. Tomorrow is a feast, let's enjoy being just a family while we can."

"Yes brother." Lyanna put the necklace on and practically strutted into the hall. Her parents didn't comment on her new necklace besides her mother, tucking it into her shirt telling her that it would help her not lose it.

The next night at the feast she wore her new dress, along with her necklace. She kept her head high and decided that she had to be a lady for the night. Lyanna secretly thought that the dress had a magic spell on it, as Targaryen's were from Old Valyria and they were known for magic, which made her act like a princess. However, everyone was praising her for her impeccable manners and beauty and just for that night she reveled in the compliments that would usually send her spitting in rage. Robert openly gaped and she smirked victoriously.

Lyanna was not smirking in victory now. Oh no, she was wallowing in misery.

The reason? Well she seemed to be dying in the snow. How did it come to this you ask? Well it all started out very innocently.

Lyanna loved her medallion. She would wear it almost every day. However, that particular day she decided against it and Robert had stolen into her rooms and taken it. Lyanna saw him with it, as he had the subtlety of a giant, and of course demanded that he return it to her. He had run off and threw it in a tree telling her that if she loved it soo much to go get it herself. He then left laughing cruelly. However, she decided that he wouldn't win and that she would be the one laughing in the end. However due to the ice she had fallen out of the tree, luckily with medallion in hand, and hurt herself. All she knew is that her head hurt terribly and that Robert was to blame.

She supposed the hag Old Nan was looking for her. She wondered if she would die here in the snow leaving the prince without his future princess. What would happen? She wondered where she would go. Where there actually the seven heavens and hells? Well she doubted she would get into the seven heavens because of the grief she caused her parents for being so unladylike. Or would she just haunt the halls of Winterfell causing misery to Robert. That sounded a lot more fun than wasting away in some magical place. Her thoughts were broken by a shout.

"Lyanna!" She knew it wasn't Old Nan, the voice was too deep to be her. It must be one of the stewards Lyanna decided. "By the Gods what happened to you girl?!"

"Lyanna!" She knew that one, it was her lady mother. "My poor little girl! What happened?!" Lyanna tries to tell them but her jaw isn't quite working the way she wants it too. "Let's get her inside!"

She's picked up by the steward and they rush off to the Maester but Lyanna's world goes black before she knows what happens.

She was left with a nasty gash on her head and forced the Maester to cut her hair to treat it and her ankle was twisted. She was confined to her bed for a month to make sure it healed correctly. This made Lyanna cross because she couldn't do her lessons with her brothers. Robert Baratheon was sent back to his family in shame for almost causing the death of his foster father's daughter.

Lyanna was glad that Robert couldn't bother her anymore. However her mother was glad she was alive.

"It is a pity about what happened to your beautiful hair, but I would rather have you with the worst hair in the world rather than not at all."

Lyanna is seven when her mother falls terribly ill. Lyanna has started to become a mother to the three year old Benjen. He is utterly terrified and she tries to calm him down but that is hard when you don't know all of the answers. Maester Merryn says that their Lady Mother must not leave her bed unless it is a complete emergency. Even then it could hurt her terribly. Lady Stark doesn't like it. Lyanna stays at her bedside.

"My little girl, you must listen to me. You will become the Lady of the House soon.

"What do you mean mother? You are going to make it, I'll make you."

"You can't make me do anything sweetling. I hope you don't mind that I will be leaving you in charge of Benjen."

"What? You aren't dying!"

"I am my beautiful baby girl. You are going to be Lady of the House and Queen of Westeros one day. I know you don't like anything lady-like, but you have to grow up. Not that I disapprove of you learning to defend yourself, please learn to be a Lady."


"We are not men, we do not have their strengths. Some women might be able to battle as well as any man, but do not forget who you are. You are not a man. You are a woman, and while it seems so terribly limiting and can seem stifling at times…" She has a hacking fit and Lyanna grips her furs so tight that her knuckles are white. "You have a great gift."

"What is that?"

"You can carry life within you. No man will ever be able to say the same."

Lyanna could only watch in the next few hours as her mother's condition worsened. She was herded into her bed, but her mother wouldn't wake up the next day, or any other day.

Less than a fortnight later, it was her mother's funeral. Lyanna was trying to hold her tears back unsuccessfully. When her brother arrived she jumped into his arms. The only reason she could recognize this giant was by his expression. The large boy that is 10-and-1 years old. She cried into his chest. He only hugs her and tries to stifle all tears that come out of his eyes.

They share their heartbreak, and everyone bands together. Family becomes more important than ever. Lyanna learns to balance her boyish wants and her femininity. She trained with swords but decided to wield daggers. She grew beautiful and kind. By the time she was twelve many a stable boy watched after her.

"Come on pup! You can do better than that!"

Lyanna gave her brother's ear a clout. He decided that sword practice was over for the day. Anyways all of them were welcoming the girl who would become the Lady of Winterfell and Brandon's wife. Ned had come home only two months before. Brandon was now a strapping young man of 10-and-7. Ned almost 10-and-6.

Lyanna got ready and wore a gray dress. While it wasn't as nice as the one gifted to her by the Targaryen's it was pretty. She plaited her hair in the northern style and made sure that everything was in order. Before she put on her cloak and went to the courtyard to greet the Tully's.

The Tully's entered. They were nicely dressed, but did not seem as frivolous as most of the people she had heard of in the South. Hoster Tully was a large, imposing man. He had a few streaks of red showing his former hair color, but he was mostly as silver as a Targaryen. His eyes were focused and a bright blue that seemed to pierce into you. However, you could tell that he had honor. Besides him was his brother who was called the 'Blackfish'. The two seemed uncomfortable around each other, but it wasn't strange considering their famous feud. He also had blue eyes that, instead of piercing, were hard. He wore all black armor and even rode a black horse. Behind them was a wheel house which carried all of the Tully children.

Two girls and a very young boy emerged from the wheel house. The taller one was obviously Catelyn Tully, and Brandon's betrothed. She was beautiful with her long red hair plaited half up and the rest went down to her waist. Her eyes were the same blue as her father's, and her skin was pale and unblemished. She had nice features and she could see why people spoke of her beauty. Her little sister however, seemed stuck at the age where he features were too childish to be considered beautiful. They looked similar yes, but she was too young to be considered a beautiful maiden.

They were the picture of sophisticated ladies. All smiles, curtsies, and courtesies. They were dressed in their house colors like their father. All of them bowed, curtsied, and exchanged greetings.

It seemed that even after the loss of the Stark matriarch, they were going to have a new one. The family could only hope that she was as good as her predecessor.

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