Magnet for Lies

Chapter 1: Dealing with a Super Villian, Oh Joy

Chapter 1: Dealing with a Super Villain, Oh Joy

Selene Evans' Pov

So I left the alien/ super villain in the bathroom, and while most people would've called the authorities or something by now, I don't think it would be right. I found him bleeding, face down in the snow, the shirt he was wearing was in tatters, and he had a huge slash mark across his chest. Luckily, I know some first aid, and it helps when you can control the stiches and how far they go in and such, ah mutant abilities how I love you. I go in to my adopted sister room and go digging through to find any clothes left behind by one of her boy toys, and find some things that might fit him. She actually had a lot of his things here, and I believe I know who it's from.

I pick those up and put them on the bed in the room he's staying in, and go downstairs making some simple food along with hot chocolate. I then carry them in using a tray that the maids usually used when I used to come here during the summers when I was a kid. Once I'm up there I knock on the bathroom door and say.

"Are you covered?"

"Yes," and I walk inside precariously balancing the clothes and the tray and place it on the huge counter surrounding the oversized sink, "here are your clothes, there's a little room with a toilet you can change in there."

"What if I don't want to change in there?"

"Loki, I don't know what the hell it was like for you in Asgaurdian prison, but for the sake of my eyes go change in the bathroom or all you'll eat for the next week is cold porridge," I glare at him and he pouts, "now go."

And I watch as he angrily stalks off to the bathroom, and I finally allow myself to blush. The fact that he said that was just bad for someone as innocent as me. Even Kitty isn't as innocent as I am, but I stopped thinking about it and just stood there and composed myself. He then waltzes out like nothing happened with a smirk on his face. I glare at him but hand him his food which he stares at for about a minute in pure awe, and then wolfs down for about two minutes before he composes himself. I'm stifling laughter at his lack of table manners even if I know it's from starvation because I thought he would compose himself better.

Once both of us have had our fill, whether it be laughter or food, we went downstairs and I decide to go in to the library that no one else uses. He follows me and I find I book I was reading and sit down to begin where I left off, but I've read it before. It's a favorite among many oh how I love the 'Hunger Games', and I get so caught up in it I don't realize that he's been looking for books in till I hear him curse.

"Dammit, why is everything in this Midgaurdian scrawl?"

"Because you're on Earth, ah durh," I retort making my face look strange, "English is the most spoken language on the planet, but I doubt that anyone would know any language you know unless it's Latin, but even then that's a small minority."

"Fantastic every language I know has been eradicated."

"Well you are a lot older than most people right? It's probably why you can't read any modern language, you probably haven't been to mingle with us mortals in a while."

"Why would I 'mingle' and become attached to someone that would only live for forty years?"

"Um, that's a little bit off, the average life span for a human being is in the eighties now."

"That's hardly a difference."

"To you maybe, but from being married at about thirteen to being able to wait in till you're in your older years is kind of a blessing."


"Oh, yeah you probably didn't know much about our culture right?" He doesn't answer, "well throughout the ancient times and renaissance you would get married at probably, anywhere from about twelve to sixteen, it wasn't in till about the seventeen, eighteen hundreds, would you get married later but even then most young women were married by eighteen."

"What has changed?"

"Oh, in some countries that still goes on, but that's usually in the third world, a country like America and most of Europe there've been civil rights movements and birth control is accessible."

"Birth control?"

"Yeah, but I'd rather not explain it any further than it's more effective than herbs that women used to use, and it comes in two main forms for women, and one for men, other than being sterilized," his eyes go wide at the last word.

"I would prefer not to be in contact with any of it."

"Well, if you ever get involved with a human woman I would suggest you learn about it."

"And why would I get involved with a stupid Midgaurdian women, all you people know is stupidity."

"Like you don't have idiots among you're people? Please you can rant all day about how Asgaurdians are better than humans, and I'll agree with you maybe magic is a little bit better than technology, but my kind don't have it and I have to say that we've adapted quite well."

"Please you're just like any other Midgaurdian what do you know?"

"Well, it depends on what type of Midgaurdian you're speaking of, because there are two species of the human race, and I'm the more evolved one."


"You heard me, the people you call Midgaurdian are homo sapiens while I'm a homo superious meaning I'm the next step of humanity, and guess what it seems that we might catch up to you Asgaurdians, oh sh*t, I told you about it."

"There are two species of humans?"

"Yeah, and most people are afraid of change, that's why people like me are able to be killed lawfully, and it's not pretty."

Loki Laufeyson's Pov

There were two types of Midgaurdian one the weak race that I was trying to conquer and the other stronger and probably a threat to Asgaurdians. A race that was growing even if it was hunted I wonder if anyone has capitalized on their feeling of hatred yet.

"I wonder, are some of your kind filled with hatred?"

"Yes, many of us are, and none more so than my grandfather, he and his subordinates believe that mutants are gods in human form and should be treated as such, he's one of the most wanted men on the planet, but my dad was his human son, so he abandoned him and then I was born with an even stronger version of his ability."

"I wonder if I could partner with him, if he wants to conquer the world, I definitely could help him."

"I doubt he would let you, he only associates with other mutants, he's a complete and utter racist, he believes anyone that isn't a mutant is below him, even if you are kind of like the finished product of our evolution."

"Is there a side that opposes your grandfather?"

"Yes, that's the side I'm on, it's run by his former friend a man by the name of Charles Xavier, he runs a school for people like us, and through that school trains us to harness our powers, he's a very formidable telepath, he might not be able to use his legs for battle, but in the arena of the mind there's no contest when he's there."

"What's a telepath?"

"Someone who can read minds, it sure helps when it comes to pranksters, usually Logan drags who he hates in there, but Proffesor X as we call him always finds the real culprit, I think I'll take you there once Christmas Break is over, I think you'll like him."

"And pray tell, why would that happen?"

"Because he's very intelligent, and you seem to like someone with a sharp mind."

"I doubt any human could even begin to match my intelligence."

"That may be, but us Midgaurdains aren't complete idiots even though you may see differently, while many people aren't the most intelligent not everyone could be like you, so take that attitude and shove it up you're a*s along with that ten foot pole that seems to be stuck there."

I was at a loss for words, no woman much less a Midgaurdian has ever spoken to me in such a manner. I've rarely ever heard a women curse only the servants and women from not so desirable areas. This girl however with her rather large dwelling seemed to be nobility of some sort, and yet she curses! Like an unintelligent, lowlife servant or some harlot of sorts, I just can't get a read on this one.

"Cat got your tongue?"

"No, I'm just shocked at the fact that you, a noble girl, would say such words."

"There's no such thing as nobility, at least not in this country, I would suggest going to Europe, if you want to find nobility, and besides I've been disowned in everything except name, and been replaced by my skank of a sister," I'm confused as to what that word means, "let me guess you don't know what skank means? A skank is a slang term for a harlot or a wh*re."

"Ah, so you're younger blood sister is more favored."

"She's not my sister by blood, she was adopted like you were, except she's actually my 2nd cousin on my mom's side, which is kind of funny considering they look and act alike, they're almost like an actual mom and daughter."

I was shocked; this little Midgaurdian has a life similar to my own only slightly worse in the sense instead of being the adopted child, that child was favored over her. I didn't even know why they would disown their own daughter.

"Why would they do that?"

"Because of what I am, my parents aren't exactly the most tolerant people, only my godfather really cares."

"What is a godfather?"

"A godfather or godmother is a tradition, it's basically someone to take care of you if you have no family left, and their usually good friends of the family."

"Ah, so it's a way to tie someone in to the family without them marrying in, and becoming blood."

"So you are smart, and yes that is correct, and I think you know my godfather."

"Really, who is it? I know very few of you mortals."

"Tony Stark or Ironman," and I feel the blood leave my face, she's basically related to someone on the Avengers, "don't worry, I'm not going to tell them that I have you."

"And why would you do that?"

"Because you need time to heal, you have a pretty messed up cut on your chest that probably would have killed a normal person, you're lucky that you're not normal however, you have some stiches in it right now and I'll probably have to take them out in like a day."

I was again shocked this female Midgaurdian was willing to give me the time and place to heal, and keep my landing here hidden from one of the Avengers. She was either incredibly stupid, desperate, or courageous to do so, she could be killed for doing this, harboring a criminal like myself.

"What are you trying to accomplish by doing this?"



"I'm sick of all the hatred in this world, even if we are at peace, there's always people that hate others, and I'm sick of it, I know I'll never change their minds because they feel that they are morally correct in thinking that way, but I don't think you got the full support of your conscience in attacking Earth, and if I can change one person's mind, well then that's a good thing for me."

"You're a dreamer if you think you can change me, I'm a monster."

"If you were a monster, I would already be dead," and she walked off leaving me in this room with my swirling thoughts.

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