Magnet for Lies

Chapter 2; What To Do With a Criminal

Chapter 2: What To Do With a Criminal

Selene Evans' Pov

It's been almost a week since I took Loki in to my care, and he will ask questions and I'll answer them, and I've figured out he has a sweet tooth. He's very particular and a pain sometimes, but now that he's not trying to conquer our world anymore he seems to content himself with learning as much as possible about it. In a week he's managed to get his reading level up to that of a fifth grader which I'm impressed, and he's getting better every day.

Unfortunately, Loki's escape has leaked from Asgaurd, and I'm keeping Loki from all the windows. Yesterday however I cut his hair to a slightly shaggy haircut and he now has five o'clock shadow deciding he liked it. I'm a little worried to take him to somewhere but I'm also worried that if I leave him there my sister will 'visit' and try to rape him. However, because of his appetite we need more food and soon I'll have to go back to school which I'm scared to take him to. Professor X might allow him to stay but I'm worried that one of the students might turn him in and then we'll all be in trouble.

He's also kind of grown on me, but that could be because we live in close quarters and he's like a new friend, not a best friend but a friend. Right now I'm pacing my room trying to figure out if I should take him to the grocery store with me or leave him here, and then I remember something. I go out of my room to find him on the couch watching Spongebob eating the last of the ice cream.


"Yes," he answers looking at me and turning down the volume to listen.

"I'm going to get more food, you have to stay here, and if anyone comes namely my sister, she's blonde and hard to miss, make it look like there's food here, also here's the remote to the camera's in the house, I would suggest hiding in the control room, and record if you see if she's doing anything funny or something I could black mail her for."

"Kay," and he turns the volume back up and eats his ice cream, and I go get my coat, and head towards the garage and get in my car.

Loki Laufeyson's Pov

I find it almost surreal that I've been on Midgaurd for a week, and with the female that's left my thoughts so garbled, without going insane. I'm also shocked that so many innuendos for more adult things are in this show, that's supposed to be for children, and then I hear someone at the garage door. I teleport myself immediately and turn off the t.v. and set to watch whoever comes in and record for blackmail. I then see a girl who I believe to be her younger sister, and she is with a male much older than herself and they go running off to her chambers.

I decided to record it once I learned of what they were doing and then decided to scry for Jörmungandr to pass the time. I know that he probably wouldn't want to see me, but I would like to know if he's safe, however he probably isn't, he's probably messing with some boat in some way. I find him he's been stealing fish from some Icelandic people's boats, and I almost laugh at some of the pictures I find of him on Selene's laptop device.

I then notice that her sister has gone, and I stop recording what she was doing and checked to see if she and her lover were gone by enhancing my senses. Once I was sure the two were gone, I left the security room and sat back in front of the t.v. I change the channel and find an interesting movie called 'Spirited Away' and recorded it because I knew she like these sorts of movies, the ones were the people have big eyes.

She gets home soon after and squeals in delight of the movie, apparently it's almost like a childhood favorite. She sat down next to me after putting away the things that needed to be immediately frozen and became completely entranced by this movie. Then we saw the giant baby and I laughed at it.

"That reminds me of my brother."

"A big baby reminds you of your brother?" She asked incredulously one eyebrow raised.

"Yes, before Thor came to Midguard he was an absolute terror, I swear if he had been king before he was banished he would have gone to war with anyone had they mentioned his name in a way he found mocking."

"Glad he came to our planet then, cause we would have been destroyed by every teenage boy when they learned about him."

"I don't doubt that, so I want to know what is this about learning of my brother as a teenager."

"Oh, we humans usually go to school till about eighteen, that's usually paid for through taxes, as it's a public school system, but there are private schools like the one I go to, my school also has dorms for us, because many of the students there run from abusive families and communities, and sometimes the government, I actually have to go back in like three days."

"You're going to turn me in then, right?"

"Nope, you're going with me."

Selene Evans' Pov

He had probably the best face I've ever seen someone make. His eyebrows were raised, his eyes wide and his mouth was open in shock so wide that it looked almost unhinged. I giggled and he sobered and asked.

"Why would you do that?"

"Because you'll fit in with everyone and most of us are illegal anyways you'll most likely be safe, and besides where would you rather be a high tech and secure mansion surrounded by gifted children that could and might use their powers to help you or a mansion were you could easily be discovered, caught and dragged back to the place you despise so much."

"I believe I'll take the first choice, thank you."

"Well then, I believe we'll be leaving in three days then."

"We shall."

3 Days Later

Selene Evans' Pov

Loki seems almost nervous as we get in the car or excited he was drumming his fingers to the beat of the song on the pages of his book. He was completely immersed in the Lord of the Rings books I gave him to try and look calm.

I would be lying if I wasn't nervous as well.

While Loki was in his Jotun form, he absolutely hates that form, as we had packed some parts of his clothes with ice packs, someone blue wasn't exactly welcome either. We really hoped that we wouldn't have to go through a checkpoint of some sort, but not even an hour of driving in we run in to one with police there and its newly set up. We wait in line and Loki puts down his book and hides his hands in his pockets to hide the blue hued skin.

Once we pull up Loki fakes sleep and they ask who he is and I tell them he's a friend of my older brother's that I have to drive to his place because my brother was lazy. They looked at me funny, the older one giving me a mischievous look, but they waved us through anyways.

We were practically whopping with happiness but managed to keep it restrained and decide to just turn on a song that I love, Safe and Sound and we sing to it. The rest of the drive is relatively uneventful except for Loki whining for Starbucks, I swear he's become addicted to the stuff, and we get some coffee because he can be infinitely annoying when he's whining for something.

Then maybe two hours later, at 3:00 pm, we arrived at my school and we grabbed our stuff from the back. We quickly made our way towards the professor's office and even though Kitty tried to talk with me, I said that I had to tell the professor something. She saw Loki and immediately backed off, and after that we made our way relatively unstopped in till we got to the door. I hear Storm and the professors voice on the other side and they stop when I knock.

"Come in," says the ever present calm voice of Charles Xavier and I enter with Loki, I just hopes all goes well.

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