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Shattered Innocence


What happens when Naruto has shattered innocence and brings people along for the ride.

Adventure / Action
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Shattered Innocence



3rd Person

The world is an alien place, sometimes even to its own inhabitants. Its people and places are all different and constantly change and evolve in to something newer and stronger. Sometimes there is a catalyst for such things, and that particular catalyst was one Uzumaki Naruto's fourth birthday.

Usually a birthday was a celebrative day with friends and family singing, dancing, and eating, with presents and sweets involved. This wasn't the case for Naruto. His birthdays were usually him trying and failing to get away from a mob that would then viciously beat him to the point most would die. This year they got dangerously close. The villagers this year thought it would be ironic if the demon reincarnated died from its own element: fire. So they captured and tied the poor child pariah to a post drenched both in gasoline and set it aflame. Had the ANBU actually been doing their jobs at that particular day that wouldn't have happened, as it was his protectors were drinking and having a good old time.

The backup was too late, not to save his life, but to save his innocence, to save his now former drive. When he got to the hospital and the ANBU that were supposed to be guarding him arrived the medical ninjas and backups almost literally tore them new ones. Especially one gray spiky haired captain who unknowingly did the worst betrayal to the child, he allowed the near death of his sensei's son.

Due to the child's amazing healing ability he was completely healed within two months and had no more scars two weeks after that. The only difference was his eyes they were no longer holding that innocence, they were cold like two icebergs had replaced the sky like eyes of the child's past. He was colder, calculating, and like a recluse, hiding from everyone, while the villagers were disturbed they knew that something had changed, that he wasn't the child who would ask why, he was the one who would kill them.

Many of the less intelligent tried to go after him to kill him, but he was gone, like he was a part of the shadows himself. He didn't vow revenge however unlike the many that were betrayed before him, he just vowed to show them how stupid they were.

He gathered, stole and borrowed techniques from the clan's and high ranking ninja around the village. Learning fuinijutsu, ninjutsu, taijutsu, kenjutsu, and basically every other ninja technique but he took a special interest in clones so that he could leave and none would be the wiser. He learned of his parentage, and he took everything from his parent's house, obviously they were too smart to leave anything in the bank in case the council members stole it.

He even met with his godmother, Hitomi Hyuuga, who told him when he left to take her daughter with him so that she could live without the fear of the caged bird seal. She also told him about her nephew and what happened to him and when he left to give the nephew a note explaining the truth behind his father's death.

He also met Lee an orphan from when he was younger; he was the only child that tried to help him out when they were littler. He had been adopted but because of his past affiliations with him his parents were horribly abusive so they got him out of that and the two became not only roommates but life-long friends. When it was time for them to go he created the clones for all three of his friends and they left out the front gate of Konoha; the place that threw their talent and potential aside were going to learn just how wrong they were.

Naruto's Pov

Tonight was the night that we were finally free from Konoha and all of those that tortured us. We headed towards Suna because something in my gut told me that someone needed us there. We slept during the day and walked during the night and luckily we had enough fabric to wrap ourselves up so that we weren't burned, or more specifically Lee wasn't burned because he had no ability to use chakra.

When we got to the gates we had to wait for the morning and sneak in to the city with a caravan so that we weren't noticed. Once inside we decided to go and find some stand to eat, and ate horrible ramen, but we didn't complain. Then we all went to the park only to find some kids ganging up on another boy about my age with bright red hair and a giant teddy bear.

"Oi," they look at me, "leave him alone."

"He's a monster," they all said.

"Huh, that's funny," I look at them with a psychotic smile on my face, "because that's what people in my village used to call me," they ran off screaming and I cursed grabbing the boy and finding someplace to hide.

"Great Naruto, now the mothers of this village will be after you," Lee said.

"Be quiet Lee," Hinata said, "he just doesn't like seeing people being treated that way," Hinata had changed since I first met her, she was like a mini copy of her mother and she no longer stuttered.

"Please leave, I don't want to hurt you, they're right I am a monster."

"You're not a monster," I said, "if you were you wouldn't have told us to leave so we don't get hurt, and besides you're a jinchuriki aren't you?"

"H-how?" He sobbed clutching his teddy bear like a lifeline.

"Because I'm one too, I hold the nine tails."

"I hold Shukaku, she's going insane because the seal wasn't done good, and she doesn't let me sleep."

"Well, Naruto is one his way to becoming a seals master just like his family, especially his dad, maybe if you come with us he can learn a way to help you," Lee said putting a hand on his shoulder.

"I would like that, but I can't leave without putting you guys in danger, my dad is the kazekage and he would send out jounin to get us."

"Shukaku controls sand right?" He nods in confirmation, "well, then let's make a sandstorm, I control wind along with Hinata just release your sand, and make it angry, and we'll do the rest."

"Yeah, but it might take a lot of chakra Naruto," Hinata said.

"Yes, but we don't have to keep it up long, just enough for Lee to dig a burrow in the sand where we can hide, and live comfortably."

"Oh, a diversion, let's do it, but why not leave a clone?"

I smacked my head for my stupidity even though I was smarter sometimes that streak of impulsiveness and wanting to show off got the best of me. The boy started to giggle along with Hinata and Lee and then soon we were all laughing, but then we heard footstep and we were trapped only for two kids to come and look at the boy stupidly.

"G-Ga-Gaara?" The girl asked completely flabbergasted at the red head's laughter as he was rolling around on the ground banging his fists.

"So that's his name," I said recovering, "hi my name's Uzumaki Naruto, the girl is Hyuuga Hinata, and the boy is Rock Lee," the other two sober up but Gaara is still giggling.

"You got our brother to laugh, you must be Kami, he never laughs," a boy said. He had a cat-like suit and make-up on and his face and he was totally and utterly shocked.

"Yeah, I have to agree with you Kankuro, where are my manners, I'm Gaara's older sister Temari, the idiot with the make- I mean war paint is Kankuro, and the one with the teddy bear is Gaara."

"Ohayo, Temari-san, my name is Hinata it's nice to meet you."

"Ohayo, Hinata-sama."

"Please just call me Hinata, I hate the sama part.

"Ohayo Kankuro, my name is Lee, and the blonde is Naruto."

"Ohayo Lee, Naruto, and thank you for making my brother laugh trust me no one likes him."

"Because he's a jinchuriki?" I ask and they pale.

"How do you know that?"

"I'm one too."

"You're one but I thought that they were kind of scary."

"I'm usually pretty normal, but if I see any of those b*stards from Konoha village, trust me I'll get scary, especially that no good spiky haired jounin that was my father's student, he f*cking abandoned me."


"Sorry for ranting Kankuro as you can see we're kind of the rejects of our village, so instead of vowing revenge like the idiots before us, we're just going to show them how wrong they were about us."

"Wait but why haven't they told us about your disappearance, Suna is Konoha's ally you know?"

"Well, we created perfect clones of ourselves."

"Wait, if you can create perfect clones can you take Gaara with you, our dad wants him dead, and I can feel that something bad is going to happen to him if stays much longer."

"Well, one problem we're in a desert and I need a lot of water for the clone."

"Oh, well we're the children of the kazekage we can just sneak in and take some water, does it have to be clean."

"Well no, I'll just have to work harder to make him as pale as he is."

"Okay, clean water, exactly how much?"

"Probably like a gallon with how small he is, just make sure to add some over time so he can grow."

"That'll be easy, we'll meet you tonight with the water, do you need anything else?"

"Nope, the rest is pretty easy just a little bit of blood and something that I can do and he'll be fine."


"Yeah that would be good."

"You guys are sending me away?" Gaara said with tears in his eyes.

"Maybe for now, but this is so dad doesn't hurt you and that no one holds you back, and besides you'll have people that will understand your pain, so you won't be alone."

"I believe that it would be wise if you went with them Gaara," all three of them looked in horror at the old woman.


"Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, before Gaara leaves I must all tell you something important before you leave, it's about why the kazekage treats Gaara the way he does."

"What is it?" They ask all three of us forgotten.

"Gaara is your half-brother, you three don't all have the same father, Gaara is the son of my grandson, Sasori of the Red Sands, which would make him my great grandson."

"That b*stard just because he's Sasori's son is that the reason he killed mom, to punish her, to punish him, for something that was beyond his control," the siblings lament angrily, "d*mn him, may Kami send him to hell, sure sometimes Gaara scares us," Kankuro starts sobbing while Temari is trying to hold it back, "but he's still our brother, which means he's a part of us through mom."

"Sorry to interrupt but you're going to help three strangers kidnap your great-grandson, and you trust us to do so without turning him over to the enemy or something?"

"Of course, because I can tell just by looking at you that you are a child, and your eyes have seen too much for someone your age, all of you three have, and I know that you will protect Gaara, you're already attached to him, I can tell."

"Thank you, Chiyo-sama, I'm guessing that many believe that you're senile but all I see is someone that like wine gets better with age."

"Such a flatterer, I'm guessing you're the yellow flashes son, and somehow related to my dear old friend Mito."

"H-how did you know my great-grandmother."

"Met her in battle and we decided to make peace and keep in touch, you have the same aura that many Uzumaki have, someone that is humble by nature, extremely protective, and like everyone from Whirlpool royalty you command respect and loyalty, and can stir even the most hopeless to battle."

"Whirlpool?" Hinata asks, "Where's that? I've never heard of it."

"Well, they tied to annexed into Fire Country after the last war, but they couldn't, most of the Uzumaki were killed, there are a few in Ame and the Land of Iron, the last I heard, but I fear that the snake from Konoha has some under his belt, but avoid him, I wouldn't doubt that he would not want to turn you and the Hyuuga princess here in to breeding cows for his own sick game."


"You're forehead doesn't bear the mark, you are a main branch Hyuuga."

"Wh-what doesn't that make h-her."

"My name is Hinata Hyuuga, I'm the heiress to the Hyuuga clan however with my father's broken spirit, my different elemental affinity, and my kind nature, I fear that my father would push me to unrealistic goals that I could not full fill, so I ran away with my mother's god child Naruto, and his best friend Lee."

"Ah, so the elders of the clan have finally made the play for power?"

"Yes, Chiyo-sama, they killed my mother, and are going to turn my little sister in to their doll, so I'm going to get stronger than show them what happens when you piss me off."

"Ah, you are going to put them in their place."

"No, I'm going to destroy them, get rid of the seal that is destroying my family and replace them with new people that will understand, and not try underhanded tricks to get what they want."

"Well, I like your tenacity, now you three are going to need a place to stay right?"

"Yes, Chiyo-sama," all three of us chorus.

"Well, then come with me, I'll let you stay in my home in till it's time to go with Gaara, now you three go back and act like nothing ever happened, now let's go."

We did as she told us and once we got to her house we almost instantly found a place to lay down and fell asleep completely exhausted and trying to make up our sleep schedule. It was very peaceful and we felt good.

Naruto's Pov

It was time to create the clone for Gaara and leave with him. He had a gourd filled with sand now and a scroll in a pouch attached to his sash. He was wearing a long-sleeved red shirt cut in a low v with mesh underneath, and brown pants and black shinobi sandals, he also had a black sash wrapped around his body (think Gaara's Shippuden and original outfit mixed, just without the chest armor and his shirt doesn't have the tails).

Once the clone was done we put it where he would normally be and we followed Gaara to get out of the city.

"So where to next Naruto?" Lee asked and Hinata nodded.

"To Taki, I think I feel another jinchuriki, and I feel like they're living a life similar to how mine was."

"You mean being hated by the general population, and not being able to fight back."

"I never had that problem, if I wanted to kill someone I could get away with it because I was Suna's ultimate weapon."

"That's horrible, you're a person."

"Yeah, not to most of the general population, and my former father."

"Do you think we should find you're real dad Gaara, I heard he's a spy master I'm sure he could hide us, I mean he's hid himself for this long."

"That's the problem, he's a puppet master he could appear as anyone, and anywhere."

"Like behind you," a monotone voice says.

We turn around and dear kami it was almost like a future Gaara was looking at us from like a portal or something. He wasn't very tall probably about five foot four at the most, and had Gaara's same spiky blood red hair and pale skin. He had brown eyes and seemed to have no emotion almost like he was made of wood (see what I did there).

"Otou-san," Gaara greeted him, "I see I finally meet you."

"Yes, Gaara I must warn you, I'm part of an organization that is after the bijuu, we'll go after you guys once your about fifteen, sixteen, you need to get stronger than us before that, I wish I was more a part of your life but I didn't want the kazekage to kill you, but I see you have found some friends, cherish them, they'll make you stronger."

"Who are they, un?" We see a young blonde haired male, "Wait Sasori-senpai you have a kid?!"

"Why is that so surprising to you brat?"

"I just thought you were to emotionless to even have women attracted to you, how old are you?"

"Five," Gaara answered.

"Where do you live?"

"I used to live in Suna, now I'm traveling with them, right now we're going to go to Taki."

"Why Taki?"

"I'm a jinchuriki, as well as the blonde, we believe one of our fellows is being treated horribly there."

"You're right, jinchuriki of the Nanabi lives there and she has been treated horribly she has green hair and her name is Fu."

"Thank you Sasori," told him.

"Yes thank you tou-san," and we left the two traveling to find our fellow and the way to Taki it was really hard because it was dark.

Hinata's Pov

It took us four days to reach Taki, and once again we had to hide under the cover of a caravan luckily we didn't have to wear as much clothing.

Once we were in we stealthily looked around town to find the jinchuriki of the Nanabi, and we found her in an alleyway. She acted like an animal, her hair was wild, as well as her green eyes, and her clothes were in tatters. She looked to find an escape route in till we heard footsteps they were loud obviously a civilian and sounded like the person was drunk.

"Demon come out come out where ever you are," he walked towards us, "well, well what do we have here more playthings today will be fun."

"Hah, civilian you can't take out a ninja," said Naruto but Lee beats him to the punch and beats him in to a bloody pulp.

"I hate child rapists," he then leaves a note saying that he had tried to rape some normal children but we took care of it.

We then grabbed the girl and took to the roofs in till we got to the forest, more jungle than anything. Naruto unsealed some camping gear and I took Fu to the nearest water source she needed a bath, and Naruto handed me some soap and towels to get the job done. She looked like she hadn't taken a bath in almost her entire life which was probably true so I was gentle but she didn't like me, I felt like a mother to some small child and thanked my clan for letting me babysit the younger members.

"Shh, shh, it's okay you're okay, no one is going to hurt you, I promise," she looks at me and I ask, "what's your name?"

"My name is Fu, 'n yours?"

"My name is Hinata, the blonde boy is Naruto, the black haired boy who beat up the bad man is Lee, and the red head is Gaara."

"Voice say blonde is Kyubbi, and red is Shukaku."

"Well, they're like you, they're jinchuriki, and that voice is the Nanabi, that's the reason they call you demon, because you keep a demon from killing them, but they're too stupid to thank you."

"Hinata, will you be my nee-san?"

"Sure imouto," and we get comfortable and finish our bath.

I think I'm going to like having a sister after all.

Woooohooo one chapter which is over three thousand words wow, just don't ask for all of them to be that long because I'm not sure if I can, but I hope you like it

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