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Whirlpool's Prince


Naruto finds out his parents and his inheritance on the disastrous night of the graduation test.

Humor / Action
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3rd Person Limited Pov

It was starting out as a great day for one Uzumaki Naruto; he was finally getting closer to his dream to become the hokage, or fire shadow, of Konoha. He had defeated a traitorous teacher named Mizuki after he had told the youth to steal the forbidden scroll of seals to learn a technique from it. While this happened he unfortunately cut his hand and spilled some blood on to a seal on the outside only for it to activate and notes from his father and a scroll with his mother's swords inside which he saved for later.

As he walked towards the Academy, his fake smile was almost real from happiness, and he could easily ignore the glares sent his way and he mutters of 'monster' and other things of that nature. He went down the familiar road leading towards his school passing by some stalls and generally avoiding the normal populace of his home village so as not to be beaten. Once there he went down the familiar series of wooden hallways to be faced with the familiar blue door of his classroom and the chakra signatures of both his favorite teacher Iruka in the nearby teacher's lounge, and his classmates, which was comforting even with the slightly dark chakra of his rival Uchiha Sasuke. He begrudgingly sat down next to the before mentioned student and didn't even acknowledge the person he was next to, and then his former crush named Sakura, and her former friend now turned rival Ino did their daily entrance that involved yelling to fight over Sasuke.

"Oi, I'm already sitting here Sakura, go fight over some other seat."

"Can you give it to me?"

"Let me think… no thank you, I already wasted enough of my life pining after you, and getting nothing in return so no, you crazy b*tch."

"Why you-"

"What, what Sakura, I'm sick and tired of being your errand boy when all you want is someone to make Sasuke jealous and it isn't working so hope you enjoy life."

When Iruka entered he already knew that something was wrong, Naruto could see it on his face and he was shocked from how everyone was reacting. The room was in complete silence with shocked faces looking in his direction, the most shocked was Sakura who was turning red in the face from anger and embarrassment. She then tried to hit our hero only for him to block without looking at her and throw her fist back with so much force she was pushed back a few steps, and she then started to fear the blonde that her mother always told her was a monster. She wondered if she had finally made him snap out of his happy-go-lucky attitude and turn in to his true self, and quickly sat on the other side of her crush practically hiding behind him. Iruka looked at his favorite student and saw that he was angry and was actually quite proud of him for standing up to that b*tch Sakiri's daughter Sakura instead of letting her boss him around.

"Alright, everyone team assignments," everyone listened to their team being called, "Team 7 will be Haruno Sakura, Uzumaki Naruto, and Uchiha Sasuke, you're sensei will be Hatake Kakashi, Team 8 will be Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuuga Hinata, and Aburame Shino, you're sensei will be Yūhi Kurenai, and since Team 9 is still together, Team 10 will be Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, and Akimichi Chouji, you're sensei will be Sarutobi Asuma, you're sensei's will be here to pick you up soon."

Naruto watched as his partner in crime was picked up by his female sensei who he remembered as being the new Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha, and a chunnin that used to help him whenever she could, she was the one that taught him how to read properly. Shikamaru and his team was picked up by the third's son, and chain smoker by the name of Asuma, who he remembered was one of the daimyo's Twelve Ninja Guardians. Everyone else was picked up assorted jounins while his team had to wait, and wait, even Iruka left and then he felt a familiar chakra source nearby and familiar white spiky hair connected to a little bit of face this time was revealed through the door.

"Hmm, my first impression of you is… I hate you, meet me on the roof in five minutes," and he shunshis away and most likely to the roof.

Naruto and his teammates quickly make their way to the roof and find places to sit with Naruto on one side as far away from his female teammate as humanly possible and Sasuke on the other side brooding with his arm warmers blocking the view to anything other than his eyes and hair. If possible his chakra signature seemed to get darker, and Naruto could tell he was thinking of something emo like so he said something.

"Oi, emo duck, stop thinking of revenge you're chakra signature is going to make me emo, with how dark it's turning."


"Naruto, what do you mean by that?"

"Well, Sasuke goes through these periods of darkness in his chakra signature, it's been like that ever since the Uchiha massacre, and I found your chakra signature gets darker when you think of revenge, how else do you think I'm alive, and Kakashi it's nice to see you again, or should I say Inu."


"Hair and chakra signature dead give-away."

"Wait, what's going on? I demand to know."

"Naruto are you a sensor?"

"Maybe, probably, never really thought about it that way," everyone was silent for a minute Sakura and Sasuke just looked confused while Kakashi seemed to be pondering it in till he said.

"Alright now that that's over lets introduce ourselves."

"Um sensei, what's a sensor?"

"A sensor is a person that can sense people around them, they're usually good at finding people and they can warn their teammates if they're in danger, and sometimes if they're self-taught they are immune to most genjutsu unless they're a master."

"Good job Naruto, how'd you know that?"

"I had to clean a lot, I found some books from the third shinobi war, unfortunately most of the words were ruined to the point I couldn't read it."

"Ah, those were good books that's too bad anyways introductions, name, hobbies, likes, dislikes, and dreams."

"Um sensei can you show us?"

"My name is Kakashi, my hobbies are none of your business, likes eh rather not tell you, dislikes meh no, dreams never really thought about it, okay sensor you go."

"My name is Naruto, my hobbies are training, pranking, gardening, and learning about fuinijutsu from old scrolls I find sometimes when I get in trouble and have to clean up after my pranks, my likes are ramen, and being myself, and my dislikes are people who think they can gain everything from their name, spoiled brats, and people ruled by their own stupidity and fear of the unknown, and my dream well I thought I knew it but everything has changed me quickly so I might change it."

"Alright, pinky your turn."

"My name is Sakura, my hobbies are (squealing while looking at Sasuke), my likes are (again she squeals), my dreams are (yet again more squealing)."


"Naruto and Ino-pig."

"Feelings mutual, you spoiled b*tch."

"Alright, I'll meet you for a survival exercise tomorrow."

"Wait why do we have to do an exercise I thought we did enough of those in the Academy, we're ninja aren't we?"

"Actually you aren't ninja yet."

"Wait then what was the graduation test for?"

"To weed out the hopeless cases, oh and the real test you have a 60 percent chance of failure, meet me at training ground seven at five in the morning, oh and if you eat you'll puke, ja ne," and he shunshis away.

"So Sasuke do you want to...?"


Naruto left not even paying attention to the stupidity of his might be teammates, and went towards training ground seven. He recognizes it as a place he used to camp when it was the Kyuubi festival and he had saved foxes and there kits that the villagers tried to kill out of drunken spite and anger. He then decided to train his sensory abilities for a bit and found weird things on his body blocking his chakra and it seemed to be seals so he concentrated on them. After that he blacked out from the amount of chakra used for it.

Naruto's Pov

"Ow, well that was fun."

"Well, what happened to you rough night Naruto."

"No weird things on my body that I released, what exactly did happen my clothes feel tight, and that doesn't mean anything good for me."

"Well it seems that there were a bunch of inhibitor seals on you to make you almost socially, and mentally retarded, and you're apparently a strawberry blonde."

"Great, what do I look like?"

"Basically the same except you're about an inch or two taller than Sasuke, and you're hair color that I mentioned before."

"Fantastic, maybe if I henge myself a little I'll be able to get some new clothes, see ya in the morning, oh and I'm eating breakfast in the morning, trust me I know enough from when I was kid to know that was just suggestion."

"Hm, smart."

"I think it helps that whatever was blocking my ability to use reason, or whatever you want to call it, is gone."

"Alright see you in the morning Naruto."

"See ya Kakashi-sensei."

I walked off disguising myself slightly and got some new clothes for a lot less than usual and a good amount of groceries for a similarly low price. Once he got home he put all of his food in the right place and decided to pack everything I needed for tomorrow in storage seals, the only ones that I knew how to do correctly and had practiced at all. After that I went training in till about seven o'clock but I felt someone there.

"Hinata, I know you're there, you do this every day, can we please just talk about this."

"H-ho-how d-did yo-you kn-know tha-that?"

"Apparently I'm a sensor have been my whole life, how'd you know it was me?"


"Can you please stop stuttering, trust me when I say no one else is here."

"Okay, Naruto-kun, and the reason I know it is because your chakra is the same."

"Ah that's right Byakuugan you use it to see people's chakra pathways." (Hope I spelled that right)

"Sorry for spying on you, I didn't even know you knew."

"That's fine, but why?"

"Oh, um, he he, um, yeah, i-it's be-beca-because o-of so-some-something," and she faints after turning a bright red.

I panic and go get some herbs from my secret herb garden nearby and once I pick them I run back to Hinata's location to wake her up. I get there very quickly much faster that I thought I would be able to only to find her hugging my new jacket that I had discarded at one point and saying my name at random intervals which caused me to freeze and ask myself.

'What is going on here?'

"She wants to be your vixen idiot."

'What's a vixen?'

"Your mate, the mother of your children, lover."

'What wait, why me?'

"Not sure just talk to her when you wake her up."

I shake out of my talk with Kurama and a put the bushel of herbs underneath her nose to wake her up which she does but not before discarding the jacket for me. Once she's awake we're both bright red and she quickly lets go of me and we are too awkward to speak for a few minutes and then we both said at the same time.


"Well," I chuckled, "that was interesting, sorry I made you faint."

"No it's fine, I have to get home now, my father will be waiting for me."

"Okay, see you around Hinata-san."

"You can call me Hinata-chan."

"See ya Hinata-chan."

I walked home and made dinner and looked at something called resistance seals which made my body have extra gravity; effectively working every muscle better than weights. I set some of my shadow clones to work on it figuring out that everything they learned would be passed to me except muscle strength, luckily muscle memory could be developed. Unfortunately after about five of them exploded I decided to try it another time most likely in the morning, and after that I set my alarm clock and went to sleep.

Naruto's Pov

I woke up and it was still dark and I quickly made a nice size breakfast and ate it quickly then I made my way to the training ground and found a tree to sleep in seeing the Sasuke has already arrived. Once in the tree I quickly found that I couldn't sleep and I decided to work more on the resistance seals to pass the long time that he was sure was going to follow once everyone was here. About five minutes late Sakura arrives complaining that I was late and I roll my eyes, and yell.

"Sakura, I arrived like ten minutes ago, I'm just in the tree, the only one that's late is you," luckily they couldn't see me, "now if you'll excuse me and shut up I'm going back to sleep."

I never went to sleep I just didn't want them to mess with me and freak out at my new appearance and so I could work on the seal in peace without their insistent badgering. During this I saw a fox kit that I saved and he climbed up the tree or ran up it and settled in my lap making me pet it, I remembered that I named it Aki because of her bright red fur. I was then joined by two more one albino one named Yuki, and one dark brown one that I named Chikyu. After about two hours of this I felt Kakashi's chakra signature approaching me apparently he wanted to talk to me before he started the exercise even though I knew he was here the whole time.

"Ohayo Kakashi-sensei."

"Ohayo, Naruto, what's with the all the foxes on you."

"Oh, these are some foxes that I've saved over the years, the red one's Aki, the albino is Yuki, and the last one is Chikyu, they were all kits and their parents were killed by drunken villagers."

"Ah, I guess now it's easier to come out with a cover story, I'll just tell them that you had stunting seals placed on you, by people that were angry at you for saving fox kits."

"Kay, I guess I'll wait in till you tell them."

"I'll do that right now, get ready, oh and keep the foxes away from Sakura, she might kill them."

"No, because she's scared of me now, and trust me I won't let anything happen to them, heck I bet they could kick her a*s, she's that useless."

"Alright see ya," and he jumped out of the trees to greet them, "yo."

"YOU'RE LATE!" Sakura yelled pointing an accusing finger at him.

"For a very good reason, you see apparently someone put stunting seals on Naruto, they were poorly done, most likely by some villagers who hated him because he saved fox kits on the Kyuubi festival, and last night during training they came off, so I was talking with the Sandaime about this, and that's why I'm late, Naruto you can come out now."

I jump out and get various degrees of shock from my teammates and even though Sasuke tried to fight it even his jaw dropped and his eyes went wide. Sakura almost fainted and was sputtering and pointing like she didn't believe it and then she couldn't take it anymore and she fainted which caused me to sweatdrop.

'What is it with me and girls fainting?'

"My smexiness must rub off on you, causing them to faint due to our primal aura."

'First off, what? Second off, that was a rhetorical question genius, third off how'd you know that word, and fourth off, are you really that full of yourself, please don't answer that.'

I tune him out and focus on the task at hand otherwise known as dealing with the stupidity of my teammates.

"Hn, even if you do look different, you'll still be no match for me."

"Please Sasuke, I can paint a monument in broad daylight wearing orange and then outrun the most elite guards of the village, and that was when my muscle growth and mind was stunted."

He seemed to ponder it for about five seconds and then just convinced himself that I was still weak and not a match for an Uchiha elite. Sometimes I find it almost creepy when I can basically predict what my classmates, correction my teammates and former classmates, are thinking just from their chakra and how it reacts. We have to wait to start the exercise because of Sakura deciding to faint luckily, or unluckily for our ears, she doesn't faint often and so she woke up pretty quick, which took about five minutes. Then she yelled at me for about two more and then she was chased around by the three foxes for about five more minutes leaving us with less time to actually complete the task. Once he explained the task I immediately knew we were doomed with this team, knowing it was about teamwork, and decided to use shadow clones henged as my teammates and put the bells in their pockets.

However I tell them the true meaning of the test anyways, which they ignore. Not so much of a loss if you ask me because if you ask me they wouldn't be able to anyway, and then we would have done something that Kakashi would say that we would pass for even though we only really passed because of Sasuke. So I went through with the plan and after they were attacked I not only freed them but my clones slipped the bells in their packs. After the alarm ranged Sasuke demanded what I did, and once he checked his back pocket along with Sakura I explained the purpose of the test again. I also said that the only reason he passed is because of my generosity and the fact that I wanted not to be civilian.

Sakura was tied to the training post which I put artificial cheese on which the foxes gnawed at slowly freeing her, freaking her out, and getting the foxes some great food at the same time.

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