Whirlpool's Prince

Chapter 1: D-ranks and maybe a C-rank

Chapter 1: D-ranks and maybe a C-rank?

Naruto's Pov

This past month has been probably one of the most boring in my life. All we do is D-ranks that don't deal with important figures children because while the elders would be okay with me and their grandchildren the civilians aren't. Sakura also refused to do any menial labor for about the first week in till Kakashi-sensei basically told her that he'd force her to do the worst training she's ever had to endure.

She did it, however she did it half-ass and he definitely upped the training and she's been complaining to her mom which caused some strife and basically Sasuke told her to grow up and that she's unattractive while she's doing this so she stopped. I also to my sort of pleasure and displeasure learned more about my teammates.

Sasuke is a lot better than when we first started out. We actually can bond because he's a good guy and after Kakashi-sensei and I basically gave him a reality check he got better. We also got him away from the civilians and he's not so emo anymore and actually will smile and rarely chuckle sometimes. We've bonded and while we're not best buds we can understand each other and we both decided to not let the past rule us. He even changed from wanting to kill his brother to just finding and forcing his brother to talk because he knows that his father's stupidity probably got his family killed so he decided to grow up. His ego is still a bit of a problem though and he still has a big stick up his a*s.

Sakura is the problem of the team and I really almost wish I didn't get to know her because I regret liking her sooo much right now. You almost feel bad for her because of her mom did this to her because that's all she's ever known. Sakura has been told her whole life to be skinny and how pretty that was, and now she's basically anorexic and Kakashi-sensei said that's taking from her potential if she had any to begin with. She basically has no intelligence and the only reason she was the top kunoichi is because she can only memorize and regurgitate information, and her mom bribed one of the teachers who faked her grades. While I bet she would be a great medic because of her almost religious study of chakra control, I now doubt her mental and maturity capabilities that would be enough for that type of emotionally taxing job. Even worse however is her sanity which I seriously question because sometimes it's almost like she has multiple personalities and one takes over while she's having a fit. Her solution is a bit more complicated because we have to not only get her away from her mother but undo years of brainwashing as well. The Sandaime has already gotten her an apartment and a restraining order on the grounds of verbal abuse leading to anorexia. However, Sakura's mother is fighting tooth and nail to keep her because of her controlling impulses, and to save her own reputation. Inoichi has been called to give her sessions after she gets away from her mother because anything he does now will just be undone as soon as she gets home.

Now because of the interesting feature of the shadow clone jutsu, or transferring whatever the clone learns to me, I have been able to become much better with seals in a short time. I managed to figure out the resistance seals and now I wear them, but none of my teammates can handle the strain it puts on their bodies. Sakura basically fainted as soon as they were activated lasting an amazing five seconds, and Sasuke could actually last for about two minutes. Since this has happened I also started making my clones go on missions after getting special permission from Kakashi-sensei. However, I could only do about three a day because Kakashi-sensei didn't want me to get chakra exhaustion during training and that's when we weren't already on a mission. We got one day of break each week, and an hour break at lunch so Sakura could collapse and take a nap. Sasuke and I have easily fit in to the shinobi life style and the routine and regime that Kakashi-sensei has given us.

Today we have yet again gotten the infamous capture Tora mission that we apparently do the best job on even though we have a tracking team in our group, and our group is a combat team which means we're on the front lines basically. Apparently Kiba can't bring Akamaru with him anymore because the poor pup was scratched really badly by the cat. I guess over the years of dealing with ninja's has turned the cat into a trained yet unused ninja cat that would be amazing in the field. This cat didn't like me or Kiba, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this cat is a descendant of the two tailed bijuu and that's why it doesn't hate me soo much, and it has the decency to not scratch me. We can easily locate the cat because Yuki helped us out by using his elevated sense of smell coupled with mine the only problem was getting them.

"Fox here, ten meters from the target."

"Cherry blossom here, eight meters from the target."

"Duck-butt here, five meters from the target and I hate the name you gave me."

"Alright, GO!"

We go towards the demon cat and Sasuke grabs him then throws it towards me so he didn't get his beautiful face scratched to hell like the first time we did this mission. I grab the cat and pet him in his sweet spot behind the animals ears making him purr and rub in to my hand. This leads to Sakura yelling.


"Sakura-san focus on the mission, not you're crush."

"Hai, sensei," she said almost sulking.

We trudged to the hokage's office to tell the Sandaime that the capture Tora mission was a success only to have the poor cat be squished by its owner in a way that made me cringe. Once she left we began talking amongst ourselves.

"Better the cat than me."

"Really Sasuke, doesn't your family hold the cat summoning contract? I thought you would hate to see cat's being hurt," Sakura gets hearts in her eyes thinking about something and has a slight nosebleed.

"Um, what's with her?"

"Hn, probably imagining something perverted again."

"Wanna bet that she was imagining you as a neko?"


"I'll take that as a yes, ten ryo to the winner," we shake hands, "now let's henge and switch places quickly before she comes to."

We do just that and wait for her to get out of her fantasy, while the adults seemingly are chuckling though I can see that Iruka and Kakashi are betting to see who wins. She gets out of it about ten seconds after the switch, and I internally smirk and the adults were giggling in a perverted manner except for Iruka. I then ask almost slyly not that Sakura notices.

"Sakura, where you imagining me like this," and I turn in to a naked neko Sasuke and she screams.

"Oh Kami, you're physic Sasuke-kun," while fainting from a nosebleed.

I start full out laughing at the poor unconscious girl and dispel the henge and switch places with a horrified Sasuke and all the adults join in with me, even though Iruka tries to hide it. She's passed out on the floor for about two minutes and we managed to get all giggling out of the way even though the secretary looked at us weirdly during that time. Once she's up I'm red in the face and so is Iruka and she's confused by the things that have gone by and says.

"I just had a really wired dream."

"Oh, and what was it Sakura?" Kakashi-sensei asked with his eyebrow raised while trying to stifle his laughter.

"Um, I'd rather not tell, it was really weird and I don't think that you would like it."

"It can't be that bad can it?"

"Yeah," I'm having a hard time stifling my laughter and my cheeks were red.

"Oh, it's not that bad, surely you can tell your former teacher, and why were you asleep anyways were in the hokage's office?"

"Oh, gomenasai Kakashi-sensei."

"It's alright Sakura, just from now on please get the proper amount of rest."

"Hai, Kakashi-sensei I will."

Sasuke is stifling chuckles and his cheeks are pink while my cheeks are red, which is luckily harder to see with my skin tone and whiskers in the way. We then settle down and look at the Sandaime for a new mission, and he begins listing off more D-ranks. Sasuke and I share a look of utter disappointment and then we nod signaling that enough is enough and simultaneously ask the Sandaime, in the utmost respect.

"Sandaime-sama, could we please have a C-rank?"


"Iruka-sensei may I speak in our defense?"

"Let them Iruka, I want to hear what they say."

"Thank you jiji, the reason that the majority of our team want a C-rank is because of multiple reasons, first is like most gennin we don't want to do anymore of these even though we know it's important, our second reason is that we believe that it would help our team… ethic I think that word would be the best, because you can encounter things that would maybe help our team stop judging others and earn their respect or at least help in that regard, also with how Kakashi-sensei has been training us we are eager to show our new abilities to prove that we are good shinobi, and we promise no complaining for a month afterwards."

"Alright, you've made a good point there Naruto, I'll give you a C-rank, send in Tazuna," I bow.

Then about three minutes later a man comes in. He's in his late forties to early fifties and that's generous, he's dark and had a beer gut. He wears stained clothes and has a sake bottle in hand and has most likely been drinking almost the whole day if not since he woke up based on the smell. He has glasses but you can also see that he is a sturdy man from his build, most likely having a career in construction of some sort, or hard labor.

"My name is Tazuna, and I'm the bridge builder of Wave, and I expect suuper protection while I build my bridge."

"Ohayo, Tazuna-san my name is Hatake Kakashi, and these are my students, the red head is Uzumaki Naruto, the ravenette is Uchiha Sasuke, and the pinkette is Haruno Sakura."

"How are these children going to protect me, they don't look older than fourteen and that's generous, especially the red head, he has a stupid look on his face."

"Tazuna-san you must know that deception is a ninja's best friend."

"Thank you Naruto, and also all of them are very well-trained as it would be an insult to my sensei the Fourth to not train a team as good as or better than his."

"Ah, well I feel a little better, we'll leave tomorrow."

"Alright I shall meet all three of you at the eastern gate at nine in the morning, I'll inspect all your bags or whatever you use to carry your things, and pack for about two weeks."

"Hai sensei, we'll be there."

I went to my apartment to pack everything up in to scrolls and ate and early dinner. I went to the training ground that I found Hinata at and she came by again.

"Konichiwa, Hinata-chan."

"Konichiwa, Naruto-kun how are you?"

"I'm good, my team and I are going on a C-rank tomorrow morning."

"Oh, well Kurenai-sensei said that we'll go on one of those soon, but I thought that your team didn't get along."

"We don't but Kakashi-sensei thinks that this mission will help Sakura grow up because she might see something that isn't so nice and she'll mature."

"What's wrong with Sakura-san?"

"Well, she is basically anorexic, can only memorize and regurgitate information, and has been brainwashed by her mother who has control issues, and she is fighting tooth and nail to keep Sakura even though she could be arrested for child abuse, once she gets away from her mother she's going to get sessions with Inoichi."

"Oh, that's quite and amount, so you think that if she sees something, or experiences something horrible on this mission that she'll be forced to grow up?"

"Yep, that's the jist of it."

"Oh, well stay safe Naruto-kun."

"Why don't we talk more, you've got time right?"

"Yeah, but I have to be home before dark."

"Okay, so how has it been with Kiba, I know that he's been giving you trouble."

"Yeah, he's been kind of a pervert, he also makes lewd comments when Kurenai-sensei isn't around."

"Well then why don't you tell her that? He needs to learn that what he's doing can endanger the mission, cause incidents between countries, and causes tension between his teammates."

"I couldn't do that."

"Don't be nice, if he's bothering you then go tell Kurenai-sensei, or better yet tell his mom so he can be disciplined."

"I've tried his mother she just says that's normal."

"Well let's go find Kurenai-sensei to tell her about it, he needs to learn some tricks and respect when he's a pup," she giggles and we go looking for Kurenai.

I locate her chakra signature in a dango shop that I've been to once before and see her sitting with Anko-nee talking about life and girl things. We walk towards them and they turn around to look at us and Anko gets a sly look on her face.

"It's not like that Anko-nee, Hinata-san is here to talk to Kurenai-sensei."

"Well, what is it about?"

"Well, Kurenai-sensei i-it's K-kiba."

"What about him?"

"W-well, he makes ob-obscene gestures and com-comments towards me, and it's making me un-uncomfortable, and I've tried his mom but she won't dis-discipline him."

"Alright I'm going to have a talk to him about his behavior, and if he does this again, tell me and he'll have to deal with Anko for a week no matter what his mother says."

"A-arigatō Kurenai-sensei, and I wi-will, see you tom-tomorrow."

We walk back to the training ground in till I notice it's getting dark and we part ways. I go back to the training grounds and set bout forty clones to work on elemental manipulation and twenty on taijutsu katas. I work with my mother's sword after getting some lessons from Hayate-sensei and it calms me down and helps me think. I got kind of angry at Kiba for doing that but I didn't know why I was so pissed at him.

"It's because he's encroaching on your vixen therefore your territory, and your animal instincts are kicking in."

'B-but, th-that can't be right?!'

"I think it is, why else would you be blushing?"

'Fine ero-kitsune, maybe I do like her but I don't think it would be enough to warrant my reaction.'

"Instincts kit, instincts, you're getting to that age where your about to be an adult, therefore about to choose a mate."

'I'm not even going to listen to you anymore,' and I tune him out going back to my calming sword practice.

Next Morning

Naruto's Pov

We meet at the eastern gate at nine and about five minutes later Kakashi-sensei with a somewhat sober Tazuna. Once they are there we leave through the gate while I'm somewhat excited because I've never been out of the village before, but I manage to keep it on the down low. That was in till Tazuna decided to pipe up about it, and said.

"Kid, why the hell did you look so excited?"

"Tazuna-san we might be soldiers, but we're still kids, and besides I've never been out of the village before."

"Oh, well let's hope that doesn't distract you."

"I assure you it won't Tazuna-san."

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