Whirlpool's Prince

Chapter 2: C-rank Gone Wrong

Chapter 2: C-rank gone wrong

Naruto's Pov

We walked down the dirt covered path and watched as it became narrower and less traveled looking, but we had to camp for the night, and the night after that. Sakura was complaining about how she needed a shower quietly so as not to draw our sensei's attention but Sasuke's like he could do something about it, fangirls are freaking weird.

'Got that right kid, now pay attention, and at least you've realized that not all girls are strange,' he giggles pervertedly.

'Ero-kitsune,' and I see a puddle which strikes me as odd considering that it hasn't rained for weeks even around here otherwise I would've smell it sooner or at all which hasn't happened, and I felt chakra coming from it.

Kakashi, Sasuke, and I all looked at each other in a wordless signal to get ready for a possible fight that could hurt us or the client. We were about to face ninja and based from the amount of chakra being emitted I'd say chunnin level even if they were covering it up. We walked pass as if we didn't notice at all and then they came out. Kakashi was attacked by two men and he 'died' causing Sakura to scream in terror and all but faint. Sasuke and I were a little bit more used to this and sprung in to action against the two men catching them off guard.

I had my mother's sword with me and I managed to hit my opponent with the flat part of the blade and it hit with just the right amount of force and he was knocked out. I checked on Sasuke's battle and he seemed a little overwhelmed so I used chakra chains to immobilize his opponent. He then proceeded to knock him out as well, and Kakashi came out of the trees and lightly clapped us on the backs.

"Good job you two, Naruto nice usage of chakra chains, and Sasuke you actually accepted help, you've come so far, Sakura I'm kind of disappointed in you, but I know that you're from a civilian background and this is your first fight with ninja so I'm not going to bring this up again unless you start endangering the team."

"Hai sensei," she said quietly with her head down.

"Tazuna," said man looked nervous, "we need to talk why are there shinobi after you?"

"That would upgrade this mission to at least a B-rank or A-rank, if we encounter any jounin."

"So shouldn't we leave."

"Hn, no you can though."

"While Sakura would be right in a normal circumstance, I don't think that you'd hide the true parameters of this mission just because you wanted to save some cash, so why exactly?"

"You seem pretty good at reading people kid."

"Of course it's why I'm alive today and with you guys, now why exactly did you lie about the mission parameters?"

"We'll speak of this once we are on the boat, I don't want anyone listening in."

"Hai, Tazuna-san."

We walked a little further towards the boat and quickly got on with fog surrounding us once we were rowed a few feet off shore. It was crowded but we didn't complain only Sakura did, in her head, based off of how her chakra turned red and was swirling angrily. Tazuna then took a deep breath and taking off his glasses, cleaning them he began his story.

"A few years ago, a man came to the country of Wave, he was a big shot shipping tycoon and he made a deal with our daimyo that we thought would help us, however that didn't happen, the man's name is Gato."

"Gato, I heard he's one of the richest men in the elemental nations."

"Yes, but that's because of not only his business but his illegal activities as well, he runs drug, and slave rings, along with brothels, and he monopolized all the shipping companies here on Wave, ever since then he's been draining us dry, and to make it worse our daimyo hasn't done anything to help us, no one except for Gato and our daimyo could afford a B-rank right now, so we could only afford a C-rank, I never meant to endanger children, their parents will hate me."

"Actually Tazuna-san, the only parent you'll have to worry about is Sakura's mom, her dad is dead, and Sasuke and I are orphans."

"Oh, I'm sorry for your losses."

"It's alright Tazuna-san we just know they are in a better place."

In Heaven

3rd person

Three people were sitting in a table looking at their children and smiling down at them with the two women awing at what they saw. The man looked around trying to find the other male that should be here with him to only just now realize that he wasn't there.

"Mikoto-san, where is Fugaku?"

"You only just now noticed?" the man blushes and scratches the back of his head laughing sheepishly.

"He's serving a term in hell, of purgatory not exactly sure, for his attempted coup and hatred towards human beings besides and even in his family."

"He's going to be back soon, right Koto-chan?"

"Yes, four years should be u-"

A man comes walking towards the table, he was breathing as though in agony and he looked exceptionally tired. He then grabs the blonde's shirt and like a madman asks.

"How did you do it?"

"Do what?"

"All that PAPERWORK, I mean I had some as clan head, but how?"

"Shadow clones," he said to the other man like it was the most obvious thing in the world. The raggedly panting man then proceeds to bash his head in to the table for about fifteen minutes because of his stupidity.

At Wave

Naruto's Pov

"Hey Sasuke did you hear someone bashing their head in to the table or was it just me?"

"I think I heard it to?"

"Never speak of it?"

"Hai," and silence continued.

Then we saw the bridge and I was awed that a drunken old man could have the resources and planning ability to create such a large and obviously solid structure. It was about halfway done and I could see why Gato was afraid of it, the bridge could probably hold large caravans filled with things to barter and trade. We arrived on shore about a minute later and the man then left us there using his motor instead of rowing.

We then walked along the foggy road I let my senses go out to find anything and I immediately threw a kunai at a bush. Then at a tree and I heard it being blocked, and then Kakashi-sensei ordered.

"Everybody down!"

I had to grab Tazuna and Sasuke grabbed Sakura and we got close to the ground, and a large sword that I recognized as a zanbato. Then once it had thoroughly buried itself in the tree a man that I recognized from a bingo book landed on his sword.

"Momoichi Zabuza, the so called 'Demon of the Mist', and A-rank threat, formerly one of the seven Swordsmen of the mist, and missing-nin of Kiri."

"It seems that my reputation precedes me, I would think that you brats wouldn't know about me."

"As a son of a swordswoman I make sure to know powerful swordsmen."

"Naruto, you and the others stay on guard, he's on a whole different level," and he puts his headband up revealing the sharingan eye he has.

"Hm, the ginger is different from the rest of your team Copy Cat ninja, I'm guessing he's a sensor of some sort with how well he was able to pinpoint my location, and you look familiar."

"Of course I look familiar, my mother was a swordswoman called the 'Red Death' perhaps you've heard of her?"

"The Red death had a child, a son, I bet she's been teaching you since you were a toddler."

"Zabuza, your opponent is me, leave my student alone."

"Eager are we? Well I guess I'll get my talk with the brat after I kill you and the rest of the people here, what do you know I might just keep him alive."

"Maybe you should bring your apprentice out as well."

"Hm, so you are a sensor, and a good one at that, and you've obviously been using it a long time."

"Of course otherwise I would have died a long time ago."

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