Naruto: Empire of the West


Naruto was banished following bringing Sasuke back. When things are going bad for Konoha what will they find of their former hero.

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Naruto: Empire of the West

Naruto: Empire of the West


3rd Person Pov
The Continent of the Elemental Countries is larger than most people realized, as it was once a much larger base of land then the maps today would show, and the part that was not shown was in a whole different league in every way. You see, all of the Elemental Countries are on eastern side of the continent as a whole, and just past Earth Country to the West...was a massive wall with an even more massive territory. This wall that held back the violence of the west, its people, weaponry, and power that made anything in the East pale in comparison. No one from the kages of the Shinobi villages to the very daimyos ruling over their domains, even Uchiha Madara himselfdared not go over to the West, and draw the attention of even one of the war hardened factions there.

Beyond this massive wall, a wall that was forged during the time of the Sage of Six Paths by the Sage himself, were warlords, rogue samurai, shinobi, shinobi clans, assassins, godlike bloodline holders and even demons that all fought to protect their own individual territories from rivals. It had been the reason the Sage of Six Paths had made the wall in the first place, as he knew that eventually the East would be consumed by the powers of the West without the wall, and years later the Uzumaki Clan in Whirlpool was commissioned by all of the many Feudal Lords in the East to use their mastery in the sealing arts to cover the wall with seals to prevent its deterioration.

Before his death, the Sage of Six Paths had made it known that even if the powerful beings in the West divided, they could easily spill their conflict into the East, and wiping out half of the Elemental Countries before a plan to counter them could even be thought up. Of course memories of such warnings fade away through the passage of time, arrogance clouds the judgment of those in charge, and the leaders in the East become consumed in the ways of stupidity in the belief they are invincible.

Along with the fading of warnings, is the evolution of the world itself, shaking it to the very foundation, and a single incident that would bring about the very catalystfor such evolution to start, and that single incident came on a day when Uchiha Sasuke defected from Konoha to join Orochimaru, but failed to accomplish his goal thanks to one Uzumaki Naruto, and was brought back to Konoha.

The two had fought each other in a brutal battle in a fight to the end, as Naruto was on a mission to bring Sasuke back to the Leaf, and the Uchiha's own was to slay his pursuer for greater power. Naruto had suffered two chidoris to his chest, but endured the lethality of the jutsu, and the pure agony that came along with the rest of his injuries from the battle to return Sasuke to Konoha. The blonde Uzumaki had hoped his actions would prove to the village he wasn't a monster, that he wasn't the Kyubbi, and prove himself worthy of their recognition. He was sadly mistaken, or so they thought.

Naruto's Pov

"Naruto Uzumaki, for aggravated assault on a fellow ninja, and attempted murder, we the council herby banish you from Konoha, you will no-"

"Does that mean I can go now?" And 'I' poofed away or at least my clone did along with five others, three of which were in the room.

In reality, which I doubt the council even accesses three quarters of the time, Hinata, Shikamaru, Chouji, Lee, Gaara, and I have been gone for months now. We had left after I got Tsunande back to Konoha, and I asked her if we could leave with Gaara. She said yes and even told me that I was her grandson, after a blood test of course, and all six of us left to become stronger. We've been roaming the Elemental Countries for months now and the original six has now become fourteen, we're practically a caravan.

The lucky entries to the family are Fū, a fellow jinchuriki (or jincha as we call her), two of my cousins, Tayuya and Karin, and Haku who is actually alive because he was a blood clone. Ranmaru a weird unknown doujutsu holder who couldn't use his limbs but now he can, Juugo someone you don't want to mess with, Isaribi a girl who can turn in to a fish (I'm being serious), and Suigetsu a Kiba made out of water (aka he's a pervert).

Today instead of trying to find some village to work or sleep in we are going to climb a giant wall that according to legend leads to the West, an untamed and war torn place that could make the strongest people here look like kittens compared to tigers.

"DAMN! This is a really big f*cking wall, it's gonna be a complete and utter f*cking b*tch to climb."

"Tayuya, language, think of Ranmaru."

"Sis the day I temper my language, is the day when Kami turns Uchiha's in to angels," we laugh Hinata giggling.

It takes us some time and cursing (Tayuya and Suigetsu) but we managed to get over the wall. That was the day that everything changed.

9 Years Later: Hokage's Office

3rd Person

There were only five still remaining from the original 'Rookie 12', and only five young people, and five their elders in the room. It had been a bad nine years for Konoha with most of the small trading islands refusing to trade with them, and numerous treaties torn to bits, even the daimyo was angry at them, they were in a bad spot.


6 Months after the Banishment

"Hokage-sama, there are samurai from the daimyo here, what should we do?"

"Let them in of course," the woman in front of him said, "he's our daimyo, we can't start a civil war."

The council waits for their daimyo to enter and praise them for their good work, or at least the good work in their opinion. He storms in to the building and when someone tries to greet him he responds with.

"Don't good evening me, you f*cking idiots, do you want to know why I'm here?"

"Of course, daimyo-sama."

"It's because of your stupidity! A few months ago I got a letter from the Spring daimyo saying that our agreement had ended, and I get a similar one from Wave a few days later, and then every treaty or agreement that has been gotten in the last year or so, was ended, and I of course asked them what I had done wrong, and do you know what I found? I found out that it wasn't me that was the cause of this, it was you, it was your stupid *ss plan to banish the child of your greatest leader, you banished the son of the f*cking Fourth Hokage! Sure he was a jinchuriki but really, I'm glad that your hokage abandoned your *sses along with the ninja council, because as of now, by order of your daimyo, I do three things, one, the civilian council of Konoha becomes completely separate from everything having to do with ninja, and every single decree or law signed since the Kyubbi attack is to be gone over, and abolished if need be, two, you will take one Naruto Uzumaki out of your bingo book, and announce his heritage to the village, three, that Uchiha brat is to be locked in jail for a year, and he can't be taught anything for two years following that."


"NO BUTS! Sensei allowed you idiots enough power, but now it's over, you banished my grandson, I informed our daimyo, and he has told us what he wants, now do it, before I make sure all of you won't see your families again because you will be put in jail and tortured for treachery, especially you Danzo don't think I don't know what you do, because I do, now civilians out," all civilian even the elders leave the room.

"Thank you, hokage-sama, and I'm sorry about what they have done to you and your family."

"It's alright."

"Hokage-sama, may I ask this, what exactly do you mean that Naruto is your grandson."

"It's very easy, you see when I was young and during the time of the second shinobi war, I got pregnant with Dan's child, we naturally wanted the child, but it was war time and we didn't want him killed, so we hid him in an orphanage, only to later learn that it was caught in the crossfire, and it burned down, not long after that the infamous things that made me leave happened, and I didn't come back."

"What about the child?"

"That child became the greatest hero of Konoha, the Yellow Flash, and my son, when he died sensei finally told me who he was, but I wasn't told about his son, nor the fact that he was married to the princess of Whirlpool, which would make Naruto, not only nobility, but royalty as well, I had the thought that he was his son when I saw him, and if I returned to Konoha then I would test his blood."

"And you of course did."

"Yes, and see my surprise that my own sensei kept my grandchild away from me, and now those idiots probably banished the only one able to have the mokouton naturally, it would have developed in a couple years."

"Hokage-sama, I must take my leave, but hopefully this will help without the civilians you can finally do something."

"I doubt it, however I have to thank you."

"Don't mention it, think of it as a condolence for their idiocy," and the daimyo of Fire Country left.

Flashback End

It helped a little bit, and most of the population was ashamed of themselves with how they treated Naruto, who was royalty, while others didn't believe it for a while. The ones who still don't believe are some civilian council members, and Sasuke Uchiha. The aged women in front of them spoke in an exhausted voice.

"The fate of Konoha lies on your shoulders, as you can see we are in a bad spot, almost no allies, little trade, the economy's down in the toilet, and even our daimyo's angry at us, we need to impress them, we need an ally, do you accept this mission?"

"Hai, hokage-sama," all of them said except for a young man with black hair.

"It's gonna be easy, we'll wipe the floor with them."

"I doubt it, I've visited the Western Empire, and the fighters there aren't easy opponents Sasuke," a young man with white eyes said receiving a glare from the other one.

"Please, they're samurai right?"

"No, it's actually mostly ninja, and they can put us to shame in many ways."

"Maybe you Hyuuga, but the Uchiha's are elites-"

"And that's why you won't even look at your own kid, because he's going to be so much of an elite someday, hah if you don't teach the kid now he'll never learn."

"No one in my family has red hair, NO ONE!"

"ENOUGH! Sasuke, you will shut up right now, or so help me I'll harvest your sperm and castrate you just for the hell of it, I don't care what's going on at home, just get ready for the f*cking mission."

"Yes mam (hn)," and the scattered parts of 'Rookie 12' unknowingly packed to go and face their sins.

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