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Watch Your Teeth - Kakashi x You


You are Yuu Namai, an omega in your world. You decide to go on a trip with your friend Toboe and his pack. After an uncomfortable confrontation, you find yourself mindlessly wandering the forest. When you realize you don’t know where you are and that you are completely lost. You cry out to whoever may be near, and just when you are about to give up, you are found by a certain silver haired Ninja.

Romance / Erotica
Closet Pervert
Age Rating:

Chapter One

You placed the last remaining item you needed for your camping trip in your luggage just in time to hear your phones ringtone signaling you had a caller. You pick it up to check the caller ID and see the screen light up with the name Toboe. You swipe right to answer the call and hear the cheery omega call out to you through the phone, “Yuu! We’re here! Are you ready?”

You glance over to your bag quickly and scramble to zip it shut while attempting to balance your phone on your shoulder, “Ah yeah! Gimme a sec ok? I need to lock up or else my roommate will be upset with me!”

“For sure! But hurry Yuu! I’m super excited about going camping!” Toboe chirps giddily and you can’t help but smile from the contagious positivity.

“Alright! I’ll be quicker if I hang up though.” You comment passively.

“Oh! Sorr—!” Click.

You bring your phone away from your shoulder to stare at it, “Did he just hang up on himself?” You cover your mouth lightly and giggle at his adorable nature, “How silly…”

You shake your head as you pocket your phone and go over to your desk. You open the drawer and gently pick up the small black box inside. You open it revealing a silver heart locket inside. You take out the locket and loop it around your neck then slide the small box into your purse. You then double check your surroundings before mentally confirming with yourself that you are indeed ready.

Honk honk!

You grab your rolling luggage and head out. You rush down the stairs and are about to head out of your apartment building when a feeling of unease washes over you freezing you in place temporarily. You look behind you as if there might have been someone there and rub the goosebumps out of your skin.


You shiver at the skin crawling feeling you just got a minute ago and continue out of the apartment building, “Geez… What the hell was that?”

You push open the door and see Toboe, who’s sitting in the passenger seat, shove Tsume in the back and say something with a pout in his face. Tsume just rolled his eyes at Toboe and rested his chin on his palm. Toboe scrunched up his nose at him before turning to glance at your apartment building only to light up and lean out the window, “Yuu! Hey! Hurry or else grumpy here is gonna explode!”

Tsume bared his teeth in most likely a low annoyed growl and Toboe just ignored it in favor of waving at you. The closer you got to the car you could see Kiba sitting passively in the back of the car scrolling on his phone without a care in the world. Toboe opened the door and jumped out giving you a hug as you approached and you hugged back smiling, “Well let’s hope he doesn’t get mad enough to alpha command us to do push ups or something.” You whispered in his ear and both giggled.

“Ahh! This is gonna be so cool! I’m so glad you could make it to the trip Yuu! I really need a break before the next semester starts like seriouslyyy.” Toboe sighed dramatically as he hung off of you. You giggled holding his weight which wasn’t much considering he’s about a head shorter than you.

“Oh the horror if you end up with Mr. Yaiden again.” You teased and Toboe stiffened as if the very name of his history professor was like ice water to his back.

He presses a finger to his lips, “Shh! Don’t remind me! I seriously think the guy hates me for some reason. I don’t get it!”

“That guy is just an all around dick if you ask me…” Tsume grumbled.

“Oh I don’t think he’s that bad! Just grumpy, like you Tsume.” Toboe giggled as Tsume sent him a distasteful glare.

You and Toboe make your way around the car to pack your luggage away in the trunk of the truck and are about to hop in the back seat with Kiba when Toboe jumped in first. You let him get settled before getting in yourself.

“Hey! I’m not your chauffeur!” Tsume barked at everyone in the back seat making you and Toboe jump. You and Toboe looked at each other and then Toboe turned to Kiba poking him.

“Uh, Kiba? Can you swap with me and sit up front? I think Tsume’s lonely.” Toboe asked, hooking his arm in yours.

“What? I’m not lonely! Ugh what’s just stay back there.” Tsume groaned.

“Huh? Are you sure? Kiba please? I think he—.”

Kiba simply got out and swapped seats, “Tsume, why are you whining so much? Just drive already.”

Tsume was ready to growl at Kibas comment but when he looked over to see Kiba back on his phone nonchalantly scrolling, he instead started the car and pulled away from the curb to drive away.

When you finally got to the campsite, you saw Hige and Blue already pulled up and setting up their tent. When they heard you, they stopped what they were doing to run up and meet you guys.

“Hey! What took you guys so long?” Hige slowed to a stop with Blue not too far behind.

When the car finally parked and everyone got out, they all formed a huddle scenting each other as a pack. You slowed to a stop and let them knowing it would be awkward if you joined. Your hand automatically went to grasp your locket to help soothe you from the feeling of longing and being left out. You didn’t even realize you had closed your eyes but when you opened them Blue was staring back at you with a kind and knowing smile. You smiled back wearily but still kept your distance until they were done.


Your snapped to attention at the sound only to see Toboe bounding over to you, “Come over here and let’s set up our tent!” Toboe ran over and grabbed your hand to drag you along behind him, “We’re gonna get the best spot so shhh!”

“Oh yeah? What if I wanna brag though?” You snickered.

Toboe gave you a exasperated side eye, “I don’t wanna get bullied out of the best spot by those alphas mannn! They always get the good spots. Now come on!”

In that moment, you were really glad Toboe had no sense of personal space and was hyperactive because it distracted you from the sudden ache of feeling so alone.

Scratch that, you felt more alone than ever you couldn’t blame Tsume for being true to his feelings though. Earlier you had all started a fire pit when evening was starting to approach and it had been all ok up until you decided to go fetch more marshmallows for s’mores. When you started coming back you heard Tsume complaining about how Toboe was too kind to you and that this was supposed to be a pack trip. Toboe obviously defended you because you both had become decent friends over the last half of the semester, but that couldn’t keep the next set of words from stinging any less.

“Why didn’t they just go back home? Don’t they have family or some other friends? You’re only kind to them because their an omega—.”

You didn’t hear the rest because you chose to just drop off the marshmallows and leave quickly. You didn’t understand why Tsume just seemed to have it out for you today but you understand how intrusive it could seem for you to be there right now. Toboe probably didn’t tell everyone he invited you or something, at least that would make sense, right?

You were so caught up in your thoughts that you didn’t realize you had mindlessly walked pretty deep into the forest until you nearly went face first into a tree after tripping over a root. But… You couldn’t have walked that far in right?

You blinked the haze away from your mind letting it slowly register its surroundings. You couldn’t see the fire anymore, not even the smoke from it. Ok so maybe you did walk pretty far in but if you call out at least someone will answer your call right? It’ll be awkward going back after hearing that and storming off without a word though. Tsume also doesn’t seem like the type to apologize but you feel Toboe would try to get him to.

Honestly though, you didn’t need an apology. He knows nothing about your life. He’s just some knot-head who’s moodier than a bitch in heat. You huff out a bit irritated at yourself now that you didn’t say anything, not a single comeback! Now that was irritating.

You decided that maybe you should walk around a bit before making your way back. Maybe this impromptu nature walk was exactly what you needed!

“Well when I’m done, whatever crawled up his ass and died better be gone because I’m not gonna be his sandbag.” You shook yourself and started walking again.

Maybe it’s a little creepy now how everything is just so silent? Like this is supposed to be a popular campsite so there should be other people at least here right? Maybe you should start heading back. Maybe this wasn’t exactly the most intelligent idea you’ve made all year.

Ok so yeah. This definitely wasn’t smart. Why was there no trails anywhere? You couldn’t be lost right? It’s definitely been over an hour since you’ve started this hike in the woods so how has no one found you yet or at least stumbled across you?

“Hello? Is anyone there?” You shout out to the sky and wait for a response…

Time ticks by and you hear nothing but the sound of your own breath. It was starting to really make you panic and quicken your pace.

You can’t be lost. You can’t be lost. You can’t…

Your mind had dissolved into the purest form of panic. You had been running around for too long, hours. Your lungs were burning from use and you’ve gained quite a few cuts and bruises from tripping or getting snagged on a tree. You were starting to feel exhaustion weigh heavily on your body but the fear kept you from resting, especially when you could see the faintest bit of daylight filtering through the leaves.

Your foot caught a root and sent you tumbling quite dramatically down a hill. You try to protect your face as much as possible from any sharp rocks as you tumbled down the hill. You suddenly crash into a tree and the back of your head cracks against its trunk. Your vision swirls and you just sit there dazed for a bit. Carefully, you reach a hand to the back of your head feeling the spot and wince. You bring your hand to your face, and pretty close to your face because your vision was still swimming, but from what you could see there wasn’t any blood.

You sighed in relief. This wasn’t working, you had to think. It was probably a good thing that the tree knocked some sense into you, literally, because now you felt too exhausted to keep running. You check for your phone which was thankfully still in your pocket and unhooked the silver chain of your locket from your ear. Pulling out your phone you see that you by some miracle didn’t completely destroy it from your fall and checked the time.


‘Almost nine already? What the hell is going on here? I could have sworn when we drove up there was at least ten other sites that were being occupied and none of them were all that far apart so…’ You brought your knees up to your chest and rested your head on them just sitting there.

You say there for quite a while, just catching your breath, when all of a sudden you heard a rustle of leaves. Weakly you looked up and croaked, “He—llo?” You coughed and held your head from the pulsating pain that came immediately after said cough.

Another rustle of leaves and you opened your eyes to see some feet. You had to stare at them for a good minute before your brain registered that yes, they were feet, with all ten toes, and interesting sandals. There wasn’t much of a scent so maybe it was just your imagination. “Hah… It’s feet.”

“Is there something wrong with my feet?”

Then it clicked that the feet meant there was a person, and a person meant—

You leaped up arms flailing and instantly fell on said feet. They tried to step back but you grabbed their ankle before they could run.

“No! The~yer beautiful!” You squeaked.


“Please stay!” You quickly started to curl your entire body around their leg and held on like a boa constrictor. Your brain racing a mile a minute but you could barely gather two brain cells to speak.

“Please! I’m dying!”

A hand was on your arm trying to pull you off and you panicked. “No no no—“

“Look. I need my legs to walk. You need help right?”

You slowly looked up at the person who was your saving grace, “Yes? Will you?” You couldn’t quite clearly see their face, or maybe they were wearing some sort of face protector? But you saw a striking tuft of silver-white hair.

They sighed with a shrug of their shoulders and nodded, “Yes. But I need my legs for that. Will you let me have my leg?”

You went slack like suddenly your body was made out of jello as soon as they gave the word, “Yes. Have your leg. Help. Please.” You laid back on the ground without a care and completely helpless to the world and for a minute just closed your eyes.

You woke up a little disoriented but also, warm? You nuzzle deeper into the warmth you feel and purr at its pleasant feeling.

“Ah, awake are we? Although, I didn’t realize that you were a human cat.”

You stiffen at the words as your brain was quickly reeled back to reality. You open your eyes and blink a few times wondering why all you could see was a black void. You slowly lifted your head and realized that the person from before was in fact wearing a mask and that you were just nuzzling his neck. His ne—

You straightened quickly, “Oh my god I’m so sorry I was totally nuzzling your neck!” You felt like your face was set on fire and tried to hide yourself behind a hand. At least as much as a person being carried by said person they were trying to hide from can hide.

The man huffed a laugh, “No worries, honest. Plus you were really out of it so I don’t think that you should be embarrassed by it.”

You peak from between your fingers at the silver haired man, “Are you sure?” You said meekly.

His one exposed eye shone with an amused light which didn’t really help your inner turmoil at all, “Yes. It is indeed ok. No need to fuss over something so small.”

Small? Usually if someone nuzzled some strangers neck, they’d at least be called a pervert. Unless…

“Uh… Are you a pervert?” You said flatly, holding yourself away from the man slightly. You were an omega so it would make some sense but… His scent is very mild like a beta…

“What?” Now he looked at you with mild concern.

“Are you like… Some weirdo…” You slowly bring an arm up to block your neck from view just in case he was one of those… You both stare at each other both looking for the others reaction, you were on guard and he just looked at you as if questioning your seriousness.

When you didn’t back down he sighed, “No. I’m not a pervert... You hurt your head so I let you rest on my shoulder to prevent anymore injuries.” He seemed to be just completely done with you and you blushed a little letting your arm down.

“Oh, that does make sense…”

You both just were silent for a while as he walked and carried you towards whatever your destination was to be. You felt your head start to throb again with pain and you really wanted to rest it but didn’t want to just invade the man’s space again. Especially now that you were awake. You looked at his shoulder, remembering how comfy it was when you were just nuzzling it. You blushed at thinking about such thoughts so shamelessly. But you couldn’t help the fact it was so tempting...

“Um…” you started quietly.

They raised a slim grey brow, “Yes?”

“Can I… Rest on your shoulder again?” You felt the heat in your face and tried to not look the man in his most likely judgmental eye. He probably is looking at you like some kind of weirdo anyways.

“Yes, you may. It’s no big deal. It’s probably much more comfortable for your head right?” You flushed at the feeling of yourself being adjusted and basically leaned into his shoulder. “You seem really out of it. You should rest, we’ll be reaching our destination soon.”

You decided to listen to that and rest against their shoulder. The quiet sound of the early morning forest and the mild scent of the man carrying you were starting to lull you back into sleep. You were going to just fall back asleep but a question kept probing at your mind and keeping you awake.

“Hey, Mr.” You say through your drowsy state. He simply hums in response. You blink a few times to keep the sleep from taking you before responding again, “What’s your name?”

He peered at you temporarily then looked forward again, “Kakashi.”

You hummed, “Kakashi? Hmm… That sounds cool.”

“It does, does it?”

“Yeah… Very cool.” Sleep was clawing at your consciousness now and you could feel your eyelids get heavier and heavier by the second.

“Hm. Why thank you… Um. What’s your name?” He asked.

“My name… It’s Yuu…”

“Yuu huh? Well, thank you, Yuu.”

The rumble of his chest and the soothing tone of his voice didn’t help your attempt at staying awake. But at this point it didn’t matter much. Your brain had already given up on the battle and you could already feel yourself going slack in his arms again.

“Thank you… ~kashi.” You slurred with your last sliver of consciousness before letting yourself completely clock out.

When you were completely slack in his arms, you felt him support your head with his hand and hold tightly to your body with his other arm and suddenly you felt like you were floating.

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