Samantha Riker-Reynolds


Sam thought that the love of her life Mal was dead, killed at the battle of Serenity Valley and she was taken prisoner by the Alliance. Once she escaped she went back to the only other life she knew, as an officer in the Federation along side her father Captian William Riker. When the Federation exploration finally catches up to her wanderings and finds Alliance space she finds herself in mortal danger. Mal was left slightly broken after the war and after losing his love and his ability to love. Living on the edge to civilization and taking jobs that he can get, even some legal ones. Until one day he finds himself looking into a pair of eyes he never thought he would see again.

Scifi / Romance
Beth Burke
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Why was the end of a job always the hardest? Why did everything always go wrong at the end? Mal was thinking exactly this as her heard a gunshot in their exit path. The job was almost done, went real smooth too, until now. Mal and his crew were on their way out and now their way was blocked by a gun fire. Two shots and all went quiet. Mal stood still for a moment. No sound came, no more shots, no yells and no footsteps. He motioned for Zoe and Jayne to follow him.

They continued on their way looking around each corner with his gun in hand, ready for trouble. They soon came to a room that held a single cell with 3 people inside it, with a 4th on the ground outside the cell. Mal did not take much notice of the people, other than they were there and not a threat to his people or their job.

A small sound came from the floor followed by a voice from the cell. "Please can you help us?" there was a man standing by the bars, his eyes shinning with tears he had yet to shed as he looked at the person on the ground.

The sound on the floor caught Zoe's attention. She knelt down beside the form lying there.

"This situation is not our concern Zoe. We need to get back to the ship , finish this job," Mal told her.

"Sir this kind of concerns me." Zoe replied "She is hurt bad."

"Not our problem" Jayne said

Zoe let out a huff and continued to examine the woman on the floor. When she looked up at her head to check for more damage she caught sight of her face and froze, looking down at the woman shaking her head slightly. "That is not possible! Bu Kenery" Zoe said under her breath. "Sir you might want to see this!" she called to Mal

"This is none of our concern." Repeated Mal

"What concern is a dead girl to us?" asked Jayne

"She is not dead, but without medical help she will be soon." Zoe replied "Sir, I think we should.."

"Do nothing!" Said Mal with a slight bit of aggression at being questioned "This is not our concern."

"Sir! It's Sam!" Zoe exclaimed

Mal froze at these words his mind racing. There was no way that could be true! Sam had died years ago, how could she be here? The man behind the bars froze as well. The two men frozen as the words the Zoe had spoken washing over them.

Mal was by her side in mere seconds, he had to know if it could be true. He turned her face to him and found himself looking in to an all to familiar face. "Sam! Come back to me!" Mal said softly.

A small gasp came from the cell and Sam opened her eyes and a small weak voice said "Mal?" She had an almost sleepy look as she made to close her eyes again.

Mal grabbed her hand "No, no,no Baobei, stay with me, show my those beautiful baby blues." he said with urgency and kindness that made Jayne look confused.

"Sir we need to get her to the doctor." Zoe said, Mal nodded.

"Are you going to help her?" came a woman's voice from the cell.

Mal didn't answer her or even acknowledge he had heard her, he turned to Jayne "Find something to use as a stretcher. We need to keep her flat."

Jayne didn't argue, only turned and got a top of one of the nearby creates. While Zoe and Mal laid her flat to make it easier to get her on the board. Mal found a piece of canvas on the floor and began to tear off strips to apply pressure to the wounds to try and stop the bleeding.

"You know Sam?" asked the man by the door of the cell.

Mal and Zoe ignored him and continued to try to get the bleeding under control.

"How is her pulse Zoe?" Mal asked.

Zoe felt the side of Sam's neck "weak but steady, we got to get her out of here." she answered

Mal said something no one fully heard. Jayne came over with the create lid just as they finished with the strips. Sam gasps in pain as they tighten down the strips to stop the bleeding. At the sound Mal moved back to her side, taking her hand and looking at her face as he said "Come on stay with me."

Carefully they placed her on the board and before the moved Mal said more to himself that anyone else "Wo de ai wo buneng zai shiqu ni, I already did that once, the gorram rutting alliance will not take you from me again. Hang on Baobei."

Mal moved to the head of the board and motioned for Jayne to move to the foot. Together they carefully lifted the board and started towards the door.

"Wait! Where are you taking her? You can't just leave us here." The man by the bars said.

Will, you can't just order people around , this is not your ship." said the man sitting down in the cell.

"Yes Will be thankful she is getting help." said the woman in the cell.

"Deanna! She is my daughter! I can't just let them take her! I don't even know who they are!" Said Will.

At these words Mal froze and closed his eyes with a big sigh. He then turned to look at Zoe and nodded towards the cell. She rolled her eyes, but nodded. Walking over towards the cell she said "Move away from the door. " With only that warning she shot the lock and motioned for the trio to follow them.

Zoe took the point position, looking around the corners before motioning that it was safe to bring the make shift stretcher around.By some stroke of luck they did not find anyone in their path and they made it to the loading dock where they had a truck waiting.

Once out of the building Jayne and Mal load Sam in the back of the truck while Zoe ran around the front. When the trio from the cell stood by the truck Mal turned to them and yelled "You coming or not? We ain't waiting!" He then walked forward to the back of the cab and hit it three times. The trio climbed into the back of the truck as the engine started. Jayne reached out to grab Deanna's hand as the truck started to move.

Mal moved back to Sam's side, checking the ties and her wounds. He spoke most in Chinese and very quietly. Will couldn't understand any of what the man said.

Deanna turned to Will and said quietly "He cares about her very much. She seems to know him too. She was fading fast and I was sure she was gone." She caught her breath as she fought back tears "When she heard his voice she fought to come back, whoever he is, he is very important to her."

"But who is he?" asked Will

"At the moment he is our rescuer and we cane get more information once Sam is stable. Their attention is on saving her at the present time." said the third man.

As the truck moved along Jayne stood at the opening watching to see if anyone would follow them. Mal never left Sam's side, he kept checking the ties and trying to stop the bleeding. Sam kept her eyes on Mal, trying to stay awake. Knowing that if she closed them she would not wake up again. She knew the damage the bullet to her stomach could do and knew she was bleeding out and fast. The bullet to her shoulder was not as worrisome although it did add to her loss of blood.

"Just hang on, we are almost there. The doc will be able to help you. He is a good doctor too, really knows his stuff." Mall told Sam. He held her hand and ran his other hand over her cheek. His face softened as she leaned into his touch. The truck hit a bump and Sam cried out in pain as the truck jarred her injuries. A pained and apologetic look passed over Mal's face as though he wished he could take all her pain away.

The truck hit the ramp of the ship with another jolt that sent a shot of pain through her body. As soon at the truck stopped Mal hollered "Jayne run and fetch a real stretcher and that doctor." When he heard the cab door open he continued "Zoe! Close it up and tell Wash I want to be out of Atmo in 5 minutes!" His crew got right to work.

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