Ninjago: Parallels

Chapter 2

Would I like to say I was completely cool about this? Yes. Was I? On the outside, hopefully, on the inside... not so much.

"Can you please stop staring at me buddy, haven't you ever seen a girl before?" I managed to grin. I knew I'd regret that at some point but hey, I'm in fudging Ninjago, leave a good first impression,
"Also, can you guys get off me... I can't breathe..."
"I'm stuck under Elenna..." Milly said flatly, "Does it look like I can move?"

"Well I'm sorry I can't see up there..."
"I can't feel my legs."
"Shut up Elenna. You're on the top."
"Are we seriously gonna do this?"
"Hope not, it's getting annoying."

"Who are you?" Garmadon questioned, holding... the mega weapon?! that's impossible... unless... are we in the past? Maybe... but I'm positive this ain't cannon. I tried to chuckle but the lack of oxygen was literally killing me. "Judging... by the fact you... still have that thing... you wished us... here... for some... evil... scheme to destroy... the ninjas... typical..."

It was Garmadon's turn to laugh. "Very perceptive of you."
"Doesn't take a genius to figure out the pattern." I mumbled. "Just saying, have you seen a kid somewhere around here? Brown hair, yai tall?" I tried to raise my hand to Dominic's rough height.
"So what if I have?"
"Are you seriously playing that game?" Sophie growled, "He's her brother, give him back and for God's sake Elenna Move!"
"Fine..." I felt shifting on my back and everyone got off me... thank goodness. I stood up and brushed a thick layer dust off my jeans. Obviously these pe- snakes can't keep a place tidy. "And breathe."

After a quick scan of the area I realised we were underground. Great. I was underground. With Garmadon. And Snakes. All my worst nightmares are coming true. I lied, I have worse nightmares... Which I will not discuss. Ever."You didn't answer the question." I said, "have you seen my brother? I'm pretty sure he's hard to miss in a crowd of snakes.""Oh, Oh, I kno-" A snake covered another's mouth before he said too much."Typical. C'mon girls let's go." I said. I began to walk towards a passage."You can't walk out! I am your master!" I heard Garmadon Bellow."Nope. You just brought us here, not create us. We aren't the Bizzaros." I said without turning around."How do you-?""TV. you'd be surprised." I flashed him a quick grin before saying, "So, you willing to tell me what the hell you did with my brother before I walk out?""He is safe. But if you ever want to see him again, you will have to do something for me.""Mmm. No." I raised an eyebrow after seeing the sneer plastered over Garmadon's face, "I don't believe you have a choice."

"Ya know Kirsty, I hate you sometimes." Arwen sighed, straining her head to look at me. We were chained to the walls of five different cells, mine being directly in the middle. I'm pretty sure my friends weren't too happy with me right around that time. It was really uncomfortable. The cuffs were digging into my wrists, probably leaving big red rings. Not sure about everyone else though.

"I was about to say that!" Sophie complained. Milly had a look that basically said 'Shut up or I will strangle you two.' Elenna looked like she was trying to think of some joke to lighten the mood. good luck with that.

"Hey, it's not like she had much choice. Destroy her childhood heroes or not. Personally I would've chose the same thing." Milly said."I would've just kicked his ass. I don't have a little sibling to hold me back." Sophie said as she turned her head away from us, holding it high in the air."You are so vain. I bet Kai would have issues getting to your level of hot-headedness.""You little-" Sophie struggled against the chains to attempt to reach Elenna's throat. Luckily it was too far away.I sighed and looked at the stone floor. 'It's your fault!', 'I hate you!', '...little sibling to hold me back.' "Changed your mind yet?" I heard Garmadon's voice ask. I refused to look up. "You know the answer." I said calmly."very clever. let's play the 'incorruptible hero' game." He mocked."Because I'm sure you'd say that to your son if he was in my position too.""I'm tired of this conversation." Garmadon said and turned as if he was about to walk off."Because I mention your son. Just a quick little question. You have the mega weapon. That can create anything. Anything. So why not travel back in time to stop yourself getting bitten by the devourer in the first place?" He turned back around to face me."That is actually a fair point. But I'm evil. I never do anything good.""Actually-""Quiet! Clearly you will not comply with my deal so I guess I will just have to make you." I heard my friends groan. "Will you people just get over it! Like you would've done different!"

A Hypnobrai, I reckon he was quite young, gently slipped into my cell, flanked by a few others. Doesn't take a genius to figure out what's happening next. "Please tell me you're not gonna-"
"I'm sssorry..." He sighed.
"You are about to strip me of all individuality and free will." I spat, "and all you can say is 'I'm Sorry'? You're despicable."
"If I could I'd help you and rebel againssst Lord Garmadon. But he's too powerful." He leaned over to me and whispered so the other snakes couldn't hear, " It won't be too bad I promissse... I'll make sssure of that."
"you can do that?" I whispered, glancing over at the absent minded guards. While he just shrugged. "Then how can I trust you?" He shoved a torn, faded red piece of fabric that vaguely resembled a scarf into my right pocket.
"thisss iss my prized possession. Keep it ssafe." At that I raised an eyebrow.
"Jusst hold ssstill. It'll be fine."

He pushed my chin up so I was looking straight into his eyes... his big, red... Hypnotic... eyes. Fight it! I cried out to myself Fight it! My body tensed and I struggled against the power...But I couldn't do it. My eyes began to droop and a feeling of calm, peaceful, sereneness washed over my body as it began to relax. "Who are you?" My voice was no more than a whisper.
"My name iss Baz." he replied.

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