Ninjago: Parallels

Chapter 3

'Obey Lord Garmadon.' that was my only thought, my only ambition, my only job. I would not do anything he did not want me to. I wanted to please him in any way I could. I could not remember it being any other way. But I felt something, locked away in the depths of my mind. Something pushing and pulling and trying to escape the chains that bound it. It whispered things, things about a strange world, a past... a future... and no matter how hard I strained to hear them, they just slipped away, just out of reach.

"Wake up you five." Garmadon commanded. I complied by lifting my head and opening my eyes. He stood tall, in front of my cell, mega weapon grasped firmly in his two right hands. He smiled a strange smile when our eyes met. I wonder what he saw. I did not ask. just looked back down to the floor.

"Now girls," he said, "I understand that if you were brought here, then you have potential." He paused and I heard him begin to pace across the stone floor, "And that potential is that you have powers, abilities that can rival those pesky ninja. And those powers are elemental abilities. Which are fire, earth, ice and lightning... or all four. But, they could also be a completely new set." He stopped, "I am going to assume that you have the same abilities as the ninja. And I want those skills perfected a-"

He was interrupted by yelling. lots of yelling. "The ninja are here!" A terrified Serpentine cried. far away I heard a battle cry, "NINJA-GO!" That must have been the ninja. "Well?" Garmadon growled, "What are you waiting for? Get them!"

I nodded and dashed out of the room without saying a word, flanked by the rest of my group. Four others as far as I was aware. The voice of a young boy cried out as I passed his cell. "Kirsty?! KIRSTY!" Then something clicked into place. A memory, a face... A family.

"Dom?" I skidded to a halt in front of the cell. It was like a cold slap to the face. Everything came back to me. Why is it always this sentimental crud that causes this? I will never know. But thank God for it.

The others were still running down the corridor as I crouched down to his level. "Oh my bloody God Dom. You... you..." He winced, waiting for me to yell in fury about how he had caused this mess. I just hugged him. "You have no f****** idea how happy I am you did this." I looked at the lock. "Don't worry. I've got an idea." My clamp hand rummaged through pockets I didn't know existed. "Hang on a gosh darn second..." I looked at my clothes. I was wearing a black ninja gi. s*it. Oh well better try anyway.

"Kirsty? what's wrong?" Dom could probably tell I was worried.

"Nothing... Hands in pockets, quick. I need a paper clip stat." We both rummaged through our pockets for a while.

"-Your phone, a rock, another rock..." Dom rambled slightly, emptying the contents on his pockets onto the floor.

"Why the bloody hell do you have that?"

"found it."

I growled. He shrugged. I swear that kid could quite possibly be a master thi- eh. never mind. I heard footfalls approaching the corridor quickly and a low cackle I could never mistake. Garmadon. I grabbed my phone off Dom and shot him an 'I'll come back' look before running off.

The main hall was filled with noises of a battle that seemed fully underway by the time I got there, though there was only ten people in there, counting myself. My friends and- My heart skipped a beat, the ninja, each battling one of my friends though I couldn't tell which with their hoods up. I put a hand to my temple and muttered something in German.

My friends, who I assumed were the ones in black, were using... ELEMENTAL POWERS?! how the hell did they figure it out so quick!? okay no. just no. if they can, I can too. so shut it. The ninja were countering the attacks with their own powers but compared to the raw, untrained, slightly crazyass powers of my friends they weren't doing to great. I mean, Kai AND Lloyd were fighting Sophie. They hadn't noticed the fact I was here then.

I glanced at the others, who seemed to be holding their own quite well. Okay Kirsty, time to shine. Before Garmadon comes. Hopefully Dom might distract him for a while, I mean I have no clue how long I've been stuck in here. the mega weapon could've recharged!

Dashing into the battle I decided to will myself to do something. Something helpful sounds good. but what? I don't know what I could do. Who I guessed to be Sophie swung a punch towards Lloyd "Oh no you don't!"i cried, I felt something cold and icy build up inside me, engulfed in a burning flame of rage. This wasn't her fault but no one punches one of my favourite characters on my watch! "Hey! You!" I yelled at Sophie. Her head snapped around to face me, her swirling red eyes turned into slits as she leapt towards me. Fire building up in her palm.

"Two can play at that game!" A ball of ice grew into my right hand and I launched it towards her, creating a pillar of ice as she did fire. She growled. I smirked, "not so tough now are ya? And I'm younger then you!" She growled again. The centre of where our powers met melted into water. She launched herself forwards making one, fatal mistake. She was drenched in water.

"Yeah hi there, 'Heroes', yes you two, greenie, hot head! You aren't too busy watching me are you? no? Great. Then help me dammit!" I said looking at the two boys that didn't seem to want to do anything other than watch me probably get burned to death.

She slammed into me, knocking me back a few inches. I just about stayed upright as I slammed my foot into the ground. A small earthquake knocked Sophie off balance, causing her to topple towards the ground. I guess I sent the rest of my friends to the ground too as I heard their cries of surprise.

I advanced on Sophie, laying on the ground, seemingly helpless. For a few brief seconds, she was not my friend, she was an enemy, she tried to kill me. Lightning crackled in my hand. She was still wet wasn't she? this would hurt her.

No one hurts the green ninja. And no one hurts me

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