Ninjago: Parallels

Chapter 4

"What the Hell are you doing?!" Kai's voice yelled at me. It seemed so far away. I hesitated. What was I doing? Was I...? I looked at my hand. Lightning, just sitting there, buzzing, bright blue. Lightning. In my hand. not hurting me. I had sent an earthquake through the cave. A bloody earthquake. Stop it Kirsty, that's not relevent right now...

Then what is?

Oh, you know. Trying to electrocute you best GODDAMN FRIEND!


shut up!

I looked back at Sophie, laying on the ground, defeated. I can't hurt her. "Sophie?" I heard my voice shake, "Snap out of it please." I can't. I won't hurt her. She's my best friend. Hypnotised or not.

And in that moment of weakness, she leapt up, catching me off guard and punched me right in the face. I reeled back, clutching my imaginary nose. When I took my clamp hands away from it, I saw a red stain seeping across the glove, glistening and wet. "What the hell?! How does that even-" Another blow to the face. I fell back, hitting my head on the dusty stone floor. Our positions had swapped, I was on the floor, injured, beaten, done for. I swear I saw the tiniest hint of a sneer on her masked face. I shut my eyes.

The world seemed to be in slow motion when I opened them again. probably just my brain screwing up though... everyone was fighting, Kai & Lloyd were I'm not really sure. watching me? argh. why do they do nothing?! Jay had a pair of nun chucks in his fists, high above his head. Cole had his scythe and Zane was using his powers. I looked up, seeing Sophie's fist move downwards towards my face. Garmadon's shadow was cast upon the wall of a linking passage.

I growled. This is all his fault. All of it! My eyes flicked back to Sophie's incoming attack. "sorry Soph." I rolled out of the way as time moved back to normal, her fist crashing down onto the rock. She yelled in pain. Ice shot from my palms sealing her fist to the ground. man. it feels weird to do that. Anyway, I didn't have much time to think right about then because you know, reasons.

"okay... may have minor concussion, broken nose... not sure how that even works but if I can be here why the flip not? Flip. I wasn't going to say 'flip' I was trying to say... damn. I give up. but consistency?!" I stood up tying to assess any major damage to myself and saw Kai and Lloyd looking at me still. "She's weird."

"Yeah, sure, maybe it's just she's confused. but she has my powers! I mean how does that work?!" Lloyd whined.

you know those moments when you can only really describe something with an emoji? this was one of them. T.T "you know, for ninjas. You're incredibly loud." I began. Would I usually be like this? I hope not but I've had a bad enough day as it is so I honestly gave up caring. "Also, I'm not deaf. Maybe I am weird. So what? And I'm recovering from hypnosis, dealing with my friends WITH hypnosis, trying not to screw up the timeline and maybe my brother's being held captive by some maniac with a weapon of nearly limitless power. So tell me Kai, how'd you feel in this situation? And stop standing there please!" They looked at me strangely.

"How do you even know my name!?" Kai yelled at me.

"so after what I've said, that's your reaction. Geez. And Lloyd, I don't know how this works and- oh I give up! Just play a recording of the flute to them and take them to the Bounty or something." I turned my back to them and tried to remember which passageway was the way to Dom's cell.

Lloyd ran up next to me, "need any help?" I looked at him. "No, I'm sure I'll be fine. Unless your dad's there, Dom gains powers and there's an army of serpentine. Which is highly unlikely as they're kind of cowards." I sped up a bit but Lloyd matched my pace.

"How do you know all this stuff about us anyway?" Interesting question isn't it? Should I tell him what I told Garmadon? Be honest? But how many problems would that cause? Well, no matter what I know we'll end up having to explain ourselves sooner or later, so I suppose I might as well try and come up with something, even if it's not believable.

"do you trust me?" I asked him as we wound our way through a few passages.

"I have no idea who you are, where you people came from or how you know so much about us." He replied.

"but do you?"

"I guess..."

"Well... Where do I begin?" I sucked in a breath between my teeth, "I... We... Are. From. The future..." I winced. Waiting for Lloyd's responce.

"no way!" His eyes seemed to have lit up at that. "That explains how you know a ton about us."

"so far I've only stated your names."

"well, you seem to know a lot more... So, are we related? Because I just wanna know why you and the other four have our powers."

i stopped at a fork in the passage. "No idea. But honestly, could be plausible." But I could not believe he was buying it. Comics gone to his head probably. Well, probably for the best. "So~ I reckon it's to the right. Can't go wrong with right, right?"

after some more walking, we reached a row of cells. "Can't go wrong with right. If you can see a kid with brown hair in a dark blue fleece, probably playing with something else he stole from me, let me know."


"He's a pickpocket in the making."

So, after looking along the row of cells, I heard aN 'oh my bl**** gosh..' . "And... You've found him..."

"Well, there was me thinking this would be a terrible day." He was leaning against the bars to the cell, trying to look cool. "And I can't believe I am seeing a ninja! This is way cooler than sitting at home being on the ipad! Well, s'pose this isn't really ideal but hey..." Yes. The awkwardness does most likely run in the family. Unlike looks in my case. There have not been- shut up your going off topic again!

"so, this your brother?" Lloyd asked, turning to look at me.

"yep. This is Dom. So, keys, we need keys."

"Or we could use our powers to melt the lock." Lloyd suggested.

"guess that's why you're team leader."


so, we melted the lock, letting Dom out. I gave him a few... Words, involving how much worse my situation was and that I'd appreciate it if he'd hand over all my stuff. Including the bag... Which I will never know how he got hold of.

We trekked back through the passageways, all the time, weary of the lack of Garmadon and/or snakes. "Where d'you think they dissapeared off to?" I asked.

"no idea," the green ninja shrugged, "they probably retreated... But to where?"

"You know, I have no idea where we actually are... Are we in Ouraboros or some other creepy cave. Not the cave of Dispair though, nah, this is way to purple." I said, kicking a random pebble on the floor.

"We're under the wildwood forest, serpentine have been digging this out for who knows how long... Weird they didn't just use the old underground base though." Lloyd replied. "What's the future like anyways?" He said after a while.

"The future?!" Dom exclaimed just before I slapped a clamp hand over his mouth and whispered 'play along. They don't have any idea.'

"Yeah," he went on, completely unaware of the exchange, "so, they got like, hover boards, teleporters..."

"Hold on buddy," Dom said, I had a bad feeling about where he was going with this... "We're only like from a decade or so from now, tech hasn't advanced that much. Things like this take time."

"oh. Shame... What happens to us? Do I defeat my dad?" Lloyd asked just before we rounded the last corner.

"can't tell you, spoilers. Besides, it'd screw up the space-time continuum." I said quickly.

We were back in the main chamber and I saw the ninja trying to support some people in black gis and get them on their feet. My friends then. I noted that not one of them were stuck in ice, so they let Sophie out.

"Hey Lloyd, you're back!" Jay called, then looked at me and Dom. "Who're they?"

"... And that's as much as I know." I finished. We were on The Bounty now, and I was sitting in Sensei's room with a cup of coffee in my hands, like he did with tea in his. I don't usually drink coffee but I sure do need it. I felt really tired and since this is a cartoon it should help.

"so," the old sensei said, "you and your friends... And brother, are from another world and possibly universe?" I could trust Sensei, I mean, he's wise, generally knows what he's doing and yeah.

"Yes. We are."

"and my brother brought you here with the mega weapon to try and defeat the ninjas. However, you knew not to trust him and you ended up being forced to try and defeat them... And you and the other girls possess elemental powers."

"yeah... Sensei, I want to know, why do we have powers? Why us? Why were we brought here in the first place!" I wanted to know so badly. Why us? Why me? And if me and my friends possessed the powers, does that mean Dom does too? There were so many thoughts rushing through my head at that point I just couldn't focus on one.

"Well, maybe it is because you are special, maybe it is because you five are the opposites, Parallels, from a parallel world, of our world's ninja. Which may explain why you five could control the elements. Although, it required the ninja to reach their true potentials to unlock full control over the elements... But Lloyd can already control them. and as for your brother... Well, I suppose he is your world's Nya."

"so, Master of water?" I immediately regretted what I'd said. But I assumed Sensei already guessed Nya was the master of water anyway.

"well yes, I suppose. But he probably won't be able to use his powers for a while."

"alright then." I stood up and was about to leave the room before I had a thought. "So... Are we going to stay here until we can get home?"

"Yes. And if you are going to master your powers, then you will have to train, maybe learning from your counterparts will do you good."

I nodded and left the room, closing the door behind me. Checking no one was watching, I fist pumped. "I don't believe it! We're going to be living with the ninjas!" I took in a deep breath, "okay Kirsty calm down... Just remember, no spoilers and no major fangirling okay? Okay. Good." And I set off down the hall to try and find my friends and Dominic.

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