Ninjago: Parallels

Chapter 5

Alright... so where would they be? I thought to myself as I wandered down the hallway, I did watch the episodes with the Bounty but they barely showed you how to get anywhere on it. so yeah. actually, where are those guys anyway? they'd know. Or you could've asked Sensei dingbat.

shut up.

I can't shut up because if you tell me to shut up, you shut up because I'M YOU!

okay, okay... geez.

and yes. I was arguing with myself again. Don't worry, it isn't unusual. In fact, I've already written down at least one instance of that in this tale. And it probably won't be the last knowing me.

back to the story.

So I wandered about for a bit, walked in on the guys playing video games. I ended up biting my lip and attempting to silently back out of the room, trying not to... React in the way a ninjago fan would usually. Suddenly, A WILD DOMINIC APPEARED behind me. Causing me to back into him, knocking us both over, Dominic to start trying to swear and me covering his mouth.

"Did you hear anything Kai?" I heard Cole ask from inside the room.

"Hear what?" he replied before letting out an angry growl, "You just said that to distract me didn't you?!"

"What? no, I wouldn't do that!" Cole replied crossly.

"guys, guys, please. ROUND TWO!" Jay cried happily.

"YOU'RE ON!" I heard Kai, Cole and Lloyd reply, shortly before the rustling of a paper bag and popping candy. That's Lloyd then. So, that's four then... Okay, this is a cartoon and if I know cartoons then the person I'm thinking about AKA Zane in this case, should appear right about... I heard footfalls upon the wooden floor and smiled to myself, then remembering that Dom was beneath me due to the fact I heard the quiet words of 'vendetta' and 'death'

"you want me to get off don't you?" I said with a half lidded look.

"what do you think?!" I heard his muffled voice try to scream, "get your butt off me!"

"well, better than the usual responce." I stood up just as Milly walked around a convenient corner which I swear I have never seen before. "Eh, close enough."

"hey, Kirsty!" She smiled and ran over to me, well, I think it's Milly, she's the only ginger in this group. Plus it sounds like her. "I can't believe we're actually in Ninjago!" She squealed.

"you hear that?" Jay asked.

"probably nothing. Or those girls. In which case-" Cole replied

"we should hope it's not the blonde." Kai finished. I growled. While Milly and Dom sniggered.

"Aww, you've already made a friend." She winked at me. I clenched my clamp hands.

"you're damn lucky I'm not Sophie." I responded, I knew she was teasing but still. I then raised my voice so I was sure the ninjas could hear me, "and Kai, I'd appreciate less... Jerkiness!" Snorts of laughter erupted from the game room, heck, even Kai laughed.

"well, anyway, WE'RE HERE! on the bounty! With the heroes!" She sighed, dreamily. I nudged her.

"Mi-lly likes some-one!" I teased. She shook her head.

"You're so immature."

"I'm immature?" I said, with mock offence, "well look who likes-" she slapped me upside the head, "oww... Dang, this place and me getting hit in the head... Okay, so while we're here, where exactly are the others?" I rubbed the back of my head as I noticed Dominic creeping into that room. 'sure, why not. Scare the guys with fanboys... No that's not like you...

but still...'

"Well... Arwin has the deck, Elenna's in the control room and Sophie is in the training room." Milly said as the ship lurched to the left. "Oh Jesus! What's Elenna doing!?"

I chuckled nervously, shrugging. "No idea. Now, how do we get anywhere on here?"

So, we wandered about for a bit, bursting in on Zane meditating... Backing out, Nya's room, no Nya, the dining room place with the low down table and stove-y thing, gym... You know I just realised how hopeless we are at navigating this thing... We went up and down two floors without noticing!

"Okay," I said, looking at the ninjago wiki on all the places on the Bounty... On my phone, "we've been everywhere but where everyone else is so... By process of elimination this room should be where Sophie is... Cuz we're not on the top floor. Unless wiki is lying to me. Because if it is..." I raged internally.

"Dude. Chill. This is probably it." And she walked straight into a wall. "Ow. Yeah. I wish I did have that eye test."

"And you didn't have this problem five seconds ago." I sighed.

"just-just shut up okay. I've just been shoved into another universe, hypnotised, not hypnotised, trying not to fangirl and navigate a ship. Cut me some slack." She clutched her head. "Okay, let's try that again." My hand closed around the doorknob and pushed it open. "Yes! Right door this... Oh, this is new." It was still a room, more like a bedroom, identical to the Ninja's one in almost every way, only there were 3 sets of bunk beds, arranged around the room, one for each wall and there was another door on the far wall, Milly and I exchanged glances.

"If it's a bedroom, and this is Ninjago, than that's probably just a bathroom." Milly said.

"okay then smarty pants, what about this one?" there was another door at the opposite end of the wall to it. open.


"Gah! you are so annoying!" I said, throwing my arms up into the air. "Why do they have this anyway? Guest room?"

"Indeed." We both jumped as we heard Sensei's voice from behind us. "This is where you'll be staying till you can find a way home."

"umm, thanks? were you following us or just have amazing timing? also do you know where the training room/deck/ control room is? we keep getting lost."

Sensei chuckled and walked over to the room on the left side of the room we just looked in and pushed open the door, "here's the training room." And walked off.

We facepalmed as we saw Sophie furiously attacking the punching bag, stuffing spewing everywhere.

"Have you ever heard of self restraint?" We said, startling Sophie.

"Also, how come none of us find it possible to be in the same place at the same time?" I added.

Sophie shrugged, "beats me." I noticed that the training course standing dormant and put my hand on my chin.

"You're thinking about it aren't you?" Milly and Sophie sighed giving me a half lidded look.

"maybe a little... I mean come on! we'll have to try it eventually so~" I took a few steps towards it before being blocked by Sophie.

"If we could would I still be punching that thing?" Sophie pouted.

"Yes." Milly & I replied.

"okay fine. maybe I would. but have you seen in the show?! how many times did those guys have the crud..." She scowled at the lack of swear words exiting her mouth. Censoring... or dubbing? anyway, it exists inside the TV show in question. "Have the crud beat out of them? damn this place."

"Look on the plus side,"

"No school,"


"and powers." I finished as I tried to conjure some lightning into the palms of my hands... which failed miserably as I gave myself an electric shock, somehow making my nose start bleeding again (What?!). "Oh sugar honey ice tea..." I attempted to swear, putting my right hand to where I guessed the blood was coming from.

"Are you alright Kirsty?" Milly asked taking a tentative step towards me.

I caught Sophie's eye. I think she knows full well why my nose was bleeding and why I was looking at her. Oooh, doesn't that also mean she remembers me going full rage mode on her? ah, that can't be good. "Y-yeah," I mumbled, wiping the blood on my sleeve. then rubbed it until it faded away. "It's nothing. I just got kind of beat up in that cave. You know, Ninjas kind of beating the crud out of you an' stuff." Did Milly see me back in there? If she did then she'll know. I don't want her to get pissed at Sophie over it but I'm hoping she buys this.

"Right..." Milly eyed me suspiciously. Does she know? "Welp, I'm going to try and herd up Elenna & Arwin. I'll leave you two to your 'inside information'." She turned around and walked out, her footsteps echoing in the awkward silence left behind.

"You didn't say anything about it... how come?" Sophie asked eventually breaking the silence.

"Well, let's see... Maybe I don't want to get her mad... but you didn't have much control over yourself did you? I mean, I hope you didn't or I'll never talk to you again for the rest of eternity. And that includes in and out of this universe. And maybe I am dealing with blood in the lego universe that suddenly came out of a non-existent nose." I waved my hand in front of my face to illustrate this.

I then looked at Sophie, like actually looked at her to see what she looked like as a lego figure. Which is a weird thing to do. She kept her long brown hair and (much to my annoyance) that incredibly annoying front fringe that got in her eyes every five seconds during PE classes. But then when I look at her face, it's just like... a regular girl lego figure, save for the eyebrows. those were different.

"Kirsty, the heck are you looking at me like that for?" She said, raising an eyebrow. I shook my head.

"I'm sorry... It's just weird looking at you as a lego. On the plus side though..." I smirked, "We're the same height."

"You're bringing this up now?" she scowled.

"Why not?" I shrugged, flashing her a grin, "this is like a once in a life time thing."

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