Ninjago: Parallels

Chapter 6

So yeah, I can't, and WILL always find it incredibly hard to believe I could have ever came to NINJAGO, and see THE ninjas... *sharp intake of breath* no, I'm fine. Just, trying not to fangirl. BUT IT'S SO HARD! I'VE BEEN TRYING! BUT I KNOW ABOUT THEIR FUTURES AND- no, no... you don't care about this so, I should skip to the next interesting thing. No, as the author I have to tell everything, that I knew about, as it happened. help.

Sophie rolled her eyes. "wow. criticising lego now." she shook her head before giving me a playful shove, "two things, one, we need another set of clothes. I don't like this gi. It's all scratchy. And two, I'm bored in here. let's go find something else." She strode to the doorway and waited for me to follow her. I sighed.

"Let's try the control room."

"Why?" She asked as we began walking along the corridor and up the stairs.

"Because Elenna's there, if we trusted her she'd wreck the ship and-"

"Everyone else is there aren't they?" She gave me a half lidded look, before stumbling on the top step.

It was so hard not to burst out laughing. She looked funny, and she never usually did this. But if I know Sophie, and I do... far to painfully well... I know she's beat the shit out of me if I did. "Well, yes, no... probably. The guys might be up there." I leaned over to her and whispered into her ear, "maybe even Kai~" At that she turned bright red and I knew it was either run or face the consequences.

So, seeing as I now had magical elemental powers... which I could... only use... in the cave... when I was angry... hmm... this gives me a theory to test. But for now, RUN! I sprinted full pelt up the stairs, as Sophie tore after me. I think it's obvious she likes Kai. But she doesn't want to admit it. And another fact, she overreacts to stuff. We say one tiny, teeny thing that she doesn't like and next thing we know we are either running, holding her back from wailing on somebody or... yelling at her FOR wailing on somebody. It's a wonder she isn't classed as a bully. Ooh... if she ever reads this... she won't. ARGH! just. get. back to it!

It took a long while before I reached the control room... thank god I didn't slam headlong into someone. could you- stop it. you're doing it again! And when I did, I found Nya trying to prise Elenna off of something or the other. "What are you-?!"

"Oh, hey Nya!" I skidded to a halt, glancing nervously behind me to check for Sophie. "What's Elenna... oh... yeah, you probably don't get how I-"

"Elenna told me." She said, taking a break from Elenna. ooh... this could compromise my lie... She then gave me a sceptical look, "why are you so nervous? Did you annoy Kai?" I couldn't help but smile at that. Nya didn't get to do much in the show. at least now she's got something to do.

"Close enough. you need help with her?" I cast a quick glance at Elenna who was hugging something close to her chest.


I once again looked at the doorway for Sophie and didn't see her. Although I thought I heard something. Hastily I jogged over to Elenna. "Elenna... get off, whatever you're holding."


I shook my head. "Don't make me taze you..."

Elenna stared at me, a look of disbelief in her eyes, "You wouldn't..."

"Try me."

"You're serious aren't you." Elenna's eyes flicked over mine. I'd like to imagine that she saw the coldness and seriousness in my eyes, but then again, they're kind of black circles here so... "Fine." She placed the, whatever it was, back onto the console and finally I heard Sophie yelling. "KIRSTY!"

"oh no..."

"What did you do?" Nya & Elenna asked in synch, hands on hips.

"Said something about Kai... yeah, I should run... is there anywhere I could hide or something?" I said, already at the other side of the room.

"well, there are a ton of places you could hide... but I'd go to the training room, it's hard to get past those axes, it'd be perfect." Nya said quickly. With a hurried 'thanks' I continued running about the ship.

I reached the training room as I once again heard Sophie yelling. Wonder what everyone else was thinking. There was a button next to me labelled, 'training course' now, I know this is mean but it's either me or her and Sophie is overreacting just a little... I pressed the button just as I heard someone push open the door. It was... Sensei? Holding Sophie by her hair. Ooh... that's gotta hurt. I quickly hit the button, turning the course off.

"Hi? why are you holding Sophie's hair?" I tried to ask, not, un-calmly... that's a word right? well, I'm saying it anyway.

"She was charging around the ship." He replied, definitely much more calmly, "and she was yelling your name." He let go of Sophie's hair and she started muttering something... probably bad. "what did you do?"

Is it just me or is there something about this guy that just... I don't know, like kind of intimidates me, but, kind of makes me feel like I can trust him... it's weird. If I do tell him the truth, not like I'll get into trouble. I just said Kai. literally.

"I said Kai and she flipped out." I stated. "She... overreacts a lot."

Sensei sighed deeply, "You girls. you've only been here a few hours as well." He turned to leave, "There's nothing wrong with saying Kai Sophie, it's a name like any other. You shouldn't be angered by it." I saw Sophie open her mouth and I swear I knew she was about to say the name of someone that I REALLY don't like. "You five will start training tomorrow, something to keep your minds off trouble." And he walked out.

Sophie glared at me, "You have to admit though," I shrugged, "It's just a name. nothing for you to flip out over."

"I guess you're right..." Sophie then looked around quickly, "sorry..." I could barely catch her saying that as she directly after rolled her eyes and walked out. Leaving me alone, back where I started. And was I going to sit there? of course not. I'm going to go wander about the ship some- course not, I'm going to the deck to find Arwen, have a decent conversation and maybe see what Ninjago looks like from a point of view, which isn't the camera.

So, I walked out, leaving the room empty. I took one last look at the room and smiled. "tomorrow, whenever that happens, I am going to attempt to master this." was I being naïve? yes. would I regret the naivety? oh yeah, course I would. but that's future me's problem.

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