Garris' PEGASUS (Books 1 and 2)

Book 1 - Chapter 11


Deep Space

Somewhere, way beyond the Red Line, the impressive bulk of the Battlestar Pegasus was cruising at its most economical speed. The repairs to the damage suffered from the recent battle had been repaired, the additional supplies salvaged from Molecay had been stowed away, and both wings were deploying fighters on regular CAP’s.

"Attention, all personnel", Cain had announced over the P.A. after successfully making the escape, "We are now embarking on our new mission: to find the Galactica and the remaining ships of the Colonies. Once we find them - and we will - we will be able to strike back at the Cylons and to make them pay for what they have done to our home planets, the fleet, and our loved ones. The Cylons will not stop until they destroy us, which means that in order to survive we will have to destroy them. Keep this hope alive: we will prevail and we will defeat the Cylons. So say we all".

Cain put down the P.A. mike and looked around the CIC at his crew. Their morale looked high at the moment, but he would have to work to keep it high through the uncertain time that lay ahead. They may be refugees, but they were also a military unit, and by the Lords of Kobol, he would make sure that they would never lose sight of that fact.

He had found the time to preside over a private funeral service for Specialist Wright, after which the body was cremated. Cain thought that it was best to keep the circumstances of his death a secret. The crew members who had found him, the security detachment, and the command staff who knew had been sworn to secrecy, But Cain did not forget the fact that Specialist Wright had been murdered, and that someone had built and activated that beacon. That meant that there was a traitor amongst them and as long as that person was at liberty, the Cylon threat would always hang over their heads. He hoped that he could find Adama - and the traitor - before it was too late.

Over the remains of Molecay Anchorage

While Cain was thinking about all of this, over the debris that used to be Molecay Anchorage and a Cylon Base Star, another base star hovered. In one of its alcoves, several humanoids looked through the readouts from the scans.

"No knowing what happened?" asked one.

"No", replied another, "There was no communication received since the beacon was responded to".

"Any sign of debris other than the base star and the anchorage?" The first humanoid asked.

"Nothing else found so far" was the reply.

"So what do we do now ?" a third humanoid asked.

"Until we get more information on what occurred here, we still comply with the primary directive and concentrate on finding the humans who escaped from Ragnar", a dark-skinned humanoid female said, walking into the alcove.

"By Your Command", the other three replied.


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