Speare of Finality

Chapter Ten

It's funny, and slightly ironic, well to me, that we're all acting like mystery ink when not even five minutes ago, the air was tense. Don't get me wrong, it still is tense, there's a bubble of it, not wanting to be popped, but there's no fighting, it's calmer now.

All six of us are in silence, apart from when Claire asks John questions like 'where's Vernon gone?', and 'when will he be back?' as if he's meant to know everything about the damn guy. Claire annoys me in that moment, maybe I feel threatened, but then I really think about and see her sneaking glances at Brian, while he does the same to her. Like that relationship will ever work. Come Monday we'll all go our separate ways.

I find myself not wanting that though. I want to be with John, and I want to have friends I can rely on like Allison and Brian, maybe not the other two because, it's obvious they still think their above us. I don't know when my opinions changed, but I feel like I've made my life worse than it could have been all because I didn't want people to know what was wrong with me. All I can think is that maybe life will be worth living if I have people to share the rest of my life with. Maybe. It's a very big maybe at this stage.

After a while, I give up thinking because it's honestly staring to hurt my head, and since earlier when I was sick, I've been fighting the urge to run to the bathroom so I can get rid of everything nasty in my system. I don't though; I stay firmly by John's side as we finally reach a locker. His locker.

You can tell straight away that it belongs to John, it's rather vulgar, and it's scribbled with threats, which should bother me but I don't see the point in this day and age. I watch curiously as John opens it, which in turn makes a guillotine fall and behead a shoe. A shoe, a fucking shoe?! What the hell? Why can't this kid be normal sometimes, it's not asking much, honestly. I don't comment but I laugh a little, because honestly, I'm still wrapped up in the shoe part, though I do hear Andy speaking, sounds annoyed, as usual.


"My maid's on vacation."

John's reply was quick, but he was only half paying attention as he grabs a package and unwraps it about 3 times, before revealing it to be drugs. I'm not surprised, and I'm too tired to be disappointed, so I don't say anything. I just stand back by Allison because I feel like she can relate to me in the whole drugs department.

The others aren't really happy about the drugs either, from their facial expressions, which all scream disbelief and Brian's loud exclamation pretty much shows that none of them agree with John's choice to pick up drugs. What's done is done.


Not long after, it's Andy who all but screams at John. They are never going to get along, I swear.

"Screw that Bender...put it back!"

Closing the locker again, John just turns and walks away, not taking any notice of the others as he smirks in a weird proud kind of way and grabs my hand to pull me along with him as he pockets his dope. In the background I'm pretty sure I can still hear Brian talking about the drugs but I push it to the back of my mind.

Just as we start walking, John decides to lay out the plan to make our way back to the library, but of course Andy challenges it and they end up getting into a little squabble.

"We'll cross through the lab, and then we'll double back."

"You better be right, if Vernon cuts us off, it's your fault, asshole!"

It goes silent for a while after that, all of us hurrying along, until we walk into the Science Block and see what we really didn't want to see, and it makes me groan in dismay, because right at the end of the corridor, is Vernon. Spinning around we all race down to the Math Department, almost running straight into him as we see him again, then again at the fountain. I'm starting to breathe heavy, and I feel like I'm going to be sick but I hold it because that would be embarrassing, to just, well, you know in front of everyone while running. I need to stop thinking, and I really need to pay attention right now.

Once we got down the stairs to the Language and Culture classes, we're all panting, and John starts shouting, telling us where to go. And right now I'm thankful one of us knows at least where we're going but Andy starts arguing, again, and I want to hit him because right now I just want to get to the library with no more problems and lie down somewhere quiet and work this sickness off for now, but no, it's not happening.

"Wait. Wait, hold it. Hold it! We have to go through the cafeteria."

"No, the activities hall."

"Hey man, you don't know what you're talking about!"

"No you don't know what you're talking about! Now we're through listening to you, we're going this way."

There's no hesitation from Claire and Brian as they follow Andy down to the activities hall. I don't move, I look at John, wondering where we're going. And to my surprise, Allison grabs my arm as she stamps her feet with a squeal, wanting me to follow her, I start moving with her, meaning John has to follow me because we're still attached.

I can hear John growl "Fuck it" and we race down the hall to catch up to the others only to run into a hall closed by an iron gate. Great idea Andy, just what we needed. Why doesn't anyone ever listen to John, he's pretty smart.

And before I know it, Andy's groaning, and John's getting angry, while Claire begins to defend John, which is weird. Weirdest part of my day at least.


"Great idea Jagoff!"

"Fuck you!"

"Fuck you! Why didn't you listen to John?"

John? She's never said his name before. Probably because she likes him. No that can't be it, she likes Brian, or it looks like she does. Why am I getting worked up over this? I'm with John and she isn't, he's mine. Damn, now I sound possessive.

"We're dead!"

Brian complaining, just like the others are but I don't pay attention as I look into John's eyes. Their so brown, I've decided I quite like brown but I don't look into it too much as I see a weird glint in John's eyes. And I have a feeling I know exactly what it is, what he's going to do. And it makes me snort as he says just what I was thinking.

"No, just me!"

Brian shakes his head, he doesn't get it, neither do the others, but I see them coming to the same conclusion.

"What do you mean?"

In favour of answering, John instead forces his bag of marijuana or whatever the hell it is, into Brian's underwear, which makes me laugh, and also at the offending expression Brian wears as it's shoved there.

"Get back to the library; keep your unit off it!"

With a quick squeeze of my hands, and a glance, John speeds off singing some ridiculous song about an air ranger. I just know that Vernon's not going to like this, and I can't help but stress over it, but I don't have long to dwell on it as Allison starts dragging me back with the others, back to the library.

We make it back in record time, and I feel like I've been running a marathon. I sit in John's seat, and I sigh in comfort. I was just so sore, but I snap straight to attention as Vernon slams through the door with a teetering John.

Vernon pushes John to his seat, the one I'm sitting on. I flinch as dick informs us of the happenings, as if we don't know the gist.

"Get your stuff, let's go! Mr. Wise-guy here has taken it upon himself to go to the gymnasium. I'm sorry to inform you, you're going to be without his services for the rest of the day."

John throws his stuff on the table, making sure he doesn't hit me with any of it, before he sits in the seat next to me and decides that his next course of action in pissing Vernon off is to spell a word related to crying. Funny.

"B-O-O H-O-O!"

He's doing it to piss off Vernon, we can all see it as he smirks condescendingly at Rick, and he's done a real good job of it as there's a hammering vein in the old guys next as he berates John harshly.

"Everything's a big joke, huh Bender? The false alarm you pulled, Friday, false alarms are really funny, aren't they...What if your home, what if your family...what if your dope was on fire?"

"Impossible, sir...It's in Johnson's underwear!"

John's reply does it for me and I burst out laughing, along with Andy, since John is actually being truthful for once, but Vernon doesn't like that as he starts to shout, and spit goes flying. I'm so happy I wasn't anywhere near this prude, I'd have to disinfect my whole body.

"Think he's funny? You think this is cute? You think he's bitchin', is that it? Lemme tell you something. Look at him, he's a bum. You wanna see something funny? You go visit John Bender in five years! You'll see how God damned funny he is!"

I do look, I look to the side of me and see a kid who's messed up, but isn't everyone? He's just like everyone else in the world, but that doesn't mean Vernon gets the out him as some criminal because he isn't. I can feel my anger growing as dick face continues to taunt John, and I clench my jaw because I want so badly to say something but I know John wouldn't want me to.

"What's the matter, John? You gonna cry? Let's go..."

Vernon grabs John's shoulder roughly, but John just shoves him off just as rough. He doesn't pick up anything of his; he does push his scarf towards me with a smile, and then speaks to Vernon as he reaches out a hand again to steady him.

"Hey keep your fucking hands off me! I expect better manners from you, Dick!"

I watch carefully as John takes his sunglasses out of his pocket and lays them in front of Andy remarking.

"For better hallway vision!"

And with that he leaves, followed closely by Vernon but not before pushing stuff over on the way. That's just John for you.

The others start talking amongst themselves. I'm not paying attention as I reach for John's scarf and wrap it around my neck. It smells like smoke, and I don't really like it but it was John's so I'll keep it on. Slowly but surely the conversation going on around me drifts into my mind and I concentrate fully since they ask me a question.

"You think he'll be ok?"

It's Claire who asks me, well she's not asking me specifically but she's turned to face me so I can only assume. I don't answer for a second, thinking of a response. I don't mind Claire, honestly, she just holds herself above everyone else, and follows whatever the group around her does, but I don't mind her, so I answer her in a soft voice, though it's rather cracked.

"You'll have to ask him when he comes back."

"What do you mean?"

I sigh a little, it's Andy who asks me, and I really would have thought one of them would have realised that John was not going to stay where he was, wherever that was because for one he couldn't leave his dope in Brian's pants, and also, he'd get bored.

"He's coming back, he'll be too agitated to stay where Vernon's put him and if you know John like you think, then you should know he's not leaving his drugs behind."

Then as if proving my point, we hear a shattering echo followed by a harsh cry of "Oh shit!" that sounds exactly like John. Which it is.

I stare at John wide eyed as he walks down the stairs, like he didn't just fall through the fucking ceiling and casually shrugs.

"I forgot my pencil..."

He doesn't stay innocent for long when we hear someone moving towards the room. John quickly dives under my table with his precious pencil in hand, while Claire jumps into her seat and Allison quickly stops sucking at the lingering sugar on her fingers. We all sit perfectly still as Vernon races in.

"God damn it! What in God's name is going on in here?"

Vernon's face is red, his eyes are accusing and in slits. He's searching the room for something, probably John my mind supplies, and he asks the most simplest of questions, one of which we all try to shrug off but Andy's the one who answers.

"What was that ruckus?"

"Uh, what ruckus?"

He doesn't take the bait, though I wasn't really expecting him to, and he just turns his glare on all of us, as if that would make us talk.

"I was just in my office and I heard a ruckus!"

"Could you describe the ruckus, sir?" Brian asks this nervously and I feel kind of proud of him as he makes the man annoyed rather quickly. "Watch your tongue young man, watch it!"

I'm trying to pay attention to the conversation, I honestly am but all I can think about it that I can feel the heat of John under the table, his breaths seeping through my trousers, and as his head crashes into the table, it's Andy who covers for him by making a rhythmic bang, making John answer with two of his own. Pay attention Alka. Don't think about the heat John's emitting, or the tingles you feel, or the... urgh, no.

"What is that?"

Vernon asks confused, his face scrunched up like a pug while Andy makes a zipping noise and I loudly click my tongue. Maybe he'll forget about the original 'ruckus' if we piss him off enough. It could work right, he is old after all.

"What, what is that, what is that noise?"

"What noise?"

Andy voice is full of innocence, but in that moment, it's not what I'm focused on as I feel coarse fingers trailing across my knee, and I can't help but thank the Gods that I have trousers on but when I feel his face moving between my legs and soft hair brushing my legs, I can't help but wish I had thicker trousers on. God damn it, he's doing this on purpose, I will kill him.

"Really, sir, there wasn't any noise"

I bite my lip as a squeal threatens to break through my throat, and I'm grateful when Claire decides to cover for us because I make a weird high pitched keen that leaves me red in the face.

I'm not sure what the fuck he's doing down there as his fingers trail over my thighs lightly, but I squash his head because I did not appreciate the things he was doing. I wasn't one of his sluts he could mess with and I wasn't enjoying this as of right now.

At John's groan in pain, everyone starts faking a coughing fit, started by Claire, to cover his groan and she starts to speak just as John latches his hands around my ankles to stop me kicking him.

"That noise? Was that the noise you were talking about?"

"No, it wasn't. That was not the noise I was talking about. Now, I may not have caught you in the act this time, but you can bet I will."

Allison laughs at Vernon sharply, while I comment, only to try and ignore the feeling of John.

"No you won't man."

He pauses for a moment at my comment, before he looks at Allison with a pointed finger "You make book on that missy!" before turning to Claire. "And you! I will not be made a fool of!"

He starts to turn away, but before he does, he looks at me quickly and stares, before turning completely around. We all laugh when he's out of ear shot because as he turned he was showing us all the toilet seat cover stuck to his pants. Oh God, he's an idiot. Definitely made a fool of himself without our help.

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