Speare of Finality

Chapter Three

As soon as that comment had made its way out of my mouth...Everyone turned to look at me; I think they were caught off by my accent which was more British than anything. But either way, Princess looked at me with a sneer, the Jock was just staring, Nerd boy behind me was shocked and Bender was smiling at me again, which made me return it ever so slightly. Just to be friendly I reminded myself. The girl in the back corner, who's name I remember being Allison, she was in my art, hadn't looked up at me but I could see there was a smirk forming on her face. Cute.

"Oh. I'm sorry; I wouldn't have spoken or out if I knew you were gonna' stare at me."

My voice was full of annoyance. I didn't like people looking at me, it made me think they could see exactly what was wrong with me, and maybe they could. Maybe they knew but the looks on their faces showed otherwise. They knew nothing of who I was and what I was going to be. Just like everyone else in this school did. Not even the teachers or the headmaster knew of my condition. Like I said, I didn't want people knowing, they would give me false hope or fake pity. It's not something I've ever wanted you know?

Bender looked at me, silent curiosity covering his face; I titled my head at him in question.

"So what's your name honey? You do have one right?"

Shaking my head slightly, I spoke in a soft yet firm voice.


I didn't bother adding a last name because really it didn't matter and they already knew it from Dick face.

Bender continued to stare at me before he turned towards the front, and I knew even though he seemed like he'd ignored my name, he hadn't, which was weird.

"So...so... Are you guys like boyfriend and girlfriend?"

He was asking this to the princess and the jock at the front, it was funny because they both looked so awkward and it was a known fact that they couldn't ignore Bender. He could always get people to talk, even if was just to tell him to shut the fuck up.

"Steady dates? Lo—vers? Come on Sporto level with me. Do you slip her the hot... beef... injection?"

Now that got a reaction, it resulted in both spinning around at the same time shouting.

"Go to Hell" and "Enough" erupted from their mouths making Rich shout through.

"Hey! What's going on in there?"

A giggle escaped my lips, before I pursed them together in efforts to stop a giggle fit from happening. I knew they would surely look at me if I burst out laughing.

We all sat there staring at each other. Before turning away and all facing forward, where silence followed but with Bender in the room, it was bound to get noisy. He got up from his chair and makes his way over to the railing before sitting upon it.

"What do you say we close that door? We can't have any kind of party with Vernon checking us out every few seconds."

"Well, you know the door is supposed to stay open."

God, I wish these people would shut up for a while because I was really getting a headache from the lights and I just wanted peace but in here, I obviously wasn't going to get it. Great.

"So what?"

That was Bender, being the smart arse as always. And the jock just had to argue with him.

"So why don't you just shut up? There's five other people in here you know."

"Wow you can count. See I knew you had to be smart to be a… a wrestler."

"Who the hell are you to judge anybody anyway?"


That came from the Princess, her voice becoming high and mighty again. Some people I swear.

I could see Bender glance at her for a second, not paying her any mind before looking back at the jock, who had started talking again.

"You know Bender, you don't even count. You know if you disappeared forever, it wouldn't make any difference. You may as well not even exist at this school."

"Well, I'll just run right out and join the wrestling team."

The two teens at the front looked at each other before laughing and turning back to Bender as he added more.

"Maybe the prep club too. Student Council."

The jock shook his head.

"Nah. They wouldn't take you."

"I'm hurt."

The red head decided to pipe up and join the discussion properly.

"You know why guys like you knock everything?"

"Oh this should be fucking fantastic."

I spoke quietly, but I knew they heard me when Preppy turned to glare at me, while Bender gave me a smirk. It made my stomach twist, and the headache became even worse making me wince in pain. A slight concern flittered over Bender's face before he gave his attention back to the others. Though he looked like he was looking at me from the corner of his eye, like he was making sure I wasn't hurt. Did that mean he liked me? Why would he even care about me? He's Bender of all people and I'm nothing like him. I'm not even sure he knows who I am. I'm a nobody stuck with limited time anyway.

I broke out of my thoughts at the Princess's voice, she was looking directly at Bender.

"It's 'cause you're afraid."

"Oh God, you richies are so smart. That's exactly why I'm not heavy in activities."

Bender's voice was full of sarcasm, obviously playing along until he made a humour filled comment. Can't wait. This should be funny.

"You're a big coward."

"I'm in the math club."

Johnson suddenly spoke up, but I hardly heard him as I was turned around to look at the red head and Bender. But I looked over at him curiously, wondering what he was talking about. It was like he knew I was looking at him because he glanced over at me before giving me a small hesitant smile which I returned, causing him to blush.

The princess's obnoxious voice grabbed my attention though, as she explained why she thought Bender knocked the clubs. I was going to say something out loud to defend him because I liked him and I wanted him to like me too. Not something I will ever admit though.

"See you're afraid that they won't take you. You don't belong, so you just have to dump all over it."

She looked proud of herself as her words washed over us. What the fuck is this chick talking about? Is she actually stupid or what?

Bender must have been having similar thoughts to me because he rolled his eyes upward and looked to the side.

"Well, it wouldn't have anything to do with you activities people being assholes now would it?"

"Well you don't even know. You don't even know any of us."

"Well, I don't know any lepers either, but I'm not gonna run out and join one of their fucking clubs."

"Hey lets watch the mouth, huh."

The jock's voice sounded finally but only to scold Bender. Like he would actually listen to that. The princess glanced at the jock just as Johnson spoke again.

"I'm in the Physics club too."

I looked back at the nerd again, and smiled small, he was adorable in the 'I'm such a geek, I think you're all really nice' kind of way. He seemed really naive to me. Bender spoke up after hearing Johnson if I remember right, speak.

"Excuse me a second. What are you babbling about?"

"Well what I'd said was, that I'm in the math club, uh, the Latin club, and the physics club… Physics club."

"Hey, Cherry, do you belong to the Physics club?"

"That's an academic club."

Her voice held a 'duh' tone, making me scowl slightly before I spoke to her.

"So? What's your point exactly?"

"So academic clubs aren't the same as other kinds of clubs."

Bender took over after looking at me for a moment.

"Ah but to dorks like him, they are."

The redhead bit her lip and looked over at the nerd, but Bender wasn't done. He turned to the nerd and asked him politely, well as politely as John Bender could ask someone something.

"What do you guys do in your club?"

"In Physics, we–we, uh, talk about physics, uh, properties of physics."

"So it's sorta social. Demented and sad but social, right."

Bender directed that to the princess who then sneered slightly at him, and Johnson decided to answer the criminal's question, even though it was completely rhetorical. Poor boy.

"Yeah, well, I guess you could consider it a social situation. Um, I mean there are other children in my club. And, uh, a-at the end of the year we have, um, we have a b-big banquet at the, uh, at the, uh, Hilton."

At that particular sentence, it seemed that Bender had found something to use against the 'cherry'.

"You load up. Ya party."

"Well no, we get dressed up. I mean, uh, but we don't, uh, we don't get high."

"Only burners like you get high."

The princess said, unable to resist putting in her opinion. Not an open minded opinion I'm telling you. I mean, I don't do drugs. I can't really since I'm dying and all but whatever people wanted to do. Can't really judge them.

"And, uh, I didn't have any shoes so I had to borrow my dad's." The nerd was rambling without a care, "It was kind of weird, because my mom doesn't like me to wear other people's shoes. Then, uh, my cusil-" Johnson stuttered, "My cousin Kendall from Indiana, he got high once. He started, like, eating really weird foods and, uh, and then he just felt like he didn't belong anywhere. You know kind of like Twilight Zone, kind of."

I saw the dark haired girl point a finger gun at the back of his head and I tried not to laugh, knowing that it wasn't very nice. I saw the stare down going on between the princess and the criminal and the way the jock kept shifting in his seat and glancing out the door. It was comical to watch. I'm telling you, it is seriously like a soap opera gone terribly wrong. A film could be made of all this. Mental snort. Ew. Thank God I didn't do that for real. Shut up Alka. Stop talking to yourself; you're not crazy quite yet.

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