Speare of Finality

Chapter Four

I looked up at the people I was stuck with, each face held different expressions.

Cherry's held annoyance, as though all of us were below her and in an odd way we were. She could afford diamonds and the like, unlike most of us, who could maybe manage some shiny jewels when we were nearly dead. Slightly disheartening to most.

Sporto's face was just plain fucked off; he was glaring at Bender, looking as though he was trying to fry him with his eyes.

Allison in the back, well her face was hidden but I like to imagine it had a lovely smirk painted there, as she always seemed to have.

Johnson's face was mildly concerned but he looked more nervous than anything. Obviously not one for physical conflict or even verbal conflict for that matter. Nerds, never seen life I swear.

It was Bender's face that got me, he was looking at me, for a reason unknown especially since he wasn't even speaking to me, none of them were but he was looking at me. Something akin to hurt crossed his face but I didn't even understand why. No one was insulting him. I frowned at him slightly and mouthed 'what?' but he never replied as the silence between the 6 of us was broken.

It was jockstrap who spoke, his 'high and mighty' tone slipping through his teeth easily.

"Look, you guys keep up your talking and Vernon's gonna come right in here. I got a meet this Saturday and I'm not gonna miss it on account of you boneheads!"

"Oh? And wouldn't that be a bite huh, ohhhah, missing a whole wrestling meet."

Anyone who knew Bender knew when he was fucking around. And it was no exception now. He pretended to wail about it, making fun of the jock that was clearly not happy about being mocked but it was Bender, what did he expect? Perhaps he had hoped for some sympathy? Pffft, yeah right. Sympathy and Bender will never work.

Andy- I figured out his name, I've seen him before, one of those idiotic populars- turned to Bender, his eyes trained solely on him as he glared fiercely.

"Well you wouldn't know anything about it 'faggot', you never competed in your whole life."

Bender smirked and then began to fake cry with a smirk that lifted onto his face. What a gorgeous smirk. OK. Shut up Alka. You don't need a crush. Ignore them all. This will only hurt more if you actually become friends then die. Die. I'm dying. Yeah... I'm dying.

"Oh I know and I feel all empty inside because of it. I have such a deep admiration for guys that roll around on the floor with other guys."

"Ah, you'd never miss it, you don't have any goals."

"Ah that's where you wrong, I do have goals, and..."Bender said drawing Andy's attention to him. "I wanna be just like you. I figure all I need is a lobotomy and some tights."

"You wear tights?"

That was Brian's questions and honestly, it made me smile so wide it hurt. What a girl, wearing tights, especially for wrestling. Degrading situation I'd say, especially having to wrestle in public.

"No I don't wear tights. I wear the required uniform."

As soon as the jock said that, both Brian and I spoke.


Our voices mingled and came out a little louder than expected, it made Andy turn around and glare at us. I poked my tongue out at him and giggled. In the corner of my eye I saw Bender watching us, though it looked like he was watching me more closely, though I could be wrong. Don't want to be getting a big head girly.

"Shut up!"

Andy's voice was full of anger, but that didn't stop me laughing. I mean come on, he doesn't scare me and him wearing tights is just hilarious.

However, a thump sounding from outside caused me to stop, it made my head pound painfully slightly, but as we all looked to the source of the noise, we saw Rick standing with his back to the library, which of course sent Bender flying into the seat in between the two popular idiots sitting at the front desk, sporting the perfect look of fake innocence. Looks kind of cute though doesn't he Al? Shut up.

My eyes trail after the dick as he walks back to his office, and only then, when Rick's sitting back at his desk does Bender laugh, make a weird funny noise, and walk towards the double doors that separate the library from the hallway. What was he up to? He better not get into more trouble, then again, he always does, and I bet all the money I have that he'll drag us all into it. Oh. Headache, need to stop thinking so much. Damn it, I should have brought my medication.

"You know there's not supposed to be any monkey business!"

"Young man, have you finished your paper?"

Brian's voice is slightly hushed, obviously trying not to be heard, but John's voice just kind of gives us away, since it's stern and loud, trying to mimic Vernon's voice no doubt.

Bender chuckles mischievously, then turns back around and peeps around cautiously, then fiddles with the door and little until he presents some screws. While he does this, Prep girl and Jock boy speak up, trying to determine what the criminal is up to.

"What are you gonna do?"

"Drop dead I hope."

I look to the side of me at Andy glaring, and through gritted teeth I speak.

"That's rude, he's pissing about. Get over it An-dy."

Me speaking causes Andy to look at me startled, not expecting me to stick up for John but it's not very nice to want people to drop dead, you know? Either way, Andy looks annoyed at me speaking out against him but then he just turns around to look at Johnson as he speaks nervously, while scratching the back of his neck.

"Bender, that, that's school property there, you know, it doesn't belong to us. It's something not to be toyed with."

But the noise of the door slamming shut drones out the sound of the nerd, as does Bender running back to his seat like a maniac, but not before handing me the screws from the door with a smirk. Unknown about what I have to do with them, I drop them quickly into my bag as the others begin to argue.

"That's very funny, come on, fix it!"

"Am I a genius?"

"No, you're an asshole!"

"What a funny guy!"

"Fix the door Bender!"

"Everyone just shhh!"

I giggle quietly, but John looks at me before winking. I shake my head slightly. It may be funny but we are all gonna be in deep shit. I don't know how much shouting I'm going to be able to take since my headache's just getting worse by the minute. But, I can't do anything now. What's done is done as they say.

"I've been here before; I know what I'm doing!"

"No! Fix the door, get up there and fix it!"

"Shut up!"

John's voice, being it loud, causes me to wince harshly, before I turn to the front. I wish I could just sleep. With the light and the voices, my head is killing.

All of them went quiet just as they heard Vernon's shout, which definitely sounded pissed as hell. God, I knew this was a bad idea, but it was pretty funny I guess.

"God damn it!"

The library door swung open violently and slammed shut just as Vernon stalked through, all the while glaring at each of us before settling on John. Of course he knew it was John, who else would it really be?

"Why is that door closed?"

The old man demanded harshly, pointing at the door behind him with an angry expression on his face. It looked as though he was going to explode to be honest, and I really wished it wouldn't happen but it was bound to.

Vernon walked over to 'Cherry' and Andy's table, towering over them, as though intimidation was going to scare the answer out of them.

"Why is that door closed?!"

"How are we supposed to know?"Bender asked, looking at his folded hands on the table, "We're not supposed to move, right?"

Just by the look on Vernon's face, you could tell this was not going to be pretty. He was still pointing to the door, but his attention shifted to the 'Cherry's' and he shouted regardless of the frightened look that appeared on her face.


The redhead jumped slightly, her mouth opened and closed like a fish, before she found her voice, but it was quiet, polite even.

"We were just sitting here, like we were supposed to."

Vernon only lowered his arm but he continued to glare at her, though he moved to stand beside the jock instead of in front of him, obviously done with that interrogation. He looked at the nerd and the basket-case harshly. I bet he thinks they'll say something, like they would. Urgh, dick is such a douchebag.

"Who closed that door?"

"I think a screw fell out of it."

Bender spoke up suddenly, his gaze was still on his hands, but he tilted his head slightly to wink at me, which caused me to move my gaze back to the front. When had it even moved towards him? Do I just gravitate towards him or something? Oh God, I need to sort my head out.

"It just closed, sir."

Out of the corner of my eye I could just make out the slight smile that spread onto John's face, I bet he was happy that no one was going to rat him out. Like they would, there more scared of his that dick-face here, and for me, well Bender was fun to have around. It made detention go quicker.


This time, Rick's voice was pointed towards the girl in the back row, though all she did was open her mouth and squeak before she slammed her head on her table, causing the hood of her parka cover her head. Wow, she was either really shy, or just, yeah, shy. I decided to open my mouth in order to get his attention from the girl seeing as she obviously didn't want it.

"She doesn't talk, sir."

The dark clothed girl gave a squeak of agreement at my soft statement and thankfully it turned his attention from her. I looked at the girl a moment longer, then turned to look at Vernon once more, but not before I saw the girl lift her head up and smile ever so slightly in my direction. It made my heart warm to know I made her smile. Though my thoughts caused all the good emotions to disappear. Stop doing this; you don't need friends right now. You're dying anyway, it would just hurt more if you made friends. Get a grip with reality!

The sound of our Principal's voice drifted into my thoughts and I once again focused on what was happening around me as John and Rick argued, though all the while I tried to tell myself I didn't care.

"Give me that screw."

"I don't have it."

"You want me to yank you outta that seat and shake it outta ya?"

"I don't have it. Screws fall out all the time; the world is an imperfect place."

"Give it to me, Bender."

I shook my head, he really hated John didn't he? I wonder why, it's not like he only annoyed him, I'm pretty sure John was hated by all the teachers. Poor them. Poor me. Stupid me more like it.

"Excuse me sir, why would anyone want to steal a screw?"

'Cherry' held her voice firm, like she was trying to impress someone, but either way, it shook slightly, but it made me wonder why she was sticking up for Bender. I mean, she doesn't even like him. But I might as well agree out loud with her point.

"Exactly, I think you might just be holding a lil' grudge there SIR."

I stressed the word 'sir' showing him that I held no respect towards him what so ever. He turned to glare at me, before staring back at Princess and speaking in a threatening manner. Doesn't he know that no one is afraid of him?

"Watch it young lady, as for you Speare, would you like some more Saturdays...?"

I know he was being sarcastic, and as he turned I could help what came from my mouth. Always did have a mouth of its own, it just never usually came out.

"Well sure, if you're offering. I mean, I have nothing better to do, so why not grace you with my outstanding presence? You can't say no to that can you Rick?"

My voice carried over to him, and I saw him pause before he turned back to me, red faced, looking as though steam was ready to burst from his ears like in the cartoons.

"Right, that is it! Detention for a month, and don't think you won't have to do anything. You'll be on cafeteria duty every lunch time for a year. I don't care if you bitch, or moan, you will do that. Don't mess with me Speare, I will break you."

He shouted, spit flying and I thanked to God I wasn't anywhere near the pig, although I did splutter slightly at the detention sentence.

"Are you kidding me?! Fuck that! I'm not giving up my lunch to serve it to the dipshits of this school. Pass."

All Vernon did was look away from me, to glare at everyone. Sometimes I feel bad about making him angry and frustrated, but then I remember he isn't a good principal in the first place so why feel bad right? I looked over at John, and he was smirking at me, but in his eyes he seemed to have something glinting. If only it was the emotion I wanted rather than lust, I mean everyone who knew Bender, knew of his reputation, and it was not the happy one I'd like but what can I do? It's not like it matters if I like him or he likes me- which would never ever happen- but yeah, nothing matters anymore, it hasn't for a while though.

I broke from my thoughts as I heard a slamming noise and I looked up to see no Vernon, so I could only assume he was currently stuck with a face full of door. I giggled, along with all the others, because honestly he deserved that.

"Damn it!"

His curse was loud, and it sounded like he even kicked the chair in anger. Poor chair. He came stumbling through the library, a glare permanently etched to his face as he surveyed us, all of us with smirks, eyes darting around the room, trying to not make eye contact. It was pretty funny, considering doing that made us all look suspicious. Well, he's not really suspicious of us, he knows one of us took the screws out, and he obviously knows it was Bender. He's the only one who would, no one else cares about getting more detentions, and we just want to go home without accident. Though, it's pretty funny, John I mean, how he kind of brings all these cliques together without us realising. The Princess, the Jock, the Nerd, the Criminal, the Basket Case and me... the Dying Loner. It's nice... for a change.

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