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Love Of A Hybrid (Vkook)

Chapter 1

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This is just a note if any of you did not know: this is a work of FICTION. If I wasn't clear. I do NOT own BTS nor BigHit that would be impossible for me since my ass is BROKE and I do NOT withhold millions and billions of dollars sooooooo yeah.

The new version kinda of no wait there is no kind of to it these three lovely readers of mine helped me figure out something for the book and now I feel better about the book than I once did so this is the one new version goes to bribribannana taetaelikespurple BTSlovernothater I purple you and thank you 😊 ❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜

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this book may be triggering for some of you please keep that in mind.

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"P-p-please m...... master...................... s-s-stop..................... I-I-I'll do.......... I will....... do....... better. I promise........... I'll do........... better. P-p-lease stop." The bunny hybrid tries to voice but his owner continues to beat him until he's on the verge of blacking out completely.

When his owner finally stops he thinks the hybrid is dead.

"Check him for a pulse." His owner says to one of his friends.

The friend hesitates for a second.

"Check. Him. For. A. Pulse." The hybrid owner repeats punctuating each word.

The friend bends down taking the bunny hybrids wrist into his hand before placing two of his fingers on it to feel nothing. He looks up at the bunny hybrids owner shaking his head no telling him that that the bunny hybrid has no pulse. The hybrid owners friend knows the bunny hybrid isn't dead just that his heart has slowed down enough for it to seem like he is.

A look of uncertainty crosses the bunny hybrid owners face before he pushes his friend out of the way and checks the bunny hybrids pulse himself to see that his friend was right. The bunny hybrids owner looks to one of his other friends.

"Throw him in the alley. He is of better use than he was when he was alive." He says before leaving with his last friend following after him.

The friend that checked for the bunny hybrid pulse looks at the bloody, beaten, and bruised bunny hybrid with concern as his other friend picks him up and walks out of the house with him before gently placing him on the ground and comes back inside closing the door locking it behind him. He placed him far enough away from the door that if the bunny hybrid was still alive and he makes noise someone would hear him and will hopefully help him.

When the bunny hybrid wakes up hours later he is unable to move. He tries to move slightly but whimpers loudly in pain. He hears a noise at the entrance of the alley he tries to stop the whimpering but isn't able to because of the immense pain that passes covers his body.

Thinking it is his owner who has realized he is still alive and has come back to get him, he panics and squeaks out in fear then whimpers in pain as tears begin to run down his face. The noise gets louder and closer to him. The person had heard him and is now running towards him. When the person gets to him it's a man, he kneels down next to the bunny hybrid.

"Oh my gosh you poor thing! Please don't be scared of me. I'm not going to hurt you like the person who threw you out. If I do it is not purposefully. Let me take you to my hybrid shop and clinic so I can get you healed up. You are to hurt and weak to shift into a bunny just yet." The man says before his phone starts to ring, he answers it as muffled voices come from the phone.

"Well, hello to you too. You know it is rude to yell at someone over the phone and you know what's more rude? Yelling at your boyfriend and hyung Namjoon. You know where I fall under? Both. I have the power to make you sleep on the couch. Do you want that? Do you? I don't think so, so next time you think about yelling at me remember where you'll find your ass sleeping if you do."

"Yes, I used I'm your hyung on you and frankly I do not give a single shit. It's useful in these situations or I could always threaten to break up with you if you don't like me using I'm your hyung on you cause I'm pretty sure that would change your tune real quick if I did."

"I'll be a little late to the studio. I..."

"Namjoon, if you do not let me speak I'm going to make you sleep on the couch. Now stop interrupting me. I did not get into an accident. I am not at the hospital and I am not eating. Just tell the others I found a hybrid in an alley that needs help and that it'll be a while before I get back. Yes, I found a hybrid in need of help."

"Yes, I know we are going on tour soon. I couldn't just let him lay there and die now could I? No. You know I like taking care of hybrids and animals in general. I don't get to take care of hybrids anymore and when I get an opportunity to I take it as you already know. You along with anyone else who is put in my situation would to as well so don't get annoyed with me about it. You're rushing me. I don't like being rushed or the hybrid is going to be in worse condition than the state I found him in. Also I don't have to come back to pick any of your asses up but I'm nice to do so." The man looks down at the bunny hybrid who is grimacing in pain as he tries moving to get up.

"I need to go he's in pain and is in an extremely bad position. I need to know how bad his wounds are and this phone call has taken way longer than I expected it too. If he allows me and is ok enough I want to bring him to the studio. I don't care what Bang PD has to say about it he can just tack that stick that is shoved so far up his ass out and deal because I'm not. I am not putting this hybrid back on the streets to fend for himself. Do you hear what I'm saying? I am not putting him back on the street. That's only if he wants to since I'm sure he has nowhere else to go. Bye Joonie." The man says hanging up putting his phone back in his pocket.

He picks the bunny hybrid up trying not to hurt the hybrid anymore than he already is. He takes him to his now empty hybrid shop and clinic. The shop and clinic used to have all sorts of hybrids for sale but now since the man is busy all the time he can't take care of the shop and clinic like he used to.

"I'm Kim Seokjin but you can call me Jin. As you can already smell I'm a werewolf. I'm a beta, I don't mean you any harm. I help hybrids like you. Well, I used to help hybrids. I barely have the time to do it now but I keep everything I need up to date." He says to the bunny hybrid.

"Do you mind telling me your name? You don't have to if you don't want to tell. I'm not going to pressure you t...."

"Jungkook...... my name is Jeon Jungkook." The hybrid bunny says shyly after being laid down on a observing table.

Jungkook is bewildered at Jin for being so nice to him. Even if he is a werewolf. Werewolf's, vampires, and humans have treated him the same like he was nothing. Jin smiles at him as he checks to see if Jungkook has any broken bones before giving him something for the pain and a bath to get rid of all the blood before bandaging all his wounds. Jin finds something Jungkook can wear which consists of a oversized knit grey sweater with black leggings, and grey converse.

Taehyung kept extra clothes at the clinic for emergencies meaning the sweater and converse. The leggings were there for girl hybrids who didn't want to wear jeans or a skirt with an oversized shirt. Jin hoped Taehyung would not mind if Jungkook wore his clothes.

I'm sure he wouldn't mind. Right? Well he can just deal if he doesn't. I didn't have anything else for him to wear.

When Jungkook is fully dressed and Jin finished with making sure that he's ok Jin picks Jungkook up and exits the clinic. He sets Jungkook on a nearby bench before locking the door. He walks over to his car after unlocking it. He opens the passenger door before walking back to where Jungkook sits. He picks him up and carries him to the car setting him in the passenger seat before closing the door and gets in on the other side. He cranks it, and they head to the BigHit building. When they both get to the building Jin turns to Jungkook.

"Do you want to try and walk or do you want me to carry you?" Jin asks.

"I want to try, try walking." Jungkook says quietly almost mumbling but loud enough for Jin to hear making him nod before the two get out and head inside.

Upon reaching the entrance security guards stop them.

"Woah, woah, woah you can't go in. Oh, Jin I didn't recognize you for a second. You can go in but he cannot." One of the security guards says as Jungkook cowers away.

"Yes, he can. He is with me if you can't CLEARLY see. Get your asses out of OUR way. The guys are expecting US. If you don't believe me give Namjoon a call. I'm SURE he would greatly appreciate it. If I were him I'd really like being called and asked if my BOYFRIEND and a HURT male hybrid were supposed be coming here. NOW GET YOUR ANNOYING ASS SELVES OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY BEFORE I GET AHOLD OF YOU WITH A FUCKING FRYING PAN." As the security guards are taken aback Jin takes the opportunity to usher a scared Jungkook inside the building.

"I'm sorry for scaring you Jungkook. I didn't mean too. That was never my intention." He says before hugging him.

The two stay like that for a minute before pulling apart and walking towards the practice room where everyone else is.

When they walk in Jungkook immediately hides behind Jin making him chuckle slightly. Namjoon is the first to see them and immediately walks over to them. He notices the extremely terrified bunny hybrid hiding behind Jin.

"Jin, I see you have someone attached to you hyung. What took so long? And is that sweater and the converse Taehyung's?" Namjoon asks loud enough for the others to hear and make there way over to them scaring Jungkook even more than he was.

Jungkook hears the question and goes wide eyed and starts shaking. A feeling goes over him when he looks at one of them but he can't put his finger on what it is. He's never had this happen before.

"Jungkook it's ok, they are not going to hurt you. I'm also sure Tae doesn't mind that you are wearing his clothes. I don't know why Namjoon had to bring it up. The topic was perfectly fine left alone. He could have shut the hell up about it. Everyone in here absolutely loves hybrids. Namjoon is my boyfriend and the rest are my friends. Also to answer your question Namjoon the security guards almost wouldn't let me or Jungkook come in the building. Once one of the security guards recognized me he said that I could come in but Jungkook couldn't. I yelled at them telling them Jungkook was with me and that if they had a problem with me bringing someone here to call you. I said that you would definitely appreciate being asked if I was supposed to be bringing someone here much less an injured homeless hybrid. I also threatened to beat them with a frying pan." Jin says pointing to Namjoon first, then pointing to everyone else before he goes into his explanation as to why they were late.

Jin takes Jungkook out into the hall seeing that he's still terrified and can't seem to calm down.

"Jungkook everything is going to be fine I won't let anything bad happen to you." Jin says looking Jungkook in the eyes.

"I believe Jin eomma." Jungkook says before hugging Jin.

Jin feels his heart swell as he hears the words come out of Jungkooks mouth.

"Are you ok with going back in there and introducing yourself?" Jin asks, Jungkook nods a yes and they walk back into the practice room.

Taehyungs POV

When Jin and the bunny hybrid walk back in he didn't look as terrified as before which makes me happy. I just wanted to go up to him and smother him in a hug and place kisses all over his face until his heart was content. He looks so cute especially because he's wearing my sweater which I'm totally okay with. Namjoon didn't have to bring up the fact that it was mine. The bunny hybrid look much more terrified after hearing that it was mine. The sweater swallows him and makes him look even smaller. My wolf likes him already. If I don't keep him calm I'll end up claiming the poor bunny hybrid against his will which I don't want to happen because that would end bad.

"Hi.... hi I'm Jeon Jung..... Jungkook." He says shyly stuttering while looking down as he plays with the sleeves of the sweater.

We all introduce ourselves to the cute little bunny, Namjoon goes first.

"If Jin didn't tell you we're all in a group called BTS. I'm Kim Namjoon as Jin has already introduced along with me being his boyfriend. I'm the leader of the group. I am a werewolf, I'm a beta like Jin. He is also my mate. He is a visual with Taehyung. I'm part of the rap line along with Yoongi and Hoseok. You can either call me, Namjoon or RM. Jin is the oldest, Yoongi second, Hoseok third, I'm fourth, Jimin fifth, and Taehyung sixth."

"Sup, I'm Min Yoongi, and that is Park Jimin, and Jung Hoseok they both are my boyfriends, my mates. I am a cat hybrid but I'm sure you already knew that. Not many people know, not even Bang PD so I'm trusting you to keep it a secret as I have trusted every one else of this group to keep it a secret. I hope we get along. I love to sleep a lot and it's hard to wake me up without me being grouchy about it. If I'm not sleeping I'm mostly working. I get called a workaholic all the time. Bang PD has made it known that he doesn't like hybrids of any type. Reason as to why I don't say anything about me being a hybrid to him. I hide both my ears and tail. You can call me, Yoongi or Suga." Suga says to Jungkook.

The look on Jungkook's face makes me want to hold him but I know I can't at the moment. It's not the right time yet so I hold myself back from doing so.

"I'm part of the dance line as well as Jimin. You can call me Hoseok, J-Hope, or Hobi. I am a beta vampire but you can sense that." Hobi says to him.

"You can call me Jimin, Chim, or Chimchim. I'm a alpha vampire." Jimin says.

Jungkook looks at me expectedly.

"I'm Kim Taehyung, I'm part of the Kim line along with Jin and Namjoon hyungs. I'm the youngest out of all of them and I'm pretty sure I'm older than you by a year or two. Also I'm fine with you wearing my clothes I like Jin is very confused as to why he brought it up and plus you look better than I did with them on. I'm a alpha werewolf. You can call me Taehyung, V, Tae, or Taetae."

Or whatever your heart wants to call me I'm fine with it. I add in my head giving him my signature boxy smile.

He looks down at the floor shyly but not before I see the red flush of his cheeks. Before anyone else is able to say anything Bang PD decides to walk in. We all turn our attention to him even Kookie.

Did I just say that?..... yes, yes I did. Look at him, he looks so adorable. When he blushes it's taking all my will not to squish him. Look at him. Look. at. him. so squishable. So. squish. able. Why am I like this? Look at his cute self. He needs me. Wait. I need him. Ahhhh. What is wrong with me? Nothing, nothing, just think to much and is love struck by a cute adorable hybrid bunny that is also my mate.

When he gets to us he notices Kookie as he's the only known hybrid in the room.

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