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The Real Deal


Haley is a good girl, a good daughter, a good sister, a good friend, and a good student. She lives life to the fullest within the rules and limits instilled by her parents. Never did anything out the blue or broke a rule. Though she is social and outgoing with her family and friends, she is shy and distant when it comes to boys. Afraid she might get her heart broken she chooses to live vicariously through books (knowing boys like that don't exist in real life). Nathan is the CEO of the company he started not so long ago. At the age of 28 he's seen and had it all. At a young age he took care of his family and never stopped striving to. His family is everything to him and he wants a partner who can accept him and them. Tired of dating girls who care about his money instead of him and his family. Nathan seems to lose hope in love and was about to give up until he bumps into someone interesting. All it took was one bump and they knew that their life was going to change. But for better or for worse?

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1
"Breakfast is ready Hales" screams mom from the kitchen downstairs.

I lazily get off the bed, internally groaning, to get freshened up for college. It's been almost 4 months since my last semester of college started and I still cannot wake up for a 11 am class. I know! I'm really lazy, but it's my last semester before I graduate and the semester is almost over so I think I'm allowed to slack just a little. I sometimes wish it was like senior year of high school where the last month kids stop showing up and it doesn't impact their grades much. But unfortunately this is college so that shit doesn't work here.

I run down the stairs quickly grabbing an apple and run out the door despite my mom and dad yelling at me to eat breakfast. I procrastinated so much when getting ready that I realized I'm gonna be late for the lecture today. Since I'm majoring in Marketing it's a pretty important lecture for me as one of the most hottest eligible bachelor, Nathan Steel, is going to be the lecturer. Yes, that's right I said 'hottest'. Who wouldn't think the same....I mean common. He's a hot 28 year old CEO of the number one company in the USA and did I mention that he is single?!

I parked my car and grabbed my iPad and ran inside the campus really quickly as there was only 3 mins left for it to start. I want a front row seat so I can gawk at his beautiful face and ofc listen to what he is going to say as well.

Walking in a rush and texting my friends to ask where they are was not a very good idea. I was just about to enter until I bumped into something hard and...smells good?

I look up to find the most bluest eyes I have ever seen and it was like staring into the clear blue waters of the Bahamas or something. It held a mischievous glint in them.

It was Nathan Steel.

He had on a blue suit and white shirt with the top three buttons left open for people to get a glimpse of his toned chest. His outfit complimented his ocean-like eyes. He also had this beautiful smirk on his face that I wished to wipe off with my own lips. WAIT...what?

I shook my head and looked down avoiding his eyes on me. I mumbled a quick "sorry" and ran off to find my friends before giving him the chance to say something to me.

I tried to be slick and look back to catch a glimpse only to find him still standing there smirking at me. I quickly turned my head around like an idiot because he caught me looking. Oops. As I was walking toward the front of the auditorium I found my friends who saved me a seat and went to sit with them, and guess what? They bagged seats in the first row so YAY!

The lecture started a minute after we all sat down. One of the professors introduced Nathan Steel and asked him to come up on the stage. As soon as I heard his name my heart suddenly started beating way too fast and I don't even know why. I mean I just bumped into him and I also said sorry so why should I feel guilty or nervous as a matter of fact?.

Just as he introduced himself, I noticed his eyes were scanning the audience looking for someone and well...that made me really nervous. Was he looking for me to call me out and embarrass me? What was he looking for? For a second there I thought I could breathe again as he stopped lurking and opened his mouth to speak until he turned his head to the left and his eyes caught mine.

I gasped and looked away really quick but I did not fail to notice that smirk he had on his face. Again! He keeps staring at me. Ugh. Why?!

The lecture went on and on for an hour or so and I completely zoned out and started playing games on my iPad. Everything he is saying are things that I already know. His background, his journey, his efforts, etc. Nothing new or of value for me to know.

After the lecture finished my friends and I ran from there as quick as we could towards the cafeteria. None of us had breakfast and were super hungry.

Kiara and Chloe were also majoring in Marketing along with me. We've been friends since freshman year of high school and we went to the same college and are getting the same degree. After grabbing our orders we went to grab a table and in the mean time I had told them about what happened before the lecture and they were all laughing at me.

"Oh Hales, it would have made a great love story just like the ones you read about if it weren't for your dumbass to be shy and distant around boys" Kiki (Kiara) said.

"So true Hally, you need to stop this shy bullshit and get laid" said Coco (Chloe).

"It's not that I don't want to date or get laid" I said whilst narrowing my eyes at Coco. "I just get so defensive when it comes to guys and no matter how hot he is I can't help it." Coco was about to say something snarky (IK that for sure) but she held it back for some odd reason. Staring behind me as if a ghost was standing there. My friends can be very blunt and although I should be mad...I don't mind at all. It's good that we are honest with each other, it's what made our friendship stronger over the years.

As I was about to open my mouth to tell her to say it someone had cut me off entirely.

"Good afternoon ladies, what are we talking about?" spoken by none other than Nathan Steel. He pulls up a chair and sits next to me stealing a bite of my sandwich. Too close if you ask me.

Kiki and Coco are staring with their mouths open and drool slipping. While I'm just shocked. None of us replied because we're all wondering why Nathan Steel is here eating and talking with us like he's our friend and not some stranger, rich, hot CEO.

Nathan interrupts our thoughts and says "Well I know I'm good looking but the ogling is making me uncomfortable ladies."

I was in disbelief. Who the hell does he think he is acting like a narcissistic jerk who interrupted our conversation. So for the first time ever in my entire life I couldn't help it and had spoken harshly with a stranger and that too a guy I found very attractive.

"Excuse me, none of us were ogling. We were surprised as to why someone like you deemed it necessary to interrupt our conversion and steal my breakfast." I say with a sarcastic tone in my voice.

He smirked. Oh why you....

"I was hungry and well I think you owe me a sandwich since mine flew out my hand when you bumped into me so." he says with a shrug.

I looked at him astonished at how he was just familiarizing himself too much with us. Why would he do that? What does he want? This all seems too suspicious. He started speaking to my friends who overcame their shock and started conversing back friendly. I just sat there hungry as shit too annoyed and surprised to even be a part of this conversation.

I think he asked me something while I was zoned out because Kiki kicked me in leg when I wasn't replying.


"I introduced myself, but you probably already know who I am so I won't bother going through that again. I asked you what's your name?" Nathan said.

"Haley James" I said in a small whisper. I'm absolutely mind blown with what's going on and I don't know how to react.

"Nice name. What are you majoring in?" he said.

"Marketing" I say ever so quietly.

"Any companies you interested in applying for after graduation?"

"Yup" I didn't want to continue this conversation. I feel too awkward and just hope he can take the hint and go.

"One worded answers huh?" he sighs "I can take a hint". He gets up and shakes hands with my friends and then saves me for last. "Alright! It was a pleasure meeting you Haley and I look forward to seeing you again" he forwards his hands towards me. I reciprocate and give him a hand to bid him bye.

"Goodbye Mr. Steel" I said and I let go of my hand really quickly as he kissed it surprising me even more if that's possible at this point.

He flashes me his famous smirk and gets up to leave, never turning back.

I finally let go of the breath that I didn't know I was holding in. I'm such a wuss. The hottest guy on Earth wants to speak to me and I gave him one worded answers and a cold shoulder. I can't help if that's I react, it became a habit. As if reading my mind my friends nodded their heads at me in sympathy.

"Such a hopeless case" Kiki said to Coco.

"Tell me about it. That guy totally was swooning over Hally and she just had to ruin it. God bless your soul sista" Coco says whilst looking at Kiki and then me.

I sighed. God bless me indeed. I am an idiot.

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