Secret Untold

A peaceful day

“Kumai Ramen. NOW! URGENT!”

It was just a short message. No reason and no explanation. Usually Honjo would call him instead of sending a message. It needed more time to wait the answer from the receiver, he said. But now, he sent him a message. It was just a very short message which contained a very suspicious instruction. He smiled slightly. What now? Even so he stood up from his bed and walked down the stair.

“Going somewhere?” Yuichi gazed him from the couch.

“Yeah. I’m leaving.”

“Call me if you’re staying out late.”

He was just walked away and ignored his brother’s demand. He breathed the air before decided that he would just walk to his destination. It had been three months since the last time he saw them. So many things happened along the time. His mother’s wedding was the best gift in his life. She looked happy. Yuichi came back home was the bonus. He was afraid when his mother told him that she would live with his new husband for a while in another town. It meant that he would live alone in the house.

Alone. It was nothing. You just have to do everything without any help from other. And you would have the house all for yourself. But for him, living alone in that house would be a hell. He thought he would die soon just a second before suddenly Yuichi came and told him that he moved back. Unconsciously he sighed in relief in front of his brother until he was mocked by him all night long. He didn’t care. He didn’t even get mad. He was just silently obeyed everything his brother told him that night, which amused him much.

And his three months free from any fear he hid deep inside him was an extra bonus. He felt the peaceful life and enjoyed it contently. Reita was still avoiding him though. He didn’t even pick up his phone every time he called. But he didn’t care. He did realize that Reita had the right to get mad at him, to hate him. He betrayed him and didn’t try to explain everything. It hurt him so much when the boy turned around when accidentally they met on their way back home. But again, he didn’t care. He just wanted to live his peaceful life to the fullest.

Yamato looked up to the sky. He reached out his hand like he wanted to grab the sun which was shining bright in the sky. He smiled and closed his eyes. Feeling the heat showered his face. Mr. Sun was being happy these days. Of course, it was summer time. It was the best time for him to show his light for every part of the earth. It was the best time to prove every creature in the universe that he was the greatest part of the world. Without him, nobody could live. Nothing could live. Mr. Sun was so proud of himself. He kept smiling while showering the world with his light. So why should he drown into his gloomy days forever? He should get up by himself. Nobody would reach out their hand to help him if he didn’t have his own will to get up. So he decided to move on and promised himself to defend every storm he would face in the future. It wasn’t his fault that everything moved out of its track. It wasn’t his fault that his family broken apart. His mother was happy. Yuichi came back home and tried to always be there for him now. He could see Reita was trying to grab his bright future back. It’s still a long way though after what he went through during his Ara days. But he knew that the boy would succeed. He would soon be back to himself. And that’s enough for him. He didn’t need anything else. Everything was moving back to its own track.

He smiled again before continuing his trip. The sound of kids chattering along the way somehow comforted his heart. He turned his gaze to see kids were playing ball in the field along the side of the river. He breathed hard and hummed a song along the way to his destination.

Ren was the only one he met when he arrived at the place.

“Got the message too?”

Ren nodded many times as the answer. “I don’t know what’s on their mind. Sending me a short message without any explanation. What the urgent thing they said? Any idea?” he turned to see Yamato silently sat beside him.

Yamato only shrugged. He really had no idea what was this all about.

“Don’t they know that it’s still work time?”

Yamato just kept silence in his place. He took the chopstick and tapped it to the table, producing a monotonous rhythm which somehow calming him.

“How’s your day in school?”

Yamato turned to Ren which silently demanded him to answer. He chuckled lightly. “It was just like any other school. Rules, homework, and many similar things like high school. There’s nothing different.”

“Have you made some friends?”

Yamato didn’t answer him right away. “Yeah …” If someone who became his project partner could be called as a friend.

Ren doubted him for sure. So far he know Yamato was the kind of person who hard to accept other on his side even just as a friend. He was always tried to pull himself to his own world. The world where he could live his life as he had planned. The world where he could rule himself as he wanted. The world where he could hide from any pain and hurt. Suddenly he stunned.


He stole a glance to Yamato’s wrist. He could clearly saw the traces of contusions but nothing new. It was just scars, and looked faded. There’s no sign of new wounds around it. Unconsciously he sighed heavily in relief. Maybe Ichi’s right that he was wrong. Maybe Yamato’s right that he was accidentally wounded. Maybe he was too far thinking that something suspicious was happening to him. But looking at him now, he looked thinner than the last time they met.

At least he is save and sound.

“Ah, I heard your mother was married again?”

Yamato smiled slightly. Even Ren could read the joyful on his smile. “Yeah. With her old friend in high school.”

Ren nodded many times. “She must be happy now.”

Yamato smiled again. Yeah. I’m sure she is. And she deserves it after all of the pain she could bear.

“So …, are you moving out?”

Yamato turned to him.

“Or your mother’s husband moves in … to your house.”

“We didn’t decide it yet. But they’re living in another town right now. His work. Until next year if I’m not mistaken.”

“So you’re living alone?” in that huge house?

“Nope. My brother moved back.”

Ren nodded many times again. Then suddenly an idea popped up on his mind. “Hey, Kura said something about sleepover.”

Yamato turned to him but said nothing.

“I’d like to. But you know, my house is too small for all of us, Kura said that too, also Honjo. We didn’t ask Kamiya yet. But will you join us?”

“Sure. Why not? When? And where?”

“We’re still not decide it yet but let’s do it soon. Mmm, you’re living with your brother only, right? What about in your house?”

Yamato kept silence for a while. He looked thinking. “I ... have to ask my brother first.”

Yes! Finally you let us know your house.

Before Ren could ask him more, the others came together and blabbering about something concerned to Yamaguchi who was walking together with a pretty young man. And Yamato could only gape at his place when he saw Ryu was the young man who came together with Yamaguchi. Ryu himself could only stare at him for a while before joined the commotion inside the shop.

Ryu sat in front of him and observed him silently. Many times Yamato caught him was staring at him but asked nothing. He was just kept silence like they never met before. He stole glances many times to his wrist to make sure that he wouldn’t found any new wounds. And there wasn’t. Slightly he sighed. Yamato looked just fine. He didn’t even try to hide the scars too.

“Are you sure there’s no new wound?”

Ryu turned to Shin who sat on the couch. He then just nodded. “And he looked comfortable too with everything around him. I don’t know if it was because he was surrounded with the people he recognized well or he was in a very familiar place where he could get safety totally but …, he looked fine. He didn’t even look that he tried to hide something. He looked fresh and … open.”

Shin stayed silent for a while.

“How’s Yuichi?”

“He asked me about him that night.”

“Did you tell him?” Ryu went to the couch but sat on the floor in front of it.

“Nope. He should find it by himself. It had been three months they lived alone anyway.”

“Did he say he found something suspicious?”

“He did. Many times ago he found him was talking by himself in front of the mirror. He didn’t hear him clearly but he caught something about being disappear.”

Ryu choked until he coughed badly. Shin tapped his back to soothe him.


“He tried hard to stay close to him since that time but nothing happened until now.”

Ryu stunned in his place. He didn’t think that this would be that bad.

“Are you sure you saw him fine?”

“That’s what I saw. But you know Yamato. When it comes to a secret, he is the best person to hide it. Remember when we broke the eggs in grandma’s kitchen? He saw us, right? But you can ask grandma if you don’t trust me but I assure you that she is still has no idea who did it up until now.”

Shin looked at Ryu silently. He knew Ryu was right. Yamato was a cheerful back then when he was a little. But he was also a kid you can trust. If he’d been told that he should keep something as a secret, then he wouldn’t spill it even if you threaten him. And now, that kid was also keeping a very big secret, which he hid it deeply inside his heart, and looked like he didn’t have any intention to share it with anybody.

“Ah! Did you meet her?” Suddenly Ryu changed the topic.

Shin turned to him again and saw a very mischievous look at his cousin’s face. “No. I don’t want to meet her now.”

“She didn’t change, you know.”

“I still don’t want to see her now.”

“Are you sure? Don’t lie. I can see you miss her so much.”

Shin looked at him and saw him grinned widely.

“Shut up!”

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